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Succubus Slave (Illutia)

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Succubus Slave
Illutia character
Illutia Succubus Slave sprite
First appearance Aspereta
First game Illutia
Fictional profile
A type of creature in Illutia

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Slave is a type of creature in the Illutia anime role playing game.

Game Setting

The premise of the game is that thousands of years ago a species that would later call themselves "Lutians" came from the center point of Yue, known as "Vita Genero." These strange creatues had an ability forsaken to all other creatures; conscious thought. The Lutians view the Yue as a source of power and use it for many purposes including magic. Many Lutians believe that they were chosen by the Yue, others believe that they, like other living things were the result of random creations by it. This led to many wars and still divides many lutians today.

Over the last hundred years some very strange things have emerged very close to Vita Genero, where the first Lutians emerged. These creatures came to be known as the Nosaeron. They have caused many kingdoms to fall around vita genero, and seem to have no purpose other than to destroy all life.

Now two kingdoms, Patrian and Ipcus, are fighting over the nature of these creatures, The king of Patrian believes that these creatures have somehow disrupted the Yue to use their power to rule the world, and the king of Ipcus believes that the Nosaerons were created by the Yue to get rid of the Lutians. The one and only thing the two kings can agree on is that they must find the true nature of these creatures and stop them at all costs. Both kings have ordered a call to arms of all their citizens to discover the true nature of the Nosaerons, and seal them away forever.

Succubus Slave


Level 50
HP Onknown
Location Dark Hallway
Items Dropped Sexy Potion Mixture
Fire Ore
Drop of Succubus Essence
Drop Rates Based on 15 kills:
Sexy Potion Mixture drops 3%
Fire Ore drops 14%
Drop of Succubus Essence drops 7%

Drop of Succubus Essence

Drop of Succubus Essence item
What drops it Succubus Slave
Notes Used in Alchemy
Value 300 Gold

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