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Vicious Succubus

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Vicious Succubus
Liz Vicious Comic Book Series

Vicious Succubus Issue #1 Cover
Publication information
Publisher Independent
Schedule Limited Series
Format Print
Genre Fantasy
Publication date 2010-2012
Number of issues 3
Main character(s) Vicious Succubus
Creative team
Artist(s) Chris Vana
Penciller(s) Various
Inker(s) Various
Letterer(s) Various
Colorist(s) Various
Creator(s) Liz Vicious, John Tally,

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Vicious Succubus, also known as the Liz Vicious Comic Book Series was a short lived, limited run comic book series that was independently produced by the American adult film actress Liz Vicious. The series consisted of three issues that were released in various formats including a special limited edition print run.

The series revolved around the main character Liz being possessed by a Succubus-like demon who called herself Vicious and what they both face as a result. While there were some sexual and violent themes, the core of the series was similar to that of a superhero origin story.

Series Summary

Life can seem boring, but when you wish for change, be prepared for what you get. Liz, a ordinary girl next door, is bored with her situation and she's not the only one. When her life takes what seems to be a turn for the worst, she finds the companionship of Vicious, a powerful succubus who seems to need Liz as much as Liz needs her.

But how far is too far? The girl next door may not be the angel you think she is anymore. Driven by the powerful lust of Vicious, both must now keep hidden from those who would take Vicious back to hell and those who seek to destroy Liz. Get ready for a comic sexual experience that takes you into the world of demons and inner monsters that we all carry with us, a world that, if left unchecked, will burn the very souls of us all.

The world can be a crazy place. One moment you're a girl who feels life is over. The next you're on some crazy ride with a demon inside of you that wants sex and blood.


The series had two main characters, Liz, being human, and Vicious, being a Succubus-like demoness. In addition, various superheros and super-heroines appeared as well as demons, angels, and other creatures and beings that threatened both Liz and Vicious.


Liz is in her mid-twenties having to deal with a world that haunts her at every turn and drives her to attempt suicide. In the throws of doing so, she is approached by Vicious who offers her help and when Liz accepts that help, the two merge. Liz becomes the vessel on Earth for Vicious who can now exist on Earth and other planes of existence.

Liz appeared to be a normal woman to most. She despises violence and attempts to avoid it if she can. But when she is angered, her voice changes as her body also begins to transform and at some point Vicious takes over. The transformation seems to be a submission of Liz's personality and form to Vicious.


Vicious is an immortal Succubus-like demoness with ash grey skin and wings, red hair, and green eyes. She is seen using her fingernails to attack, but she also is seen using swords and other devices in battle.

She normally draped her form in red bands which did not completely cover her body, but acted in a similar fashion to fetish clothing. It was shown that Vicious had the ability to use the bindings she wore to ensnare others or use them in battle to help defend herself. Through the series, it was clear that Vicious could take over Liz's form and shape it into her own at any time, but mainly in times of high stress or threat to Liz's life.

Vicious craved sex in a fashion similar to a Succubus, but she was in action more of a demoness than a Succubus as her need for spilling blood was as great an addiction to her as sex.

Issue Releases

After an online campaign to fund the initial print run of the series, the first issue was released in a limited print run format before also appearing on YouTube and other video sites in the form of a trailer and in an extended visual novel format. The second issue was also released in a similar means. The third issue then appeared for pre-order in a print format online before appearing on various video sites in the same format as the previous issues.

Upon the departure of Liz Vicious from the adult film industry, the website where this comic book series could be purchased was allowed to lapse and it is no longer available.

Themes and Series Inspiration

The idea of the series originally was formed from the seed of a drawing of Liz Vicious as a Supergirl-like heroine which turned into a conversation about what kind of superhero she might be. After delving deeper into various comic books and superhero films, further refinement of the superhero Liz continued until a change in focus was considered.

Wanting a more adult theme, the concept went through several writers and artists until the theme turned towards the movie that Liz had done in the past and consideration was given to making her a Succubus-like creature. Mixing the concepts of vampires and Succubi, the character Vicious Succubus, a kind of living demon who is trapped in a girl's body who doesn’t want Vicious to kill people, came into being.


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