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The Realm

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The Realm
The Realm
Creator TeraS
Genre Fantasy
Type Pocket Universe
Notable characters Collective Succubi
Collective Incubi
First appearance Hypnopics Collective

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

The Realm is the home of the Collective Succubi and Collective Incubi, a non-traditional offshoot of similarly named beings of legend. A pocket universe upon its own, the Realm holds many secrets, passions and more to discover.


The Realm is not all that different from a typical city on the edge of a large lake. There are small and large structures throughout the lands, the occasional structure reaches into the sky like a sinuous body stretching itself tall and proudly to reveal the beauty and fire within. There are the usual places for beings to meet and greet. There are the places to learn and teach. Much of the Realm was green space for all to enjoy, the air clean and those that live in the Realm, as a whole, are content with what the Realm offers.

The lake however is something special. It is a large placid lake at the edge of the domain, stretching out for miles from the shoreline that the city shared with it. The edges of the lake disappear into mists and fogs that allow none to see or pass through. The waters, for the most part, are as smooth as a sheet of glass except for certain rare occasions. When the tails come alive, when the moment of becoming tolls, the waters are wild, fierce and aflame.

On the other side of the Realm, the city pushes towards a series of silver grey snow capped mountains that rose into the skies far above, disappearing into the same mists that mark the border of the lake. The mists in the mountain peaks hiding from view the home of the AngelKitties, the lands upon which they come into being.

The Realm is an odd place, a mixture of ancient worlds and modern marvels, a mix of ideas and thoughts all bundled together in patterns that never seem to make a lot of sense at first. But considering all those that live, love, and learn there and are finding their own way. It makes complete sense.

Physical Dimensions

The Realm is of an irregular shape. The total area is approximately 5,000 square kilometers split three quarters land mass and one quarter the lake.

Names of Important Places

Current and Past Collective Succubi

  • Tera - Queen of the Succubi
  • Rianna - True Daughter of Tera and Heiress to The Realm
  • Branwyn - Daughter of Tera and Sister of Rianna
  • Rachel - Tera's Younger Sister
  • VVrayven - Princess of the Realm
  • Allison - Princess of the Realm
  • Amy - Princess of the Realm
  • Ayashe - Princess of the Realm
  • Tabitha - Resurrected Succubi of the Garden
  • Miriam - Yellow Tailed Succubi Librarian of the Realm
  • Laila - Red Tailed Succubi Muse of the Realm

Known AngelKitties

For more information on the Angelkitties, see the SuccuWiki entry AngelKitties.

Current and Past Collective Incubi

  • KeithS - Lord of the Incubi and Eternal to Tera
  • FreezeFrame - Brother of Tera & Keith

In Memoriam

Current and Past Family Members

  • Lisa Gentil - Sister of Tera & Keith
  • Windy - Sister of Lisa & Tera
  • Alex - Brother of Tera & Keith
  • Andrea - Love of Tera
  • Alei - Angel Love of Tera
  • Song - Tera's Song
  • Sophia Beauchamp - Dear Friend of Tera
  • Justin VVayne - VVrayven's Pet, Tera's Pleasure
  • Derek Lot - Servant of Tera
  • MzNicolette - Sister of Tera & Keith
  • LOVE - Sister of Tera
  • Chi - Evil Dragon
  • Darkness - Tera's Darkness
  • Galdon - Brother of Tera
  • B - AngelKin
  • Sniv - Impish Lil Devil
  • BunnySniv - Daughter of Sniv, Bunny Halfling


The Realm is the creation of Tera, the owner of Succubus.net, who is the owner of all copyrights to this literary universe. All characters, places and stories that are written by her are not public domain and may not be used with her express written authorization. All articles published within the SuccuWiki are thus copyrighted.