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Yay!!! We've got Succu-wiki!! - FreezeFrame

A Request

Does anyone have anything that isn't in the wiki that they want added?

Please let me know?

You can post here or EMail me at <email>succuwikimistress@succubus.net</email>


In Rememberence

TankGirl Rest in Peace 1973-2008



Still lots to add...

As of today, the SuccuWiki is up to 446 pages, but there is still lots of things on the web and elsewhere about Succubi and Incubi that I have not added or am still looking for...

If you have any ideas or thoughts on what to add, you can Email me at: <email>succuwikimistress@succubus.net</email>


Sick and hating PHP

Anyone have an idea what to check to fix premature end of headers in php or what causes it?


Hating Spammers

Thanks to all of you for the hammering my site is taking at the moment... You will be blocked soon enough.


Unacceptable characters in page names


You cannot use either of '&' or '+' in page name titles or the wiki will choke on them!