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Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps

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Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps
Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps Book Cover, written by Patrick Thomas
Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps Book Cover, written by Patrick Thomas
Author(s) Patrick Thomas
Publisher Padwolf Publishing, Inc.
Publication date April 1, 2007
Media type Paperback
Length 176 Pages
ISBN 978-1890096359

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Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps is a novel written by Patrick Thomas. In this work a Succubus appears as one of the characters.


  • Title: Murphy's Lore After Hours: Nightcaps
  • Author: Patrick Thomas
  • Published By: Padwolf Publishing, Inc.
  • Length: 176 Pages
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1890096350
  • ISBN-13: 978-1890096359
  • Publishing Date: April 1, 2007

Plot Summary

Evil walks the Earth in many forms, but so do those who oppose it. Protecting the innocent & seeking justice, they fight to beat back the darkness. Their names are legend or soon shall be. Welcome To Murphy's Lore After Hours. In time for the 10th Anniversary of the Murphy's Lore books the legendary patrons of Bulfinche's Pub get their own collection in which: Hex rescues a reluctant vampyre; Terrorbelle finds herself a bouncer in a bar that serves blood; Layla tries to do business with a man bleeding to death in a tub; Nemesis works so a Middle Eastern politician can see the world through a woman's eyes; the Soul for Hire saves a little girl who may be more dangerous than her kidnappers; Moni the Graveyard Angel contends with a crooked monument builder; we see one of Mathew & Ryth's first encounters & later hope Murphy, Ryth, & her unborn child can escape the succubus' stalker; Agent Karver of the DMA faces the Beast With Two Backs; Coco Joe starts to make his move; the Infinite Jester contends with a unicorn serial killer; we meet Daye the Daemor assassin; Loki & Heimdal search for common ground; Mosie the psychic saves a hunted woman; & Paddy's kids do him proud.

Book Review

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