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Succubus Quest

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Succubus Quest
Succubus Quest Artwork
Developer(s) SQDT
Publisher(s) SQDT
Distributor(s) SQDT
Series Succubus Quest
Engine RPGmakerXP
Version 0.05 (Plus Updates and Expansion Pack)
Platform(s) PC Game
Release date(s) 2006
Genre(s) Doujin Game
Media/Digital distribution Downloadable Game

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Quest and Succubus Quest 短編老司書の短い夢— (commonly referred to as Succubus Quest 2), were two different downloadable doujin role paying games for the PC published by SQDT which functioned under the RPGmakerXP RTP system. Succubus Quest短編—老司書の短い夢— (Succubus Quest Tanpen-roshisho no mijikai yume) has also been referred to in English as Succubus Quest short story - little dream of the old librarian and has also been referred to as The Anecdote of Succubus Quest -Ayxect's Short Dream. The core game play was to have sex battles with various Succubi in order to progress through the game.

Succubus Quest paved the way for the various Battle F*** games which appeared in later years. It was, for the most part, a standard turn based role playing game without an overworld/world map where players moved from one encounter to the next. Succubus Quest 2 used a bookshelf system to form a hub world setting, which made this game significantly different from its predecessor.

The original website for this game is no longer active, but torrents of this game can be found along with user added content files.


Originally released in 2006, Succubus Quest was a low budget video game based on level grinding. While the game was released for free initially because of development issues, a special package was available which had a copy of the game and a manga book for 500 yen at Comiket or Toranoana conventions that year.

Soon after the release of Succubus Quest 2 in 2007, an expansion patch called Succubus Quest: Shiro No Shisho To Irozuku Mamono, translated as White History Book and Colored Demon and also known as SQ2EX was released. While the original game was free, the expansion pack cost 1000 yen, though it was less expensive when the developer appeared at conventions. The expansion added a new story and new battles, new dungeons, new bookshelf system and new characters.

The expansion story took place in the kingdom of Fairy Tale, in a place called Ramielle. The new battle system mixed tactics with traditional Succubus Quest sex battles and as well the bookshelf data system, which appeared in Succubus Quest 2, became more complex.

In late 2008, the website for Succubus Quest went offline and no further development of the game occured. Currently Succubus Quest and Succubus Quest 2 can be found on torrent sites and there is a small amount of user generated content and bug fixes available as well.

Game Play

Succubus Quest 2 tells the story of Ayxzect, the head librarian of Gruppen Castle. Ayxzect was once an energetic young man in his past but is now a feeble old man. One day he orders his assistant Meruya to rearrange the books in the library. In the process of doing so, Meruya stumbled upon the Book of Nightmare. He then awakens the succubus, Est Norn. Est Norn restored Ayxzect to his youth but he is trapped within the World of Night which was the setting for Succubus Quest.

The problem he must solve is the World of Night is divided into several grimoires and Ayxzect must find his way out from World of Night by collecting the grimoires. During the adventure Ayxzect meets his sweetheart Thafy and needs to solve this mystery as well.

The game uses a Reality Point system. When the player enters a dungeon, a set of Reality Points (RP) are given. Your Reality Points will deplete from 100 to zero and when you reach zero the game ends. However in battle if you have enough status you can restore your Reality Points and Tension to continue the battle.

Dungeons are divided into grimoires and to enter a dungeon you must collect the necessary grimoires. There are three types of grimoires. The dungeon grimoire, succubi grimoire, and bonus grimoire. After setting up the dungeon. it is combined with the types of succubi you want to put inside the dungeon and what bonus will be available for the dungeon.

A wish system also exists and is it possible to have several partners in battle. However, it should be noted as the wish system uses Reality Points, only one partner may be summoned at a time (the harpy sisters are technically an exception as they are treated as a single unit once you have all three). The original Succubus Quest only allowed Olivia as the player's only partner for two battles (and one of these is the vs. Rovissa battle).

Game Characters

The main characters of the games were Ayxect and other characters were Rovissa, Olivia, Est Norn and her younger sister Stella. In Succubus Quest, the main character was Lars (who can be unlocked as a partner in Succubus Quest 2). Rovissa & Olivia are not in Succubus Quest 2, save for a passing appearance of Rovissa in one event where her silhouette is seen along with a short piece of dialog before she vanishes, never to return in the game. In Succubus Quest 2, Stella only appears in the expansion pack, though she does have a major role in it.

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