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Succubi (Poem)

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by Nicole Crane Mitchell
Written 2008
First published in 2008
Language English
Subject(s) Succubi
Publisher Poetry.com
Publication date 2008
Lines 18

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi is a poem written by Nicole Crane Mitchell and released on the Poetry.com website in 2008. The poem is reproduced here in its entirety.


By Nicole Crane Mitchell

Who is that girl who wanders in the night,
Her hair of ebonite mixed earth in the moonlight?
Those haunting eyes of amber stare
Through the foggy haze, they seem to glare.
She's a succubus, a demon, a Lilith, a gore
Once she feeds on a man, she needs him more.
To suck his life force away, like a leech
They call her, "Lover", "Darling", and "Peach".
Feeding on them, those poor fools
Until their blood falls on the floor in pools
She's torn up his heart
She was a demon from the very start.
The only way to be rid of her
Is to call up the Angels with a gentle stir
They come on galloping their galloping steeds
She can no longer get the energy she needs.

This demon, this Lilith, and Succubi...
Is I.

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