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Softly My Demon Lover (eBook)

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Softly My Demon Lover
Softly My Demon Lover eBook Cover, written by Penelope Middleton
Softly My Demon Lover eBook Cover,
written by Penelope Middleton
Author(s) Penelope Middleton
Publisher Penelope Middleton
Publication date October 13, 2016
Media type eBook
Length 58 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Softly My Demon Lover is an eBook written by Penelope Middleton. In this work one of the characters can be described as both a Succubus and an Incubus in their nature.


  • Title: Softly My Demon Lover
  • Author: Penelope Middleton
  • Published By: Penelope Middleton
  • Length: 58 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B01M5BH2QJ
  • Publishing Date: October 13, 2016

Plot Summary

A week’s vacation at a turn of the century hotel sequestered within an isolated seaside setting. What could be more appealing or romantic? The Pelican Arms Hotel, constructed in the 1920’s, modestly upgraded over the years, still outwardly retained the charm of a quaint 19th century Grande Dame, it’s ‘widow’s walk’ protected by marble balustrades and its intimate guest rooms set off with their individual private terraces. For Josh and Jennifer it was the perfect setting. Charles and Anne blackly thought it was the pits.

What both couples instinctively suspected was that the Pelican wasn’t entirely what it seemed. The truth wasn’t that far off. The Pelican lavishly gave its guests what they needed, and in return, seductively extracted what it required. The hotel was counterpointed by “The Flaming Sword Inn”, a secluded five star restaurant which was part of the sights and places that, according to the locals, never were, never had been and didn’t exist.

Inside the hidden passages that honeycombed the hotel, an ancient evil brooded, savoring the tastes of deceit and deception exuding from the unsuspecting guests. Or were they really guests at all? Why are the vacationers more tired now than when they checked in? Would they ever be able to arouse themselves to check out, or was that actually an option?

Come on vacation with Josh & Jennifer and Charles & Anne. Fight the feeling that you may be losing your mind when local residents tell you that places you have seen and people you have met do not and could not exist.

And for the piece de resistance - undergo the most sensual, animalistic, erotic experience of your life.

Hopefully, you will survive the experience.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on November 29, 2016

Two couples arrive to enjoy a vacation in their own ways. Each sees the world around them differently, thinks about what they see uniquely. But the constant around them hides something unexpected. The truth behind that which is hidden is beyond any of their understandings.

The summary of this work, as long and detailed as it is, suggests there is an aspect of erotica within the pages. There is, though it is fleeting and short, but then the focus isn’t on the erotica so much as it is upon following the main characters as the story is told. The telling of those stories, the experiences they have, sets out the foundation of what is a complex and interesting mystery to untangle.

Discovering why things happen, how events are made to fall into place, was a delight and I enjoyed the time spent by the author in developing the characters, telling the story and making the pieces fit together well. The clues are spread out and when the reasons come into play, some of them were quite a surprise as well.

There is an appearance of what can be described as a succubus/incubus in this work, but that moment is very short, leading towards the climax of the story. The hints are there, in many ways, but to say for certainty they are is somewhat debatable, regardless of the means they use. They appear, for the most part, to be window dressing for the core of the work, allowing threads to be closed, stories pointed in certain ways.

As a mystery, this work tells that story well in a captivating way. But this isn’t a story that has a focus upon succubi or incubi. That said, the writing is very good, the characters have clear and strong voices and I enjoyed the work for that most of all. I would have liked more of the one character lurking in the shadows throughout most of the story, to know how they changed, why they made the choices they did at a critical point in the telling.

Four out of five pitchforks.

This is a work of thought, of putting the pieces together and coming to understand before the ending arrives. That was interesting to me, the little bit of suggested succubus/incubus appearing was interesting as well. This isn’t a work of erotica, nor really is it meant to be so. The mystery is lovely, the story has some quirks, but all in all something which is unique.

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