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The Last Succubus (eBook)

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The Last Succubus
The Last Succubus eBook Cover, written by Marquis Woolford
The Last Succubus eBook Cover,
written by Marquis Woolford
Author(s) Marquis Woolford
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date April 23, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 27 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Last Succubus is an eBook written by Marquis Woolford. In this work one the character Chastity is a Succubus and is also described as being the mother of all succubi.


  • Title: The Last Succubus
  • Author: Marquis Woolford
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 27 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: April 23, 2015

Plot Summary

Chastity was an angel who gave up Heaven for love and was betrayed. Now she's on Earth disguised as a young prostitute taking down evil men, all while being hunted by both the Devil...and God!

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on March 22, 2016

Chastity is a Succubus, known by those that are aware of her as the Mother of Succubi. She gave up Heaven, then Hell and now lives on Earth trying to bring to an end the evil around her. Sometimes that’s not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes it can mean the loss of more than you could know.

There are, to be honest, many problems with this work, not the least of which is Chastity’s apparent age. I’ll just say that she isn’t drinking age, not by any means, and as such when the story turns to some ugly sexual situations I was extremely uncomfortable with them. I did not like the use of a tremendous amount of violence, did not care for all of the death and destruction, and, most of all, I didn’t find that I cared very much about any of the characters and that didn’t need to happen.

To be clear, setting aside Chastity’s age, which is the only thing about her that really bothers me, she’s interesting, has purpose and a past that she knows. The connections between her and the other characters in the work are quite good and I liked the reveal at the end of the story which told of Chastity’s real identity and that of another character.

I liked the story away from the evil characters, which were completely stereotypically evil. I liked the story when it wasn’t telling about Chastity being used and abused before she took revenge of those that did so. I didn’t mind the events when they made sense and weren’t simply a reason to have someone die, someone get hurt, or worse. There is, really, a story underneath all of this “action” which is really muted to the point that it can’t really come out well. But it’s hard to find it among all of the sidetracking into shock value storytelling.

The other problem with this work is that it needs more editing. There are many tense errors, word errors, spelling mistakes, several words crushed together that they didn’t make any sense. The work reads very much like it was published with not much attention put into making the story a better read by fixing the errors for one. For another, the way it reads leaves no time to pause and figure out exactly what is going on. There’s no pause in the story, no moment where things calm down for an instant. What does happen is that there are a massive number of characters introduced one after the next. Many of these last for barely a page before they are removed from the story.

And that’s the real problem here. The work seems like a series of short scenes that are barely connected through Chastity’s existence or tangentially to her. The race to get to the last page means that not a lot of time is spent getting to know them. There’s too much “show” and not enough “tell” by far.

I can’t say that any of the erotica, and there is a smattering of that in this work, appealed to me in the slightest. Again, there’s more shock value to that here than actual story, or for that matter, emotional connection with the characters when it happens.

The works ends on a cliffhanger which tells of series to follow. But here’s where I have a problem. If the author actually wants readers to continue, they had best fix their mistakes, edit their story and help the work to become what it could have been and not what it did.

Just really disappointing considering the book’s description and the promise that I saw in it.

One out of five pitchforks.

The background story is interesting, the violence, blood, and overall destruction is not. There is a story here, one that actually did interest me. But that interest disappeared very quickly and it shouldn’t have. I will give the second work in the series, if it actually does appear, a chance, but after reading this work I have little hope that I will enjoy it any more than I did this work.

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