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Hellbound (Webcomic)

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Advertising Banner for the Hellbound Webcomic
Author Eric Nault
Website hellboundcomic.com
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date October 24, 2004
End date November 14, 2007

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Hellbound was a webcomic created by the artist Eric Nault. The first publishing date of the series was in October 2004 and ran until November of 2007. At that time, a note was placed on the site that indicated that the series was going on temporary hiatus. Eventually the site, hellboundcomic.com reverted to a holding page and the series itself was lost.

Or at least it appeared so.

It had been a successful and popular webcomic, with a large cult following. However, for various reasons Eric Nault eventually became dissatisfied with the comic. After a long hiatus, he instructed the webmaster to allow the domain and hosting plan to lapse, citing a desire that no money be expended in support of the comic.

Then the comic was archived at loneverse.com. The comic was presented there with most of the layout from what it looked like just before being deleted, but without any of the extra pages that the artist added. Only the series itself is available.

Series Theme

It told the story of the frequently irate Mel (short for Melenethriel), a succubus who unwittingly stole the soul of Guy, a human who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Together they were on a quest to retrieve both of their souls from being doomed to Hell.

Series Information

  • Title: Hellbound
  • Creator: Eric Nault
  • Date Started: October 24, 2004
  • Last Update: November 14, 2007
  • Current Status: Abandoned



Mel is a female demon that was drawn from hell by Guy's former employer. After accidentally stealing Guy's soul when he gives her CPR, she forces him to aid her goals by telling him that they can get both their souls back through her goals. She is sarcastic and mean and fun and loveable all at the same time.


Guy is in one word: unlucky. Stuck helping Mel search for her soul, all sorts of misfortunes befall him, not the least of which is nearly being crushed by a museum explosion.


Baxter is a particularly dimwitted thief. He joins the crew before they break into a museum to recover the first of the needed artifacts.


Kyota is Mel's sister whom is currently possessing a dog. Kyota is the source of cute for the comic as well as occasionally comic relief.

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