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The Succubus Trinity

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The Succubus Trinity
Author Motmaitre
Website http://www.blackflycomic.com No Longer Available
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date December 6, 2010
End date July 4 2011
Comic strip syndication Independent
Publisher Blackflycomic.com
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Rating(s) NC-17

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Succubus Trinity was a story line in the Blackfly comic series created by the author Motmaitre on the website Blackflycomic.com. The first comic in The Succubus Trinity story line appeared on December 6, 2010 and the story concluded on July 4 2011. The Blackfly comic focused on the adventures of an MMA fighter named Kyu who also hunted demons. The style of the series was action based with some violence and sexual situations and language.

The Succubi themselves did have horns and tails, which were generally invisible until they attacked their victims in the series. The series featured the succubi attacking various victims, usually by seducing them while appearing normal, before being encountered by Kyu. The story was drawn in black and white, but subsequent story lines on the website were in color.

Series Information

  • Title: The Succubus Trinity
  • Artist: Motmaitre
  • Writer: Motmaitre
  • Status: Abandoned
  • Began: December 6, 2010
  • Ended: July 4 2011
  • Rating: NC-17


  • Kyu: The comic's protagonist is an MMA fighter by day and demon-slayer by night. He was adopted by the Thani, demon-slaying warrior monks. They nicknamed him 'Blackfly', and trained him in the martial arts. They also unsuccessfully tried to teach him celibacy.
  • Ikken: Ikken is Kyu's mystic sword. When faced with demons or other nasty fiends that can't be killed with his bare hands, he focuses his chi, forming it into a sword of flame. 'Ikken' is loosely translated as 'One Strike', which is all it takes when you're wielding a flaming sword.
  • Sensei Gobi: Kyu's Sensei is the last of the Thani. A celibate, deadly monk, he worries that Kyu's passion for the ladies will keep him from true enlightenment and continuing the Thani line. While pursuing 'Ikken Hissatsu'- the ability to kill with a single blow- Gobi mentors Kyu, finds demons via meditation, and sends Kyu after them.
  • Succubi: They were not been given names as such in the series. They appeared to possess the bodies of others and take over their identities. Generally they appeared human, their horns and tails invisible until they attacked their victims.

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