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The Removers

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The Removers
The Removers DVD Box Cover
The Removers DVD Box Cover
Directed by Jon Schnepp
Produced by Jon Schnepp
Written by Jon Schnepp
Starring Jeff Tady
Kelli Jones
Kari French
Music by Dave Trumfio
Cinematography Jon Schnepp
Editing by Jon Schnepp
Studio King Robot Films
Distributed by Film Threat DVD
Release date(s) 2001
February 3, 2004 (DVD)
Running time 23 Minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget $25,000 (Estimated)

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Removers is a 2001 American science fiction short film staring Kari French, Kelli Jones and Jeff Tady and directed by Jon Schnepp. The film followed the adventures of a group called The Removers who fought against what are described as evil alien Succubi from another dimension.

The Removers DVD Rear Cover


  • Movie Title: The Removers
  • Release Date: 2001
  • MPAA Rating: Not Rated
  • Director: Jon Schnepp
  • Writer: Jon Schnepp
  • Studio: King Robot Films
  • Runtime: 23 Minutes
  • Genre: Short, Sci-Fi


Actor / Actress Role
Jeff Tady Agent Silver
Kelli Jones Agent Pink
Kari French Agent Wire
Lisa Browne Dr. Garwin
Stanton Chaney Number 13
Eileen Hurtt The Gorlotos
Rachelle Divitto Dark Ballerina 1
Denise Divitto Dark Ballerina 2
Richard Wright Dark Ballerino
Wendy Hyde Succuba 2
Florence Wright Female Scientist
Petrik Watson Male Scientist 1
Kim Epperly Downtown Extra
Lynette Barker Absorbed Woman 2
Ivan DeWolf Absorbed Man
Karen White Alien Masked Woman
Neil Flynn Alien Masked Man
Jennie Niasom Alien Club DJ
Elizabeth Bradley Alien Bartender
Dave Foss Male Scientist 2
Patrick Grasso Scum Bum
Jon Pine Alien Club Dancer
Emily Cohen Alien Club Dancer
Peter Byck Alien Club Dancer
Keren Bensoussan Alien Club Dancer
Cheryl Benson Alien Club Dancer
Trip Morrow Alien Club Dancer
Becky Thyre Alien Club Dancer
John Andrews Alien Club Dancer
Kelly Johnson Alien Club Dancer
Johnny White Downtown Extra
Chris Bonno Alien Club Dancer
Susan Andersen Alien Club Dancer
Joni Berloy Alien Club Dancer
Margot Foley Alien Club Dancer
Rhona Meyers Alien Club Dancer
Regina O'Brien Alien Club Dancer
Nicholas Parks Alien Club Dancer
Joel Rane Downtown Extra
Dave Trumfio Downtown Extra
Devon Stafford Downtown Extra
Icarus Glorfindel Downtown Extra
Ronna Bronstein Downtown Extra
Victoria Jacobs Downtown Extra
Tony Rublicon Downtown Extra
Short Timmins Downtown Extra
Sandra Clixmiezer Downtown Extra
Random Jones Downtown Extra
Coax Winathong Downtown Extra
Slymbis Froop Downtown Extra
Agnes Monstera Downtown Extra
Chuck Tipps Downtown Extra

Plot Summary

The Removers are all that stand between Earth and Evil Alien Succubi from another dimension. Can Agent Silver and Agent Pink stop the intra-dimensional plan to absorb human energy while fighting Villainous Twin Ballerinas and Metal Babies?

Movie Review

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