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Succubus (Marked)

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Succubus (Marked)
An example of a Succubus in the
Marked role playing game
Alignment Evil
Type Demon (Half-Breed)
Publication history
Source books Marked Wiki
First appearance Marked Wiki
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Marked online text based role playing game are an evil, demonic race of flawless and enchanting demonesses which have beget biblical legends through their actions.

Game Background

Marked is an online text based role playing game which is described as being a moderate/advanced modern fantasy role play described as a place for writers to gather and spin tales of adventure, coming of age, romance, betrayal, lost artifacts, special powers, and mysterious creatures all in the secret world of the modern day.

According to the game's setting, history was lost and the strangeness of the world nearly forgotten. But now, known only by the living tattoos upon their skin and the gifts they possess, the Marked are being gathered. The mysterious Rochester Academy, once pulling them in with lies and secrets, now tells its truths to the students, allowing them to open their eyes to a world that was secret. With the creatures and monsters of myths and legends rising up around them, the Marked have never been less alone. Players and characters come in all variations of myths and legends that exist in the world and as part of that universe there are Succubi.


  • Name: Succubus
  • Type: Half-Breed
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Lifespan: immortal
  • Special Abilities: Fire/shadow manipulation, healing, flight, sleep toxin, human shifting, dreamwalking/manipulation
  • Weaknesses: Human illnesses save for the sexually transmitted ones, same physical weaknesses, dependency on human life force

History and Culture

Legend says the Succubi were born from women scorned by unfaithful lovers. Others say they were murdered by envious women or women turned into demons. All that can be known for sure is that Succubi have been around since the moment the beginning of man when the first four Succubi Queens came into being, showing up in the bibles and such to warn of their trickery.

Lilith, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah and Eisheth Zenunim were the first Succubus made into existence, they were born from a Daemos that ruled over shadows and dreams who mated with a human woman for fun, not thinking of the consequences it would bring into creation: Succubi. They were one of the first 'half-breeds' to touch the earths ground and walk amongst what had then been humans. In the beginning all four Succubi Queens were able to birth shadow affinity Lilim, however as time passed Agrat Bat Mahlat and Naamah began to loose the ability to birth shadow affinities, and soon enough all that came from them were fire affinities. Soon the shadow affinity children became rarer and rarer and a rift began to grow between Lilith, Eisheth and Agrat and Naamah. Lilith and Eisheth Zenunim were smug that they could birth the rare shadow affinities while Agrat Bat Mahlat and Naamah could only birth such common Succubi as the fire abilities. They enjoyed waving it over their sisters and the rift only seemed to grow bigger.

In the beginning Succubi would have no preference of gender, Incubi and Succubi alike would manipulate both men and women but as modern times set in and peoples views began to change so did many of the Succubi and Incubi. Succubi began to tend only to men and Incubi began to tend only to women, letting human stories and myths begin to warp their views on their eating habits. however, there were a few including the four Queens that continued to manipulate both genders and get what they needed from them.

3072BC: Four Monarchies

Shortly after their birth Lilith, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah and Eisheth Zenunim divided Earth into four quarters, with each Queen taking complete rule of one. Universal rules apply to the half-breed, but with self appointed councils to assist in ruling each sector there are individual aspects to accommodate the differences that began to develop within each monarchy.

Northen Quarter: Eisheth Zenunim - Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, as well as Western Russia.

Eastern Quarter: Agrat Bat Mahlat - Eastern Russia, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Australia

Southern Quarter: Naamah - Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Columbia, and Ecuador

Western Quarter: Lilith - USA, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba

The Succubi Queen Lilith

So far these are the countries that without question fall under the rule of each respective queen, but there are smaller countries where disputes over the rule have created conflict and debate between shadow and fire affinity Succubi. The Western Quarter, despite controlling the smallest share of countries, is the wealthiest monarchy of all four Queens, followed by Eisheth Zenuim, and then Naamah and Agrat Bat Mahlat. Eisheth Zenium's monarchy boasts the strongest political front, Naamah a powerful army, and Agrat the most advanced in agriculture and science.

115AD: Battle of the Fallen

Agrat Bat Mahlat

The Battle of the Fallen was the first and only internal conflict for the half-breed race, and it was this highly public battle which set off many mythological rumours from culture to culture. The battle was given it's name by a witness, a religious old man by the name of Abarran Noist, who had survived to give the worlds most accurate description of the war. As his words were only passed down from generation to generation they have become more folklore than truth, and this has only helped in mystifying the Succubi existence back to how it originally was. It was coined the 'Battle of the Fallen' because by 115AD the four Queens had been established as God's fallen angels, in biblical myths they were depicted as demonic women who had mated with archangels out of promiscuity and rebellion, and as such had been outcast from heaven. They were outcasts because not even hell could handle them, leaving the four demons of prostitution to wander the Earth and claim it as their own.

The spark that had set off the war was the sudden conflict between the four Queens, with Lilith and Eisheth Zenuim expelling authority over their sisters Naamah and Agrat Bat Mahlat, who had in the year previous lost their ability to birth shadow affinity succubi. It became an obvious split of superiority and inferiority, which a true of ignorance could of solved... but with Eisheth Zenunim and Agrat Bat Mahlat sharing land, which is now known as Russia, conflicts soon began to arise between both races and their lilim. Eisheth and Agrat had requested that Lilith and Naamah, respectively, avoid direct input in the brooding war and aim in keeping their race out of the public eye as much as possible. Unfortunately, the latter was a task too difficult.

The Queens themselves were not at first directly to blame, their Lilim however... were. Verbal assaults had developed into physical attacks, with the Lilim of Eisheth making more of the assaults, and in time this developed into something far greater than mere collisions of superiority. It progressed into years of unvoiced differences between the two sisters, as well as debates over territory, so in the end it seemed that bloodshed would be the only way to settle what was too late to stop by any other means. The war lasted two weeks in total, and significant loss was noted on both sides, as well as an obvious impact in regards to the humans that had lost their lives. Villages had burned right down to the ground, and a dark mist that lasted for weeks spread for miles, and most importantly.... their existence was no longer secret. Witnesses lucky enough to live to tell the tale of the fight did so with enthusiasm and fear, in an attempt to make sense to the biblical war that had just unfolded before them. The mix of fire and darkness represented hell on Earth for the humans, a hell in which could never handle all four Queens at once.

Eisheth and Agrat agreed via representatives, Lilith and Naamah, to obtain an amicable relationship with one another.. to prevent such a barbaric error ever occurring again. Laws were put in place between all four Queens to prevent such an event ever occurring again, but when the Queens themselves still held views on 'Shadow vs Fire' then time would only tell to when something would once again occur.

Modern Succubi Culture

The necklace worn by the Succubi Queens

After the battle the Shadow birthing Queens Lilith and Eisheth no longer consulted with the Fire birthing Queens Naamah and Agrat, and the four continued with a peaceful yet resentful relationship with one another. They symbolized their re-start with four identical necklaces, a signal of truce but it was obvious that underlying and more subtle conflicts would still occur.

The four Queens continued to be the highly intelligent and advanced race that had been born as, with each Queen soon enough finding a particular sector of the human world which held greater interest. Lilith had become quite the influence in business, with her own selection of nightclubs, bars, stocks, and part ownership of one of America's largest lingerie companies, as well as significant influence within the black market. Eisheth Zenium's monarchy boasts the strongest political front, with strong ties to Lilith's monarchy. Her political influence extends into the human realm, with her own Lilim posing as various important political figures in each country of her rule. Naamah is known for her powerful army, as ever since the Battle she sought for the option of certain victory if it were to ever happen again. She has slight dealings politics and business, but this is mainly to gain wealth behind her monarchy, as they are nowhere near as influential as her Shadow birthing sisters. Finally Agrat, the most advanced in agriculture and science, which has proven in assisting with scientific advancement seeing as the Succubi themselves are vulnerable to a fair amount of normal human illness.

Physical Attributes

The Succubi (plural form of Succubus) race are flawless and enchanting demonesses which have began biblical legends through their actions. They have the ability to shapeshift into pure human form, with their first human shift becoming their dominant appearance within the human realm. In their true form Succubi adorn either bat-like or reptilian-like wings of varying colours, shapes, and lengths, but only the four Succubi Queens are known to boast the largest sets of wings. When the wings become hidden underneath their human shapeshift they appear as tattoo's down their backs until they are once again required. Alongside their wings is another demonic physical limb, their tail, a long bone that extends from the bottom of their spine which is tipped by a finely pointed arrow. A Succubi's teeth is also a defining feature with both rows of teeth being small yet pointed, but their canine's are longer to assist them in feeding. Another notable physical attribute for a Succubi is their ability to produce a thin needle like spear from their wrist, tipped with a paralyzing liquid these needles can be thrown up to 100 meters depending on the talent of the Succubi, and subsequently paralyses a target within seconds.

A rare trait that, for reasons unknown, appears on some Succubi is their horns. They do not signify anything in regards to power, but what is known that these horns are more commonly seen on fire affinity Succubi.

Although the race boast perfection there is no 'obvious' Succubi, as they come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with a variety of hair and eye colours. This benefits the race as besides the 'tattoo's' they are not easily identifiable even during their shapeshifts.

Racial Abilities

Succubi are born to be either one of two affinities; Shadow or Fire, which now in the 21st century is completely dependent on the Queen to which they were either birthed from, or the Lilim of the Queen to which they were birthed from. Common racial attributes for both affinities are their ability to coax men (and woman for the case of the Queens) to unknowingly fall into their charm, which subsequently allows them to lure them into a deep sleep where the Succubi can dream walk, moving through dreams and manipulating them in any way they see fit. All Succubi also are able to produce a paralyzing needle from their wrist, but on occasion a Succubi has been shown to develop difference substances. As immortal beings the Succubi are physically strong, whereas they may not compare to a Vampire of a similar age they are not far short. A Succubi of 1000 years for example will have the strength of a 400 year old Vampire. They are also very confident in flight, clear experts in agility as well as aerobatic maneuvers, and alongside their strength are capable of supporting other bodies during flight. Succubi, as long as they feed frequently, also have exceptional healing capabilities.

However, they also have quite a few weaknesses to their strengths. They are highly susceptible to human illnesses except for sexually transmitted ones (i.e. STD, AIDS, HIV, etc). They also have the same physical weaknesses as human women, for example; decapitation. They are also highly dependent on human lifeforce as it keeps them alive and helps them to heal their wounds.

  • Shadow Affinity Abilities: Creation and manipulation of darkness and shadows, ability to phase through solid objects, and shadow walking/teleportation.
  • Fire Affinity Abilities: Creation and manipulation of fire, ability to control the temperature of an area without a 20 meter radius, and creation of small marble sized fire bombs.

Racial Personality

Succubi pride themselves on sophistication, as well as a manner of flawless perfection, but many traits are influenced from the affinity that they have been birthed as. With this in mind there are still great variations in the personalities of Succubi, in regards to their individual differences and cultural influences. They are highly seductive, sensual, and provocative, with an inability to remain faithful but a firm ability in exerting their dominance over the male species, whether human or half-breed. Succubi are not naturally aggressive creatives, but they have the capabilities to be so, meaning that if provoked and pushed far enough they will not hesitate to kill.

There are no distinct personality traits which define both affinities, but there are of course influences to their split culture which create differences. Fire affinity Succubi for example will be much more defensive, particularly to their shadow sisters, and the shadow affinity will certainly act with a more regal and superior grace. There are certainly a fair amount of individual difference and variations across the whole half-breed race, and so besides a few subconscious factors there is no personality types which follow to the rule.

Birth of Lilim

The pregnancy cycle of the Succubi breed is between 29 and 34 days, and unlike mortal woman no obvious 'bump' shows within their stomach. When a Lilim is born it has a week maximum in order to change into their first human shapeshift otherwise it will die, and this shift will be their dominant age appearance from then on, regardless to future shapeshifts. The only time in Succubi history when a mortal woman has been involved was during the birth of the four Succubi Queens, but from then on for a Lilim to be born a Succubi must mate with a mortal human, it is rarer for a Succubi to fall pregnant when mating with a half-breed.

Rarity of Shadow Affinity

When the four Queens first began to process of developing their race they began to associate the birth of their Lilim with the class of the men that they would sleep with. Albeit a true coincidence or a simple numbers game, the Succubi began to believe that sexual activities with the wealthy would lead to Shadow Affinity Succubi, and sleeping with the poor would result in the birth of Fire Affinity Succubi. Their beliefs stemmed from faulty assumptions, but with no-one to prove otherwise they took their words as truth. Lilith and Eisheth were in fact capable of birthing the fire-types at first, just as Agrat and Naamah could birth the shadow-types, but time and fate would soon work in the favour of two sisters, and leave the others with virtually nothing.

The reasons are truly unknown to the Queens, but internal changes within the body of the four Succubi led to Lilith and Eisheth only being able to birth the shadow affinity, leaving Agrat and Naamah only being able to birth the fire. The even split down the middle should of given a balance of power for the sisters, but with their strong preconceptions of the two affinities that they could birth, snide comments came as a result. As the fire Succubi from Lilith and Eisheth soon became non-existent, and the shadow all but a memory for Agrat and Naamah, the former sisters accused their siblings of sleeping below their standards. Petty arguments? Yes. But when power hung in the balance they began to to look for any potential flaw.

What came of the this was what has been known throughout the race as the Battle of the Fallen, which to this day has been the only major internal conflict for the Succubi breed.

Once the Queens had eventually gone their separate ways, with no further contact, the breeding levels for Lilith and Eisheth seemed to level out. They viewed their Lilim as more powerful, and thus felt no need to feel a correlation between a level of power against the amount of Succubi under their rule. The Shadow affinity Succubi became a rarity because the two sisters, with Lilith more so, stopped birthing all together. Fights and minor conflicts led to a small reduction in numbers for both monarchies, but neither felt the need to pick up the numbers at any one point. For a while their own Lilim birthed freely, but even their views on breeding their own kind became similar to that of their Queens.

Compared to numbers of other half-breeds, and that of the fire-affinity Succubi under Agrat and Naamah, the shadow Succubi are a rare breed. However, Lilith will always choose quality, over quantity.

Succubi Biology

A Succubi's ability is to human shapeshift and their demonic forms are extremely similar due to one particular reason; the human mother which birthed them. It was her genetic make-up mixed with that of the daemos that created a surprisingly natural human appearance, with then the wings, tail, and in some cases, horns, making up for the demonic nature of the Daemos that mated with the female human. Due to this the half-breed have a very different internal biological structure:

  • Their heart beat is only once per minute.
  • They can breath under water for 15 minutes without requiring air.
  • They only require 2-4 hours sleep, but are capable of sleeping for more if desired.
  • Their blood is pure black, and much thinner than humans.


For a Succubi to maintain a decent level of energy they must feed on a sufficient amount of 'human life force'. The life force of a human consists of their soul, stamina, and consciousness, and this can lead to similar symptoms seen when a Succubi coaxes a human into a deep sleep. A human cannot be killed via this method, instead they will feel fairly lethargic for three to four days and find their memories of the 'attack' patchy and inconsistent. A succubi will bite along the collar bone, searching for paths of energy which are undetectable to anyone but the Succubi, and once the bite has been made they will continue in sucking out their soul essence until satisfied.

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