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Nikos (2003)

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Nikos the Impaler

DVD Box Cover of the movie Nikos
Directed by Andreas Schnaas
Produced by Andreas Schnaas
Joe Zaso
Written by Ted Geoghegan
Story by Andreas Schnaas
Starring Joe Zaso
Felissa Rose
Andreas Schnaas
Cinematography Hugh C. Daly
Editing by Ray Schwetz
Studio Cinema Image Productions
JHD productions
Rat Pack Filmproduktion
Schnaas Film GmbH
Distributed by RatPack Independent Films
Release date(s) March 8, 2003 (Weekend of Fear Festival)
Running time 100 Minutes
Country Germany
Language English

For other uses of the word Succubus, or movies involving Succubi, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Nikos the Impaler is a B-grade splatter film directed by and starring German arteur Andreas Schnaas. It follows a reincarnated barbarian as he wreaks havok on modern day New York City. The film was shot in New York City on a budget of 40,000 dollars and was released direct-to-DVD. It is known in some markets as Nikos the Impaler and Violent Shit 4: Nikos. The name Nikos was also the killer's name in Andreas Schnaas' earlier film, Anthropophagous 2000. Schnaas himself played Nikos in both movies. Cameos in the film include Debbie Rochon, [Lloyd Kaufman, Darian Caine, Tina Krause, and Bela B. of Die Ärzte. The cast listing shows that a Succubus appears in this movie.


  • Release Date: 2003
  • MPAA Rating: 18+
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
  • Director: Andreas Schnaas
  • Writer: Ted Geoghegan and Andreas Schnaas
  • Studio: RatPack Independent Films
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Tag Line: He's going to paint the town red... blood red.


College professor Frank Heller (Joe Zaso) and his girlfriend Sandra (Felissa Rose) lead a ragtag group of museum patrons in a race for their lives. After a botched robbery attempt spills blood on the ancient mask of Nikos a lu Unziceanu (Andreas Schnaas), the barbarian returns to kill off virtually anyone and everyone that crosses his path. After wiping out the art museum, the maniac turns to a health club, gay bar, movie theater, and video store to continue his rampage.


Actor / Actress Role
Joe Zaso Frank Heller
Felissa Rose Sandra Kane
Andreas Schnaas Nikos a lu Unziceanu
Antonio Tomahawk Prince Vajk lu Rusu
Frank Franconeri Bran
Daniel Alvaro Vlad
Mike Marino Torn Man
Hugh C. Daly Romanian King / Video Store Clerk
Erotida Cruz Romanian Queen
Fred Cerniglia Romanian Son
Brenda Abbandandolo Daisy
Joseph Michael Lagana Pete Whittenberger
Joe Lattanzi Ryan Lundin
Alicia Tsai Anna
Mike Russo Ronnie
Dennis Keeley Jason
Tina Kay Olivia Bancroft
Dennis Albanese Henry
Preston Barnes Lou
Joy Seligsohn Reba
Sal Sirchia Don Cole
Steve Moramarco Mario
Willie Hill Bernie
Frank Gagliardotto Judah
Patrick Tierney Ben MacGregor
Jasi Cotton Lanier Officer Felice
Darian Caine Hollie
Michael Bruno Kyle
Patricia Ostergaard Addy
Sierra Brandt Addy's Friend
Lenise Sorén Succubus
Ken Lin Black-robed Ninja
Elton Lin Red-robed Ninja
Steve Montague Adolf Hitler
Tina Krause Eva Braun
Craig David Rosen Bearded Cop
Brian Michael Finn Angry Driver

Critical Review

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  • Pretty lame splatter-fest, but worth a go for a laugh or two
  • Reviewed On: 14 July 2006
  • Reviewed By: BA_Harrison

You've got to admire Andreas Schnaas: despite no discernible talent for film-making, he's been churning out low-budget gore movies since 1987. I first experienced his bargain basement horror 15 years ago with the abominable 'Zombie 90' , and I recently picked up 'Nikos the Impaler' in the hope that maybe he had improved somewhat over the last decade and a half. No prizes for guessing that he hasn't!

This tale of a bloodthirsty 11th century barbarian brought to life in present day New York features some of the worst direction, editing and acting it has ever been my misfortune to witness. Schnaas and his team seem to have no idea how to piece a film together, but somehow, despite this (or because of this), 'Nikos' turned out to be fairly entertaining—a case of a film being made bearable due to its utter crapness. Of course it doesn't hurt that Schnaas loads his film with joke-shop gore and includes a gratuitous shower scene for the blokes (albeit one featuring a skanky woman with bad tattoos).

Schnaas's first film to be made in America, 'Nikos' starts off slowly, and the first half an hour is a real chore to sit through. After that, the blood starts to flow and fans of no-budget gore-fests will love the OTT death scenes. The unrealistic no-frills splatter FX come thick and fast and are good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Nikos, the big bad Romanian who is resurrected when blood is accidentally splashed on his mask at a museum/gallery, slices and dices his way through the cast, splashing blood and body parts all over the place. After slaughtering the people in the gallery, he continues his killing spree on the streets of the Big Apple, wasting the occupants of a cinema, the staff of a gym and finally some people in a video shop. At this point the movie goes completely bonkers, and Schnaas throws in some ninjas, a vampire and Hitler for good measure!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, for a while it is, but the lack of a decent plot and any evidence of technical ability from the makers ensures that proceedings become tedious before long. There's only so many inept beheadings you can take before you start longing for the end credits to roll instead.

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