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Music from the Succubus Club

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Music from the Succubus Club
Compilation album by various artists
Released March 20, 2000
Genre Alternative, Goth, Dark Wave
Length 1:00:06
Label Dancing Ferret Discs
Producer Patrick Rodgers

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Music from the Succubus Club was a music CD released as an accompaniment to the White Wolf role playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. The album's name was derived from the "Succubus Club", a fictional location (and popular nightclub) in the World of Darkness, which was the setting for the game and others similar in nature.

The executive producer was Patrick Rodgers of Dancing Ferret Discs. The album was mastered by Roger Lian of Masterdisk. The album cover art was created by Clyde Caldwell, and the album graphic design was by Jimi Black.

Track Listing

A fictional quote, included in the compilations cover notes, and attributed to the fictional DJ Damascus (a DJ from The Succubus Club) states that "I've noticed that each of these songs seems to strike a chord with a particular clan." In this sense, therefore, each track featured on the compilation may be linked to one of the fictional clans within the roleplaying world of Vampire: The Masquerade. In the track listing below, the name of the clan that each track represents is also listed.

Track Performer Title Clan
Track Time
1 The Crüxshadows "Deception" Ravnos 5:00
2 Seraphim Shock "Prey" Lasombra 4:20
3 Paralysed Age "Bloodsucker 2000" Tzimisce 4:57
4 Wench "Heart of Darkness" Followers of Set 4:53
5 Sunshine Blind "Cold From Fever" Ventrue 4:05
6 Bella Morte "Fall No More" Gangrel 5:06
7 Carfax Abbey "Soul To Bleed" Malkavian 4:49
8 Beborn Beton "Hemoglobin" Assamite 4:09
9 Mission U.K. "Last Beat of Your Heart" Brujah 2:59
10 Kristeen Young "Rotting On The Vine" Nosferatu 3:44
11 Nosferatu "The Night Is Young" Giovanni 5:20
12 Diary of Dreams "Blind in Darkness" Tremere 6:24
13 Neuroactive "Superficial" Toreador 4:20

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