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The Succubus Coven (Sociolotron)

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Succubus Coven
Succubus Coven Flavour Image
Role Sexual Activities
Publication history
Source books Sociolotron Wiki
First appearance Sociolotron
Mythological origins Succubus
Based on Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Succubus Coven is a group that can be found within the Sociolotron online role playing game. The focus of the characters in the Succubus Coven is sexual gratification and control. In doing so the cult extends its influence into the surrounding society through the use of ritual, spells and potions connected to their cult activities.

Cults in Sociolotron

In the near anarchy that is our post apocalyptic world, two major cults have emerged to vie for control of the hearts and minds of London's citizens. Philosophically these cults are diametrically opposed. An unsteady truce does prevail, but violence simmers just beneath the surface.

The Succubus Cult

While the origin of the Succubus is lost in the mists of time, we do know from ancient myth that they are demons or sexual vampires. The Succubus acquires power by absorbing the sexual energy of their victims. Long dormant… they have returned to the city's dark shadows in force.

In London, the word Succubus is synonymous with magic, debauchery and promiscuity. Cult members often live in dark alleys and seedy bars; shunned by polite society and hunted by their enemies. But Succubus claim that they are misunderstood and liken themselves to the "flower child" peace movement of the mid-twentieth century. They claim only to use magic for defense and to increase sexual appetites and sensitivities.

Inquisition Cult

The Inquisition Cult traces its methods to the absolutist philosophies and religions of medieval times. Philosophically, they shun sexual promiscuity and expound… with force… a rigid moral code. This moral code proscribes (at least officially) all forms of public, extramarital or unusual sexual activity.

The Inquisition view themselves as righteous defenders of London's moral values. They are often critical of the government's lax moral stance and at times they take it upon themselves to clean up London's streets. The Inquisition Cult is powerful and prone to violence; it stands poised to enforce its iron will.


But both cults have a dark violent side. Upon leaving this world, high ranking cultists take their place as powerful demons in the bowels of hell. Through the use of magic and ritual, Succubus Witches and Grand Inquisitors are able to summon these demons back to London to do their bidding. Long of this world, these demons often have little in common with the living cult members of the same name. And, too often, they garner power from acts of violence against opposing cult members.

The Succubus Coven

Long ago in a dark cave in the depths of the ancient forest at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains a wise and powerful Succubus witch formed a secretive association called The Coven. Her name was Dark Vykos, a beautiful daughter of the dreaded vampire Sasha Vykos. The Coven was formed in blood and lives yet today in the heart of post apocalyptic London.

Little can be said of its doings except that it exists to amass communal power and wealth for its members through the use of the dark powers of the Succubus. But it is well known that it members follow the so called Five Vials of the Coven:

The Five Vials of the Coven

  • Co-Operation - Coven members work together to achieve common goals.
  • Openness - The Coven is non elitist…it is open to all of similar views.
  • Vengeance - Coven members are vengeful…a wrong done to one member is a wrong done to all.
  • Energy - Coven members value sexual energy in most forms. Coven members scorn any moral code (except the all powerful EULA of Sociolotron) which would limit in-game sexual activity between consenting adults.
  • Non-Violence - Coven members deplore violence in all forms, except in cases of self defense and vengeance.

The above tenets of the Coven are said to be represented by five vials of magical potions… each rumored to bestow strange and powerful sexual powers. Each vial is worth a king's ransom and is kept in separate London locations. These locations serve as meeting places for exotic initiation rites and dark and mysterious sexual orgies.

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