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Succubus (1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)

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Succubus (1st Edition AD&D)
Succubus from the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Primary role Demon
Secondary role Shapeshifter
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Publication history
Editions All Editions
(as a standard class) All Editions
(as an alternate class) All Editions
Source books Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
First appearance Eldritch Wizardry
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi are a monster class in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. The following information refers to these beings in the rulesets prior to the release of the fourth edition rules of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.

Statistics for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Succubus Racial Statistics
Adjustments +1 Intelligence, +2 Charisma; -1 Strength, -1 Constitution, -1 Wisdom
Abilities Charm person, ESP, clairaudience, suggestion, shape change, cause darkness (5' rad), energy drain (kiss - one life level)
Movement Base 12", Flight: 18"
Languages Common
Class Restrictions and Maximum Levels Fighter: 10, Thief: 10, Assassin: 15, Magic-User: 15
Usable Weapons Dagger, Short Sword
Usable Armor None
Armor Class and Magic Resistance The succubus' has a base armor class of 5, and a base magical resistance of 10%. Every 3 experience levels after level 3, the succubus gains a +1 AC bonus, and a +5% to her magic resistance.
Armor Class and Magic Resistance Table
Level AC Unarmed Damage Magic Resistance
1-2 5 1d3 10%
3-4 4 1d3 15%
5-6 3 1d4 20%
7-8 2 1d4 25%
9-10 1 1d6 30%
  • AC - In addition to Dexterity Modifiers
  • Unarmed Damage - In addition to any Hand-to-Hand combat damage modifiers
  • The Succubus' statistics have been reduced, due to the fact of being out of their natural "element" for so long. Their magical powers are somehow linked to their continued presence in the underworld.

Succubus/Demi-Human Character Class for AD&D


The succubus is a very attractive female daemon, standing approximately 6' tall, and weighing about 130 pounds. They appear to be normal human female, yet the horns on their head and the leathery bat-like wings give away their true identity. They are crafty, and have been known to seduce lawful men into doing evil. Player character succubi (plural for succubus) are a little more "good" than true succubi, though still inherently evil. They have been cast out of their dwelling, and are adventuring to regain their "innocence" and be granted another chance at paradise.

Other Details

  • Alignment: Succubi are only of Chaotic alignment.
  • Prime Requisties: The succubus' PRs are Charisma and Wisdom (since they are both beautiful and witty). A succubus with both Charisma and Wisdom scores of 14 or more gain a bonus to experience points earned during an adventure.
  • Minimum Scores: A succubus character must have a Charisma score of 14 or more when first played.
  • Succubus Saving Throws: Succubi save as a Dwarf of the same level.

Succubus Experience Table
Level Title XP HD (d6)
1 Succubus 0 1
2 Red Seducer 2,000 2
3 Black Seducer 4,000 3
4 Dark Seducer 8,000 4
5 Red Princess 16,000 5
6 Black Princess 32,000 6
7 Dark Princess 64,000 7
8 Red Mistress 128,000 8
9 Black Mistress 256,000 9
10 Dark Mistress 512,000 10
  • To-Hit Rolls: A succubus rolls to hit as a Cleric of the same level.
  • Hit Dice: A six-sided die (1d6) is used to determine a succubus' hit points. A succubus starts with 1-6 hit points (plus Constitution bonus, if any) and gains 1d6 more hit point (plus bonus) with each Level of Experience.
  • Armor: A succubus cannot wear any armor. Her Armor Class improves with her Level of Experience. She may wear magical protection that is not armor -- rings, bracelets, etc.
  • Weapons: A succubus may only use a dagger or a short sword.

Special Abilities

A succubus, due to her nature, has several different abilities, mostly magical in nature.

  • Natural Weaponry: A succubus' claws can be used to inflict 1-4 (1d4) points of damage.
  • Natural Armor Class: Due to a succubus' heritage, her armor class improves with her Level of Experience. Her Base Armor Class is 7, and increases by 1 point per 2 Levels of Experience, starting at level 3. For example: a Level 5 succubus has an Armor Class of 5. She may include her Dexterity bonus in this base armor class.
  • Magic Resistance: Succubi are naturally resistant to magic, able to shake off the effects of damaging spells, and others that would cause her harm. She can "turn off" this power to receive the effects of a beneficial spell. She has a base Magical Resistance of 10%. This means that when a spell is cast at her, she rolls the percentile dice. If the roll is less than or equal to her Magic Resistance, the spell fails (this includes magical items like wands, scroll, staves, but NOT magical weapons such as swords, bow, axes). This Magical Resistance increase by 5% per 2 Levels of Experience, starting at level 3. For example: a Level 5 succubus would have a Magical Resistance of 20%.

Armor Class and Magic Resistance Reference Table
Level Armor Class Magic Resistance
1-2 7 10%
3-4 6 15%
5-6 5 20%
7-8 4 25%
9-10 3 30%
  • Flight: In addition to moving at a base rate of 12", succubi can fly via their wings at a rate of 18".
  • Charm Person: The succubus can charm a person, following the rules of the spell, who has a Charisma score of less that the succubus' own Charisma score.
  • ESP: The succubus can read the thoughts of people, as per the rules of the spell.
  • Clairaudience: The succubus can hear the area surrounding another person, according to the spell.
  • Shape Change: As per the spell, the succubus can shape change into an animal or person of the same size and mass.
  • Darkness: Akin to the spell, the succubus can cause Darkness in a 5' radius.
  • Energy Drain: As described in the D&D Basic Set Rulebook, the succubus can drain an Experience Level from a target by kissing them (depending on the succubus' Charisma score, the target may be willing or not). Unlike a normal monster's Energy Drain, the target of a Player Character's Energy Drain can roll a Save vs. Paralysis to negate the effect of the drain.