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The Succubus Theory

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The Succubus Theory
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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The following is an article called The Succubus Theory that has been posted on numerous websites across the web. It relates to human sexual vampirism and a theory of how it relates to the idea of Succubi. While this theory is interesting, we do not condone it and present it here as a point of discussion only.

Human Sexual Vampirism: The Succubus Theory

Although the pronoun ‘she’, and the female perspective are used, members of either sex can use these techniques, to attract a member of their preferred sex and sexuality. Succubi (Incubi in their male form),said to be the demonic children of Lilith, feed upon sexual energy. Coming in dreams, they feed by night upon the sexually frustrated and the sexually overactive. With regards to a human magickally reproducing these succubitic abilities, they can be split into 2 categories: glamour and the absorption of energy.

Vampiric Glamour

Of the unusual creatures of magick, myth, and legend, the vampire is probably the most glamorous, and of vampires none hold this glamour more than the succubi, creatures of raw sex. The combined attraction of sex and death are strong in the succubus, and this glamour of the vampire should be used to it’s fullest potential. When you are a succubus, you are nothing less than a vampire.

An Exercise In The Projection Of A Vampiric Glamour

Sit or stand in front of a mirror. See yourself completely neutrally, with your mind as empty as possible. Observe yourself and all your aspects. Take the emotions and images most associated with a succubus: lust; a quality of unearthly beauty and desirability; a hunger for sex and attention... and whatever other qualities you associate with a succubus.

Succubitic Temptation

When a succubus goes on the hunt she projects an aura of pure sex. Her smile offers within it all the lust in the world, and her eyes show her wisdom in the ways of temptation. I’m not going to go into detail on how to seduce a mate, as each individual has her own style.

When you find a suitable target you should try to catch their eye. If you’re at a gig with a decent mosh pit, you can probably get them to bounce up and down with you (more romantic than it sounds.. it involved close body contact, and intimates a certain degree of trust).

Initiate conversation. Asking for a light tends to be a good start. It is actually easier to seduce someone in a noisy club or gig environment for two reasons. To start with you already have something to talk about: the club, or the band playing. And secondly, you won’t be able to talk that much due to high noise levels, allowing your glamour to take effect with minimal effort on your part.

Assuming the individual is of a suitable sexual persuasion and does not have a partner guarding them one thing should lead to another.

Obtaining Energy From Sex

Sex is an activity which produces a lot of energy, which is readily available to feed upon. Once you have entrapped your victim, sex is the inevitable consequence. If possible, it is advisable to restrain your victim by means of straps, cuffs, separators, or whatever, as this gives you a great deal of control over the proceedings.

Build up high levels of sexual frustration in your victim, but to not allow them to orgasm. Administering some form of amphetamine can also aid in this, as this will allow the victim to become highly frustrated, but will make physical orgasm difficult or impossible.

While being in the dominant position sexually seems to be the obvious approach to sexual vampirism, this can also be carried out when in a more submissive position, although this allows you less control over your victim’s time of orgasm and levels of frustration.

As your victim becomes more frustrated, visualise the trapped sexual energy building in them as a glow surrounding them, centered around their genitalia. You can gently siphon off and absorb this energy, by a similar process to that of more ‘standard’ psychic vampirism. You can also absorb a large amount of built up energy at the point of your victim’s orgasm, by visualizing all of the trapped energy as being released into you at the point of orgasm.

Obtaining Energy By Glamour

This is basically a highly targeted combination of psychic vampirism. You use whatever glamorous techniques you favour, and monopolize the attention and sexual desires of an individual. You hold the individual’s attention, encouraging their desires towards you, all the while drawing in energy from them by the techniques of psychic vampirism that I mentioned earlier.