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Terror at Orgy Castle

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Terror at Orgy Castle
DVD box cover for the three movie set: Evil Come Evil Go. Terror at Orgy Castle and The Hand of Pleasure
DVD box cover for the three movie set: Evil Come Evil Go. Terror at Orgy Castle and The Hand of Pleasure
Directed by Zoltan G. Spencer
Produced by Manuel Conde
Starring Bambi Allen
Ron Darby
John Dullaghan
Cinematography Manuel Conde
Studio Satyr IX Productions
Distributed by Something Weird Video
Release date(s) December 18, 1972
Running time 197 Minutes (DVD)
Country USA
Language English

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Terror at Orgy Castle is part of a three movie DVD collection. The complete set of movies include: Evil Come Evil Go, Terror at Orgy Castle and The Hand of Pleasure. All of these movies were produced in 1971 and released on December 18, 1972. In Terror at Orgy Castle, several characters appear that are Succubi.


  • Title: Terror at Orgy Castle
  • Running Time: 197 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Satyr IX Productions
  • DVD Studio: Something Weird Video
  • Year of Release: December 18, 1972
  • DVD Release Date: August 30, 2005
  • Rating: Not Rated — Sexual situations, Gore, Graphic Violence

Plot Summary

  • Evil Come Evil Go: Sara Jane's devout Christianity is unparalleled. The founder of "The Sacred Order of the Sisters of Complete Subjugation," Sister Sara is now turning her attention to Hollywood, moving into the city of sin with the lesbian First Disciple of the organization. Together they will purge the populace of their lustful ways by any means necessary--which includes luring dirty-minded sinners home with her and slaughtering them in hideous ways...
  • Terror at Orgy Castle: This entirely silent descent of a young couple into the terrors of Countess Dominova's castle follows Bill and Lisa, a young couple winding up their European vacation, through a delectable ordeal. They decide to spend the night at Orgy Castle, and their lives will never be the same after Bill makes love to a succubus, Lisa becomes the devil's paramour, and the pair becomes involved in the creepy proceedings of a terrifying black mass.
  • The Hand Of Pleasure: Dr. Dreadful has created the ultimate weapon in a group of beautiful, feline, sex-starved robots. When an innocent guy becomes the victim of mistaken identity, he must stave off the advances of these irresistible killing machines.


The following review is from the Amazon.com link in the External Links below:

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars
  • Definitely collectible, but falls short...
  • Reviewed On: March 9, 2006
  • Reviewed By: Gray Lensman

This DVD comprises three movies and has no special features.

  • Evil Come Evil Go: Tame as a horror movie, and fairly conservative concerning exploitation, it almost warrants only 3 stars. Still, it has a certain interesting appeal for its genre, and comes with a mostly intact original sound track, and probably original video. Comprising seven separate nude scenes, the movie tells the story of a crazy religious woman, Sara Jane, bent on ridding "this world of pleasurable sex and evil men". She recruits a disciple Penelope to assist her in this quest, finally resulting in a three body count by the movie's end. Though possibly from the original release, two scenes, each with Penelope and a victim, obviously possess editing sound overlays. Lastly, a surprising edit seems to appear when Sara Jane is denied her free meal at a local hot dog stand, and replies with "F... You, Bas....". Did they edit this, or was the mike not turned on? Who knows. Commentaries can sometimes clear up such little questions. :)
  • The Hand Of Pleasure: Frankly, this movie had a lot of potential, but with extensive usage of sound overlays during many soft core exploitation scenes, it just leaves the viewer wishing they could have seen the original deal. Using a fairly simplistic plot, it involves the standard mad scientist converting women to animalist slaves to ferret out information from spies and diplomats. Our hero Joe gets involved and of course finally saves the day along with the local American "sex research student". Apparently made for the British market, it spouts an amazing 13 scenes of absent clothing. However, eight of those scenes, including all soft core love scenes, use extensive sound overlays or sound track replacement. We find of interest Joe visiting a local London club and attending the strip tease scene of Roxanne Brewer, an attractive woman of amazing upper dimensions, and almost assuredly real to boot! Unfortunately, this scene appears edited when she starts to step into the on-stage tub. Don't know why. Amusingly, we find some of the props that appear in this movie, also appear in "Terror at Orgy Castle", another Satyr IX production. To recap, with an unedited sound track, this movie would definitely rate 4 stars at least in the exploitation arena, but I can only give this version three.
  • Terror at Orgy Castle: It really takes a lot of effort to degrade a movie gem like this one, but they did it! Possessing the common but enjoyable story line of a young couple's visit to a medieval castle, this movie tells the story of their ensorclement by the countess into the depravity of her succubus, and cult orgies. And, surely a movie that sports 5 nude scenes would satisfy even the most critical exploitation reviewer? Well, normally, true. But, for some unknown reason they decided to eliminate the entire original sound track and replace it was a banal voiced narrator! It reminds one of watching a silent movie from the 1920s with a guy in the seat next to you explaining the obvious events! Frankly, I am surprised Something Weird released it like this. They should have found an earlier version of the movie, and if in a foreign language, then give us an optional English subtitles! Or, not! We can figure out what's going on! But give us the original sound! Ok, enough harping, but what a waste.

So, considering the three movies involved, I must give the DVD a 3 star rating. Definitely worth collecting, but could have been so much more.

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