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Succubus (Lost Girl)

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Bo, the main Succubus character of Lost Girl
The Unaligned Succubus known as Bo
Affiliation Dark Fae (Generally)
Current leader Unknown
Powers Mind Control
Emotional Control
Sexual Control
Represented By Bo
First Appeared It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here.

The Succubus Aife, also known as Saskia as played by Inga Cadranel

Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

The following is a general discussion of Succubi in the Lost Girl television series universe. It is not complete and will change from time to time as new information is revealed in the series about Succubi. When reading this, keep in mind that it is not specifically dealing with Bo, she has her own page in the SuccuWiki here.

Succubi in the Lost Girl television series are not, and should not be confused with the traditional description and abilities of Succubi. First and foremost of these is that Lost Girl Succubi do not have horns or tails or, as in some cases, red skin or hooves as the traditional Succubi have been portrayed to have. Secondly they do not consume souls but instead take sexual energy or Chi from their victims when they feed.

Succubi Characters in the Lost Girl Series

Physical Description

The Succubi in the Lost Girl series look completely human in nature. They are for the most part slightly more beautiful than normal human beings, and at various times will flaunt that beauty as a means to get closer to their human or Fae targets for various reasons including feeding on them.[1] The only clear sign that they are Succubi physically is when they are using their powers to feed on another being at which point their eyes turn color and the transfer of energy is clearly seen.[2]


Closeup image of Bo and Lauren holding hands in the episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World with the telltale glow of control being attempted by Bo
Closeup image of Bo saving Dyson by transferring energy from her to him in the episode (Dis)Members Only

Succubi have several powers as seen in the series. First is the ability to control others emotionally and mentally by touching their skin at any point on their body. The outward appearance of this power is the washing of a bright glow of light over the victim’s skin.[3] That is accompanied by the victim being enthralled to accept suggestions by the Succubus to them. The second is when they are feeding on their prey, the energy taken from them by the Succubus appears in a form similar to a white vapor that leaves the mouth of the prey and is then consumed by the Succubus through their mouth.[4]

Connected to their feeding is an associated ability to transform those they feed upon into thralls who are completely devoted to the Succubus’ will and desires. This ability has been shown to work on human males only in the series so far, but Aife suggested in her attack on Bo that she could do the same to her.[5]It Is also possible for the Succubus to transfer energy back to the prey, or, if needed, to pass their energy into someone on the verge of death to help them to recover.[6]

It has been demonstrated that succubi can see the auras of invisible Fae if they have a sexual attraction to someone. [7] While succubi can heal themselves by feeding, a curse placed on Bo by Baba Yaga resulted in a series of marks in her skin that did not heal, thus making it possible that succubi cannot heal from all wounds they suffer.[8]

There has been one example of Bo feeding on the Chi of several people without actually being in contact with them. In the second season episode Death Didn't Become Him, she had been shot and seemed to die or become unconscious. In this case, there was a reddish glow throughout her body and somehow she was able to draw the Chi she needed from a great distance away. She was also able to differentiate enough to not draw the Chi from Lauren who was in the same room.[9]

With regards to the ability of Succubi to "enthrall" others to their will, this power may not be generally a power that all Succubi have. According to the information given in the episode Flesh and Blood, both Bo and Aife had this power as a result of being members of the Blood King family. The use of this power requires that blood be somehow transferred into the victim's body for the effect to take hold. It is possible to break this control by use of a specific ceremony involving the use of the blood of a human being.[10]

It was revealed by Aife in the Fourth Season that physical evidence of a Succubus having given birth is impossible to find as their bodies can completely heal from any trauma associated with child birth.[11]


Succubi need to feed at regular intervals, which can be extended by the will power of the Succubus, but at some point they will have to find prey and feed or they will die.[12] The need is described as almost like an addition in nature. It is possible through the use of drugs, as shown in the series, to help control that need, but it is not a complete cure for it.[13] It is important for the Succubus to keep control of her needs when feeding because it is easy to take too much energy from the prey and kill them.[14] Over time most Succubi gain the control needed to not constantly kill their prey, but in the event of the need overcoming them, that control can be easily lost. Succubi can feed from Fae without fear of killing them. However, the Fae is drained to the point of near exhaustion when this occurs.[15] During the Fifth Season of the series, Trick explained to Bo that, for Fae, sex is an important release to them, but orgasm is vital for succubi to live.[16]


There is nothing known of how the Succubi came to be in the Lost Girl universe. It is hoped that this will be revealed in a future season of the series. We can be certain that Succubi are born like humans[17] are and that to create a Succubus offspring, both parents must be Fae in nature.[18] Whether or not there is such a thing as a half-Succubus has not been confirmed in the series.

Known Enemies

The Albaster Fae known as Bertram as portrayed by the actor Arnold Pinnock in the episode The Mourning After
The Mesmer Fae known as Vex as portrayed by the actor Paul Amos in the episode Faetal Justice

The primary natural enemy to the Succubi is a being called an Albaster. The series has only shown one example of these creatures, that being a male, so it is not known if there are female Albasters as well. They are the enemies of Succubi who live from sexual shame unlike Succubi who live on and create sexual energy. Albasters create massive shame over sexual actions that lead to depression and eventual suicide. According to what information is known they feed exclusively on women. They are resistant to an extent to the powers of a Succubus, however, two or more Succubi can, given time, overcome them.[19] They do effect Succubi by playing on their emotions and thus making it difficult to overpower them.

The other being that can effect Succubi are Mesmers. It has been shown that the character Vex in the series can control Bo without any difficulty whatsoever. This control is physical and not mental in nature, but as a Mesmer can affect the nerves within a body with their powers, they can overcome Succubi by playing with their sexual nerve endings.[20]

Means to Resist

Kenzi discovering the Koushang in the possession of The Ash in the episode Blood Lines

The series has shown only one means to resist the power of a Succubus. An amulet called a Koushang. It has the ability to resist the feeding of a Succubus. It was made apparent that Succubi cannot remove the amulet from the wearer as well. Whether or not the Succubus can use their powers to convince the wearer to remove it themselves is not clear.[21]


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