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Succubi Skins (Nymph Zenith)

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Succubi Skins by Nymph Zenith
Succubi Skins by Nymph Zenith

Nymph Zenith
Skin or Avatar

Skin and Avatar
Adult Content


Second Life Marketplace

Multiple Colours of Avatar

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi Skins is a series of skins for Second Life avatars created by Nymph Zenith. The skins are available in several colour and are known as: Infernal, Shadow, Blue, Emerald and Shadow Red. The skins and avatar are available as separate items or can be purchased together.

Succubi Skins

  • Multiple Colors, multiple options
  • Includes: Demon Eyes, Swishy Tail, Sculpty Wings, Sculpty Horns, Shape, Hair, Hooves and Sculpty Nips Covers
  • Skin Included
  • Includes boots that use the old invisiprims and the newer Alpha Mask Layer to cut down on Avatar Clipping (making parts of you invisible)
  • The skins are sold separately from the avatar as well


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