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Roxy Wasserman

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Roxy Wasserman
The Middleman character
Roxy Wasserman, Reformed Succubus
and Fashion Designer
First appearance

The Accidental Occidental Conception
Last appearance

The Cursed Tuba Contingency
Portrayed by

Elaine Hendrix
Nickname(s) Roxy
Species Succubus (Reformed)
Gender Female
Occupation Fashion Designer

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Roxy Wasserman in the Middleman
Roxy Wasserman in the Middleman
Roxy Wasserman (Center), Wendy (Left), The Middleman (Right) in the Middleman

Roxy Wasserman was a fictional character in the TV series The Middleman. The series was based on the Viper Comics series, The Middleman, created by Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClaine. The series ran for one twelve episode season in 2008. Roxy was a reformed Succubus that owned a fashion design house which was in reality a halfway house for Succubi and Incubi who were trying to change their ways. She acted as a "consultant" for The Middleman with regards to cases that had to do with magic, the underworld, or other similar themes.

Character History

Roxy is a Succubus and is the owner of a halfway house for reformed Succubi and Incubi called the Famouse Fashion House. Roxy was a fashion designer and reformed succubus with what was described as a "little side hobby" in the magical arts. During the series she helped the Middleman defeat an ancient terracotta warrior with a Vial of Aquatic Banishment she provided. She also temporarily hired Lacey Thornfield as an assistant. Roxy ran a house for Succubi and Incubi to allow them to blend into society and lead productive lives with normal people. In her second appearance in the series, Roxy sent a Succubus to collect a cursed Tuba from Johnny John. When confronted by the The Middleman, she claimed it was to protect the common people and to keep the magical object for herself.

It was never made clear exactly what Roxy's relationship with The Middleman was, other than they had what she described as an "agreement." She did provide information to The Middleman at varius times and seemed to have a generally good working relationship with him.

Physical Description

Roxy appears to be a normal human female with short blond hair. She has no visible signs of a tail or horns, but it has been shown that when she is angry her voice changes, becoming demonic, and as well her eyes change color.


  • Roxy is described as a reformed Succubus, which we assume means that she no longer takes souls like a normal Succubus would.
  • Roxy is the owner of a fashion house called the Famouse Fashion House.
  • Her relationship to The Middleman is as a consultant to him in matters of magic.
  • She calls The Middleman MM, and he calls her Roxy.
  • It appears that within her office, Roxy has several ancient books dealing with magic and possibly a Book of Evil.
  • Within her fashion house can be found a number of reformed or in the process of reforming Succubi and Incubi.
  • The fashion house itself is a halfway house to support these creatures in their attempts to go straight as it were.
  • In her second appearance, Roxy and The Middleman came to blows with Roxy taking a punch to the side of her face that barely fazed her. In return she gave The Middleman a pretty good right hook.

Appearances on The Middleman

  • Roxy first appeared in Episode 2 of the series, The Accidental Occidental Conception on June 23rd, 2008 on ABC Family Channel.
  • Her second appearance was in Episode 7 of the series, The Cursed Tuba Contingency on July 28th, 2008 on ABC Family Channel.


The fanfic A Session With The Succubus by the author Brista had Roxy and Wendy meeting in Roxy's office and talking about the Middleman, being a reformed Succubus and what it was like to devour a soul.

The fanfic Official Business by the author Brista had Roxy and The Middleman meeting after the events seen in the episode The Accidental Occidental Conception where The Middleman had unfinished business with his consultant.

The Middleman Series

The series ran for only one season in the summer of 2008. ABC Family canceled the series in early 2009, but a DVD was released with all of the series episodes and additional extra content.

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