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The Witch in the Woods (eBook)

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The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods Book Cover, written by Remo Santomauro
The Witch in the Woods eBook Cover,
written by Remo Santomauro
Author(s) Remo Santomauro
Publisher Gillies Publishing
Publication date April 9, 2017
Media type eBook
Length 173 Pages

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The Witch in the Woods is an eBook written by Remo Santomauro. In this work the character Hannah can be described as a kind of Succubus and the character Samumuhn as a kind of Incubus.


  • Title: The Witch in the Woods
  • Author: Remo Santomauro
  • Published By: Gillies Publishing
  • Length: 173 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B06Y5G46VN
  • Publishing Date: April 9, 2017

Plot Summary

Brian just wanted to get home for Thanksgiving, and a shortcut through the mountains seemed like his best bet. But when strange visions cause his car to spin out of control during a storm, he’s stranded on the lonely road, with no help in sight. Tired and bruised, he’s drawn toward a mysterious glow coming through the trees, and sets out down the road, hoping for rescue.

What he finds is a quaint little house tucked back in the woods, where an old woman and her beautiful young niece live in seclusion. When they offer to take him in for the night, Brian has no idea what he’s stumbled into, but from the moment the hot young redhead climbs into his bed, Brian’s world is filled with incredible new delights, and frightening new realities.

A centuries-old quest for long-lost pleasures drags Brian in to a nightmare world of demons and witches. Captured by forces from Hell, will he give in to his lust at the cost of his soul, or can he resist infernal temptations, and break free from the witch’s fiendish trap?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on July 16, 2017

Brian finds himself more than lost, he’s deeply entwined within the depths of need that has been smouldering for time untold. There are forces that need him, want him and through him intend to have what they desire. But along the path there’s something more powerful that calls to Brian and drives him towards a single, fateful choice.

The work is a mixture of romance, myth and mystery which tells a deeply involved story about the main character and the two women he encounters. There are several underlying plot threads and what’s interesting about them is how the past events told lead towards some odd choices by one of the women and for the other, an understanding that there’s something connecting Brian to her. It is the overcoming of the forces that try to bend them both towards a desired fate that brings a lot of character development, which I liked.

The incubus of the work, Samumuhn, is only barely within the story, really only being present at the the beginning and the climax of the story. But his effects run throughout the story and are inescapable by the main characters of the work. It drives a transformation of one character, an unending need in another which combined twist the story in some directions that I didn’t expect.

There’s quite a bit of erotica in the story which has some quite clear succubus and incubus aspects. There’s a good deal of mind control and transformation along the way which works to bring a little more heat to things. There are some moments that are well over the top, but overall the softer erotic moments were well done and the more forceful ones weren’t out of character or read oddly.

While I liked the work overall and the climax was well done, I felt the ending was a little too fast, too expected. The ending, while a delight, left a number of threads dangling. The climax did as well, though how things closed in that part of the work didn’t feel rushed or uneven. The postscript seemed to be a very Hollywood ending, not closing the character arcs completely. I’d have liked a little more certainty in the ending not from the perspective of what the future holds, but rather more towards the answers that Brian sought, and needed.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A lovely and involved story that tells a unique story that I loved very much. I’d have liked a little more in the conclusion, it’s too quickly brought to a close for my liking. That said, the characters are well written, the story is complex and entertaining. There’s a lot to like here, not to forget the universe that the work brings into existence through it all.

I’d like to see what comes next, the future that Brian is facing and what that means to the one he holds with him. It feels like there’s more story to be told and perhaps sometime that will happen.

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