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The Ceremony

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"The Ceremony"
Lost Girl episode
Bo makes a fateful choice
as Dyson lays dead beside her
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 9
Overall Episode 44
Directed by Lee Rose
Written by James Thorpe
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Paul Day
Production Code 309
Original Air Date March 17, 2013 (2013-03-17)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Deborah Odell - Stella Nashira
Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Inga Cadranel - Aife
Ron Lea - The Caretaker

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Fae-ge Against The Machine"
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Bo faces her Dawning with Dyson which leads to a choice for them both

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

The Ceremony was the ninth episode of the third season of the series, and the forty-fourth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on March 17th, 2013 at 9 PM Eastern time.

While this episode was released originally on Showcase as The Ceremony and also was listed as such on the iTune episode guide, it has also been referred to as Ceremony when it was aired in the United States on Syfy. As this episode was aired as The Ceremony on its original air date, it is referred to as such in this episode guide.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 3
  • Episode Number: 9 (44th Overall)
  • Episode Title: The Ceremony
  • Directed by: Lee Rose
  • Writing credits: James Thorpe
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: March 17th, 2013 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 960,000 viewers[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Three cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin, Anna Silk as Bo, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Zoie Palmer as Lauren and K.C. Collins as Hale.

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Deborah Odell Stella Nashira
Ron Lea The Caretaker
Inga Cadranel Aife
Steve Cochrane Man
Simon Northwood Key Guardian
Sarah Jackson Elle
Jonathan Shatzky Photographer
Clinton Lee Pontes Go'Glug Fae

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Gorgeous Courtesy of APM Music
The Wanderer Dion Written by Ernest Maresca
The Price
You Pay
Thomas D'Arcy Written by Thomas D'Arcy
and Todor Kobakov


Short Summary

Bo’s Dawning arrives and she enters the Temple alongside Dyson with Lauren’s blessing. They enter a mirror of the world they know in search of a key to escape it. Dyson reveals that he does love Bo but will not interfere with her and Lauren’s happiness, content to wait for her. As the trial continues the world twists further and further, roles changing and altering from what Bo knows. Dyson realizes that he is the key to escape and forces Bo to kill him. They return to the real world and Bo changes as she did in Season Two when Lauren’s life was threatened pulling the Chi from everyone around her and uses it to revive Dyson. Bo passes the Dawning, but a new threat is hinted at still to come.

Detailed Summary

The episode opens with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) waking up in a strange bedroom that is illuminated by a strange blue light. He looks around and then sits up calling out, "Babe? Are you okay?" A pair of double doors open revealing Bo in a white sleeping gown who tells Dyson that she couldn't sleep. He asks if it was "another bad dream" and Bo replies: "I know I haven't exactly been myself lately and you have been so patient." Dyson answers "I'm a husband, it's my job" as he walks to Bo and then hold hands. Bo then tells Dyson that she wanted to be sure before she tells him something. After talking about not feeling right and thinking odd things for a while, Bo holds a pregnancy test up and it reveals that she is pregnant and they embrace happily.

After the opening credits, and a subtitle that reads "Earlier..." A man is seen running through an alleyway and open yard. Bo jumps in front of the man, holding a pipe in one hand, and introduces herself to him before striking him in the chest with the pipe which does nothing. The man grabs the pipe and throws it away, Bo makes a joke about the "mild weather we're having" and then he takes a swing at her, misses and then runs off as Bo goes to grab the pipe again. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) then arrives, completely out of breath and Bo asks how she is feeling. Kenzi answers: "Like Wile E. Coyote. You?" Bo's comment is that the man is fast, but Stella (Deborah Odell) told Bo that she needs his sweat for the Dawning and they don't have much of a choice. Bo explains that the sweat is needed for her to gain access to the Temple and then questions Kenzi if Trick didn't explain that to him. Kenzi's answer is: "Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays, we gangsta like that." Kenzi reminds Bo that the Dawning begins for her in about an hour and Bo agrees saying that the break is over before running off again, Kenzi following and complaining "Where is the ACME company when you need them!" as she does.

Turning a corner, they find that the Fae has vanished and Kenzi asks for Bo's phone. Checking the maps on the phone, she reveals to Bo that the Fae is going in the direction of a dead-end street in the warehouse district. Bo's comment of "Things are looking up." is shot down by Kenzi's comment of "I'd like to point out that no escape for him is no escape for us" as Bo asks for the phone back. Kenzi refuses and when Bo tells her that she just wants to check her messages, Kenzi tells her: "Relax. There can be any number of reasons why Lauren hasn't returned any one of your twenty-seven texts." Bo looks at her saying, "Like I blew her off to play spaghetti western in Brasenwood with Tamsin?" Kenzi tells Bo to give Lauren more credit than that, but also tells Bo that it was insensitive of her and Tamsin to be in Lauren's apartment and sharing a glass of chardonnay. When Bo tells Kenzi it was champagne, this freaks out Kenzi even more. Then Bo mentions that they shared a kiss before running off and Kenzi yelling at Bo that: "What? Hey! You get back here young lady and tell me about this kiss! This kind of friendship has rules you know!" before running after Bo once more.

The scene moves to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) opening her door to find Dyson standing there. He explains that Hale asked him to bring some files over to her. Lauren comments that Hale could have used a messenger, but Dyson's answer is that he was going by her place anyway. Lauren tells Dyson that she has been working on an antidote for "Bo's situation." When Dyson comments that he is "not sensing the thrill of victory" Lauren explains that she is worried about the Dawning ceremony and Dyson tells her that he is worried about Bo as well. She reveals to Dyson that she "finds it hard to believe that I found someone like Bo. That she even exists." Dyson looks away and replies in a low voice, "Yeah. I know what you mean." He tells Lauren that everything will be fine but Lauren has problems believing in "good feelings." Dyson's answer is: "Sometimes it isn't about what you can prove it's about what you believe." Lauren begins to turn away, but Dyson stops her adding: "Lauren, I'm really glad that you and Bo are in such a good place" and then turns away and leaves Lauren alone.

Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi have seemingly cornered the Fae they have been chasing and approach a door leading into a warehouse assuming that the Fae is within the building. Bo opens the door and they both rush inside but instead of finding the Fae they seek, they discover a fashion shoot within the building and Stella waiting for them there as well who tells Bo that the models have been waiting for her, telling Bo that it is the first phase of her Dawning.

After a commercial break, Stella confronts Bo and tells her that: "These fine human specimens are for you." Bo is confused and asks what Stella means and her answer is: "To feast on of course. To satiate yourself before the Dawning." Bo is enraged by this, calling the entire chase a setup, which Stella agrees it was. Kenzi's comment to Stella is: "Revolting." When she sees the alcohol on a table nearby she asks "Is that name brand liquor?" before walking off and leaving Bo with Stella. One of the models approaches Bo as Stella steps aside. The model asks: "You're Bo? The agent from Rio? I didn't think you were going to be so... stunning." She then leans in close and tells Bo: "We're going to have so much fun." For a moment, Bo's eyes change and she turns to Stella saying: "Oh bitch you are so evil." After the model returns to the shoot Stella confronts Bo asking why she is when everyone else around her is denying that she is a Succubus, From after, Kenzi listens and watches what happens next unhappily. Stella presses on telling Bo to feed on all of the models there as being fully fed is the safest way for her to enter the Temple. Bo refuses and Stella again tempts Bo telling her to take a male model there as The Morrigan has a contract with him and he will be dead in six months anyway. Bo turns to leave and tells Stella that it will "not be by my hand" as she does so. Stella warns Bo that what she will face in the Dawning will be ten times more draining than her chase of the Fae was. Kenzi then steps between the two of them and tells Stella that they are just about done. Stella ignores Kenzi and tells Bo that her: "empathy for the human species is commendable but it is not the ancient way of the Fae." Bo confronts her saying: "Maybe not, but it's my way. You keep saying that I don't know who I am. Well, I know this. I will not murder for pleasure" before turning her back on Stella and walking out of the building. Stella tells Kenzi that if Bo does not feed she will fail the Dawning. Kenzi smiles and then thrusts a drink at Stella telling her that: "She will surprise the shit out of you. And you know, you would think I would get tired of watching but I never do. And I never will. Stell." following Bo out the door.

Bo and Kenzi return home where Bo rants over what Stella did while Kenzi pours two glasses of wine. Kenzi makes an idle comment about Bo kissing Tamsin and Bo tells Kenzi that she meant to tell her about that, but Kenzi tells Bo that it's fine and they'll talk about that when Bo returns from the Dawning: "Because you will." Bo complains about how vague Stella is about the entire Dawning and Kenzi admits that she's worried what happens to her if Bo doesn't come back adding that: "Who's going to pay the hydro bill and what is hydro?" Bo attempts to comfort Kenzi but instead Kenzi tells Bo that she will survive this test like every other one she has faced. Bo tells Kenzi that: "You've got to know that if anything happens to me, you are going to be taken care of." Bo tells Kenzi not to worry and Kenzi tells Bo: "This is not my worried face. This is my game face. I know you are going to get through this. I'll be waiting and horns or not we're getting drunk when this is done." Bo smiles and the two embrace. Bo then asks: "What if I am drooling and I have back hair?" Kenzi's answer is: "We will get you waxed. You'll always be my girl Bo. Even if you come out of there with a dong." Bo slaps Kenzi on the shoulder and the two agree: "No dong."

The next scene begins at the Dal Riata with Kenzi sitting at the bar and drinking a beer as Stella enters and tells Kenzi that there has never been a human at a Dawning before. Kenzi's reply is: "Chill Stell. I promise not to Tweet." Stella tries again telling Kenzi that it isn't appropriate that she be there. Kenzi snaps that: "Bo is my BFF which stands for Best Fae Forever. So this is one chick who's Pradas are nailed to the ground." Stella considers Kenzi before commenting: "Your scars are so deep." Kenzi is confused a moment and then Stella leans in close and whispers something to her before pulling away and leaving a stunned looking Kenzi in her wake and a concerned Trick (Richard Howland) watching as this happens. Bo is elsewhere in the Dal Riata trying to contact Lauren, but only getting her voice mail. As she begins to leave a message, Lauren walks in and the two have an uncomfortable moment before Lauren explains that she "wouldn't miss this for the world." Bo asks about the texts that Lauren didn't answer and Lauren explains that she's been trying to find a solution to help Bo over all else. Bo takes Lauren's hand and tells her that it is okay, but Lauren tells Bo that it isn't. Trick then calls everyone in the bar to him and gives a toast to Bo saying: "A toast to my Granddaughter. I'm so very proud of you, we all are. You've been through so much in the past few years but you have always stayed true to yourself. To your heart. May this Dawning be your greatest triumph." As both Lauren and Kenzi look concerned, Trick takes Bo away to his lair under the Dal Riata.

They sit together there and Trick mixes together a paste, noting that: "The essence of white oleander represents your purity." Bo jokes that: "Oh, I'm afraid that ship has sailed." Trick continues: "Of intent and deed. Of commitment to the Dawning." Bo then tells Trick that she couldn't feed on the humans that Stella offered her because she will never kill innocents again. Trick is confused by what Bo is saying and after she explains, he tells her that he had no idea. As Trick continues to work on the paste, Bo offers: "I don't know if I've ever thanked you properly." Trick tells Bo that she doesn't need to but Bo continues: "No. But it is. I know that I haven't always been the perfect Granddaughter and you have always been there for me. Believing in me. Loving me." Trick's answer is: "You have always exceeded everyone's expectations. And this? This is not goodbye." Trick then uses the paste to paint a symbol on Bo's forehead telling her that it is a symbol of her true self while she is within the Temple. The symbol Trick paints is a circle with what appears to be the symbol for Pi within it. Trick explains "By embracing the tradition, you acknowledge your heritage" as Bo looks into a mirror to see what the symbol is. Bo tells Trick: "You are the only heritage I have left. Nothing is going to take that away from me" as they embrace.

The ceremony begins with Stella reading from a parchment as Trick stands beside her and Bo is surrounded by the others there. Stella asks Bo if she accepts the invitation and Bo pronounces that she does. Stella tells Bo that she can select an aide to take with her into the Dawning, meaning a weapon, but also tells Bo that she cannot have a weapon unless she chooses a side, either Light Fae or Dark Fae. Bo does not hesitate and refuses to pick a side which means she must enter the Temple without a weapon. Dyson then arrives and announces that he "offers myself as hand." Bo refuses his offer as Trick looks at Dyson and he returns a hard look back to him. Dyson asks Bo if she understands what hand means, her answer is: "I know when you are up to no good." Dyson explains that a hand is like a companion, but Bo does not believe him. Stella asks Trick if Dyson understands what he is offering and Trick brushes Stella off saying: "the offer has been made." Bo refuses again, and then Kenzi offers to go but before this can continue further, Lauren tells Bo that she must take any advantage and Dyson will keep Bo safe. Dyson and Lauren share a look before Lauren kisses Bo. As they do, Kenzi places her hand on Dyson's shoulder in support. As the kiss ends, Dyson is seen in the background between Lauren and Bo as they look at each other. Lauren wishes Bo good luck and Bo promises that she does feel lucky. Bo then leads Dyson to a pair of bowls on the floor, one with flowers in it, one with water. She takes one flower and places it in the water which then begins to have waves in it and then a portal of energy appears in front of them both. In the next moment, the two vanish and the portal closes as Bo enters the Temple to face her Dawning.

Following another commercial, Bo and Dyson exit the portal to what appears to be the Dal Riata, except that is it empty and the song "The Wanderer" is playing on the stereo. Bo turns off the music and looks at a advertising card for a beer company, not seeming to realize that it has an image of her mother Aife (Inga Cadranel) on it, while Dyson comments that at least the beer taps are working. Bo asks Dyson to explain himself and he tells Bo that the Dawning happens only once in a Fae's life and adds that no matter how it goes it will be different so she should have a drink with him while she can. Bo tries to ask Dyson why he is there, but a man enters the room pushing a broom. He introduces himself as The Caretaker (Ron Lea), mentions that he is wondering why Dyson was there as well. He also comments that he no longer remembers his own name, or that of his mother's for being in the Temple so long. He seems amazed to see Bo, "an unaligned Succubus" being there and in a slipshod matter of fact way says to Bo: "Anyway, welcome to the Dawning, etcetera, etcetera. See you brought yourself a hero too. Tip my hat to you if I was wearing one." Bo is somewhat miffed as The Caretakers has been talking around her to Dyson adding that "it's kind of my big night." Dyson explains that the entire Dawning "sprung up on Bo" and they'd like to get through it. The Caretaker explains that Bo needs to find the way out and when Bo wonders if he wouldn't like to just tell her how he laughs: "You don't disappoint little lady, you've got a real spirit, very funny. Regardless, you still have to find the key. The key you seek unlocks the portal accept the key in the form it is presented and you're free. Reject it and, well. imagine slobbering all over the place. Unable to remember the people you love." Bo nods: "UnderFae. Got it." The Caretaker stresses that Bo must find the key or she will not leave once more then the stereo plays once more distracting Bo and Dyson. When they look back, The Caretaker is gone. Dyson comments, "That was quite the exit." Bo asks, "So what now?"

Back at the Dal Riata, Kenzi is worrying about Bo as Trick paces nearby. He offers Kenzi some nachos, but she declines saying she isn't hungry. When Trick asks if she wants to talk, Kenzi talks about the rash she got and confronting the Kitsune and that she was told by the Kitsune that: "I could be Fae." Trick is surprised saying, "Did she now." Kenzi brushes the Kitsune's words off saying that it is impossible. She asks Trick if it could be true, but he ignores the question and asks what Stella said to her earlier in the Dal Riata. Kenzi revealed that Stella told her what happens to humans that are abandoned by the Fae that claimed them. Trick is uncomfortable for a moment and then tells Kenzi that she is not Bo's pet. Kenzi points out that she isn't Fae either. Trick stresses that he has even confidence that Bo will return safely, but Kenzi presses on the question of if Bo doesn't return safely. Trick jokes that Hale or Dyson could use someone to do the chores around their homes which upsets Kenzi and she tells Trick: "Don't play me homie." Trick relents and tells Kenzi that if Bo wasn't around he could claim her. Trick adds that he has no right to but he tells Kenzi that she is family to him and he hopes that she doesn't mind. Kenzi pokes a bit of fun and tells Trick that it is a bit "presumptuous" of him but "if you must." Trick continues telling Kenzi that "As long as you want it, you have a place in my world. Our world." Kenzi begins to cry and embraces Trick thanking him for giving her this comfort. Kenzi then asks Trick what they need to do and to Kenzi's question about sitting and waiting, Trick turns around and picks up a shotgun telling her that they have to prepare for the worst.

Bo and Dyson in the meantime are still at the bar when there is the sound of an animal roaring which gets Dyson's attention. He races off with Bo in search of the source of the sound saying that it is coming from the key. After taking only a few steps they arrive at Bo's home where a kettle is on the boil and whistling. Bo comments: "Okay, I know my front door doesn't lead to the Dal, but I know that some nights I wish it did." There is an image of Aife shown and Bo comments that the place seems slightly off. Dyson replies that he honestly can't say as all he really remembers is Bo's bedroom as he walks past Bo and bumps into a metal container bruising a shin. Bo snickers: "So karma does exist then." But the sound happens again and Dyson continues on with Bo behind him. Bo stops and asks why they are going towards the sound, Dyson explains "The Guardian has the key. we need to get it." When Bo is not eager to continue on, Dyson promises her that he will not let anything happen to her. When Dyson turns around, an UnderFae that looks very much like the one Bo was shown by Trick in a dungeon appears and attacks Dyson as he tries to protect Bo, slashing his chest and causing him to bleed.

The UnderFae vanishes and they continue to chase it, shifting into a workout room with posters and calendars on the wall which the camera focuses on for a moment, revealing another image of Aife there. Bo tells Dyson to "stop cock blocking me", Dyson answers, "I guess a thousand years of shivery is hard to shake" groaning from the pain as he does so. Bo tells him that she can look after herself, but Dyson explains "Yeah, but I wanted to be here." Bo asks again why that is and Dyson finally tells Bo that he loves her. Bo is stunned for a long moment before telling him, "Was that so hard to say?" Dyson answers, "You're with Lauren now. I can't say I like it, but I respect it." Bo punches Dyson making him groan in pain and then tells him: "You aren't going to be much help to me if you are pining away for me moron." Bo pauses and then asks Dyson: "Is this some sort of suicide mission? Some kind of male honour bullshit?" Dyson's look is stoic: "I'm here because I want to be." Bo questions this and Dyson tells Bo: "Because you would have done the same thing for me. Cause in the last three years I've learned more from you than in the last 1,500 from every person I have ever met. Even if I can't have you, even if I can't be with the woman I love with every ounce of my being." There is a long pause and then he adds, "Look, I'm just a wolf standing in front of a Succubus asking her..." Bo then strikes him again, calling him an asshole and yells: "You are the most frustrating stubborn assface that I have even met!" Dyson chuckles in pain as he tells Bo that he doesn't like himself much either. Bo tells him to stop being charming, that it isn't the place and that she will kill him."

Bo pauses and then asks what they do now and Dyson tells Bo: "Nothing. But ask me in a hundred years when things are different." Dyson then tries to kiss Bo again, but the UnderFae appears and Dyson turns to attack it but it thrown aside by a single blow. Bo is then thrown into some lockers nearby before being dragged away from Dyson. She does however manage to strike the UnderFae who drops a key and she scrambles after it, managing to take hold before the UnderFae can stop her. As she holds it tightly, both Bo and the UnderFae vanish leaving Dyson alone in the gym. Seeing a door in the distance Dyson runs through it and finds himself with The Caretaker who is playing some kind of board game. Dyson demands to know where Bo is, but The Caretaker comments that "Her subconscious is an extraordinary playground. I can't wait to watch the next part unfold." Dyson is confused saying that the Dawning should be over as Bo has the key, but The Caretaker tells Dyson that Bo has "a key, big difference." Dyson starts to rush off saying that he has to find Bo and The Caretaker mocks his words adding that "We're moving on, or at least Bo is." Dyson demands to know where Bo is again, but the only answer he gets is a smile.

Elsewhere within the Dawning, Lauren appears dressed as a police officer in the same room that Dyson and Hale used. As she sits at her desk, Bo, also dressed as a police officer greets her with: "Good morning partner."

After another commercial, Lauren comments that Bo looks pale and asks if she and Jason broke up. Bo asks her not to ask because she is so tired and Lauren asks if it was another bad dream. Bo tells Lauren it was and that Lauren wasn't in the dream. Lauren asks about a monster and Bo agrees there was one in a troubled voice commenting that it is chasing her or she is chasing it before opening a drawer in her desk and taking some pills. Lauren comments that there once was a time that she would be in Bo's dreams to save her which Bo brushes off with: "I never needed saving." Lauren presses on telling Bo that she doesn't need to read something into everything that she does because Bo doesn't want her anymore and that: "It's fine. I'm just trying to help." Bo asks Lauren if she can't just be happy for her, the answer is a stoic "I am." Lauren then moves onto a case they are working on saying that Bo's source is getting cold feet about testifying. Bo opens a file and again discovers a familiar face looking at her, but only comments "Wrong file." Sounding frustrated, Bo comments: "She is our only key... key... I mean lead. Without her we have no way to take down the family." Bo moves towards the interrogation room to talk to their witness, but pauses and tells Lauren: "Just so you know, I was in it for the long haul." Lauren replies: "It wasn't my fault." Bo answers: "But you still gave your love away" before walking away from Lauren.

Bo enters the interrogation room and finds Kenzi there wearing clothing that she would not normally wear who tells Bo that she "wants out of this life. My old life." Bo tells Kenzi that if she talks to the jury about what she knows then they will be able to bring the family to justice for preying on others. Kenzi tells Bo that she promised that she would be safe and that she doesn't feel safe anymore. Bo answers: "Mackenzie, you are safe. I promised that I would not let anyone hurt you, that I would protect you." Kenzi looks devastated saying that Bo is leaving her. Bo tries to claim that "the Department" is making her do something but Kenzi tails "You made me believe in you!" Bo assures Kenzi that she can adding: "My boss will take care of you MacKenzie I swear." Kenzi looks uncertain but nods.

The Caretaker asks Dyson: "How's everything going hero? Going as you expected?" Dyson has a hard look in his eyes replying: "This is what I was meant to do." The Caretaker questions this asking "meant or have to?" He then tells Dyson that they both know how it will all end for him. Dyson looks away as The Caretaker continues: "In the Temple, time is immaterial. Aren't you at all curious about what life you could create here? Even if it is an illusion?" The two hold each other's attention as Dyson thinks about this.

Bo goes to talk to Kenzi, but she is gone. Bo calls after Trick, who she calls "Chief" and demands to know what's happened. Trick tells Bo: "You got her to cooperate with us and then we had to let her go." Bo asks if there is something they can do, but Trick's answer is: "You'll find another. They're a dime a dozen. When are you going to learn to play by the rules?" Bo asks what rules he means and Trick adds: "She's not one of us. She never will be. We've got a job to do and if it comes down to spending money to protect some street rat or one of us?" He shrugs and Bo walks away telling Trick: "Then I'm not so sure I want to be one of us."

The scene shifts to a suburban street with Bo pulling up to a house in a Prius. As she gets out of her car, her next door neighbour Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) greets her as she trims away at a hedge, her hands covered in blood and commenting that it is a "great day for a wander." Bo says nothing except look at Tamsin for a long moment and then goes inside the house where she finds Dyson there wearing surgical scrubs and carrying take-out food. He asks how her day was, she tells him that she has been driving around looking for "MacKenzie." Dyson's day included delivering twins, an emergency transfusion for the mother and he picked up Indian food for dinner. Bo looks at the cover of a magazine on which Aife is pictured and alongside of that magazine is a plate of cookies. She calls the image of Aife "Bitchy Crocker" and Dyson tells Bo not to eat the cookies because the "cinnamon in them will react to your antipsychotics." Bo smiles: "Nerd alert." Dyson comments that Tamsin was being "neighbourly" bringing the cookies over. Bo comments that it's funny how Tamsin only comes over when Bo isn't there. When asked if she is jealous, Bo answers: "Maybe." Dyson presses Bo if she is taking her medicine, and she assures Dyson that she is doing so but wants to stop because they "Do weird shit to my brain." Dyson reminds Bo: "Your brain did some really weird shit before remember?" However, Bo cannot remember what Dyson is referring to. Dyson tells Bo that it is his job to protect her and asks if she trusts him, which Bo says that she does. Dyson tells Bo that she has nothing to worry about, that their life is perfect and that he never wants it to end before they share a kiss. Bo then stumbles and when asked what's wrong she explains that she was a little dizzy and then walks away saying that she needs some water.

The scene changes to Bo walking down a hallway wearing the same white sleeping gown from earlier in the episode. She enters a room, ornately decorated where a large bassinet sits empty and a man rocks a baby in his arms and says: "Sleep sweet girl, you have so much ahead of you. I've waited so long to have you in my arms." He then sings a song to the baby which Bo hums along to: "Gang awa' peerie faeries... Gang awa' peerie faeries... Gang awa' peerie faeries... Frae oor ben noo." As the song ends, Bo is quiet for a moment and then whispers "Dad?" He places the baby Bo back into her crib and then speaks, unseen, to a female guardian: "If Isabeau needs anything. Doesn't matter when. Doesn't matter what. You let me know." The light in the room changes and then the guardian is attacked by Aife, dressed in rags and looking beaten, who slits their throat with a long knife, then gathers baby Bo into her arms as she declares: "He doesn't get to keep you." Bo is horrified and can only whisper: "Aife."

The scene then returns to the beginning of the episode as Bo tells Dyson that she is pregnant once more and they embrace. The scene then continues with Dyson telling Bo that it's amazing and he's thrilled and Bo tells Dyson she is too. But then Dyson asks Bo if having a child is what she really wants. There is a pause and then Bo clutches at her stomach in pain as Dyson begins to panic and reality begins to set in for him as he remembers that he is not a doctor. Suddenly Dyson tells Bo that they are too late and she is devolving. Dyson then calls out to the room: "You said this wouldn't hurt her!" Bo scrambles to try and take some medicine as she did earlier in the police station, but Dyson forces it from her hands telling her that she doesn't need it and nothing around them is real. Bo continues to suffer from the pain and Dyson tries to explain to Bo that: "That isn't our baby in your belly, that's what you will become if you don't get out of here right now!" There is the sound of the UnderFae from behind a door and then Bo begins to come out of her pain. Dyson takes hold of Bo telling her: "Remember? I'm just a wolf standing in front of a..." Bo's pain leaves her and she finishes Dyson's words with "...Succubus." Dyson tells Bo that they have to find her key but Bo has a realization and tells Dyson that: "The Caretaker said when the key was in my hand... my hand." Dyson understands and says in a calm voice: "Only one may leave." Dyson demands Bo accept this fate, that he is her key and he will not return with her, but Bo refuses to accept this. Dyson finds a blade and forces Bo to take it, demanding that she kill him to escape. Bo refuses telling Dyson that: "There is never only one way" in anger and defiance. He tries to convince Bo that none of what is happening is real and that she needs to trust him. There is the sound of the UnderFae again as Bo refuses once more to kill him, then Dyson tells Bo that he will have to "rip that baby from you myself." Dyson roars and Bo in reflex drives the blade to the hilt into Dyson's stomach. Dyson falls to the floor clutching at the blade and bleeding to death. Bo begins to break, crying out to Dyson that it isn't real and he cannot die. Dyson smiles and says: "That's my girl" before his head hits the floor and he dies as Bo mourns him.

After another commercial, The Caretaker enters the room where Dyson lies and Bo mourns him. He comments: "Didn't think you had it in you." Bo demands that he bring Dyson back, but is told that cannot be. Bo cries out that none of this is real, but The Caretaker tells Bo: "Except the part where he gave up his corporeal life when he offered to be your Hand. Two people can enter the Temple, but only one can leave the Dawning. I should know. I came here myself with someone eons ago to help them through and to regret it now would only be a judgement on myself. I also knew what I was doing." Bo is devastated by this, weeping over the knowledge that Dyson knew fully what he was doing when he offered himself to Bo. Bo is told that Dyson succeeded and that Dyson will remain in the Temple forever. Bo then removes a key from the wound on Dyson's body which has her symbol upon it. She looks at it for a moment and then the portal opens. The Caretaker tells Bo: "There you go Succubus. You're free to leave." Bo starts to gather Dyson up to take him with her, but is told that if she does, the Temple will claim her as well if she passes through the portal with Dyson. Bo then says in a calm voice: "You won't get out until you find the key in hand. My hand." The Caretaker continues to press Bo, telling her to go that she "Did good." Bo refuses telling him that she will not leave without Dyson. She is told that is against the rules, but Bo answers: "See, that's the thing. I've never been big on rules. That is who I am. That is my true self." Bo then takes some of Dyson's blood and paints her symbol on the floor beside him. As she finishes, a different colour of portal appears between herself and Dyson and she smiles: "There's always another way." The Caretaker cries out: "No! This place can be vengeful you don't know what will happen to you!" Bo looks at The Caretaker, smiles and says: "He's worth it" before thrusting her hand into the new portal and grabbing Dyson's arm. The portal activates and the two vanish from the Temple immediately afterward.

Back at the Dal Riata, everyone is waiting for Bo to return and as the camera pulls back, Bo is seen on the floor beside Dyson calling out Trick's name. Kenzi and Lauren rush over, Kenzi slapping Dyson trying to wake him up. Stella calmly states: "He sacrificed himself for you victory." Bo cannot believe that Stella knew and Trick tells Bo that it was Dyson's choice. Bo begins to break down saying over and over again: "Not like this." Lauren begins CPR on Dyson but to no avail. Bo begins to cry out: "This isn't happening!" and then "Maybe it's not real?" Bo's hair begins to move as if blown around by wind, her eyes turn a bright green and her expression changes dramatically. Her voice changes and she declares: "I will reign as he did. For I am his daughter. Together we will bridle the masses and ride them to victory. Even death will fear us." Bo pauses and then her eyes and mouth glow a bright white before she draws Chi from Lauren, Kenzi, Trick and Stella into herself. When she finishes, both Lauren and Kenzi fall to the floor while Trick and Stella choke and cough violently. Bo then tells them: "Only I choose who lives..." She smiles evilly before opening her mouth and sending the Chi within her into Dyson who comes to life choking and gasping wildly until Bo stops sending the Chi into him. Bo drops to Dyson's side, once more her normal self. Dyson looks at Bo and says: "Hey you." Bo laughs and answers: "Hey you." As this happens, Lauren looks at the pair from afar in shock and surprise. When Bo looks at Lauren, she seems frightened by Bo.

Back from the final commercial, Kenzi is sitting at the bar with Bo. She asks if Lauren will take care of Dyson and Bo tells her: "She is a doctor." Kenzi's answer is: "Right." Bo looks at a shotgun and asks: "So... That was Plan B?" Kenzi smiles and shows Bo the shells for the gun telling her: "Don't worry, as if I would let Trick put you down. I've seen Old Yeller. I know what's up." Bo presses on with: "And if I came out different?" Kenzi looks at her and simply says "You didn't. I'm just so glad you're back" as they hug. Bo is a little confused, not sure how she expected to feel when it was all over." Kenzi comments that she didn't expect to feel so "gooey" but she's "never been Succukissed before. Now I know what the big dealio is." Bo is slightly apprehensive explaining that she had to do what she did to save Dyson, but Kenzi tells Bo that she understands why she did it. Bo also says that now she knows how to control it. Kenzi tells Bo that she has evolved and that she is proud of her. Bo adds that it is like she understands something that she didn't get before and that she feels "high... Kinda." She then tells Kenzi that she needs to take a walk, Kenzi tries to have her stay and tell her about the kiss with Tamsin, but Bo tells Kenzi that she needs some time to think and Bo leaves the room, Kenzi continuing to drink as she does, but whispers: "No probs" as she does.

Stella walks intot the room and looks at Kenzi, who looks back for a moment before picking up her drink and turning her back on Stella before she walks through the room and then out of it. Trick is in his lair removing a series of chains around a lockbox as Stella enters the room. She tells Trick that he has an amazing girl and that she has never seen a Succubus do what Bo did. Trick thanks her for her help and tells her that their time together has been "wonderful." Stella tells Trick that there are others like Bo that need her and she must leave for Scotland for a few months and asks if Trick would come with her as companion. Trick tells he that Bo still needs him, he is the only family she has and he will not leave her. Stella then tries to explain that she had to offer Bo the human feast to give Bo the best chance she could. Trick asks Stella if she had to be needlessly cruel to Kenzi to which she answers that "everything that I said to that mortal was true. If you really cared about her you would tell her yourself. I understand if you feel the need to... punish me." Trick says nothing for a moment and then they share a kiss before Stella tells Trick: "I just wonder how long you are going to punish yourself... Blood King." Trick again says nothing and then Stella turns and walks away, leaving Trick behind.

The final moments of the episode begin with Trick turning back to the lockbox and opening it, removing a cloth and pausing to say: "Not him." The final image of the episode is a old drawing of a mythical creature which looks something like a Pegasus rearing up while drawing something, likely Chi, from a group of either Fae or humans. As this is shown, the song "The Wanderer" plays.

Questions in this Episode

  • As Anna Silk announced that she is pregnant and expecting in early 2013, will Bo being pregnant in the Temple be foreshadowing of Season Four?
  • How much of a transformation could have occurred to Bo if she had failed? Were Bo and Kenzi joking or were they serious when they talked about some very dramatic changes?
  • What does the symbol Trick paints represent?
  • Could anyone else have offered themselves as Hand for Bo's Dawning other than Dyson?
  • Is it possible that both Aife and Bo's father will return before the end of this season?
  • Is Bo's father The Wanderer that Trick seems to be concerned about at the end of the episode?
  • Why is it that when Bo changes, Trick does not seem surprised or concerned?
  • How is it that no one challenges Bo over her transformation or what she does?
  • What does Stella really tell Kenzi?
  • Is Kenzi, in fact, Fae?

Answers in this Episode

  • Stella told Bo that she needed the sweat from a Go'Glug Fae, specifically for its pheromones, but this appeared to be a lie to draw to a place where she would be forced to feed. This did not work as Bo refused to do so.
  • Bo promised Kenzi that if anything happened to her, Kenzi would be looked after. Trick told Kenzi that he would look after her as he feels like she is part of his family.
  • According to Stella, not having a full feed would make the Dawning harder on Bo.
  • Bo has resolved that she will not kill innocents for pleasure.
  • While the contents of the paste, or paint, that Trick made are not clear, the one item mentioned, white oleander was to represent Bo's purity of intent and deed and commitment to the Dawning.
  • The symbol Trick paints is a circle with what appears to be the symbol for Pi within it which is to represent Bo's true self within the Temple.
  • The entrance to the Temple is an energy vortex that is created by placing a flower into a bowl filled with water as part of the ceremony to the Dawning.
  • Dyson reveals that he is at least 1,500 years old to Bo during this episode.
  • Dyson reveals to Bo that he has his love for her back, but will not interfere with her relationship with Lauren and will wait for Bo as long as need be.
  • It is unclear whether or not what Bo experiences in the Dawning is based on truth or her own self-doubts. As such the events within it cannot likely be seen as being cannon, but time will tell.
  • The lullaby song is the Baloo Baleerie, a Scottish lullaby song that is thought to date back to the 11th or 12th century, because of the combination of Pagan (the malevolent fairies) and Christian (the angels) beliefs in the lyrics. You can read the entire lyrics and more here.
  • Becoming a "Hand" for the Dawning means that the person offering is willing to give up their lives for the other person, allowing them to return.
  • Bo's statement of: "I will reign as he did. For I am his daughter. Together we will bridle the masses and ride them to victory. Even death will fear us." Seems to indicate that at least in her "possessed" form, she has more knowledge about herself than she did otherwise.
  • After the Dawning, Bo claims to understand how to control her powers like never before. She also indicates that she feels different.
  • Stella is aware that Trick is the Blood King.


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