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Lost Girl character
Lauren's Ex-Girlfriend Nadia
Nadia, Lauren's Ex-Girlfriend
First appearance

It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away
Last appearance

Truth and Consequences
Portrayed by

Athena Karkanis
Aliases None
Species Human
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 7 Episodes
Aligned None
Fate Deceased
Killed while under the control of The Garuda by Bo in Truth and Consequences

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Nadia was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was at one time Lauren's girlfriend. She was human and was unaware of the Fae world. The role was played by the actress Athena Karkanis. She first appeared in the second season episode It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away. She did not actually appear in this episode, but was seen to be held in a statis pod in The Ash's compound. Her first on screen appearance came in the episode Masks when Bo's actions broke the curse Nadia was under and she awoke.

Her final appearance in the series was in the nineteenth episode of the second season, Truth and Consequences. Bo was forced to kill Nadia when she was under the control of The Garuda and was threatening Lauren's life. The death of Nadia marked the end of her appearances in the series, but the after effects of this event still haunt Bo and Lauren. There is no evidence that she will appear in the third or future seasons in flashbacks or other forms.

Character History

Second Season

Nadia did not appear in the series until well into the second season. There were hints of something being the reason why Lauren was connected to The Ash, but throughout the first season they were not explained. Whether that was a "who" or a "what" remained unclear until the second season episode It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away. The first clue of Nadia's existence was The Morrigan giving Bo a small box and telling her "it is the key to saving Nadia." When it was obvious that Bo had no idea what The Morrigan was talking about, she then told Bo that Nadia was Lauren's girlfriend. Lauren was seen at the end of the episode standing over what appeared to be some kind of pod and talking to the person within it, before kissing the forehead of the woman that is held within it, which made it more obvious that it was Nadia within the pod.

More of Lauren and Nadia's past was revealed in the episode Death Didn't Become Him where the Lich provided some knowledge to Bo and Lauren about what The Morrigan had given Bo. It turned out that the item was a African Shaman's cursing nail. There are two identical nails created, one remains by itself, the other is embedded into a piece of wood. The nail in the wood must be removed in order to remove the curse from whomever the curse has been placed on. When that was done, Nadia would likely awaken. While Bo was hurt by Lauren not confiding in her about Nadia, Bo promised to find a way to save Nadia for Lauren's sake.

Nadia's arc truly began in the episode Masks. Bo learned the truth about what happened to Nadia from Lachlan, who was The New Ash at that time. He revealed to Bo that Nadia was on a trip with Lauren to the Congo when she was cursed by a Dark Fae shaman. This curse was set in place by the old Ash so he could enlist Lauren's help in finding a cure for a serious disease afflicting the Fae population of a Congo village. As a result of The Ash's actions, Nadia spent the next five years in a coma, Lauren aligned with the Light Fae in exchange for the old Ash's help in finding a cure to save Nadia from a disease that did not in fact exist. Nadia's curse was removed by Bo when she travelled to Africa, finds the Shaman that set the curse and removes Nadia's cursing nail. When Bo returns from completing this task and freeing Nadia, she finds Lauren and Nadia in each other's arms and walks away from the pair in obvious heartache. At the end of this episode, Nadia and Lauren attend Bo's birthday party, Bo is introduced to Nadia and there is some obvious friction and uncomfortable feelings among the three of them. Lauren repeats her vows to the Ash, thinking that it was The Ash that saved Nadia as Bo has been sworn never to tell Lauren the truth about what happened by Lachlan.

Following these events, in the episode Barometz. Trick. Pressure., Lauren and Nadia visit Bo and ask to borrow her car to go on a road trip, Bo gives them her car and the two leave for a short time.

The arc continued in School's Out when the pair returned from their trip and there is obvious tension between the two because Nadia doesn't know about the Fae world and Lauren's real job and she believes, rightly, that Lauren is hiding something from her. Nadia's assumption is that whatever it is, Bo must be involved in it. At one point in the episode, Nadia takes pictures of Lauren and is later is seen reviewing a close up of Lauren's medallion.

Things continued to fall apart in the episode The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire where Nadia felt insecure and increasingly jealous of Bo and when Bo needed Lauren's help solving a case, she insisted on going to Bo's home with her. While Bo and Lauren were discussing the problem, Nadia, under the pretext of going to the bathroom, searched Bo's bedroom. When Bo caught her doing so, Nadia confessed feeling threatened by Bo. Bo tells Nadia that she has no reason to be jealous and promises not to tell Lauren what Nadia did. At the end of the episode, Nadia cuts her hand with a knife, a strange look in her eyes. When Lauren discovers what has happened, she treats Nadia. Nadia tells Lauren that she doesn't understand what's going on. However, unseen by Lauren, Nadia's expression changes as if she is possessed by something or someone as the episode ends.

Nadia's final appearance is in the episode Truth and Consequences which marks the end of her arc and her character. As Nadia's blackouts become worse, Lauren attempts to find a cure. She discovers that that the cure she created that ended the African Fae plague five years previously had an effect on Nadia's hemoglobin. Lauren attempted to administer a modified version to Nadia, but she becomes violent. After Nadia attempts to attack Lauren in the shower, Lauren asks Bo for help. While this happens, Nadia storms into Bo's place looking for her, but finds only Kenzi there. Nadia injures Kenzi by throwing her across a room and then running away. Nadia returns home to confront Lauren, demanding to know what exactly she is hiding from her. Lauren explains about the Fae and Nadia seems fascinated by them, but focuses mainly on the Ash and Bo for unknown reasons. Bo attempts to contact Lauren, which interrupts them, and makes Nadia violent towards Lauren. Bo eventually arrives and at first Nadia acts scared but then turns violent attacking both Bo and Lauren. At one point Nadia holds Lauren by the throat and tries to strangle her, but then seems to snap out of what is happening to her and realizes what she is doing, letting Lauren go. Grasping that she is a threat to Lauren, she begs Lauren to kill her. When Lauren refuses to do so, Nadia turns to Bo who also refuses. When Nadia attacks Lauren, Bo stabs her with a knife. Nadia is mortally wounded and falls to the floor thanking Bo and dies while a grief stricken Lauren blames herself for what has happened. It is made clear in the aftermath that The Garuda had taken control of Nadia and had been using her as a means to obtain information about Bo and Lachlan before he began his attacks on them and, eventually, Trick at the end of the second season.

Nadia's death brought an end to the character appearing in the series.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Second Season

Powers and Abilities

Nadia was human and as such did not have any Fae-like abilities or powers. It was not made clear if she had any special talents, but it was inferred that she was a photographer from her actions in the series. The question of how well known she was, or her abilities as a photographer were not made clear.

Information revealed in the series

  • Nadia's existence was not hinted at during the first season, though references were made to "something" keeping Lauren with The Ash.
  • Nadia was never sick. She had been cursed by The Old Ash in order to gain Lauren's help in finding a cure for a disease that was killing Fae.
  • She was in a coma for five years, most of that time spent in some kind of stasis pod or life support chamber.
  • The curse was enacted by the original Ash in order to obtain Lauren's help in saving Fae from a disease.
  • The Shaman that set the curse was located in a small village in the Congo, was Dark Fae, and set curses on people when he was paid to do so.
  • Bo ends the curse freeing Nadia, but placing stress on Bo's relationship with Lauren and starting a chain of events that eventually end with Nadia's death.
  • Lauren and Nadia leave for a time, what happened on their trip isn't explained fully except to say that they were at a hotel and a lake.
  • It is likely that The Garuda may have possessed Nadia when she was in her coma.
  • Nadia was possessed by The Garuda for some time which may explain her odd mannerisms in all of the episodes she appeared in.
  • Bo was forced to kill Nadia in order to save Lauren, who Nadia was attacking in Bo's presence.
  • The death of Nadia caused Bo and Lauren's relationship to become strained and almost come apart at the end of the second season.
  • However, while there may be some uncomfortable memories and feelings between Bo and Lauren, in the third season, their relationship continues with consequences to both.

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