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The Dark Fae Mesmer Vex
The Dark Fae Mesmer Vex
First appearance

Last appearance

Portrayed by

Paul Amos
Aliases The New Morrigan (Fourth Season) (Overthrown)
Species Mesmer (The last of his kind)
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Brother (Deceased)
Massimo (Adopted Son)
Appeared In 23 Episodes
Aligned Dark Fae
Fate Active
Last seen in Rise at the Dal Riata with Mark at the bar talking

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Vex was a Dark Fae Mesmer who was aligned with The Morrigan through the first two seasons of Lost Girl. The role was played by the actor Paul Amos. Vex has appeared in a total of two First Season episodes, three Second Season episodes, four Third Season episodes, six Fourth Season episodes and eight Fifth Season episodes. Vex's relationship with Bo and Kenzi began as adversarial, but moved to a grudging friendship of sorts as the series has progressed. When he first appeared in Vexed, he acted on the behalf of The Morrigan as an enforcer for her. He owned a Goth and BDSM club called Carpe Noctem which also served as a meeting and feeding ground for Dark Fae.

In ConFaegion, The Morrigan used Vex to deliver a parasite into Bo, Dyson and Tamsin and then was told that he needed to kill the three of them to regain his position in the Dark Fae hierarchy. However, his friendship with Kenzi had progressed to the point where he decided to not carry out The Morrigan's plans. At the end of that episode, he decided to leave on a journey but promised Kenzi that he would return someday. His final appearance was in the Third Season finale Those Who Wander in which his powers were restored and The Morrigan was captured by him for Hale.

He returned in the Fourth Season as the New Morrigan, being at odds with Hale due to a loss of memory he suffered. While he was the New Morrigan, he had not apparently killed the previous Morrigan, but imprisoned her. Once his memory was returned, that conflict seemed to have ended. Vex lost one of his hands in an attempt to escape the Una Mens, but Lauren was able to reattach it at a later point in time. Vex also was involved in the disappearance of the Origin Seed of the Une Mens which Trick had possessed. It was revealed that Vex adopted Massimo, The Morrigan's son when she abandoned him. In doing so, Vex supported Massimo covertly as a result of a Blood pact he made. After Massimo had killed Hale, Vex stopped Kenzi from killing Massimo and was intending to escape with him overseas. Massimo instead returned to The Morrigan when she called for him, Vex never seeing him again. At the end of the Fourth Season, it appeared that Vex had departed the city in order to escape any retribution that might befall him, however he returned at the beginning of the Fifth Season to face Dyson's wrath over Massimo's actions.

In the Fifth Season, Vex reappeared having it seemed to sever his ties to The Morrigan. After being confronted by Dyson, Vex spent his time at the Dal Riata for the most part in the series. Vex discovered that Dyson had a son named Mark and, after being given a vision by The Oracles, found that he was attracted to him. It was also revealed that Vex had helped The Morrigan trap the Ancient Fae known as Eros sometime in the distant past. Vex also helped Mark when he was stabbed after the Ancient Fae known as Iris took Mark into a dangerous situation and he was stabbed. Mark recovered and over the balance of the season, Vex began a relationship with Mark which grew over time. Vex was present when Trick's will was read and received an inheritance from him. Vex was attacked by Hades at one point, his throat being slashed, but she survived. Vex was present at the final battle with Hades, also providing a motor-home for the group to use.

Vex's final appearance was in the last scene of the series where he was seen drinking at the Dal Riata with Mark as Dagny, Tamsin's daughter met her Fae family.

Character History

First Season

Vex first appeared in the first season episode Vexed where he acted on the behalf of The Morrigan and performed as an enforcer for her. He owned a Goth and BDSM club called Carpe Noctem which also acted as a meeting and feeding ground for Dark Fae. In Faetal Justice he came to odds with Bo over the apparent death of another Dark Fae.

Second Season

This friction continued through the second season episode It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away but there was some grudging admiration for Bo from Vex. Vex's arc changed in Into the Dark when he found himself drawn into the battle with The Garuda and broke his ties to The Morrigan.

The second season finale, Flesh and Blood, found Vex as part of the group opposing The Garuda and being made to accept an injection of Bo's blood in order to strengthen Bo's powers. When this happened, Vex seemed to be drawn to Bo and the power she held within her.

Third Season

This, along with his departure from The Morrigan, meant that when season three began in Caged Fae, his status with the Dark Fae had been destroyed and he was forced to live with Bo and Kenzi. When Hale was made the new Ash he attempted to become Dyson's partner but did not succeed in this. During SubterrFaenean, it appeared that he was beginning to create a friendship with Kenzi and to a lesser extent Bo.

In the episode ConFaegion The Morrigan used Vex to deliver a parasite into Bo, Dyson and Tamsin. He was then told that he needed to kill the three of them to regain his position within the Dark Fae. However, his friendship with Kenzi had progressed to the point where he decided to not carry out The Morrigan's plans. At the end of that episode, he decided to leave on a journey but promised Kenzi that he would return someday.

Vex did return for a short scene in the Third Sesaon finale Those Who Wander where he had captured, bound and gagged The Morrigan using his powers to do so as part of an agreement with Hale. Whether the loss of his powers was part of that plan or not was unclear. At the end of the episode, Vex had made arrangements to deliver The Morrigan to Hale as part of an agreement they had and was seen to be gloating over The Morrigan's situation.

Fourth Season

Between the Third and Fourth Seasons, according to the webisode Red Tape, Vex had taken over the role of The Morrigan in Dark Fae society and was planning his ceremony, more of a party, to celebrate the event. However, his plans were being thwarted at every turn by red tape. He also appeared to be avoiding Hale for reasons not explained. At the end of the webisode, he came into possession of a series of old movie reels which seemed to concern him greatly.

Vex's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam where he was now the New Morrigan and was in the process of consolidating his position. While common knowledge was that he had killed the previous Morrigan, in fact he had imprisoned her elsewhere in his lair. He came into conflict with Hale, Dyson and Kenzi as a result of someone altering memories in order to make everyone forget that Bo had ever existed. Assuming that his current reality was better than the past one he had, he attempted to stop the memories from being restored, but Hale overcame him allowing Kenzi and Dyson to correct the damage and restore the missing memories. Following this, Vex seemed to return to his previous personality and memories.

During Sleeping Beauty School, Vex was seen being interrogated by the Una Mens who wanted to know where The Morrigan was. Vex revealed that she had escaped her prison and her whereabouts were unknown. In order to save his own life, he offered to bring them Bo, one of those the Una Mens were in search for. Before being released however, a creature was placed into Vex's mouth, the purpose of which was unknown. Vex contacted Cleo, an Elemental Fae who was in the process of helping Dyson in his search for Bo, and made a deal with her to bring Bo to him for an undisclosed price.

In Let the Dark Times Roll, Vex suffered greatly when he was forced to cut off his own right hand in order to escape the hold which the Una Mens had on him which made it impossible for him to leave their territory. He also revealed that every other Mesmer was killed by the Fae when both the Light and Dark systematically hunted them down and cut off their hands. By doing so, Mesmers could not feed and they starved to death. Vex also revealed that he as present when his family suffered and then died as well leaving him the last of the Mesmers.

Vex returned in Groundhog Fae where it was mentioned that he was now Bo's pet. He had a sock covering his amputated hand as well. Over the course of the episode he was seen wearing one of Bo's corsets, becoming very drunk, and finally mediating a drunken argument between Lauren and Dyson. At the end of the episode, as what was called a "reward" by Lauren, she left with Vex intending to reattach his severed hand.

During End of a Line, it was revealed that Trick had known Vex's father and found him to be one of the bravest men he had ever known. Trick shared with Vex stories of his father as Vex believed that his father was a fisherman and nothing more. Vex admitted to Trick that he was responsible for the deaths of his own family when he betrayed them to save his own life. It also appeared that Vex was the one that stole the Origin Seed from Trick, but who he intended to give it to, or if he intended to use it himself, was not clear.

In Origin, Vex revealed that his middle name was "Chauncey" to Kenzi, but it is unclear if this was true or a joke. When Kenzi asked Vex to help her find revenge against Massimo, Vex was forced to stop her as he had made a Blood Oath in the past when he took Massimo in when Massimo's mother abandoned him. Having done this, Massimo was forced to make arrangements to leave the city for England, his intention to have Massimo come with him. However, Massimo refused to leave and went to assist The Morrigan when she was turned human by Lauren. Vex warned Massimo that this would only end in bad things, but Massimo refused to listen. It was unclear at the end of this episode whether or not Vex had left for England, or if he remained, though with the connection he had to Massimo it was likely he had departed. It was further revealed in following episodes that The Morrigan was in fact Massimo's mother and had abandoned him to the care of Vex who swore a blood oath to do so with The Morrigan. Vex had supported Massimo covertly in the past, giving Massimo access to the materials he used as a Druid among other advantages. Vex's location at the end of the Fourth Season was unclear and unrevealed.

Fifth Season

Vex's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in When God Opens a Window... which marked Vex's first return since the actions of his adopted son Massimo which caused the death of Hale and indirectly that of Kenzi. Vex appeared to deal with a pair of thugs who were going to assault Trick. Following this, Trick teamed Vex with Dyson to investigate an odd trio of murders that seemed to have no connection. Dyson initially did not want to have anything to do with Vex and on several occasions threatened to kill Vex in order to have some kind of revenge for the actions of Massimo and the death of Hale. During one confrontation, Vex stated that he loved Massimo, that Hale was a friend to him and that he would love for Dyson to kill him and put him out of his misery. Dyson did not do so however and Vex provided a critical piece of information that Dyson was not aware of which linked the three deaths together. Vex was present when Dyson confronted a Hunter of Fae Shifters, asking him to spare his son. When the Hunter refused to do so, but still intended to kill Dyson, Vex froze the Hunter, forced him to drop his weapon, and then held him while Dyson shifted and then killed the Hunter. Vex's whereabouts after this were unknown afterwards.

Vex returned in It's Your Lucky Fae where he was involved in a bar fight at the Dal Riata with Mark, Dyson's son. Vex was also present when Dyson and his son had an argument in Trick's lair following the theft of Trick's ledger of Fae names and learned at that point that Dyson had a son to his great amusement.

During Here Comes the Night, Vex was at the Dal Riata when the Oracles appeared and gave him a vision of his truth, which was that Vex was smitten with Mark, Dyson's son. In that vision, Vex believed that Mark had oral sex with him and this created confusion and some uncomfortable moments during the episode until the truth was revealed by Trick about the purpose of the Oracles and what they were looking for. Evony appeared and asked for Vex's help in dealing with the being that had been released from its imprisonment. During this, it was revealed that Vex had helped Evony imprison the Ancient Fae known as Eros after he had rejected her and in revenge she imprisoned him. This also was told to be the first time that Vex and Evony had met. Later in the episode, Vex was seen playing Beer Pong with Mark, and having a discussion over Vex's past and what his heart wanted, Vex claiming that he didn't know exactly.

In End of Faes Vex told Mark, Dyson's son, that if he needed help on a mission, to call him. Mark did so when he was stabbed as the result of the actions of the Ancient Fae known as Iris. Vex came to his rescue and took Mark to Dyson and Lauren who tried to save Mark's life while Vex left in an attempt to locate medical aid.

During Like Father, Like Daughter, Vex appeared at Lauren's clinic complaining of pains in his hand. When Lauren asked if he had been doing the psychotherapy she ordered for him, he admitted that he had not. While manipulating Vex's arm, Lauren noticed another patient nearby moving in a similar fashion which gave a clue to her new situation as a Conduit. Afterwards, Vex asked about Mark, wanting to see him, but Lauren indicated that Mark had left earlier. Later in the episode, Vex was used by Lauren as a means to prove to Bo what her new found powers were capable of. Vex noted that Lauren sapped much of his strength in doing so and also warned both Lauren and Bo how dangerous Lauren's new situation was if Fae in general, and Evony in particular, found out about it. Vex then departed, but not before agreeing to keep Lauren's secret for an undisclosed reward we was expecting from them.

In Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Vex arrived at Bo's home with Mark carrying a number of books from Trick's library in an attempt to find an answer as to why Bo was in a coma. After Dyson and Mark confronted each other over this action, Vex pointed out to Dyson that he wasn't as good at dealing with people as Trick was. Later in the episode, Vex and Mark were searching Bo's attic when Mark asked if Vex was sorry for all of the evil things he had done before. Vex replied: "From the bottom of my rotten, aching, repugnant soul... You wanna know if I'm sorry? With every fibre." Following Bo's recovery, Trick's will was read and Vex was given the compass of Nirad. Trick wrote to Vex: You have found your light in the dark. Here's hoping that your path remains true." After the will was read, Vex joined hands with the rest of the Family for a moment of remembrance for Trick. At the end of the episode, Vex was looking for Tamsin when he encountered Hades. Vex attempted to use his powers against Hades, but to no effect. After Vex was told by Hades to give Bo a message, Hades slit Vex's throat. The final image of the episode was Vex laying on the floor, bleeding out, and convulsing.

During Let Them Burn, Kenzi found Vex laying on the floor and bleeding out after Hades' attack. Vex was taken to Lauren's clinic where it was revealed that while Hades had slit Vex's throat, he did not cut through the vocal cords and this saved Vex's life. Vex was unable to speak as a result, but did manage to answer questions put to him by Bo, Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson by writing on a small whiteboard that Lauren gave him. Vex revealed to Bo that her midwife was still alive and that she needed to speak to Evony to find out more. The last seem of Vex was he laying in bed and recovering from his injuries.

Vex's final appearance was in the seeries finale Rise. When Vex appeared, Vex had healed from his injuries and was called on to provide a motorhome to move everyone without Hades being aware of them surviving Bo's burning of the clubhouse. Several of Vex's fetishes were revealed during the episode as well. During the final battle with Hades, Vex was able to use his powers to restrain a group of Elder Fae from attacking. Once the battle was over, Vex and Mark had a discussion and they appeared to cement their relationship. Vex appeared in the final scene of the series when Mark brought Dagny, Tamsin's daughter, to the Dal Riata to meet her Fae family.

Powers and Abilities

Vex is a Mesmer which is a kind of Fae that has the ability to control the bodies of others. This would happen when Vex raised his right hand to point at his target and then thought about what he wanted them to do. The victim could speak and have an emotional reaction, but otherwise were not in control of what their bodies did.

A Mesmer can affect the nerves within a body with their powers, and it has been shown that they can overcome Succubi by playing with their sexual nerve endings. Vex has done so in two first season episodes Vexed and Faetal Justice to Bo.

There does not seem to be any kind of Fae that a Mesmer cannot affect with their powers as Vex has been able to control The Morrigan and other Fae of various kinds as well as humans. Vex did not appear to have any other Fae abilities, though he was an expert with bladed weapons when he used them.

It appears that he can control one person at a time with his power, though this is an assumption based on the fact that at no time was he seen controlling more than one victim at a time. It also appears that he must be in close range for his powers to have an effect, and likely must also have line of sight to them as well.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Vex is described as being a Mesmer. He has some type of mind control ability that seemed to be in the physical sense rather than the mental one.
  • It seems that The Morrigan either knows about what her underlings, such as Vex do, or doesn't care. Either is dangerous.
  • Vex appears to be into Sadomasochism.
  • Vex's football team is from Packsford. Their rival is from Exton.
  • Vex seemed to become enamored with Bo after he was injected with her blood to defeat The Garuda.
  • After the battle with The Garuda, It appeared that Vex was at odds with The Morrigan was suffering from a broken arm.
  • At one point Vex tried to become Dyson's new partner when Hale became the Ash.
  • According to Vex, he met Da Vinci in the past, and learned brushstroke techniques from him.
  • Vex is apparently at least 500 years old based on knowing Da Vinci.
  • Vex had his own special mascara applicator that he gave to Kenzi to hold for him until he returns.
  • When Vex left he was going to Las Vegas apparently.
  • When he left, he did not appear to have his powers back.
  • When Vex returned in Those Who Wander, his powers were present. It is unclear if Vex had been pretending to lost his powers or not.
  • He has an agreement with Hale to deliver The Morrigan to him. What that agreement consists of is not clear.
  • It is possible that Vex may become the new leader of the Dark Fae in the Fourth Season, but this is not clear.
  • According to the Una Mens, Vex is the last Mesmer.
  • Mesmers cannot feed if they do not have their hands.
  • Vex revealed that every Mesmer was hunted down by the Fae, both Light and Dark, and were systematically killed off until only he was left.
  • Vex was present when his entire family lost their hands and watched them all starve to death.
  • Vex's immediate family was his mother and father and one brother.
  • To escape the Una Mens, Vex cut off his right hand in the presence of Bo.
  • During Groundhog Fae, Vex oversaw a drunken debate between Lauren and Dyson over their relationship with Bo.
  • At the end of Groundhog Fae, Lauren intended to reattach Vex's hand.
  • Lauren's surgery on Vex seems to have worked and he has use of both of his hands.
  • Vex admitted to Trick that he was responsible for the deaths of his own family when he betrayed them to save his own life.
  • Trick told Vex that Vex's father was one of the bravest men he had ever known.
  • Vex believed that his father was a fisherman and that Trick, as the Blood King, could not have possibly known of him.
  • Vex said of his father that: "My father believed that kids should be seen and not heard. He never liked my jokes. He never liked me at all. I never knew my father. And that suited him just fine."
  • It appears that Vex was the one that stole the Origin Seed from Trick, but who he intends to give it to, or if he intends to use it himself, is not clear.
  • Vex claimed his middle name was Chauncey.
  • Apparently Kelvin was Vex's favourite filter when he was using Instagram.
  • Vex protected Massimo through a Blood Pact in the past to protect Massimo when his mother, The Morrigan, abandoned him.
  • Vex betrayed Kenzi as a result, not allowing her to have her revenge on Massimo.
  • Vex supported Massimo covertly and gave him all of the items he had as a Druid.
  • Vex attempted to have Massimo leave with him for England, but Massimo chose not to.
  • At the end of the Fourth Season, Vex apparently had left for England, but this was not confirmed.
  • In the Fifth Season, during Like Hell, Part II, Dyson, in an attempt to divert the attention of a Valkyrie that was seeking to take a soul close to Bo, suggested that Vex was Bo's lover. Dyson used his own relationship with Bo to describe certain traits to Vex. The attempt did not work however.
  • Vex, apparently, though it might have been a set-up, rescued Trick from a pair of thugs.
  • Vex claims to have known a mummy named Andy in the past that was a chef.
  • Vex blames Massimo's death and that of Hale on Dyson because Dyson released him from jail.
  • Vex revealed that he did love Massimo and saw him as the son he never had.
  • Dyson on the other hand sees Vex as being the one indirectly responsible for Hale's death.
  • Dyson attempted to make a deal with a Hunter to protect his son Mark's life, but when that failed, Dyson killed the Hunter with Vex's assistance.
  • Vex became aware during the episode It's Your Lucky Fae that Dyson had a son named Mark and was involved in a bar fight with him.
  • Mark, Dyson's son. had been under pouring drinks while tending bar in order to have his own free drinks, but Vex caught him at his game.
  • Apparently Vex doesn't play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. He plays 'Rock, Paper, Guillotine'.
  • According to the Oracles, Vex's truth was that he was smitten by Mark.
  • Vex made Evony aware that Mark is Dyson's son.
  • Vex and Evony first met when Evony asked for Vex's help in capturing Eros who had jilted her.
  • According to Vex, Evony only became evil in the aftermath of what Eros did to her and after she and Vex locked Eros away.
  • In End of Faes Vex responded to a call for help from Mark, Dyson's son, and after taking him to Dyson and Lauren, left in search of medical assistance.
  • Apparently, Vex's reattached hand is causing some pain to him, but this is a result of his not following Lauren's advice.
  • It is unclear if Vex ever visited Mark at Lauren's clinic or checked on him save for asking about Mark when Lauren was examining his hand.
  • What is the price to keeping Vex quiet about Lauren's power? What happens when the colony finds out? What happens when Evony finds out?
  • Vex was the second Fae, after Bo, to feel the effects of Lauren's powers as a Conduit.
  • Vex noted that Lauren's powers had the effect of making him feel weak.
  • When asked why he accepted the Morrigan, Vex said: "Yeah, well, Absinthe bottle service, pixie dust off a nymph's naughty bits... How could I say no? But things change."
  • Mark asked Vex: "If you've actually done the things I've heard. Guess I just wanna know if you're sorry." Vex replied: "From the bottom of my rotten, aching, repugnant soul... You wanna know if I'm sorry? With every fibre."
  • Trick's will read: "To Vex, the compass of Nirad. You have found your light in the dark. Here's hoping that your path remains true."
  • Vex received the compass of Nirad from Trick.
  • Vex encountered Hades in Bo's attic. Vex attempted to use his powers again Hades, but they had no effect.
  • Hades told Vex: "The dark Mesmer. Trick gives you a compass and suddenly you are on the straight and narrow. Shame. You might have been useful, still could."
  • When being held by Hades, Vex told him: "I don't play that way anymore. I finally found a team that will accept me."
  • Hades told Vex: "Then I'd like you to give your team a message for me." Vex replied: "Lemme just get my memo pad." Hades told Vex: "I think this one's pretty self explanatory."
  • Hades took a blade to Vex's neck and slitting his throat, blood seeping out of the cut as Vex falls to the floor and Hades walks away.
  • The final image of Follow the Yellow Trick Road is of Vex clutching at his throat, bleeding out, and convulsing as the episode ends, but still, at the end of the episode, alive.
  • Kenzi was the first to find Vex bleeding out after Hades left when she went looking for Tamsin. Bo was the second one to arrive and Bo noticed that the window in Tamsin's room was open and Tamsin was missing.
  • Vex survived Hades' attack, having lost a lot of blood, but not enough to kill him. However, Vex's vocal cords were cut which, according to Lauren, saved Vex's life.
  • Vex could not speak, but used a small whiteboard to communicate. Vex informed Bo that her mother's midwife, Lou Ann, was still alive and that Bo needed to find Evony to learn more.
  • After escaping the clubhouse fire, Vex used his motorhome to help Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi, Mark and himself move without being noticed.
  • Vex was able to speak again in this episode, likely from the ability of Fae to heal from wounds quickly.
  • Vex collects German Weimar porcelain, which Kenzi thinks might be Vex's weirdest fetish.
  • Vex's motorhome contains many things, notably heels and mascara, according to Kenzi, but it does not seem to have any weapons.
  • Vex at one point told everyone in the motorhome: "I've got a life outside of you people."
  • The license plate on Vex's motorhome reads: PPTMSTER.
  • Dyson, Vex and Mark confronted the Elder Fae while Bo faced Hades.
  • Vex was able to use his powers to hold six Fae Elders at bay, making them drop their weapons and hold them fast.
  • Mark and Vex appear to be in a relationship at the end of the series.
  • Dyson, Mark, Vex Lauren and Kenzi were present when Tamsin first held her newborn child.
  • Vex was at the Dal Riata when Mark brought Dagny there, but what he is doing isn't revealed.
  • Vex commented when he saw Dagny: "She has no idea what she is in for, does she?"

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