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Neither Love Nor Money (eBook)

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Neither Love Nor Money
Neither Love Nor Money eBook Cover, written by Giselle Renarde
Neither Love Nor Money eBook Cover, written by Giselle Renarde
Author(s) Giselle Renarde
Publisher Giselle Renarde
Publication date September 30, 2013
Media type eBook
Length 18 Pages
ISBN 9781301512034

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Neither Love Nor Money is an eBook written by Giselle Renarde. In this work the character Detta is a Succubus.


  • Title: Neither Love Nor Money
  • Author: Giselle Renarde
  • Published By: Giselle Renarde
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781301512034
  • Publishing Date: September 30, 2013

Plot Summary

Detta's employees like to spread vicious rumors about their boss sleeping her way to the top. They don't know how right they are, and neither does the Detta's new pet, Max, until she seduces him while they're working late. She ties him up to show him just how much power a succubus can wield over a man, but there's a hitch: Detta falls for Max, so hard she can't conceive of stealing his essence. Without the energy she needs, Detta fades fast. Will Max do what's necessary to make her well again?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on June 26, 2016

Max knows a secret and it is one that he holds tightly. Detta, who everyone thinks of as simply a woman, is a succubus. She claimed Max, entwined herself with him, but then, at the moment when she was to feed Detta found that she loved him dearly. Discovering love has made her choose a simple choice. She will not feed again, for his sake. But then Max also has made a choice and neither of them can avoid what it means.

This work is, as a whole, the story of a Mistress and her submissive in which both are willing to do something that, in either case, can spell the end of their lives. In both cases, they try to explain why they are making the choices they are, why they must do so. Really it is a story about what you are willing to do for the one you love.

The work is told from Max’s perspective, and it is clear that he needs Detta, wants her do so whatever she must to live, because that is what you do when you love someone unconditionally. At the same time, the story from Detta’s perspective offers a succubus who has found something she never thought existed, that could never be her’s. In finding that, she makes the choice that it is better to have loved and lost all than to lose the love she’s found.

There is a very bittersweet tone in the story which starts from the first word written to the very last. But along with that comes a few moments of bliss and love for both characters and that I felt told things the best of all. Their first real encounter is heavily BDSM in nature, but it feels right for the two of them and sets out a tone which draws them both together.

The climax of the story offers a simple truth, one that they both have to accept and deal with. Detta has to choose for Max and he must choose for her. It is that understanding, at last, when they are forced to make the choice that I found the most captivating of the work.

The ending however I felt was much less than it otherwise should have been. It comes to a point, to a moment, and then the work just ends, the resolution of their choice not made clear, the consequences of doing so left unknown. I felt a bit cheated at the ending as a result because with all of the gravity of the choice Max has to decide on, the aftermath isn’t dealt with.

I can guess at what comes after this story, what happens to Max and Detta, and I dearly hope that I am correct in believing the best did occur. But that can’t be said for certain, there are questions and with how much I was touched by these characters and their lives, I wish there weren’t so many.

Four of out five pitchforks.

The ending is ambiguous and after all that came before in the work, that is the one singular problem I have with it. I think I know where things will go, at least I hope they would, but there’s no clear answer. Sometimes a story needs that to be complete and the characters to be whole.

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