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Naked Heat

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Naked Heat
Naked Heat eBook Cover, written by Jess C Scott
Naked Heat eBook Cover, written by Jess C Scott
Author(s) Jess C Scott
Publisher jessINK
Publication date April 7, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 319 Pages

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Naked Heat is a collection of Succubi and Incubi related stories written by Jess C Scott. Some of these works have been previously published on their own but have been collected into this anthology of the author's works.


  • Title: Naked Heat
  • Author: Jess C Scott
  • Published By: jessINK
  • Length: 319 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B007SF8YB2
  • Publishing Date: April 7, 2012

Plot Summary

Where sex demons of the night come out to play... Where the way of life is all about seduction—its rules, its pleasures, its secrets... Where there are no true substitutes for devilish delights.

  • The Devilin Fey: A demure young woman unleashes the "devil in" her, through the intimacy with an incubus—her incubus.
  • Sven: An incubus makes it his mission to rectify a teen starlet's first sexual mis-encounter.
  • Tongue-Tied: Featuring a voyeuristic succubus driven by jealousy and a dangerous fixation.
  • Kylie: Kylie, a cougar succubus, gets involved in a complicated love quadrangle, where delirium and violent passions fuel unbridled killer instincts.
  • Bonus Material: Includes guest articles, interview with the author, and the "beginning" of the love triangle plot in The Darker Side of Life (Book #2, Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy).

Book Review

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