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Red Succubus Skin (Evil Designs)

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Red Succubus Skins
Red Succubus Skins by Sonya Bigboots of Evil Designs

Sonya Bigboots of Evil Designs
Skin or Avatar

Adult Content


Second Life Marketplace

Skin available with or
without tattoos

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Red Succubus Skins was a series of skins for Second Life avatars created by Sonya Bigboots of Evil Designs. The skins gave an avatar a Succubus-like appearance. There are two versions, one with a tattoo and one without.

Red Succubus Skin

  • Sexy Red demoness skin
  • Adults only as depicts genitalia
  • The skin can be copied, but not modified or transferred.
  • Tattoo is available as a separate item or can be bought as part of a bundle. Tattoo and Skin designed to work together.


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