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The Succubus Selena
Publication information
Publisher Bubble Comics
First Appearance Besoboy #4 - Ghosts of the Past, Apple of Discord
Created By Artem Gabrelyanov
Evgeniy Fedotov
In-story information
Alter Ego Сука
Species God/Eternal
Place of Origin Hell
Team Affiliations None
Partnerships None
Abilities Attractive Female
Illusion Casting

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Selena is a fictional character who appeared in the Russian comic book series Besoboy published by Bubble Comics. Her first appearance was in Issue 4 of Besoboy: Ghosts of the Past, Apple of Discord and she made only one appearance in the series having both premiered and then died in the same issue.

Character History

Selena physically appeared to be a tall Caucasian woman of European descent with long white hair and green eyes. Her only physical Succubus aspects were her wings and horns which were the same color as her skin. She wore as little clothing as possible and had a somewhat aloof and domineering personality.

Her history, character and most details about her were very limited. However, it was stated that Besoboy was hunting Selena in order to met out justice for her taking the lives of a family. She was confronted by Besoboy and then was killed by him after a short battle, ending her time on Earth. Whether or not she was actually killed is uncertain as she may well have only been sent back to Hell.

Her powers were that of a typical Succubus. She was sexually attractive, had the ability to fly, could cast illusions upon herself to appear as anyone she wished and also understood magic to an extent as well.


  • Besoboy #4 - Ghosts of the Past, Apple of Discord

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