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Succubus Club (Card)

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Succubus Club
J:R Succubus Club Card
Card Type Master
Master: Unique Location
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Pete Venters
Julie Collins

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Club is a locations card for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle role playing game. At this location, Daeva, also called Succubi, can be found.

Card Rules

  • Master - Unique Location: During your untap phase, you may tap this card to trade with a Methuselah who agrees to trade. You may trade pool and cards from your hand and cards you control. The trade cannot result in either Methuselah have fewer cards in hand than his or her hand size. Any additional terms can be established, but none are enforced by the rules. Added to the V:EKN banned list in 2005.
  • Ruling: Non-equipment, non-retainer, (non-location) minion cards (like Ablative skin) can be traded, but will remain on the original minion. Control of the card changes. Mostly this results in: "no effect" (until the controller is ousted, of course).
  • Clarification: Trades cannot result in a player needing to draw cards (card text). So if player A trades a Elder Library to player B, player A must do something (like also trade away a card from her hand) such that player B doesn't end up needing to draw to fill her newly-increased hand size. A player who begins the trade with fewer cards than hand size (because of an empty library) is OK, since the trade will then not "result" in the problem.


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