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The Garuda

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The Garuda
Lost Girl character
The Garuda, Enemy of Faekind
The Garuda, Enemy of Faekind
First appearance

Barometz. Trick. Pressure.
Last appearance

Flesh and Blood
Portrayed by

Raoul Trujillo
Aliases None
Species Garuda
Gender Male (In Human Appearance)
Unknown (In True Form)
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 3 Episodes + 3 Mentions
Aligned None
Fate Deceased
Killed by Bo using Lachlan's venom while possessing Trick in Flesh and Blood

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

The Garuda, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was at one time the enemy of all Faekind. It, and through the series the character was referred to as 'it' and not 'he', was not Fae in nature and preyed on all Fae to sustain itself. The role was played by the actor Raoul Trujillo. It first appeared in the second season episode Barometz. Trick. Pressure. where it appeared to Trick in a vision and attempted to use an image of Trick's wife to convince him to destroy the peace of the Fae.

Its final appearance in the series was in the season finale of the second season, Flesh and Blood. In this episode, The Garuda attempted to complete its plan of using Trick's powers to end the peace of the Fae and plunge the world into a war through which it would feed from the negative emotions the Fae would provide. However, Bo used the venom taken from Lachlan before his death to kill The Garuda and free Trick from its possession. The death of The Garuda marked the end of its appearances in the series, but the after effects of this event still haunt Bo, Trick, Dyson, Lauren and the others that were involved. There is no evidence that it will appear in the third or future seasons in flashbacks or other forms.

Character History

Second Season

The Garuda's first appearance was in the second season episode Barometz. Trick. Pressure. where it appeared to Trick in a vision. Trick was attempting to ascertain what threat the Fae were facing and used a plant called Barometz to induce a trance during the time of the Blood Moon. In doing so Trick would be able to see the future. However, this did not happen and he found himself in a vision where he encountered his wife Isabeau. She explained to Trick that he had made a mistake in stopping the Great Fae War and she wanted him to change the world with his Blood Kind powers. While this was happening, a man watched from nearby and when Trick finally came to realize that something was very wrong The Garuda appeared to him. It told Trick that it had been starving for energy from the Fae as a result of what he did in stopping the war. When Trick used his powers in the first season finale Blood Lines to stop Aife and save Bo, he gave The Garuda a hint that he was still alive and it began to track where Trick was to exact revenge on him. When he cut himself in the trance, The Garuda was able to detect where in the world Trick was, thus beginning its drive to claim revenge from him for stopping the Great Fae War.

It was mentioned next in Fae-nted Love but did not appear in the episode when Bo told Trick that she wanted answers when the battle with The Garuda was over. In Truth and Consequences its possible effects were felt in that The Glaive, one of the leaders of the Light Fae was under suspicion of being in league with The Garuda. It also was mentioned that the power of The Garuda came from feeding on anger. It also was revealed that it could possess others when Nadia was seen to be under its control, giving it information about those around her including Bo. As a result, Bo was eventually forced to kill Nadia when she threatened Lauren's life.

The ultimate battle between The Garuda and its enemy Lachlan, who was a Naga, occurred in Lachlan's Gambit. In quick succession The Garuda used its powers to attempt to kidnap Trick which brought it into conflict with Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara. The group were forced to battle the henchmen of The Garuda, berserkers, before facing The Garuda itself. That battle went poorly for them and Ciara was killed by The Garuda as it attacked Bo, Ciara taking a sword strike to her chest which killed her almost instantly. Enraged, The Garuda left them to its henchman and traveled to The Ash's compound where Lachlan awaited it. The two battled as Trick watched until Lachlan was beheaded by The Garuda and killed.

The Garuda possesses Trick

Following this loss in the episode Into the Dark, The Nain Rouge told Bo that the way to defeat the Garuda was to join the Light Fae and Dark Fae into a single force. In doing so Bo obtained the help of Vex in order to have the power of Dark Fae behind her.

This all led to the final appearance of The Garuda in the Second Season finale Flesh and Blood. Trick was kidnapped by The Garuda and raken to its lair where he was forced to witness what happened in the past when he was the Blood King. In doing so, The Garuda caused Trick to become more and more despondent which weakened his will and ability to resist The Garuda's powers. It was however unable to have Trick write in his blood and when Bo and her group appeared to confront it, was eventually forced into possessing Trick's body. At this point, had The Garuda written in Trick's blood, the power that Trick possessed would have made whatever it desired reality. With Lachlan dead and knowing that only a Naga, which Lachlan was, could kill it, it was certain in its victory. However, before his death, Lachlan had Lauren take some of his venom and store it for Bo's use later. She then injected Trick with the venom which then killed The Garuda and Trick as well. Bo was able to revive Trick using an ampule of life essence he had given her however.

The Garuda nonetheless had been defeated and killed. This marked the end of all Garuda and as well all Naga in the Lost Girl universe as a result.

Powers and Abilities

The Garuda in human form showing its wings of fire

The Garuda appeared to be male and human in appearance through most of its appearances in the series. But its actual form was that of a bird-like creature made of fire. In its human form it also could produce large flaming wings from its back. The force and heat released when it opened its wings was enough to force nearby beings away from it. The Garuda also had the power to create a sword made of flames similar to its wings to battle others with as was seen in its final battle with Lachlan. In its human form The Garuda could extend its nails into talons and did so to pluck the eye out of one of its berserkers as a punishment for failure.

It possessed powerful telepathic abilities which were demonstrated when it entered Trick's visions and then altered them to its own ends. It also was able to possess Nadia and see through her to spy on the Fae and learn what they were doing. The Garuda claimed that it was immune to Trick's blood magic, though this was never confirmed in the series. When angered it cries out with high pitched shrieks that can shatter glass.

The Garuda's true form in its death throes

When in its true form, it had the power to possess others, entering through their mouths as was demonstrated when it took control of Trick and attempted to use his body to write in his blood to change the world.

One of their most powerful abilities was to create rage and hate in those around them in order to feed from that emotion, who are Fae in nature. Those affected are not usually aware of their influence but indicate they feel as if their thoughts have been clouded, and all they can think of is dark and destructive thoughts and impulses.

As a species, the Garuda were thought to be immortal and nearly invincible. The only weakness noted in the series was that they would die if exposed to Naga venom. Bo used the venom from Lachlan who was revealed to be a Naga at the end of Season Two, to defeat The Garuda. With this event, it would appear that the Garuda as a species, and as well the Naga, are extinct in the Lost Girl universe.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Second Season

Information revealed in the series

  • In Hindu religion, Garuda is a lesser Hindu divinity, usually the mount (vahanam) of the God Vishnu. Garuda is depicted as having the golden body of a strong man with a white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak and with a crown on his head. This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun. Garuda is known as the eternal sworn enemy of the Nāga serpent race and known for feeding exclusively on snakes, such behavior may have referred to the actual Short-toed Eagle of India. The image of Garuda is often used as the charm or amulet to protect the bearer from snake attack and its poison, since the king of birds is an implacable enemy and "devourer of serpent". Garudi Vidya is the mantra against snake poison to remove all kinds of evil. You can find out more about this legend here. In the Lost Girl universe, Garuda appeared to be a man who had a pair of flaming bat like wings that he can make appear and disappear. He seemed to be more powerful that the Blood King Trick was, and fed on the more evil and base emotions of the Fae. It described itself as the being that feeds on the Fae like the Fae feed on humans. It is unclear how many of, if there is more than one Garuda there are, but it appears that this Garuda was the last one in existence.
  • When Trick used his powers in the first season finale Blood Lines to stop Aife and save Bo, he gave The Garuda a hint that he was still alive and it began to track where Trick, the Blood King, was to exact revenge on him. When he cut himself in the trance he placed himself in Barometz. Trick. Pressure., the Garuda was able to detect where in the world Trick was, thus beginning its drive to claim revenge from him for stopping the Great Fae War.
  • Nadia was possessed by The Garuda for some time which explains her odd mannerisms in all of the episodes she appeared in. Bo was forced to kill her in order to save Lauren, who Nadia was attacking in Bo's presence.
  • The Garuda employed Berserkers as its henchmen. They are brutish, have little control, and seem to be angry all of the time. They seem to be based on the Norse warriors called Berserkers (or berserks) who were reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. Berserkers were attested to in numerous Old Norse sources. Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods.
  • The Garuda, when it is close to Lachlan, apparently effects him as being a Naga, he is its enemy.
  • It appeared that The Garuda is omnipotent, but that did not mean all powerful.
  • Ciara was killed in Lachlan's Gambit by The Garuda. She took a sword slash to her chest and died almost instantly.
  • The Garuda's weapon, beside his ability to cloud the judgement of others and enrage them, was a sword of flame.
  • Lachlan was killed by The Garuda in Lachlan's Gambit by having his head cut off.
  • To defeat The Garuda, a united force had confront it consisting of both Light Fae and Dark Fae.
  • The Garuda had the ability to possess the bodies of others and did so with Trick in this episode and, apparently, with Nadia previously.
  • Bo killed The Garuda in Flesh and Blood by injecting the venom taken from Lachlan while it was within Trick's body. This killed both it and Trick, but she was able to use the vial of life essence she had been given to return Trick back to life afterwards.

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