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Succubus (Pathfinder Chronicles)

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Succubi (Pathfinder Chronicles)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Type Outsider (Chaotic, Demon, Evil, Extraplanar)
Stats Pathfinder Wikia
Publication history
Source books Pathfinder Bestiary
Page 68
First appearance Pathfinder Wikia
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi (singular: succubus) in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game are a race of all female demons infamous across the planes for tempting mortal souls and engendering misery and destruction through their seductive manipulations.


A succubus, when in her natural form, resembles an incredibly beautiful and alluring human woman, with a lithe figure and dangerously seductive features. Despite their comeliness, succubi possess several clearly demonic attributes, not the least of which are a pair of large, bat-like wings sprouting from their shoulders and sinuous, writhing tails. Of course, it is very rare that a succubus' victim actually sees this form as they are adept at shifting forms to become whatever their victims would find most attractive.[1]


Name Succubus
Type Outsider
Sub-Type Chaotic, Demon, Evil, Extraplanar
Challenge 7
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Environment Any (Abyss)

Habitat and Ecology

Succubi dwell primarily in the depth of the Abyss, particularly the Midnight Isles, the layer ruled by their mother and patroness, Nocticula.[2] Despite this, they are not uncommon on the Material Plane where they enjoy sowing chaos with their manipulations. Succubi savor the sweet taste of a mortal's life-force and possess the ability to drain it with their infamous soul-sucking kisses. Despite their relative physical weakness when compared with other demonic races such as hezrous or glabrezus, they can achieve very high ranks amongst the fiendish hierarchy thanks to their complex machinations, and many abyssal conflicts have started thanks to their subtle, scheming influences. Succubi tend to be created from the souls of particularly lustful and rapacious mortals, damned to the Abyss.[1]


The Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting is designed for the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. The setting focuses primarily on the world of Golarion and more specifically, the Inner Sea region of Avistan and Garund, but there are at least two additional planets in the setting and a wide array of other planes.

The Campaign Setting was announced in April, 2007 shortly after the announcement that Paizo would no longer be publishing the official Dungeons & Dragons magazines when their license from Wizards of the Coast expired. The first products to feature the world of Golarion were D1: Crown of the Kobold King and D0: Hollow's Last Hope in June of that year. The main kickoff to the world, however, occurred two months later at GenCon 2007 when the first Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords debuted. Subsequent product lines supporting the setting have since been released, including the Pathfinder Chronicles and Pathfinder Companion lines. In August, 2008, the hardcover Campaign Setting book was released at GenCon 2008.

Much of the feel of the setting is reminiscent of classic genre elements present in other settings such as Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk and even setting neutral modules from the earliest days of the game. Many elements of the world were mined from the homebrew campaign worlds of the Paizo staff, especially Erik Mona and James Jacobs. Because it is an OGL setting, the primary focus of the world is on Open Content material, thus emphasizing the classic nature of the world.[3]


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