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Succubus (Planes Cave)

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Planes Cave character
The Succubus of the Plane's Cave Quest
First appearance A Dance with Rogues Role Playing Game
First game Neverwinter Nights
Role Playing Game
Created by Valine
Fictional profile
A character encountered,
changed into a Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a character that appears in the adult-oriented module A Dance with Rogues for the Neverwinter Nights role playing game game created by Valine.


The module, A Dance with Rogues is an adult-oriented two-part module for Neverwinter Nights, set in a fictional land where the player assumes the role of the Princess of Betancuria. Her world is shattered when her home is taken by force and her family killed. She is forced into hiding, sheltered by a group of thugs and thieves.

Part One focuses on the Princess earning her place in "The Family" and dealing with the hostile forces of the Dhorn Empire that have seized control of Betancuria. Part Two follows the events of Part One that have forced the Princess to leave Bentancuria.

During one of the quests in Part Two, in a part of the module called Planes Cave, a Succubus appears.

Plane's Cave Succubus

  • Name: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Affiliation: Hyath
  • The Succubus can be found in the cave in the Planes.
  • Spoiler: She is being held prisoner by Hyath. After a brief conversation, the succubus reveals herself to be Christano Arniman from the Golden Chalice quest in Part One. If the Princess wishes, she can attempt to gain Christano's freedom.

The Truth Revealed

Christano Arniman is a middle aged paladin of the Church of the Sun Lord. He is on a voluntary mission to reclaim the Golden Chalice for the church, as it was stolen many years ago by followers of an evil cult. What drives him in his passion to find the Chalice, whether it's true religious zeal or the prestige of reclaiming the artifact, is not entirely clear. Christano is accompanied by a cleric named Myra Waynolt. The Princess meets them both in Part One in the One Thousand Steps Inn, and joins the duo on their quest in exchange for a hefty reward. This begins the The Golden Chalice quest, most of which involves exploring the Temple of Hyath.

Christano's main appearance is in Part One, but he has a short appearance towards the end of Part Two as well, albeit when the Princess meets him there, he is changed into the Succubus that is encountered there. Exploring the area further, the two meet the demon Hyath, who gives the Princess a deep kiss and then transports her and Christano into Delberg forest. Christano is alive again, albeit a girl. She goes off along her own way, while the princess goes onwards in her quest.

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