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Succubus (Greater Worthy) (GURPS)

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Greater Worthy Succubus
Power source Sexuality
Alignment Demon
Publication history
Source books GURPSWiki
Mythological origins Succubus
Stats OGL stats

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Greater Worthy Succubus is a monster type for the GURPS, better known as the Generic Universal RolePlaying System game created by Steve Jackson Games. This creature first appeared on the GURPS Wiki and was created by the wiki user Mailanka on that site.

The information presented here is a generic template that can be used to create a basic framework for a Succubus in a GURPS role playing game. While no specific character is outlined, the overall statistics and detail are provided as inspiration.


The haunting, legendary sex demon that tempts men to their doom. This is a Demonic Luscious Trickster, and she'll attempt to use her wiles and her charms to defeat the heroes first, note her considerable social skills. If that fails, she will certainly fall back on her demon traits for combat skills. She makes a decent boss level monster against beginning players.


ST: 17/19* HP: 25 Speed: 6.5
DX: 12 Will: 12 Move: 6/17*
IQ: 12 Per: 15
HT: 14 FP: 14 SM: +0
Dodge: 9 Parry: 10 DR: 5
Claws (14) 2d-1 Cutting
Sharp Teeth (14) 2d-2 Cutting
Broadsword (13) 2d Impaling, 3d+3 Cutting
Traits Appearance (Beautiful, Universal), Awe, Bloodlust (12), Bully (12), Callous,
Cannot Harm Innocents (Only prevents direct harm to truly good or holy folk),
Flight (Winged, +5 movement), Fragile (Unnatural), Immune to Metabolic Hazards,
Immunity to Mind-Affecting Magic, Lecherousness (12), Night Vision 5, Sadism (12),
Selfish (12), Striking Strength +2
Skills Acting IQ-1 [1]-11, Brawling DX+2 [4]-14, Broadsword DX [4]-13, Fast-Talk IQ+2 [4]-14,
Hidden Lore (Demon Lore) IQ-1 [1]-11, Intimidation Will+2 [4]-17,
Sex Appeal HT+6* [8]-20, Stealth DX [2]-12
Class Demon
Notes 300 Point Demon
Costs 30 energy to summon
Will attempt to use Awe and Sex Appeal in negotiations
Truly Evil

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