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Sinful Lust (eBook)

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Sinful Lust
Sinful Lust eBook Cover, written by Caitlyn Norrel
Sinful Lust eBook Cover,
written by Caitlyn Norrel
Author(s) Caitlyn Norrel
Publisher Amazon Digital Services, Smashwords
Publication date January 9, 2018
Media type eBook
Length 40 Pages
ISBN 9780463081143

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Sinful Lust is an eBook written by Caitlyn Norrel. In this work several of the characters are Succubi.


  • Title: Sinful Lust
  • Author: Caitlyn Norrel
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services & Smashwords
  • Length: 40 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B078XBF6DH
  • ISBN: 9780463081143
  • Publishing Date: January 9, 2018

Plot Summary

The gorgeous brunette Trisha and the beautiful blonde Jessica are fight each other desperately, tearing into each other's perfect, naked body in a desperate attempt to crush each other's will. They are succubi...sexual beings of Hell whose skills in seduction and sex are unparalleled; except when compared to another succubus. Their struggling forms are surrounded by four other voluptuous succubi, cheering the two women on, spurring them to fight each other harder and harder. They are fighting wildly, tears streaming down their cheeks; but before the two women can settle their differences they're interrupted by the devil herself; and she's not happy with any of them.

She needs the succubi at the ready in order for her to control the masses, but the constant rivalries between them are quickly getting in the way. Victoria, Amber, Lisa, and Alexandria, the four other succubi, are all trapped in their own desperate rivalries; and in a fit of rage the devil sends them all before the Angelic Council in hopes that they'll try and sort the six succubi out.

This is not the first time these six have been sent before the Council; and Hannah, the Council's red haired head, is quickly growing tired of the devil sending her whores in front of her again and again. Luna, a newcomer to council offers up a desperate solution; to let the six succubi fight each other frantically in their holy pool. The heavenly water will heal any wounds the six woman inflict on each other, letting them fight each other in any way they choose without the dangers of permanent damage. The hope is that by setting the succubi loose, by letting them settle their rivalries in any way they see fit, that once a victor emerges their fighting will cease. The eyes of the sexual demons flare with excitement, loving the idea of finally being able to prove who the better woman is without being interrupted; and with frantic screams the six succubi stumble desperately into the pool, their naked bodies warring frantically as they fight to take control of each other.

The fighting is desperate, each woman causing pain and pleasure to course violently through her gorgeous rivals...but as the six woman struggle, their desperate wars almost even as they thrash about in the water, they begin to feel the need to consume each other completely. They begin to seal their bodies together tightly, clenching their sexual forms together in desperate wars, struggling to drain each other's incredible juices dry. Their fighting drives them wild, fueling the hatred they have for each other; and as the six woman fight on and on, they know that they must continue until only one of them reigns victorious. Hatred swirls around their desperate, naked forms as they fight; but as the Sinful Lust builds between them, making them hotter than they've ever been before, they know that this desperate war is exactly what they've wanted since the first time they met.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on January 14, 2018

The summary is, I think, possibly one of the longest that I have encountered when it comes to works about succubi with less than fifty pages. It also provides a glimpse into some of the issues with how the work was written. That said, the summary does, for the most part, tell what’s happening and there’s really no surprises as the work unfolds. The main characters fight, there’s unending taunts and curses, and in the end there’s one “winner” when all is said and done.

But in getting to the climax of the work, there’s not a lot which makes any of the characters that interesting. There’s little in the way of sensuality in them, there’s not much told about how they really came to be who, and what, they are either. It’s a give they are succubi, understood that they are in battle with each other but beyond that, there’s not much given to grow the characters or get their story past the fight they are constantly in.

I didn’t find any heat in the erotica, nor were any of the characters, succubi or not, of interest to me. Coupled with that, the telling of the work mixed tenses and didn’t give a moment for a pause or consideration, before the next fight started again. There’s a mixture of several fetishes along the way, milking being one of them. but again, there’s really not a lot of time spent away from the cursing and fighting to tell a story.

The existence of succubi in this universe seems to revolve around fighting amongst themselves, which didn’t really so much for me. Even when the devil came into play, and angels beyond that, the story just couldn’t get past the fighting into some plot threads that were far more interesting than the story that transpired. Clearly the work has a singular focus, but that just meant, at least for me, that I didn’t enjoy the story, want to know about the characters or see how things developed.

Really that’s the problem here in that none of the succubi get past their dislike of each other, the fighting among themselves or the abuse they wreak upon one another. I can’t see the erotic aspects here, nor find a story that interested me. It’s a shame because there’s hints of something else to be told, and it never really happens.

One out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing in a lot of ways, not the least of which is to take what is a non-stop narrative of a fight and turn it into something more. The characters are paper-thin, overall have no personality beyond the battle they are engrossed in and as such, that’s just not interesting. Nor is it erotica really.

Catfights, or perhaps more accurately here, succubi fights, aren’t much of a story on their own. Given that there should be more to the characters than the streams of curses, hair pulling and taunting, it seems like there should be a story here beyond that. I just really couldn’t find my way into it sadly.

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