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The Morrigan

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Evony Fleurette Marquise /
The Morrigan
Lost Girl character
The Dark Fae Leanan Sídhe The Morrigan, also known as Evony Fleurette Marquise
Evony Fleurette Marquise, better known as The Morrigan
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Let Them Burn
Portrayed by

Emmanuelle Vaugier
Nickname(s) The Morrigan (Former)[1]
Aliases Evony Fleurette Marquise
Species Leanan Sídhe (Former)
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None[2]
Unnamed Human[3]
Children Massimo (Human)[4]
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 18 Episodes
Aligned Dark Fae
Fate Active
Last seen in Let Them Burn speaking with Bo and Kenzi, revealing a secret about Bo's past

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

The Morrigan, was a title held by the leader of the Dark Fae in the Lost Girl television series. The position was held by a Dark Fae Leanan Sídhe named Evony Fleurette Marquise who was the leader of the Dark Fae through the first three seasons and most of the Fourth Season of Lost Girl. The role was played by the actress Emmanuelle Vaugier. She has appeared in two First Season, three Second Season, four Third Season, five Fourth Season episodes and four Fifth Season episodes.

The history surrounding the title of The Morrigan is unknown save for the fact that the Dark Fae seem to name their elders after famous warriors implying that Morrigan was the name of a past Dark Fae warrior of some fame. The Morrigan serves as the ultimate authority in the matters of the Dark Fae and controls most matters which involve them and takes tribute from all Dark Fae under their control.

The office of The Morrigan is a reflection of the Fae that holds it, meaning that the personality of the one called The Morrigan tends to change how it is seen by the Fae at large, the relationships with the Light Fae and their leader The Ash, and other diplomatic, political, and social aspects of Fae society.

To the end of the Third Season, there was one individual who claimed the position of The Morrigan and as such this entry will cover them specifically. While Vex did overthrow The Morrigan for a short period of time, his role in that office was not explored in the series.

The Morrigan has had an adversarial relationship with Bo and all those that call themselves Bo's friends. When she first appeared in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World, she acted as the leader of the Dark Fae and had a great deal of mistrust with Bo, not understanding why a Succubus would not be aligned with the Dark Fae. Over time her dislike of Bo grew to the point where she used many means to attempt to remove Bo as a seeming threat to her power base among other actions which put her at odds with the Light Fae.

Throughout her appearances in the series, her goals have been to create as much trouble as possible for Bo. In doing so, she also obtained a promise from Kenzi that at some point she would collect upon. She has a shallow, self absorbed personality that masks a Fae with a great deal of power in that she is a Leanan Sídhe who has the power to absorb talent from other beings, which her human cover as a talent agent provides her a means to feed in secret, the deaths of such humans being said to be suicides or other unlucky fates. Her final appearance in the Third Season was in the season finale Those Who Wander in which she had been tied up, bound and gagged by Vex an an apparent overthrow in conjunction with Hale over her past actions.

She returned in the fourth season in the episode Lovers. Apart. having suffered the loss of one eye, but was healed by Massimo and began to plot her revenge on Bo thereafter. Soon after she regained control of the Dark Fae over Vex when she overthrew him. Later in the Fourth Season, she was the victim of a plot by Lauren which transformed her into being human. It was revealed as well that she was the mother of Massimo the Druid, and was intimately involved in Bo's ending his life.

As of the end of the Fourth Season, The Morrigan remained human, but was under the care of Lauren following the events of Massimo's death. Whether or not she would become Fae again, would remain The Morrigan, and other questions about her future were unanswered. The Fifth Season began with the note by Dyson that Evony was no longer The Morrigan, but this did not mean she was not still a threat or a presence in the Fae world.

In the fifth season, The Morrigan continued to push Lauren to find a means to make her human again. Later in the season, Evony returned and revealed that she had not been feeling well for some time. After some tests, Lauren discovered that Evony has, among other symptoms, nuclear DNA damage which is accelerating her cellular senescence. In short, her body is aging at an accelerated rate. This forced Evony to confront her mortality, seeking aid from Hades and then coming to terms with her situation, placing her faith in Lauren to find a means to save her which then would allow Evony to be made Fae once more.

By the end of the Fifth Season, Evony had not found a cure for her curse, but she did reveal towards the end of the series that she had imprisoned Bo's midwife since Trick had rescued her in the First Season episode Vexed. She also showed remorse for the passing of Trick, expressing that to Bo and Kenzi.

At the end of the series, Evony was still suffering from her curse, the outcome of that battle not known, and remained human.

Character History

First Season

The Morrigan first appeared in the series premiere It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she confronted Bo and their strained encounters began. She attempted to get information from Bo by threatening her, but since Bo did not have any information to give, she was unsuccessful. Following Bo's decision to be unaligned, The Ash and The Morrigan discussed killing Bo immediately, but were persuaded not to by Trick and decided to learn why Bo was not one of the Fae already and was unmarked as one. This began an ongoing arc where she attempted to learn more about Bo and her background, but with little success.

Her next appearance came in Faetal Justice where she accused Dyson of the death of Ba'al, an associate of Vex and sought revenge. Both The Morrigan and The Ash attempted to convince Dyson to give himself up but without success. Eventually the truth was revealed that another of The Morrigan's henchmen killed Ba'al and framed Dyson for the crime to seek revenge for the death of someone he loved. Following this reveal, The Morrigan and Vex allowed Dyson to go free with Bo and then took their revenge. This reinforced Bo's dislike of The Morrigan and only served to push Bo towards future actions against her and an unwillingness to deal with her.

Second Season

In the Second Season, The Morrigan provided the catalyst which resulted in Lauren's girlfriend Nadia being released from her curse. As well she obtained a promise from Kenzi and severed her ties with Vex.

During It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away, The Morrigan hired Bo to locate an artist that had been painting murals of the Dark Fae, specifically her, Vex, and a vampire that Vex killed earlier in the series. Bo found that there seemed to be a power struggle between the Morrigan and Vex. After finding the artist and returning him to the Morrigan, Bo discovered that one of the Morrigan's assistants was attempting to kill both the Morrigan and Vex, and take power for herself. The plot was stopped when the assistant was confronted and killed herself to the indifference of both The Morrigan and Vex. As a reward for her assistance, the Morrigan gave Bo a means to free Lauren she claimed from The Ash, and also revealed to Bo that Lauren had a girlfriend, Nadia.

Table for Fae placed The Morrigan in a situation where she could take advantage of Kenzi and did so. Kenzi, Nate, Ryan and Bo go out to a restaurant together. Ryan contacts The Morrigan about Nate and she arrives to talk with him. Upon seeing Kenzi, The Morrigan offers to promote Nate and his music which means Nate's death. Kenzi made a deal with The Morrigan to save Nate’s life, the deal being that Kenzi will owe The Morrigan a favor whenever she wants to collect it. This promise still hangs over Kenzi as it has not been collected.

The Morrigan suffered severe embarrassment at the hands of Vex and Bo during Into the Dark. Bo asked for Vex's help in defeating The Garuda from The Morrigan, but she revealed that Vex was in her dungeons because he took control of The Morrigan's body and humiliated her. However, she tells Bo that if she stole something from The Ash she would release Vex to her. Bo found the item and brought it to The Morrigan. When Vex was brought to Bo, he explained he humiliated The Morrigan to be safe from a group of Red Caps, who then attack Bo and take Vex away with them. Bo then confronted the Red Caps, and they demand the item that Bo stole for The Morrigan to release Vex. Bo then visited The Morrigan and used her powers to control her long enough to steal the item back. Bo also took several pictures of The Morrigan handcuffed to her bed as insurance against retaliation from The Morrigan. Bo turned the item over to the Red Caps, but The Morrigan arrived and attempted to kill everyone. This was where The Morrigan's power was first seen when she melted one of the Red Caps into a puddle of goo with her power. Vex however helped Bo to overcome The Morrigan, which severs his position with the Dark Fae and his relationship with The Morrigan.

Third Season

During the Third Season, The Morrigan attempted to kill Bo by using Vex as a pawn and tried to use Tamsin to find evidence she could use to prove Bo attacked a Dark Fae. She overthrew Hale's position as The Ash and turned the Fae against humanity as a whole at the end of the season.

She first appeared in ConFaegion where Vex tried to make amends with the Morrigan for humiliating her but cannot. The Morrigan then took the opportunity to plant a parasite on Vex which entered Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin changing their personalities and regressing them so their Fae powers no longer existed. When they were helpless, she demanded Vex kill them to regain his position and Vex attempted to do so, but Kenzi gave Vex a reason to change his mind. After The Morrigan's plan failed, Hale confronted the Morrigan and warned her not to threaten the peace again. She accepts this warning, but also sees Hale as a threat and begins to plan for a way to remove him as The Ash.

In The Kenzi Scale her goal was to prove that Bo attacked one of the Dark Fae in order to have her killed. Tamsin was ordered by The Morrigan to wake the Dark Fae who was in a coma to identify Bo as his attacker. Tamsin did so and identifies Bo, but does not give The Morrigan this information which marks Tasmin as an enemy of The Morrigan and a target for her revenge.

Her greatest scheme came to fruition in Hail, Hale where she managed to remove Hale as The Ash and turn Faekind against humanity. The Morrigan was invited to Hale's inauguration and while there she attempted to first seduce Hale, then assassinate him which failed. However, in the aftermath of Doctor Taft's attack on the Dal Riata where Dyson was kidnapped, she provided evidence which discredited Hale because it indicated that Lauren was involved in the attack and she was missing. Through this, The Morrigan forced a vote which declared that all humans held by the Fae, or connected to the Fae, are terrorists and rejected Hale as being The Ash.

In the season finale Those Who Wander, she threatened Kenzi's life in order to obtain information about Bo. When she discovered that Bo was capable of taking the Chi from multiple beings this seemed to concern her greatly. Kenzi was saved by Bruce, a henchman of The Morrigan's who turned against her and sided with Kenzi before he helped her to escape. At the end of the episode, Vex, as part of what seemed to be an agreement withHale, tied up and gagged The Morrigan, leaving her helpless on her bed before threatening her with a taser. At the end of the Third Season, The Morrigan's future was unclear and uncertain.

Fourth Season

The Morrigan did not appear in the first two episodes of the Fourth Season, though Dyson revealed in the season premiere In Memoriam that she was imprisoned behind a large image of her in Vex's office. During the following episode, Sleeping Beauty School, Vex revealed under interrogation that she had escaped her confinement, but her whereabouts where unknown.

Her first appearance in the fourth season was in Lovers. Apart. where it was revealed that she had lost an eye, but the circumstances of that loss were not made clear. She was healed through the actions of the Druid Massimo and in during so it was revealed that he and The Morrigan had a past relationship, though that was not made clear. Upon learning that Bo had been "taken care of" by Massimo helping Tamsin, or at least that was what Massimo believed, The Morrigan plotted her revenge for losing her position with the Dark Fae to Vex and gaining her revenge upon Bo.

During Let the Dark Times Roll, The Morrigan had taken control of the Dark Fae back from Vex and schemed to have Bo locate Vex for her, lying to Bo that finding Vex would answer Bo's question of how it was she had been pledged to the Dark Fae. Bo located Vex, but did not return him to The Morrigan, instead only bringing her Vex's severed hand. Upon Bo confronting The Morrigan she allowed Bo access to the Archivist of the Dark Fae who revealed to Bo that she signed a pledge to the Dark Fae with another Fae named Rainer. The Morrigan then warned Bo that she would from that point further be under her command as leader of the Dark Fae, but Bo refused to bow to her leaving their relationship an adversarial one.

In Of All the Gin Joints, The Morrigan arrived at Lauren's apartment to help her move into a new one that she provided. Over the course of that meeting it was revealed that The Morrigan owned a microbrewery and seemed to have quite a different personality with regards to Lauren than she had shown in public. At the end of the conversation, The Morrigan told Lauren to consider her a girlfriend and they shared a kiss which Lauren initiated. Afterward, unknown to The Morrigan, Lauren appeared to have taken a sample of The Morrigan's DNA for an unknown purpose.

The Morrigan was the victim of a plot by Lauren in Origin. The trigger for this event seemed to be when The Morrigan was overheard plotting against Bo when Lauren was examining the Dark Fae archives for information on Rainer. She became intimate with Lauren later in the episode when Lauren claimed that she wanted to join the Dark Fae "officially." In during so The Morrigan was exposed to a drug which transformed her on a molecular level. This removed her Fae powers, abilities, and biology and made her, in Lauren's words: "100% human." Lauren claimed that there were two outcomes for The Morrigan. Her biological system could accept the sudden and all encompassing changes or it could all wear off and she could be dead within an hour. In desperation, The Morrigan contacted Massimo in order to be made Fae once more, but she did not understand the items that Massimo brought with him, abusing and belittling him until Lauren returned from being distracted by Massimo. What happened to The Morrigan after that point was not revealed.

In the season finale Dark Horse, The Morrigan revealed that Massimo was her son and that she gave birth to him sometime in the 1980s. She disliked him immensely, recoiling from his affections, and abandoned him in the care of Vex who looked after him from that point onwards. The Morrigan also met with Trick, giving him a clue about how to end the coming of Bo's Father, and also attempting to seduce him while she was drunk. Having agreed to a plan with Trick about Massimo which was not explained in the episode, she arrived in the middle of a fight between Massimo and Bo, becoming a pawn. Bo tasted her Chi and used the information she gained to taunt Massimo. When he attempted to take Bo's Chi from her, Bo pushed The Morrigan in front of her and Massimo was forced to take The Morrigan's Chi instead. He took all of her Chi, bringing her close to death as a result. Bo then took Massimo's Chi from him and then revived The Morrigan, soon after killing Massimo.

Following these events, Lauren informed Bo that she would remain with The Morrigan to look after her through her transformation into being human. As of the end of the Fourth Season, The Morrigan was apparently still in Lauren's care, but their exact whereabouts were unknown as well if The Morrigan was still holding her power with the Dark Fae or not.

Fifth Season

Evony made her first appearance in the Fifth Season during When God Opens a Window... in which it was revealed that Evony was providing the funding for Lauren's clinic in exchange for Lauren's continued efforts in creating a means for her to become Far once more. As a result of her becoming human, Evony lost her position as The Morrigan and in order to retain some level of wealth and status, she married an unnamed elderly man, Far or human was not stated, and lived with them on their estate. It was shown that Evony was having issues dealing with being human, particularly mood swings as well. At the end of the episode, Evony left what could be called a "Fae Doomsday creature" at Lauren's clinic as what she called an "insurance policy" intended to keep her safe from harm while she was human. Evony also threatened Lauren and "encouraged" her to work faster on the serum she needed as Lauren seemed to be taking advantage of Evony, which only served to anger Evony.

During Here Comes the Night, several facts about Evony's life were revealed including that with the help of Vex, she imprisoned the Ancient Fae known as Eros in revenge for Eros choosing Psyche when they were dating. This event also marked the first time that Evony and Vex met. According to Vex, Evony only became evil in the aftermath of what Eros did to her and after she and Vex locked Eros away. Evony was used to draw Eros out into the open after he escaped from Evony's prison and after confessing her love of him watched as Eros was killed by a bolt of what appeared to be Zeus' lightning. Evony also learned during the episode through Vex that Mark was Dyson's son and also came to the conclusion that Vex was smitten with Mark. In the aftermath of Eros being killed, Evony simply walked away from the scene.

Evony's life changed dramatically in Sweet Valkyrie High, when she returned to demand that Lauren make her Fae once more. Evony then revealed that she has not been feeling well for some time and as a result Lauren ran tests on her. It was then revealed that Evony was suffering from, among other symptoms, nuclear DNA damage which is accelerating her cellular senescence. Cellular senescence is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms. This meant that Evony's body is aging at an accelerated rate. Looking for a possible cure to her medical issue, Bo and Lauren took Evony to see Hades, hoping that he would place his mark on her and thus heal Evony. However, Hades informed them that his powers would not work on a human and could not help. Hades did however, have a conversation with Evony in which he told her: "Now you've got two choices. You either give up, or fight like hell." This changed Evony's attitude and she decided to fight for her future and, as well, placed her faith in Lauren that she would find a cure and save her life.

Evony returned in Let Them Burn when Bo was sent to see her by Vex who indicated that Evony knew the location of Bo's midwife. Bo and Kenzi found Evony hosting a charity event which, according to Evony, raised 100 million dollars in 10 days which she intended to use towards finding a cure for the Fae curse she was suffering from. When Bo confronted Evony over their past, Evony admitted that she had wanted to kill Bo from the moment she knew about her. This was the main reason why Evony never told Bo about her midwife, as she did not feel anything towards Bo. Evony did admit that, since she became human, her view of the world had changed substantially however. When Bo mentioned that Trick had died, Evony expressed sadness about his and offered Bo her condolences. Eventually, through their conversation, Evony admitted that she had taken Bo's midwife after Trick had saved her. Evony revealed that she had placed Lou Ann, Bo's midwife, at a Far horse ranch soon afterwards, noting that Lou Ann was good with horses and Evony needed someone to look after them.

Following this appearance, Evony did not return in the series again. It can be assumed that as of the end of the series she is still battling against her curse and is human.

Powers and Abilities

Evony Fleurette Marquise was originally a Leanan Sídhe, a Fae seductress who inspires artists and makes them great while feeding off their genius. She can be described as an evil muse who ends up driving the artists into madness and death. She also had the ability through her feeding on others to cause their bodies to melt into a puddle or burn away.

Her personality is self absorbed and occasionally flippant with an underlying malice when she speaks. She generally sees most other Fae as being lesser than herself and is not afraid to show this. She has a manipulative personality which she uses to exploit Fae and humans alike.

She tends to abuse human artists under her employ, stealing their royalties to service her own goals. She is quick to remind anyone she views as a threat or disrespectful of her ability, and willingness to, see them suffer when they step out of line. She rules over her domain with threats and punishments with the additional threat of her underlings or herself exacting punishment upon them.

She has an ongoing dislike of Bo, whether that is a concern that she might be overthrown by her, a fear of her, or what she may represent is not clear. She has been bested by Bo at least once in their dealings, finding herself bound and under Bo's control for a time.

She holds a claim against Kenzi for her not taking the life of Nate in the Second Season of the series. At any point in the future The Morrigan may ask of Kenzi a favor and she must perform that request.

Chief among her aides was Vex, a Mesmer Fae who acted as an enforcer for her up until the end of the second season when he caused The Morrigan to be embarrassed and was then jailed by her. After Vex assisted Bo in defeating The Garuda, she did not allow Vex to return to her employ, and used him to attempt to kill Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin. Vex found his revenge at the end of the Third Season in capturing The Morrigan for Hale who was The Ash at that time.

She freed herself in the Fourth Season, means unknown, and with the help of Massimo, regained an eye she had lost. Regaining her position and power she believed she had made a grudging friendship with Lauren, but was transformed into a human by her. Following this event, all of the powers that The Morrigan had as Fae were no longer in existence.

In the Fifth Season, it was revealed that Evony remained human, but was suffering under a Fae curse that the causing her body to age at an accelerated rate.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • In Celtic folklore, leannán sí is a beautiful woman of the Aos Sí (people of the barrow or the fairy folk) who takes a human lover. Lovers of the leannán sídhe are said to live brief, though highly inspired lives. The name comes from the Gaelic words for a sweetheart, lover, or concubine and the term for a barrow or fairy-mound. The leanan sídhe is generally depicted as a beautiful muse, who offers inspiration to an artist in exchange for their love and devotion; however, this frequently results in madness for the artist, as well as premature death.
  • It was teased in a series of spoilers at Comic Con 2011 that the Morrigan owns a record label and feeds off the energy of young artists which eventually kills them. This was confirmed in It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away, although it is more accurate to say that she is an agent for artists of all kinds as Jason, the artist in the episode, is a painter.
  • The Morrigan's real name is Evony Fluerette Marquise. The Morrigan is her title only, and like The Ash, she is referred to by it normally.
  • The Morrigan is owed a favour from Kenzi, collectable at any time and anything that she wants from her for sparing Nate's life.
  • She is very vain, self-absorbed and has a flippant personality, but this masks a powerful Fae.
  • She has the ability to sway others with her words, possibly one of her powers.
  • She may, like Vex, have a fetish for BDSM.
  • She generally treats those under her with contempt, seeing them as not worth her notice, many times not knowing their names or using incorrect ones.
  • She is wealthy, but how much so is unclear.
  • She was imprisoned by Vex, but escaped.
  • During her imprisonment, she lost one eye, but through the actions of the Druid Massimo, she was healed.
  • The Morrigan took back control of the Dark Fae from Vex soon after her eye was healed.
  • The Morrigan apparently owns a micro brewery that produces a beer called Dark Belch which she apparently started when she was in her "Red Neck" phase, referring to her feeding on that kind of human.
  • The Morrigan has given permission for Lauren to call her Evony, which is The Morrigan's true name.
  • The Morrigan apparently owns a microbrewery that produces a beer called Dark Belch.
  • The Morrigan apparently goes to garage sales.
  • The Morrigan held in her possession the personal and professional diaries of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie which she seemingly gave to Lauren.
  • The Morrigan claimed that she stole Marie Curie's diaries as a joke, Charles Mayo's were dug up from under Jimmy Hoffa and Einstein's were found at a garage sale.
  • The Morrigan owns a Van Gogh, a Stradivarius and two Faberge eggs.
  • According to The Morrigan, the Dark Fae archives contain hundreds of diaries.
  • Lauren overheard The Morrigan planning to kill Bo with someone that she did not see. This was revealed to be Trick that The Morrigan had been speaking to.
  • The sample that Lauren took of The Morrigan in the episode Of All the Gin Joints was used to create some kind of drug which transformed The Morrigan on a molecular level. This removed her Fae powers, abilities, and biology and made her, in Lauren's words: "100% human."
  • Lauren claimed that there were two outcomes for The Morrigan. "Your system could accept the sudden and all encompassing changes very well. Or it could all wear off. You'll be dead within the hour."
  • The Morrigan survived her transformation and was involved in Bo killing Massimo.
  • Massimo, it was revealed, was in fact The Morrigan's son.
  • According to The Morrigan, she gave birth to Massimo sometime in the 1980s when she was in and around Wall Street.
  • The Morrigan seemed to be disgusted by Massimo's affections towards her and abandoned him, leaving him to Vex's care.
  • In an attempt to be like his mother, Massimo used his connection to The Morrigan to access the Dark Fae archives to learn the magics of the Fae and how to use them.
  • Bo forced Massimo to feed on The Morrigan to weaken him and then gave The Morrigan her life back.
  • As of the end of the Fourth Season, The Morrigan was human and under the care of Lauren.
  • At the beginning of the Fifth Season in Like Hell, Part II, Dyson revealed that Evony was no longer The Morrigan.
  • Evony is living on an estate with a "Sugar Daddy" to look after her needs.
  • Evony is providing the financial support for Lauren's clinic in exchange for Lauren working on making Evony Fae once more.
  • Evony has a horse named Bruce. A reference to Bruce that was in love with Kenzi?
  • Evony suffers from some really bad mood swings being human.
  • Evony left what can be called a Fae Doomsday Device in Lauren's care as a means to encourage her to create the serum Evony needs.
  • The Doomsday creature seems to be the reason why Evony is still alive as a human as killing her would likely release the creature which is "feared by all Fae."
  • When the blackout occurred, Evony's device failed and at first it seemed that nothing was in the device, but it was soon clear that something had escaped.
  • Evony is aware that Mark is Dyson's son.
  • Evony is also aware that Vex has a crush on Mark.
  • Vex and Evony first met when Evony asked for Vex's help in capturing Eros who had jilted her.
  • Evony revealed that she once dated an Ancient.
  • Evony apparently shared a room with her sisters growing up.
  • At one point, Evony dated Eros, but was strung along until Eros chose Psyche over her.
  • According to Vex, Evony only became evil in the aftermath of what Eros did to her and after she and Vex locked Eros away.
  • At the beginning Sweet Valkyrie High, Evony was overcome with having to deal with being human and demanded that Lauren turn her Fae once more.
  • Evony fears needles.
  • Evony admits that she has not been feeling well for some time since becoming human.
  • Lauren has not told Evony about being a Conduit.
  • Lauren informed Evony that her tests indicate that she is dying.
  • Lauren has told Evony that she did not use her serum to make Evony Fae again because she wanted to test it to be sure of it being safe.
  • Evony, apparently, watches the Lifetime television channel.
  • According to Evony, her sickness is the result of a curse which another Fae called Arianrhod placed on her for her actions. In the Lost Girl universe, she is the Keeper of Time and Karma.
  • Evony recalled her encounter with Arianrhod and explained that Arianrhod said all of the bad things she did would come back to her and by doing so, Evony was cursed.
  • When Evony met Hades, she flirted with him for a time.
  • Hades is aware that Evony is not aware of Lauren being a Conduit.
  • Evony has, among other symptoms, nuclear DNA damage which is accelerating her cellular senescence. Cellular senescence is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms. In the case of Evony, it might be more accurate to say that her body is aging at an accelerated rate.
  • According to Hades, his powers of healing, which he used on Mark and Bo, only work on Fae and thus he could not help Evony.
  • Hades told Evony: "Now you've got two choices. You either give up, or fight like hell."
  • Evony has accepted her sickness at the end of Sweet Valkyrie High and is trying to deal with it.
  • Evony has told Lauren that she hates Lauren's false modesty.
  • Evony has called Lauren her friend and her only hope to overcome what's happening to her.
  • Evony gives credit to Hades for changing her attitude and making her stronger.
  • Lou Ann last appeared in the First Season episode Vexed, being sentenced to death for the apparent killing of her family. Trick however saved her life and then Evony imprisoned Lou Ann with the intent of using her to harm Bo at some future point, but did not.
  • Evony seems to have changed her focus towards the idea of throwing money at her problem, but making it seem like a human disease rather than a Fae created one she is suffering from.
  • Evony seems to host very successful fundraising events, telling Bo: "I figure if I couldn't Fae my way out of my disease, I might as well throw money at it. As Committee Chair, I've raised over 100 million dollars in 10 days."
  • Evony is aware that Trick is dead, possibly Aife as well. She did give her condolences to Bo.
  • Evony told Bo she didn't tell her about Lou Ann because: "I wanted you dead. Why would I tell you anything?"
  • Evony warns Bo: "If the Light Fae wasn't enough of a gong show, I can't imagine what losing the Ash will do and with Hades at large? Forget it."
  • Evony warns Bo about Hades: "Take it from someone that likes to get what she wants. He won't stop."
  • Evony revealed to Bo that Trick saved Lou Ann: "from execution years ago. He thought he pulled one over on me. but I took her. Figured she'd come in handy when it came time to taking you down."
  • Evony explained to Bo about Lou Ann that she: "locked her up at my ranch. Turns out she was great with horses, so I figured, what the hell, let her take care of them. I needed someone to shovel the shit."
  • Lou Ann, since the end of Vexed, has been kept by Evony on her Fae horse ranch.


  1. 1.0 1.1 As of Lauren's actions in Origin where Lauren used a drug to transform The Morrigan into being "100% human"
  2. While Evony did have sex with someone in order to give birth to Massimo, she has never admitted to being married to them, or referred to them by name. She considers the event a mistake and likely sees the father of Massimo as a mistake as well.
  3. As of When God Opens a Window... where Evony indicated that she had a "Sugar Daddy" to look after her needs for the time being.
  4. While Evony did give birth to Massimo, she detested him, rejected him, and abandoned him, leaving Massimo in Vex's care under a Blood Oath

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