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Succubus (Generic Character)

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Alignment Normally Evil
Type High Level Demon (Succubus)
Stats RP Characters Wikia
Publication history
Source books RP Characters Wikia
First appearance RP Characters Wikia
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a generic character found on the RP Characters Wikia. The purpose of the character information provided is to provide character flavor and abilities.


SpeciesHigh level demon
SexOnly Female
Roleplay Information
TypeDarkness \ Agressive

The Basics

A dangerous creature with the power to drain souls, their powers awaken at adulthood. When this happens, the first people they attack are usually people of either gender who have emotionally hurt them. Following these attacks, other people they have known in their lives are next, however unlike those that the Succubus hated, they are not often killed. The succubus usually feels pain originating from their old feelings and emotions for the person and this pain stops them from completely eating their victim's soul and instead leaves the victim with a corrupt soul. This eventually turns males into incubi and female into lesser succubi.

The only difference between a succubi and a lesser succubi lies in the fact that lesser succubi can not control her powers at all and any kiss will be a kiss of death. Succubi themselves will learn to control her powers to a certain degree allowing her to choose to eat souls, corrupt them, or leave them intact.

Identifying Features

A Succubus in her true form will have two horns on her head, and these horns are hard as steel. She also has a black tail (or purple) and black wings (can also be purple), purple tails/wings are only found on the highest levels of Succubi.


Succubi are often found in their human form living a normal life, and some succubi go trough life without eating a single soul. This is possible because over time they create their own energy, thus not needing to feed on souls. This however is rare, as the powers are part of her emotions and she will react to them accordingly. For example: Should a succubi be emotionally hurt, her other self (succubi) will often take the upper hand and kill the one responsible.

Lesser Succubi always stay close to their owners (the succubus who turned them) because normally they were friends before the succubi turned them. As well, since Lesser succubi cannot create her own energy like a Succubi they stay close so the succubi can continue to support them.


  • Physical Strength: Strong legs and their tails or pure muscle.
  • Skills and Education: (Magic) They possess the blessing of darkness thus letting them use shadow magic. They also posses the power to summon other (lower level) demons/shadow creatures
  • Body skills: None worth mentioning


The weakness of succubi lies in the fact they act on emotion. Should one be able to win her heart, they are sure to life to tell about the experience of being with a succubus. The higher level succubi are also known to posses the power to instantly drain the souls of nearby persons. Except for the range and the lack of direct contact, the feeding method is the same. They also have the power to sense any other demons near them.

Additional Information

Even though Succubi are extremely powerful demons, they prefer not to engage in battle.They would rather hide in their human form, and only fight in extreme cases. However should a Succubi engage in battle, they often come out the winner. Should the battle turn to her foe's favour, a Succubi will often be more then willing to sacrifice a few lower level demons to cover her retreat. Succubi are hunted as their body liquids possess great power.

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