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Succubus (Comic Book Series)

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Succubus Comic Book Series Title Logo
Succubus Issue #1 Cover
Publication information
Publisher Spiral Ink Comics
Schedule Bi-Monthly (Planned)
Varies (Actual)
Format Ongoing
PDF and Print Editions
Genre Adult
Publication date Septenber 26, 2014
Number of issues 3
1 Collected Volume
Main character(s) Ximena (Lead Character)
Gigi (Best Friend, Webmaster)
Lilith (Ximena's Mother)
Luna (Ximena's Sister)
Creative team
Writer(s) Rob Hicks
Artist(s) Rob Hicks
Penciller(s) Rob Hicks
Inker(s) Rob Hicks
Letterer(s) Rob Hicks
Colorist(s) Federico Soic Jr.
Creator(s) Rob Hicks
Editor(s) Rob Hicks

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is an ongoing adult comic book created and drawn by Rob Hicks and published by Spiral Ink Comics. The series was first released on September 26, 2014 and is available in both digital and print formats.

The series follows the story of Ximena, also known by her stage name of Succubus. Ximena is described as a "real-life" Succubus who needs to consume sexual energy and fluids the same way normal people need food and water.

Series Summary

Succubus was the first adult themed title published by Spiral Ink Comics. The story lines and artwork were all mainly adult in nature and as such the series was noted by the publisher to be for ages 18 and up. According to information on the Spiral Ink Comics website, the series was described as:

The story follows Ximena, a real live flesh and blood Succubus that needs to consume sexual energy and fluids the same way normal people need food and water. By day, she works as a very popular and high paid webcam model. By night, she maintains million dollar rock star status at a small stripclub called “The Velvet Teacup!”

Preorders for Issue #1 were possible by email and orders were taken for the print and PDF formats of the issue. The official release date for Succubus was Friday, September 26th, 2014 with the digital issue being available via download in PDF format on that date. The print edition was available soon afterwards as well. Tentative plans at the time of the first issue's release were that the series would be published on a bi-monthly release schedule between issues of Hooded Cobra, another series available through Spiral Ink Comics. At the time of Issue #1 being released, Issue #2 was targeted for a late December 2014 or early January 2015 publication but was delayed. Issue #2 was finally released in May 2015. Issue #3 appeared in October 2016 along with a volume collecting the first three issues together in trade paperback only.


The lead character for the series is Ximena, also known by her stage name of Succubus. She appears to be a normal woman, but she is a Succubus in disguise. The only hint of her true nature, as of Issue #1, is a tattoo of a tail that could move over her body which others assumed was some kind of illusion that she was able to create, the method of which no one was sure of.

Ximena is described as not being a malevolent Succubus, but rather one that enjoys being what she is to the fullest. She has a hyperactive need for sex which draws others to her. During sexual encounters, two of her powers have been noted. One being that her eyes turn white, having no pupils when her sexual partners achieve orgasm. The other power appears to be that her body absorbs sexual fluids within moments of them touching her skin.

In the aftermath of intercourse with Ximena, her partners are drained of energy to the point they fall unconscious. Any other effects were not clear as of Issue 1 of the series, though one character commented that women that had sex with Ximena "weren't right in the head" afterwards.

Other Characters

  • Ximena has a roommate named Gigi, who she lives with, who is also her best friend and the webmaster of Ximena's website and cam shows. Gigi's background and character were not explained in the first issue.
  • Ximena's mother, Lilith, had been mentioned in passing, but no other information is known about her other than Gigi mentioning that she was "nice" until she made her appearance in Issue 3. Lilith's powers and other aspects were not revealed, but it was made clear she's wealthily and powerful.
  • Luna is Ximena's sister, who appears to be insane and jealous about Ximena's powers. She is a real threat to Ximena, having gotten into a battle with Ximena during Issue 3.


Issue # Cover Image Release Date Summary Notes
1 SuccubusRHIssue1.jpg September 26th, 2014 A day in the life of Ximena.
Stripper, Webcam Girl, Insatiable Sex Goddess.
Haunting the dreams of all that see her.
Succubus isn't just her stage name, it's who she is.
Premiere Issue
20 Pages
2 SuccubusRHIssue2.jpg May 28th, 2015 Ximena's webcam show goes all out, but then
her past comes calling and things turn from heated
to hunted. Payback can be a bitch, and
Ximena knows her far too intimately.
First appearance
of Ximena's
true form
20 Pages
3 SuccubusRHIssue3.jpg October 2016 All hell breaks loose when her psychotic older sister,
Luna, catches up with her to exact revenge!
First appearance
of Ximena's
Sister and Mother
28 Pages

Collected Volumes

Issue # Cover Image Release Date Summary Notes
Vol. 1 SuccubusRHIssueV1.jpg October 2016 A collection of issues 1, 2, & 3 as well as pin ups, sketches and more Print Only


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