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The Norn

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The Norn
Lost Girl character
The Norn, One of the Ancients
The Norn, One of the Ancients
First appearance

Blood Lines
Last appearance

Into the Dark
Portrayed by

Kate Trotter
Aliases None
Species Ancients
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 4 Episodes
+ Many References
Aligned None
Fate Inactive
Last seen suffering from injuries caused by Kenzi during Into the Dark

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

The Norn was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who could give someone what they desired if they were willing to pay a high price. She was not Fae in nature and was referred to as being one of the Ancients. The role was played by the actress Kate Trotter. She first appeared in the first season finale Blood Lines where she was asked by Dyson to help Bo at the cost of losing his wolf. However, the Norn instead took what Dyson truly held most precious which was his love for Bo.

Her final appearance in the series, as of the mid-point of the third season, was in the second season episode, Into the Dark. In this episode, Dyson asked for his love to be returned to him, but The Norn refused to do so. Kenzi took it upon herself to attack The Norn's sacred tree and threatened to cut it down. The Norn relented and gave up Dyson's love which Kenzi returned to him. However, in doing so, Kenzi was splashed with the contents of one of The Norn's bottles. The consequences of this have not been made clear as yet. This event marked the end of The Norn's appearances in the series, but the after effects of her actions still haunt Bo, Trick, Dyson, Lauren and the others that were involved. She is referred to at many points in the third season, but has not appeared again since the second season events as of the end of the third season.

Character History

First Season

The Norn's first appearance was in the first season episode Blood Lines in which Dyson approached her and asked for her assistance in helping Bo to defeat her mother Aife. He had indicated at one point in this episode to Trick that he had dealt with The Norn before, but did not explain this and it was not referenced further until the second season. He offered her his wolf, that is his shape-shifting ability and Fae wolf-like abilities, in return for her helping Bo. However, The Norn wanted what he held most dear and upon Dyson's agreement to the deal, instead took his love for Bo saying that it was the most important thing to him. In doing so, she caused the relationship between Bo and Dyson to fracture over the course of the Second Season. Whether or not she did in fact help Bo is up for debate as, at the same time, Trick used his blood to help Bo in her battle.

Second Season

Her next appearance was in the Second Season episode BrotherFae of the Wolves during a flashback of Dyson's time in the past with his pack. His good friend Stefan was sent on a suicide mission by their King in order to remove him and allow the King to claim Stefan's wife Ciara for his own. In an attempt to try and stop this, Dyson met with The Norn and tried to make a deal with her. However, the price, his wolf, was too high and he refused the deal. Stefan was killed, Ciara was claimed by the King and Dyson left his pack soon after. Dyson would meet The Norn in the present day as was shown during the first season.

Her next appearance was in the Second Season episode Midnight Lamp when Dyson seeked out The Norn who told him that since wolves mate for life, and he gave his love of Bo to her, he has no love to give and therefore cannot love Ciara or anyone else.

Her last appearance in the series was in the Second Season episode Into the Dark. Dyson with Kenzi at his side went to see The Norn and asked for his love to be returned to him. The Norn refused and Dyson left defeated. Kenzi however realized that the tree that The Norn was so attached to could be her weakness and returned wielding a chainsaw and threatened to cut it down if Dyson's love was not returned. When The Norn refused at first, Kenzi began to cut the tree down which caused The Norn great pain and she began to bleed from her waist as if Kenzi was cutting into her. The Norn surrendered and Kenzi was able to obtain Dyson's love. However, in doing so, Kenzi tipped over one of The Norn's bottles and the contents splashed on her.

In the Third Season, the effects of that liquid pouring onto Kenzi have been a rash, followed by a massive wound on her arm. According to the episode The Kenzi Scale the essence was that of a Kitsune's powers. The true effects however were not known as yet. The Norn still lives and remains a threat to Kenzi and Dyson as well as their friends.

Powers and Abilities

The Norn's specific powers were never truly defined in the series. There are however several key points about her that can be made. One of the most important is that she is connected to what she calls her sacred tree. This tree appears to be very old and any damage done to it is reflected in The Norn herself. An example of this was seen when Kenzi cut into the tree with a chainsaw and at the same time The Norn screamed in pain and began to bleed from her waist as if Kenzi had cut into her body with a knife or similar device.

The Norn uses tricky in order to turn the wishes of those that ask for her help against them. Dyson expected the loss of his wolf when he asked for help to save Bo. He did so because in the past the cost to him was the one thing he held most precious. In the distance past he asked for help to save his friend Stefan, the mate of Ciara and Dyson's best friend, and at that time the agreed to cost would be was his wolf. However, that changed to his love for Bo. The Norn placed her hand upon Dyson's chest and tore his love for Bo from him. Whether the same action is used to take from all those that offer is not clear.

How the offerings are then transferred into bottles, which appear to be how The Norn stores her offerings, is not clear. However, she appears to have a large storeroom full of many different sizes and shapes of bottles which contain them. As shown with the events with Kenzi, it is possible to be exposed to the contents and have those offerings transferred to someone else.

In the case of Dyson, when his love for Bo was returned to him, opening the bottle released a vapor which he breathed in and regained his lost love. In Kenzi's case, a bottle of liquid was splashed on her arm. It is unclear if offering are gas, vapor, or some kind of solid, but all of them are contained within bottles that are sealed.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Information revealed in the series

  • The Norn lives in a small house elsewhere in the city.
  • She has an assistant at the current time.
  • Dyson has asked for The Norn's help twice. Dyson originally met The Norn in the episode BrotherFae of the Wolves, when Stefan, Ciara's husband, was ordered by their King on a mission. Dyson attempted to save his life by bargaining with The Norn, but the cost was to be the loss of his wolf which he refused. After he met Bo, he went to the same Norn again and sacrificed his love for Bo in order to save her in the Season one finale: Blood Lines
  • The Norn has not seemed to physically change from when Dyson first saw her to the present time.
  • The Norn deals in trickery and enjoys watching others suffer when they give up what is most precious to them.
  • Apparently, damaging The Norn's sacred tree causes her severe harm and, possibly, if the tree is cut down completely, she will die.
  • Offerings kept by The Norn are held in various kinds of bottles and jars.
  • These containers are kept in a storeroom in her home.
  • The Norn is an Ancient, likely not a Fae, and could be at least as old as The Garuda based on her indifference to its actions in the series.

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