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Lost Girl character
The Dark Fae Ryan Lambert, Ex-Lover of Bo
The Dark Fae Ryan Lambert, Ex-Lover of Bo
First appearance

Last appearance

Fae-nted Love
Portrayed by

Anthony Lemke
Aliases Ryan Lambert
Species Loki
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 5 Episodes
Aligned Dark Fae
Fate Inactive
Ended relationship with Bo during Fae-nted Love

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Ryan, also known as Ryan Lambert was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was at one time Bo's lover as well as a supplier of special devices to The Ash. He was Dark Fae in nature and specifically a Loki. The role was played by the actor Anthony Lemke. He first appeared in the second season episode Masks where he gave a gift to Bo during her birthday parry and called himself an "admirer".

His final appearance in the series was in the second season episode, Fae-nted Love where he was turned into a thrall of Bo's by coming in contact with her blood. When Bo lost her memory, he attempted to have her wed him, but Kenzi and Trick stopped this from occurring. Once freed of Bo's influence, he broke contact with Bo at the end of that episode and disappeared. This marked the end of his appearances in the series. There is no evidence that he will appear in the third or future seasons in flashbacks or other forms.

Character History

Second Season

Ryan first appeared at the end of the second season episode Masks when he crashed Bo's birthday party and gave her a gift from what he called "an admirer." The gift was a bracelet who's purpose became clear in Ryan's later appearances. While Anthony Lemke was credited in the episode, he was not named as Ryan, although the IMDb did show his credit with that role.

Ryan's first real appearance was in Midnight Lamp. Bo was directed by Lachlan, who was The Ash at the time of the episode to capture an Jinn or Afreet. He directed Bo to see Ryan who he called a supplier of various items for The Ash. Lachlan also reveals to Bo that Ryan was the strange man that gave Bo the gift in the previous episode will be supplying what she needs. When Bo confronts Lachlan about this, he tells her that he had hoped that she and Ryan would "hit it off" as Ryan doesn't give his inventions to just anyone. Bo then visits Ryan at his laboratory and the two have a strained conversation while Ryan shows off various devices that Bo is unimpressed with. Ryan uses all kinds of innuendo with Bo, but finally gives in and gives Bo a music box which he explains will trap the Jinn she is in search of. Bo and Ryan become trapped within the device with the Jinn and over the course of the episode Ryan's back story is revealed. Ryan explains that he is "a Loki" and that there is a very large family of them in the world. He explains that the myth of Loki is a PR thing, but does admit that the mischief part is true. With Ryan's help and that of Hale on the outside, Bo eventually overcomes the Jinn and escapes the trap. At the end of the episode. Bo and Ryan have sex and he reveals to Bo that he is, Dark Fae. He claims that this means nothing and that it shouldn't matter to Bo and she begins a relationship with him.

In Table for Fae, Bo and Ryan are seeing each other and are found out by Kenzi when she and Nate return after a road trip. After a disastrous attempt at taking them to dinner, in which he alienates Kenzi and Nate, Ryan arranges for The Morrigan to see Nate and in her role as a music agent, take him on. Kenzi manages to stop this by promising The Morrigan a favour in the future which depresses Nate. As a result of his getting the The Morrigan involved with Nate, Kenzi turns completely against Ryan and pushes Bo to break up their relationship. There is also stress between Bo and Ryan when during this episode he sides against Bo as the Fae she is investigating are Dark Fae. She attempts to end their relationship, but he manages to convince her not to go and winds up in a menage a trois to placate Bo.

His next appearance is in School's Out where Bo is tries to keep her ongoing relationship with Ryan a secret from Kenzi throughout the episode. Dyson sees Bo and Ryan together and questions Bo about it, but she makes excuses and covers up her relationship poorly, yet Dyson tells Bo that she is unaligned and as such she can make her own decisions over who she sees to his regret. In an attempt to please Bo, Ryan leads Bo into a school gym decorated for a school dance. Ryan tells Bo that he thought she could use a good high school memory so he decided to make her one. Ryan tells Bo that they are just two amazing people that kind of like each other. Bo caves in and their relationship continues.

Ryan's last appearance is in Fae-nted Love which begins with Bo needing to feed when she is badly hurt. At one point, Bo rakes her nails over Ryan's back leaving long deep gashes in it before she feeds on him. As the pair continue to have sex together, blood from Bo's wrist drips into and around the gashes that she had drawn on Ryan's body which cause him to become infatuated with Bo. When Bo' memories are destroyed during her investigation of another Fae's actions, Ryan takes the opportunity to convince Bo that they are madly in love with each other and attempts to marry Bo. Trick and Kenzi however stop this from happening and with Kenzi's help, Trick breaks the control Bo has over Ryan. When he is free, Ryan has no memories of what exactly happened, but Kenzi is aware that Bo never ended her relationship with Ryan and is angry with Bo. Once the case is solved, Bo and Ryan break off their relationship. Ryan asks Bo to continue to wear the bracelet he gave her, explaining that it has a chip in it and he will be warned if Bo comes within fifty feet of him. Bo says goodbye to Ryan and he replies: "Goodbye beautiful." But before he leaves, he places his lips close to Bo's ear and says something to her before he does so.

This marks the end of Ryan's arc in the series. There is no evidence that he will return in the third or future seasons and appears to have been written out of the series entirely. However, he still may be providing items to The Ash and might return in the future or be mentioned at some point.

Powers and Abilities

Ryan is shown throughout the series to be adept at creating and manufacturing various inventions.

  • Loki: He is a Loki which is a species of Fae known to create mischief and chaos. What that means as a specific Fae power is not known as there did not seem to be any examples of Ryan using such a power.
  • Alchemy: In the episode Midnight Lamp, Trick commented that building, and by association fixing, a magic lamp required advanced alchemist skills. These skills were also seen in the devices that Ryan created for The Ash under contract to him. Ryan designed and constructed a special belt that protected the wearer from harm. He also provided Bo with a bracelet that defended the wearer from certain harmful Afreet abilities.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Second Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Ryan's first appearance was in Masks when he gave Bo a mysterious bracelet.
  • Ryan is Dark Fae.
  • His speciality is creating items with technology and alchemy which can be used again various kinds of Fae.
  • He had a contract with Lachlan when he was The Ash to provide items at a price.
  • Ryan apparently has one car for each day of the week.
  • Ryan is a Loki. In Norse mythology, Loki or Loke is a god or jötunn. Loki is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. He is also known by his role in Norse mythology, which some scholars have described as that of a trickster god. Loki in the Lost Girl universe are in fact a family of Fae and not a single individual, but they do claim to be the source of the myth.
  • Ryan told Bo that he would not betray his clan.
  • Ryan told Bo that there were no rules with him, but, he sided with the Dark Fae sisters in the episode Table for Fae over Bo.
  • He was smitten with Bo for reasons that were not clear at the beginning of their relationship.
  • He became a thrall of Bo's when he came in contact with Bo's blood.
  • After being freed from Bo's control, he had no memories of the events that transpired.
  • Before he leaves, Ryan asks Bo to continue to wear the bracelet he gave her, explaining that it has a chip in it and he will be warned if Bo comes within fifty feet of him.
  • The last thing he does is to whisper something to Bo before leaving.

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