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The Wanderer

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The Wanderer / Rainer / Rainer The Defiant
Lost Girl character
Rainer, also known as Rainer The Defiant, The Wanderer and Bo's Destiny
Rainer, also known as Rainer The Defiant, The Wanderer and Bo's Destiny
First appearance

Fae-ge Against The Machine
Last appearance

Dark Horse
Portrayed by

Kyle Schmid
Nickname(s) The Wanderer
Aliases Rainer
Rainer The Defiant
Bo's Destiny
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Bo[1]
Relatives Unknown
Appeared In 4 Episodes Referenced
5 Episode Appearances
Aligned Dark Fae
Fate Deceased
Killed by Masssimo in Dark Horse defending Bo

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

The Wanderer, properly known as Rainer and Rainer The Defiant, also known as Bo's Destiny, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series. The role was played by the actor Kyle Schmid. The Wanderer has appeared in four Fourth Season episodes. At the time of the third season, the actor playing the role was not revealed but the character was referenced repeatedly. In the Fourth Season the character was played by the actor Kyle Schmid. During the latter half of the Third Season, the character was referenced many times, mainly in connection with a Tarot card of The Wanderer, or the song The Wanderer as performed by Dion. He made only one actual appearance in that season which occurred in the season finale Those Who Wander. In that episode, Tamsin called him Bo's father, and Aife gave some indications of the powers that he had. However, all of the information given that suggested the The Wanderer was Bo's Father was incorrect as revealed in the Fourth Season.

At the end of the Third Season finale, he had encountered Tamsin and Dyson, which resulted in their driving over a cliff, the ultimate fate unknown. He also trapped Bo, in the Dal Riata and then kidnapped her. After Bo's disappearance, the Wanderer card, which was his calling card, was transformed to show both an image of himself and Bo standing with him, their backs turned to the viewer of the card.

In the Fourth Season, he did not make his first appearance until the episode Destiny's Child, but his actions effected Bo over that time including being responsible for her being aligned with the Dark Fae. The evidence of this was a signed pledge which had Bo's signature and that of a Dark Fae named Rainer, this being The Wanderer's real name. His real name of Rainer, more formally, Rainer The Defiant, was revealed during the episode Destiny's Child and at the end of the episode, when he was confronted by Bo, his appearance was revealed for the first time.

It was revealed that Rainer had opposed Trick when he was the Blood King. Rainer had the power of foresight and with this power had managed to gain the upper hand in their conflict. In order to defeat Rainer, Trick used his blood powers to change reality so that Rainer was betrayed by his armies and fell in battle. Following his death, Trick then convinced Tamsin not to take Rainer's soul to Valhalla and instead allow Trick to curse him and trap him upon the Death Train.

Upon Bo's freeing of Rainer from the Death Train and his curse, he encouraged Bo to eliminate the Una Mens in Waves and did so. As a result of this action, a prophecy began to be revealed in which Rainer and Bo were, according to a trusted aide of Rainer's, to marry and in doing so prevent a great evil from arriving on the Earth. Rainer did bind to Bo but in doing so actually opened a gate for the evil to enter through. Following this event, Massimo, a human Druid who had gained the powers of the Una Mens through consuming an Origin Seed, attacked Bo and attempted to kill her.

Rainer moved to defend Bo but failed to do so. While in the grasp of Massimo, he apologized to Bo for everything that had happened and also told Trick to tell Tamsin his soul was hers. Immediately afterwards Massimo killed Rainer. At some point afterward, Tamsin took Rainer's soul to Vahalla with Kenzi's when she sacrificed herself to stop the evil as the prophecy actually stated. As of the end of the Fourth Season, Rainer was deceased, buried on the battlefield of Ancrum Moor, his soul apparently in Valhalla and his fate uncertain.

Character History

Third Season

The Wanderer was referred to in several episodes prior to the episode Those Who Wander where he actually appeared. His first mention came in the episode Fae-ge Against The Machine where the Wanderer tarot card appeared several times. Once when Bo was told to pick a card and chose the Wanderer card. The next when the deck was turned over and all of the cards were seen to be Wanderer cards as well. The final time being a shower of Wanderer cards that surrounded Tamsin reminding her of the mission she had been on for some time.

When Tamsin attempted to complete her mission in the season finale Those Who Wander, Bo convinced her to go against the mission Tamsin was on. This eventually ended with Tamsin and Dyson being forced off a road and over a cliff when they encountered The Wanderer, Tamsin revealing to Dyson that he was Bo's Father moments before the crash occurred, although she was mistaken in her belief as was revealed in the Fourth Season.

At the end of Those Who Wander, Bo was trapped in the Dal Riata where he first trapped her, then taunted her with one of the tarot cards, before causing the windows and other glass items in the Dal Riata to shatter. Following this, a black fog surrounded Bo and transported her away from the Dal Riata to places unknown. The only evidence being left behind was the shattered glass on the floor of the Dal Riata and a single tarot card, which showed a modified image of the Wanderer with a silhouette of Bo standing beside him.

Fourth Season

Through the first three episodes of the Fourth Season, The Wanderer was not seen, but his actions effected Bo at several points. In Sleeping Beauty School it was revealed that Bo had been transitioned from her normal dimension onto what was described as a Death Train, destination unknown. After Bo escaped in Lovers. Apart. and returned to her normal world, both she and Dyson lost their memories of the events that occurred on the train, likely caused by The Wanderer.

During Let the Dark Times Roll Bo attempted to discover how she became aligned with the Dark Fae and in doing so discovered a pledge that was signed by herself and someone named Rainer, likely being The Wanderer's real name. That pledge, which Bo had no memory of, was the evidence that The Morrigan used to hold Bo as being part of the Dark Fae and also was the evidence that the Una Mens used to confirm her choice. However, the reveal of this information seemed to frighten the Una Mens greatly.

He appeared for the first time during Destiny's Child where much of his backstory was revealed, but more questions were raised. His first appearance was at the beginning of the episode where he was seen attempting to weld the Death Train he was trapped on back together. His features were obscured by a welder's mask and other paraphernalia so that nothing could be seen of him. As the episode progressed it was revealed that Trick had used his powers to write Rainer out of history after making a deal with Tamsin in order for her not to take Rainer's soul to Valhalla as she intended to do. It appeared from the episode that Rainer was Trick's mortal enemy when he was the Blood King as Rainer had attempted to overthrow him at that time. In order to escape the Death Train, Rainer marked Bo and helped to aligned her Dark Fae so that she would "move heaven and earth" to return to him. When Bo did so, she confronted Rainer, but after a brief struggle with him, during which he was fully revealed for the first time, she seemed to come under his influence and helped Rainer to escape the Death Train. Upon returning to the Dal Riata with Bo, Bo then declared that Rainer was "not her father, nor her enemy but is, in fact, her destiny", the two holding hands in full view of Trick, Dyson and Lauren.

In Waves, much of what happened on the Death Train between Bo and Rainer was revealed. Bo isolated herself from all of her friends and spent the episode with Rainer. Through a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that when Bo arrived on the Death Train she and Rainer were at odds with one another. Rainer explained he was cursed because he attempted to end the divisions between Light and Dark Fae, but could not remember the circumstances. Bo found herself attracted to him and became intimate with him to the point where she agreed to help Rainer escape his curse, including setting all of the clues that Bo found to return to him. Bo also asked Rainer to co-sign her agreement in which she joined the Dark Fae. At the end of this episode. Bo and Rainer confronted the Una Mens and with Rainer's help, Bo was able to defeat them and, in the end, kill them. This action apparently being driven by Rainer who asked Bo to help him in overthrowing the Una Mens but with consequences that neither were aware of at that time.

During Origin several prophecies about Rainer were revealed as he was written back into history once more. In one of these, an image of him as The Wanderer made him appear to be a devil-like being and he was described as being the catalyst for the destruction of the Fae. One of Rainer's lieutenants appeared in this episode and guided both Rainer and Bo towards a hidden goal she had. Seeking to save Rainer's life, which one prophecy indicated would end after his being returned to the Earth after seven days, Bo and Rainer were eventually married which then released a being called The Priapus. At the end of the episode, the mark which both Rainer and Bo had on their chests glowed with power, the meaning of this not explained at that time.

In the season finale Dark Horse, Rainer was present when Trick recalled the events of the Great Fae War, noting that Trick was responsible for the deaths of thousands. He also told of Trick separated children from their families and watching as they were burned at the stake if they did not choose to join the Light or Dark. Rainer was killed when Massimo, a human Druid who had gained the powers of the Una Mens through consuming an Origin Seed, attacked Bo and attempted to kill her. Rainer moved to defend Bo but failed to do so. While in the grasp of Massimo, he apologized to Bo for everything that had happened and also told Trick to tell Tamsin his soul was hers. Immediately afterwards Massimo killed Rainer. At some point afterward, According to off screen events, Tamsin took Rainer's soul to Vahalla with Kenzi's when she sacrificed herself to stop the evil of Bo's Father from descending to the Earth. Bo indicated at the end of the episode that Rainer was buried on the battlefield of Ancrum Moor. As of the end of the Fourth Season, Rainer was deceased, his soul apparently in Valhalla and his fate uncertain.

Powers and Abilities

Rainer had foresight, as shown when he foretold the moves the Una Mens were going to make against Bo, allowing her to defeat them.[2] It was not made clear if this was the only Fae power he had. The fighting ability that Rainer had is not clear, but it would have to be significant in some way to be able to survive the time of the Great Fae War.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Third Season

Fourth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • His calling card is the Wanderer Tarot card, and as well the song The Wanderer by Dion.
  • He appeared to dress in the image of the Wanderer Tarot card.
  • Following the events of Destiny's Child, the following were also revealed:
  • The Wander's real name is Rainer, more formally, Rainer the Defiant
  • Trick describes Rainer as his mortal enemy to Dyson and Lauren.
  • Bo claims at the end of the episode that Rainer is not her father, nor her enemy but is, in fact, her destiny.
  • When Trick was the Blood King, he used his powers to write Rainer, The Wanderer, out of history.
  • Trick made a deal with Tamsin to give her a new life and a chance to redeem herself in exchange for her not taking Rainer's soul to Valhalla, but instead leaving it to Trick's mercy. He would then use his blood to write Rainer out of history, trapping him in eternity and never allowing him to return.
  • When Bo met Rainer on the train, he was less than thrilled to meet her as he had seen untold numbers of women before Bo that could not free him from the train.
  • Rainer claimed that he had no idea why Bo was kidnapped and brought to him.
  • Rainer's power is to have foresight in battle, the ability to see into the future and see the moves that his enemies were going to make against him and counter them.
  • Rainer claims that he "put it to good use trying to end Light and Dark."
  • Rainer could tell what was happening outside of the train to Bo's friends when she asked about them.
  • When Kenzi and Dyson broke the compass in the first episode of the season, it effected Bo in that she no longer remembered Rainer, but her friends did remember her again.
  • Bo came up with a plan to free Rainer from his curse which was very complicated and depended on many things going right in order for her to return to the Death Train willing and free him.
  • The crows that served Rainer brought Ianka to preform for Bo and Rainer on the Death Train and it was at that point that Bo told ianka to seek her out.
  • Bo and Rainer arranged for Huginn to be placed in the container and box that was addressed to her, the plan being that Huginn would bring Bo back to Rainer.
  • Bo asked Rainer to sign her pledge to the Dark in order that she would do anything to find out why she signed such a thing which is completely against her nature.
  • Bo wrongly assumed that she would be able to get out of the contact with the Dark at the time she came up with her plan, she still being Dark when she returned with Rainer and not, it appears, having that contract cancelled.
  • Bo promised Rainer that if he turns out to be a monster, she will kill him.
  • With Rainer's help in telegraphing the moves of the Una Mens and also telling Bo how and when to strike, Bo was able to overcome the Una Mens and kill all of them.
  • In the episode Origin many prophecies were revealed about Rainer, but which of them were correct was not clear at that time:
  • According to Massimo: "When the Wanderer rises another curse shall befall him in seven days he will expire unless the curse is broken."
  • The book that Lauren found had the following references: "Behold the demon beast. Evil pure. Fang teeth. Horned. Him they call Rainer. A thousand years shall be ended. He shall be unbound. To wreak torment beyond comparison and betray the Fae."
  • The book that Rosette held said: "If The Wanderer is rescued and the first curse should fail, he shall be cursed again. To suffer and perish in seven days of being on this Earth."
  • Bo married Rainer with the understanding that in doing so she would save his life.
  • Bo told Rainer that she did not marry him out of love.
  • Rainer told Bo that he loved her.
  • According to Rainer, Rosette was his best lieutenant.
  • According to Tamsin, at the beginning of Origin, Rainer had returned for six days.
  • Rainer claims that all of the visions Bo has seen of horses and things connected to them are a sign that her father wants to see her.
  • At the end of Origin, Bo married Rainer in a bit to save his life, but in doing so released an evil upon the world.
  • Rosette's reveal of the true prophecy was: "The prophecy has been written. She will rise with the Wanderer as her soldier and together they will release the Lord of Darkness."
  • Both Bo and Rainer's marks they shared glowed with power as the prophecy came to pass.
  • According to Rainer, when Trick was the Blood King he: "separated children from their families and watched as they were burned at the stake if they didn't choose from Light or Dark."
  • Rainer is killed by Massimo when he moves to protect Bo in the place of Trick who he stopped from doing so. Rainer's foresight had no effect on Massimo, but it was added to Massimo's powers after Rainer died.
  • Rainer told Trick to tell Tamsin that his soul was her's again.
  • Rainer is buried on the battlefield of Ancrum Moor. The actual battle was fought during the War of the Rough Wooing in 1545. The Scottish victory put a temporary end to English depredations in the Scottish border and lowlands. You can find more about this battle here.


  1. As of the events in Origin where in order to save Rainer's life, Bo married him, but released an evil onto the world
  2. As seen in the episode Waves

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