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Satyri/Lillithian Satyri

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Lillithian Satyri
A Lillithian Satyri, beginning to feed upon an unfortunate victim
A Lillithian Satyri beginning to feed upon an unfortunate victim
Appearance DPRagan's Magic School Storyverse
Physical Aspects Similar in most aspects to Satyri

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For other Satyri variants by the artist DPRagan, see Satyri.

Lillithian Satyri are the other, lesser known type of Satyri in the Magic School Universe Storyverse, to the point that most people are unaware that there are two distinct variants.

General Description

Lillithian Satyri are Satyri that have been actively transformed by a "mother" Succubus, not unlike how a Vampire can turn a Human victim into a thrall or how a Werewolf can spread their own curse around. Aside from the typical physical attributes all Satyri share, Lillithians all universally have black sclera (the "whites of the eyes"), which is related to their defining quirk: Lillithian souls contain a fragment of a Succubus soul inside them, which means they share the same hunger for yang essence as their "mother." This hunger comes with Succubus instincts, which push them towards more and more outrageous (and more succubus-like) behavior between feedings, in a cycle commonly called the "Nude/Lewd/Food" cycle for the 3 behaviors they push the Lillithian into taking.

This feeding must take the form of sexual acts with a male partner -- the more sexual, the more yang essence they can extract. While this is extremely pleasurable for both partners, a true Succubus can go further, ripping out the very essence of what makes a man spiritually male -- and plugging the resultant hole with a fragment of her own essence. The result is an extremely painful process that permanently leaves the victim a newborn Lillithian Satyri.

Unlike Soap Satyri, Lillithians are technically partially supernatural (one common term for them in occult circles is "Demi-Succubi"), and do have to worry about the state of their mortal soul. With sufficient sin, their Succubus soul can displace their Human soul outright, turning them permanently into a Succubus. Lillithians can gauge how much danger they are in by the color of their irises, the more yellow, the more sin they are holding in their souls and thus the more danger they are in of turning. These "Fallen" Lillithians, now newborn Succubi, invariably seek out new and interesting men to feed upon, no doubt turning at least a few of them into Lillithians themselves, which suggests that the entire Lillithian Succubi process is actually a form of Succubus reproduction.

Unlike normal Soap Satyri all Lillithian Satyri have at least some talent with shapeshifting magic. While they cannot hide their more obvious attributes (they're always fantastically attractive women and usually can't help but look like Satyri), they can (and do) abuse these powers in the pursuit of seducing (and feeding on) men. A Lillithian Satyri who loses control and instinctively feeds will also instinctively randomize their appearance, covering their tracks fairly well.

Physical Description

Lillithians have few modifications from the "base" Satyri form -- they all look like rubber skinned Succubi, and placing a Soap Satyri next to a Lillithian reveals few distinct physical differences on the whole.

However, one modification that all Lillithians have is the black sclera effect; all Lillithian eyes have no white in them, instead being solid black. In addition, their irises are outlined by a golden ring, which reflects light but otherwise has no bearing on their vision.

Related to this is the fact that all Lillithian eyes have at least some yellow in the iris; this yellow acts as a sin "measuring stick," allowing Lillithians to tell at a glance how damned they are. As they gain (or lose) sin, they gain (or lose) yellow in their irises. A Lillithian whose eyes turn fully yellow irrevecobly loses their soul to the growing Succubi influence on their spirit, turning into a Succubus.

Some Lillithians, particularly those who have "fallen" to full demonhood, have wings, although this is exceedingly rare. No Satyri can fly without magical assistance, although this magical assistance is instinctive to fallen Satyri.

All Lillithains have the potential to learn how to use shape changing transformation magic upon themselves, although they generally require lots of practice or study to use this ability regularly. While they cannot change their bodies back to being male, they can, after learning how, take nearly any female or female-like appearance they desire.

Lillithian Satyri Instincts

The magical creation process of a Lillithian involves a "mother" Succubus consuming the human victim's masculine energy outright, rather than their more typical "nibbling" on said essence, leaving it with the ability to regrow. While this would typically be fatal, if a Succubus chooses to do so, she can stem the spiritual wound with a fragment of her own essence, or soul. This will save the human victim's life, although many would argue they would rather have been left to "bleed out" spiritually instead.

While this process will save the human's life, it will also invariably result in the human waking up several hours or days later as a Lillithian Satyri. Worse, the Lillithian Satyri will quickly learn that they have gained new, powerful instincts with the new fragment of a Succubi soul that resides in their own soul. These instincts -- the instincts of a true Succubus, will follow them for the rest of eternity, influencing their behavior at all times.

These urges grow constantly in severity and strength the longer a Lillithian goes without male "essence", a nebulous form of spiritual energy that all true succubi require to live -- the same essence that, having been ripped out of their souls, resulted in their transformation into a Lillithian.

Feeding on male "essence" is exclusively only possible via sexual contact with members of the opposite sex -- the more sexual, the more nourishing they find the act. While minor sexual contact such as kissing or heavy petting can be a nice snack, it is hardly nourishing -- only actual sexual acts can fully nourish a Lillithian's need for essence. As they are constantly burning up this essence as a food source, they consistently need to replenish it, meaning they must feed off of (read: have sex with) a man roughly every one to two weeks.

Unfortunately, it takes longer than that for a human male to regenerate this essence, meaning that they cannot feed off the same man twice in a row. What this means in all practicality is that Lillithians are forced to constantly find new random sex partners to survive.

It is utterly impossible for a Lillithian to practice monogamy in any realistic fashion, nor is it possible for a Lillithian to avoid somewhat regular sexual contact with random men -- they literally need to in order to live. Lillithian Satyri that fancy themselves as asexual, monogamous, or "neo-heterosexual" (so called lesbian Lillithians) get this distressing aspect of their new lives added onto any other despair they may be feeling after their change.

As a mixed blessing, their instincts are very helpful in helping them feed, allowing them to sense appropriate men and subconsciously guiding their powers to extract essence in a relatively safe manner. Unfortunately, instincts that help a Lillithian feed are directly opposed to letting a Lillithian live a normal, human life. As these instincts become more powerful and harder to ignore the longer a Lillithian goes without feeding, the Lillithian's ability to fit in with normal human society diminishes greatly.

The cycle of the Satyri is known coloqueally as the Nude/Lewd/Food cycle due to the behaviors it forces Lillithians to partake in:

The first week since the Satyri last filled herself on Essence is the Nude Week. Over the first week the Satyri slowly becomes more and more annoyed by the act of wearing clothing. It starts off as an uncomfortable and "wrong" feeling when first putting clothing on, but grows into a feeling of burning pain whenever they wear clothes as the week goes on. By the end of the week the Satyri feels stifled and overhwelmed by even the lightest clothing, with a feeling not unlike a sunburn constantly harrassing them wherever their clothing touches their skin.

Around the end of this week the first willpower break of the Lillithian occurs -- their will snaps, and their body disrobes themselves without their permission. From this point forward they are unable to bring themselves to dress or otherwise cover their body, their instinctive need to be nude overpowers all conscious thought. Most Satyri fall apart before reaching this point, partially due to it requiring more effort to dress than remain dressed -- most Satyri only discover they are at this point in their cycles when they go to dress and simply can't.

The second week starts the Lewd Week. Towards the end of the previous week they have felt a steadily growing sexual arousal, their bodies telling them that they are hungry for essence. Over the course of this week this arousal grows and begins to affect the Satyri's behavior. Poses and word choices become increasingly lewd without the Satyri's knowledge, if a Lillithian can think of a more sexualized way to do something at this time they will do so. The Satyri remains unaware of any such lewd motions they make at this time, however if they are made aware they can resist acting in this way.

This urge grows in strength as the week progresses, until the end of the week when it reaches a crecendo. By this point the Satyri has their second major willpower break -- the lose the ability to stop acting lewd. They become a somewhat passive observer in their bodies, able to dictate general terms ("Go to town," "Pick up that book," etc) but unable to resist the urge to titillate any and all onlookers while doing so. When not actively doing anything, their bodies strike out on their own, acting as sexual as the Lillithian's subconscious can think of. Most Satyri at this point in their cycles try to minimize their contact with others, with limited success.

The third week is the Food Week. By this point the Satyri has been helplessly nude for over a week, with painful bouts of arousal for that entire time. For the past few days this arousal combined with instinctive help has led to the Satyri acting wonton with everyone and anyone they encounter. As the third week goes on, the Satyri loses the battle against these instincts outright - the lewd behavior migrates to outright sexual propositioning of anyone and everyone.

Initially the Satyri can resist this urge, correcting and apologizing for themselves afterwards, but this quickly leads to the third and final breakdown in willpower, the so called "Frenzy Point" -- the Satyri becomes a completely passive observer in their bodies, watching as they preoposition man after man until they successfully feed. The instincts activate two important abilities that the Lillithians have innately -- the Satyri can "sense" any men nearby that have essence available to safely feed on, and the Satyri's innate shapeshifting ability subconsciously kicks in. Any Satyri that reaches this point usually does so anonymously.

After feeding the urges their instincts force upon them go back to a manageable level, although no single man can fully sate a Lillithian's hunger, meaning that after feeding a Lillithian could be at nearly any point along their cycle. It is far more likely that a post-"frenzy point" Lillithian will still be trapped somewhere during the early to mid part of the Lewd Week, meaning they are mere days away from another frenzy. The only way to completely sate their hunger is to voluntarily find sexual partners to feed off of without being forced to by instinct, it is only by doing so that they can climb out of the later weeks of their cycles and gain a precious few days of relative peace and normalcy.

It is no accident that the only way for a Lillithian to "break free" and go back to a normal life is to feed regularly under their own power, intentionally choosing to act like a succubus in order to prevent being forced to act even more like one.

Unfortunately for Lillithians, there is literally no way out of this cycle. As they now have part of a Succubus soul inside them they are constantly burning up Yang essence and thus are trapped in the cycle for their entire lives. Tragically, around the end of the fourth week without feeding the Lillithian will literally starve to death, their bodies running out of the Yang Essence their succubus soul requires to function. This requires some form of external influence -- no Human, Satyri, nor even Succubus can resist the urge to feed this long. By this point any and all Succubi (and Lillithians, to an extent) in the area can sense the growing despair of the Lillithian. In addition the Lillithian's natural shapeshifting abilities make restraining them in this way somewhat difficult, making instances of this sort are extremely rare. Anyone trying to torture or misguidedly trying to "help" a Lillithian by simply restraining them and refusing to let them feed will find themselves quickly having to answer to her "sisters" -- or god forbid, her "Mother" -- who will not be amused.

A post-transformation Lillithian Satyri's life is a constant, losing battle against this incessant and growing need to act like stereotypical Succubus -- rejecting clothing, acting increasingly lewd at all times, and feeding off of (read: having sex with) any men they can get their hands on. Invariably, Lillithians gain a not undeserved reputation for being (or at least, acting like) a Succubus in all but name due to this cycle. Unfortunately, most people do not differentiate between Lillithians and Soap Satyri (indeed, most do not know there are two types), meaning all Satyri gain these reputations.

Lillithians and Society

Lillithians awake from their transformations several days after the fact, invariably nude and usually in an unknown location, often a significant distance away from where they were changed. If the transformation was accidental, or even a "reward" from a True Succubi, they may be greeted by the True Succubi who transformed them, who will likely give the new half-Succubus some basic training in shapeshifting magic and how to hunt down essence.

If the transformation was a punishment by a True Succubus, usually the Lillithian will be thrown screaming out into the world to fend for herself, with no explanation nor training. Any understanding of the cycle will come to them incidentally, as they experience it first hand.

The True Succubus will rarely be idle during this point -- they will frequently bemusedly watch the Lillithian's torment or even intervene to further torture the poor victim. One thing they will generally not do is allow them to come to true harm -- a victim who dies scant days or years after their change hasn't suffered nearly enough for most True Succubi's tastes.

True Succubi live inhumanly long lives, on the order of millenia, and this gives them a very long outlook on life: they know full well that after a few decades or centuries they will likely have forgiven their "daughter," who will most likely have fallen and joined the "sisterhood" by then.

Either way, after the transformation, Lillithians are left to their own devices. They retain all their previous memories and personality but now have to deal with their Succubus instincts pushing on them -- the Nude/Lewd/Food cycle immediately begins pushing them to disrobe and seduce the nearest available man.

Most Lillithians are mistaken for Soap Satyri by most people, it is only when you get into the occult communities of the world that the difference becomes common knowledge. As such, Lillithians seldom find out exactly what happened to them, nor about the very existance of the cycle, until they happen upon either an older Lillithian, or a helpful occult specialist.

Lillithians and Humanity

Lillithians are unfortunately on the cusp of true Daemonhood -- not technically a Succubus, but with all the instincts and urges of one. As such it is very difficult for a Lillithian to properly re-integrate with human society; they are always on fringes of humanity, either in symbiotic relationships with the men around them, or as an outright sexual predator of whatever men they can find.

These instincts are constantly pushing on a Lillithian's psyche, reminding them always that they are (or at least, have the predisposition to be) sexual predators. It is only by accepting and striking a balance between these instincts and their human lives that they can find some measure of acceptance in human society. A Lillithian who rejects her instincts outright is quickly enslaved by them, never feeding enough to regain some semblance of self control.

Ironically, most rumors about Satyri being perpetually naked, uninhibited sex creatures are the direct result of Lillithians attempting to resist their urges to be perpetually naked, uninhibited sex creatures.

Many Lillithians give up any hope of re-integration as feelings of angst and despair build up over the months after their change, the realization that these instincts will never go away shattering their will to resist. Rather than putting themselves through this perpetual torment to attempt to mimic their human lives, these "Fallen" Lillithians embrace the lifestyle their instincts force upon them. By doing so, they risk falling from grace, turning into True Succubi in the process, although most do gain some measure of peace by doing so.

A Lillithian who does manage to strike the proper balance -- feeding not when forced to, but when they are spiritually "hungry" -- finds themselves easily able to integrate with human society. Most humans will assume that they are Soap Satyri, meaning they must put up with constant reminders to wear clothing, something that is annoying due to them having a fully functioning nudity taboo.

Lillithian Spirituality

Lillithians are dangerously affected spiritually by their change. A Lillithian is the result of a human having a large portion of their soul carved out, the spiritual wound being stemmed by a fragment of a Succubi's soul. As such, all Lillithians are partially Succubi, at least on a spiritual level.

They do not lose their spirituality as a result of their change, although their instincts almost invariably cause an immediate and dangerous crisis of faith.

On a more supernatural level, Lillithian Satyri are utterly immersed in infernal energy; their fragmented souls emit a weaker demonic aura, similar to a True Succubi. Outside of their instincts and the hunger this places on them this doesn't typically have any day to day effect on them -- a Lillithian's body is still effectively a human body, and completely susceptible to human diseases and medicines.

However, Lillithians do share their "mother's" reaction to holy energies. A Lillithian exposed to holy water feels the water as if it were boiling hot, no matter it's actual temperature. Holy items and relics annoy or even physically repel the Lillithian, pushing them away from the item or causing them burning pain. Similarly, holy sites and displays of true piety cause Lillithians distress, generally leading to them leaving the area as fast as possible.

Fortunately for the Lillithian, their souls are not truly damned. A Lillithian who is making every effort to live a clean life post-change, eating only when they must and sticking to consensual partners, has these effects diminish greatly, to the point of almost vanishing.

A clean living Lillithian would hardly notice the holy water, although they would certainly notice their clothing vanishing, and would feel quite fine in any place of worship, even praying or singing hymns. Indeed, many Lillithians (amongst others) take the appearance of the Satyri and the Lillithian change as confirmation of the supernatural aspects of many Western religions.

A Lillithian who has embraced the "Succubus Lifestyle" and who is actively preying on humans for their own enjoyment would find holy water burning them as if acidic, feel like they were constantly being watched and in danger when coming onto a place of worship, and would be repulsed by religious iconography, not unlike a vampire from old monster movies.

In short, a Lillithian who is trying to act human generally react like humans to holy auras. Lillithians who are giving in to their demonic parentage react like demons. Lillithians who are in between react somewhere in between.

On a magical level, all Lillithians have the ability to do some light magic, similar to their Succubi "mother". The primary use of this is the ability to shapeshift: All Lillithians can shapeshift, although they mostly do so via instinct. This primarily comes into play when the Lillithian loses control and feeds on his or her own, although Lillithians can teach themselves -- but generally not others -- how to use minor shapeshifting magic.

Lillithians and Super/Pseudo-naturals

Succubi and "Fallen" Lillithians (which are, in effect, newborn Succubi), are very protective of Lillithians. Even a True Succubi who directly punished a victim by transforming them into a Lillithian will never allow her to come to harm -- if only because this extends the victim's torment that much longer.

Succubi tend to consider (and treat) Lillithians as adorable children -- in need of protection, slightly comical in their attempts to act like "big kids", and in need of proper guidance to ensure they become the best "adults" they can be. Even a Succubi who absolutely loathes a Lillithian will give them honest, if somewhat blunt, advice on their new lives. This instinctively is reprocated by the Lillithians, who will subconsciously come to treat any Succubi they may meet as "big sister" types.

Lillithians who are part of the same social circles, while somewhat rare, usually have a supportive effect on each other's willpower, with some reservations. A Lillithian who does lose control will almost invaiably cause others to lose control with them; the sight of a naked Lillithian (or Soap Satyri) will make any Lillithian who sees it feel a sharp urge to disrobe as well. It takes very little time before all Lillithians in a group have the same or similar cycles.

While this can lead to competition for male essence, most Lillithians are glad to have someone who "gets" their constant struggle against their urges. Most Lillithian friends end up hunting in "packs", especially if a suitable hunting ground (bar, frat house, etc) is available nearby.

It is interesting to note that if a pair (or more) of Lillithians bed the same victim at the same time, the victim suffers no additional negative effects from this feeding, and both Lillithians feed equally well. It is unknown where this extra Yang essence comes from, although some postulate the additional perversity of the act causes an inherent refining effect.

Lillithians and Soap Satyri get along fairly well, although most Lillithians have trouble explaining and coming to terms with the fact that even among the Satyri they are the odd girls out. They tend to be jealous of the Satyri's lack of cycle; Similarly, the Satyri tend to be concerned at the Lillithian's blatantly sexual natures.

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