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Succubus (Clockwork Guild)

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Clockwork Guild
Series Clockwork Guild
First appearance Clockwork Guild Wiki
Game information
Homeland Daemonic Plane
Gender Female
Race Extremely Rare Daemonic
Shapeshifter Race
Alignment Evil

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Clockwork Guild freeform play-by-email role playing game are known as Daemonic shape shifters who ensnare others with their otherworldly sexual powers. In this role playing game, players build characters and then interact with other players through email replies. Over time this has created a large universe of stories. The universe itself is a collaborative work with some rules that are clearly defined in the Clockwork Guild Wiki.


Rarity Extremely Rare
Mahuical Affinity Common

Succubi are a sentient daemon, and the most common found on the daemonic plane. The Succubus is possibly one of the most misrepresented Daemons of all those found in our world. The term "Succubus" comes from an ancient story about monsters that take the form of women to seduce men for nefarious purpose - which couldn't be farther from the truth of the modern Succubus.

Much of the following information was gathered from conversations with a mahuically bound Succubus following her summoner's imprisonment and execution.


Succubi possess many characteristics unheard of on our world - most notably their ability to change their shape - but also issues regarding gender and reproduction. The stories of seductive Succubi are certainly possible due to their aforementioned shapeshifting, but the natural form of a Succubus, while sharing many of the same attributes as the average human female on Ayehr, including breasts and the like, does not possess any sort of genitalia. Succubi have only one gender, and reproduce asexually.

According to Jenaari - the Succubus I have been fortunate enough to interview - around every twenty years of a Succubus' life, they are able to create a child - in our language, they would call it a "birthing". This involves a pregnancy period of about one season in which the Succubus gathers large amounts of the energy similar to mahui permeating the daemonic plane, which are used to fuel cell division. A mass grows in their belly, similarly to many races on Ayehr, but this mass is simply organic matter and not any sort of developing child. At the end of the pregnancy, the Succubus uses their natural shapeshifting ability to seperate from the mass, forming it into a body, and a final burst of the energy transfers the tongue of the Succubi into the mind of the newborn, which is about the same size of a human child of about five or six. A Succubus reaches physical and mental maturity by the age of four, though their education generally lasts well into their teens. A Succubus can live up to around three hundred years old, give or take a few decades.

Jenaari suggests that a birthing may occur much faster on our plane due to the more potent energy, though other effects may occur. As no Succubi have been known to reproduce in our world - either not being willing to or being destroyed before able - this is merely speculation.

The shapeshifting ability of a Succubus is generally only ever used for minor cosmetical changes (a Succubus may tailor her own appearance),  assisting in the healing of wounds, or in a birthing. The only part of her natural form a Succubus cannot change are her horns.

Social Structure


Jenaari describes to me the separation of Succubus communities. A clan, whose name is prefixed by a "Tak-", is generally the size of a small village or town. They live together in the same region and share resources freely - greed, jealosy, and hate are emotions alien to most Succubi. Jenaari herself is from "Tak-jem". The name of a community is the clan's name prefixed with a "Sekk-". Sekk-jem, Jenaari's home, was made up of several thousand Succubi located in a converted cave system. Many of the communities are divided into sectors where each family plies their crafts.

The head of a clan is called a Matron, a position to which a Succubus is elected by her sisters. The Matron is responsible for decisions and management of the clan, and has authority over all, excepting the Clerics. The only official positions besides the Matron are the Honour Guard, which are Succubi trained to fight and protect the Matron and Clan. The size of an Honour Guard can be anywhere from two to a hundred Succubi - it depends on the danger of the surrounding areas. Succubi are generally allowed to pursue their own desires, though many Succubus lines practice the same trade generation after generation. A family of Succubi can contain hundreds of generations at once.

The Clerical Orders

The Clerics are possibly comparable to Priestesses or other religious figures in our world, though they are revered for physical deeds rather than any measure of piety. The Clerics are responsible for providing a majority of the food for a clan - the meat of the Ikthur. The danger involved in collecting the meat of these behemoths is immense, and so only the best warriors of the Succubi are accepted into the Clerical Order, and allowed to participate in the Hunt. The Hunt is treated as a ritual, possibly the only superstition held by Succubi, though there is wisdom in its practice, Jenaari says, as much of it involves such things as maintaining weaponry and ensuring against physical injury.

Succubi and Violence

Violence against other Succubi is abhorred and results in dire punishment, and murder results in immediate exile, which involves the mutilation of the culprit's horns to mark her as a murderer. Occasionally, disturbances are felt by the Succubi and some may go mad, resulting in violent behaviour - these are known as the paar, and are no longer considered to be Succubi as there is no cure for their insanity. I am sad to say I believe I know the cause of these, and those are failed summonings by mahuin here on Ayehr. It is not difficult to see why daemon summoners are viciously hunted by the Mahuin Annitaris.

No wars mar the history of the Succubi, and the only recorded mass violence occurred relatively recently, with the clan of Tak-yos all mutating into paar following a massive disturbance - I believe this to be one of the first major attempts at breaching the walls between us and the daemonic world. The whereabout of Tak-yos is unknown, but they occasionally raid towns - their appearances are warped from that of a normal Succubus into frightening visages.

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