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Mirror, Mirror

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"Mirror, Mirror"
Lost Girl episode
Kenzi takes Bo to meet her Aunt
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 4
Overall Episode 17
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Emily Andras
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Paul G. Day
Production Code 204
Original Air Date September 25, 2011 (2011-09-25)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Vincent Walsh - Lachlan / The Ash
Kate Lynch - Baba Yaga
Catherine Fitch - Kenzi's Aunt

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Scream a Little Dream"
Next →
"BrotherFae of the Wolves"

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After a night of drinking an intoxicated Kenzi accidentally invokes the witch Baba Yaga to put a curse on Dyson.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Mirror, Mirror was the fourth episode of the second season of the series, and the seventeenth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on September 25th. 2011 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 2
  • Episode Number: 4 (17th Overall)
  • Episode Title: Mirror, Mirror
  • Directed by: Steve DiMarco
  • Writing credits: Emily Andras
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: September 25th. 2011 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 0.94 million[1]


A promotional image of the Season Two cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Anna Silk as Bo, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, and Zoie Palmer as Lauren

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Detective Hale
Vincent Walsh Lachlan / The Ash
Kate Lynch Baba Yaga
Catherine Fitch Aunt Ludmila
Odessa Kelebay Anna
Tattiawna Jones Daphne
Rayisa Kondracki Elena
Theresa Joy Gloria
Tenika Davis Selma
Jessica Philips Sex Trade Worker #1
Nenna Abuwa Sex Trade Worker #2
Jessie Behan Soccer Mom

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Turkey Pulse Courtesy of APM Music
Visions Of You Modern Superstitions Written by Nyssa White-Patterson,
Matthew Aldred, Harry Burgess, Zach Burgess
Bodhran Dance Courtesy of APM Music
Romania Polka Courtesy of APM Music
Toundra Courtesy of APM Music


Short Summary

Kenzi, while drunk, accidentally invokes the witch Baba Yaga in order to put a curse on Dyson for breaking Bo's heart. Dyson discovers that all women now hate him and becomes furious with Kenzi; he accuses her of meddling with things she doesn't understand, and being a stupid human. Kenzi tries to lift the curse by seeking out her aunt, a fortune teller, for help. They manage to summon Baba Yaga and Kenzi sacrifices herself for Bo, becoming trapped in Baba Yaga's realm. Bo agrees to work for the Ash in return for getting help to save Kenzi. Bo enlists the help of a Water nymph in the attempt, and nearly drowns, but is revived by Dyson. Kenzi manages to defeat Baba Yaga by shoving her into her own oven, and breaks Baba Yaga's mirror into pieces, giving them to Baba Yaga's captives, allowing them to escape as well. Kenzi promises to be more careful going forward and encourages Bo to keep fighting for Dyson and Lauren and for what makes her happy.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins at the Dal Riata with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Hale (K.C. Collins) taking to a pair of female Fae. Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) are sitting across the bar from them with Trick (Richard Howland). The pair comment about what Dyson is doing and laughingly suggest that perhaps Dyson would give the girls rabies. Hale comes over to them, asks for some drinks from Trick and is slightly abused verbally by Bo and Kenzi. Hale notes that he and Dyson have been dealing with an organized crime case for some time and now they have a break in the case as the girlfriend of the mob boss is willing to testify against him. Hale makes the comment that Dyson seems to have something about him that all of the women fall for and Bo cracks a bad joke, getting a look from her friends, but she insists that everything is fine and she is joking. Hale leaves, returns to Dyson and from across the room he looks at Bo, she looks at him but Bo turns away. Kenzi tries to console her, but Bo is in fact twisted in knots about Dyson and accidentally crushes Kenzi's hand.

The pair return home and Kenzi reveals that she has a book she took from Trick without his knowledge. She reads some of the curses within the pages, one of which is a wasting disease, to which Kenzi suggests that it might be used to make his wang fall off, the other to be directed at one of the Fae he was talking to. Bo explains that she does not want to do anything to the Fae girl, but to Dyson himself. She explains that what she wants is a way to "neuter" Dyson's ability to convince any woman to do whatever he wants them to. The pair become progressively drunk and then Kenzi suggests that they invoke Baba Yaga. Bo has no idea what Kenzi is talking about and she explains that Baba Yaga is a witch that lives in a home made of the bones of young girls that don't do what they are told, but she also explains that occasionally a wronged girl can ask for a curse to be placed on the one that wronged her. To do so, you must look into a mirror, say her name three times and then say the name of the one you wish to have cursed. Bo tells Kenzi that she does not want to curse Dyson as he sacrificed everything for her. Kenzi tries to change Bo's mind but Bo tells her that they are the good guys and it's not the right thing to do, even though to hurts her to no end. Bo goes to bed, but Kenzi decides to call Baba Yaga anyway. She uses the mirror in their bathroom and calls out Baba Yaga's name, writing Dyson's name on the glass as she does so. At the same moment, Bo calls out in the middle of the summoning adding to the power of what Kenzi is doing. Kenzi then walks away, but a shadowy figure appears in the mirror, grants her wish, and then the mirror shatters.

Returning from the opening credits, it is the next morning and Bo discovers the mirror shattered and calls out for Kenzi. She falls down from their sofa where she crashed the night before suffering from a hangover. Bo is not in any better shape and lays down on the sofa, Kenzi still on the floor beside her and they try to remember what happened the night before. Bo complains about something itching her back and reveals a series of marks cut deeply into her skin.

Dyson and Hale are then seen at their office. Dyson is on the phone with their witness, trying to calm her down and convince her that she is doing the right thing to testify again her boyfriend for all of the things that he has done. Hale asks if the witness, Gloria, is getting cold feet, but Dyson notes that she is still willing. Hale comments on Dyson's ability to make women do what he wants and then asks if he might try not to do so in front of Bo. Hale wants them all to be friends to which Dyson asks if he should lie to her and give her false hopes. In the next moment, a woman prisoner is taken past him and comments that Dyson is a pig which makes Hale chuckle.

Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi are at Trick's and he is examining the mark on Bo's skin. It is not a tattoo as they had thought, but a mystical marking of her. Kenzi comments that the mark looks like a letter and wonders about the Fae alphabet. When Trick tells her about the Fae Sesame Street, Kenzi comments "Don't tease, that would be awesome!" Trick continues to explain that the mark looks like an initial and tries to figure out what it could be. He asks what Bo has been up to with the Fae, she tells him that mostly she has been trying to keep a low profile especially with the new Ash. When Trick asks about "intimate" encounters, Kenzi asks jokingly if she might have a Fae STD. But Trick reveals that the mark is that of Baba Yaga and Kenzi freaks out. Bo panics along with her and Trick tries to explain what Baba Yaga is and what she has done. Bo has been marked as hers, which means that she will come for Bo.

At that moment, Dyson is talking with Hale. Dyson tells him that he had been spit on by five hookers so far that day. Hale tries to calm him down, but another hooker tries to attack Dyson and he runs into an office closing the door behind him. The woman in the room complains about no one talking to her about her crime report, Dyson tries to calm her down, but instead finds himself on the receiving end of a pole she swings at him.

They are next seen at Trick's, Hale suggesting that the woman was drunk, but Dyson saying she wasn't. Dyson is very concerned as every woman he has met that day has attacked him and he cannot understand why. When one of waitresses comes over, she verbally abuses him. He attempts to apologize, but she claims that he broke her heart and then throws a drink in Dyson's face before Hale separates the two. As this happens, Bo, Trick and Kenzi arrive in the room, Bo demanding to understand why Kenzi did what she did. Kenzi explains that she does not know what happened, but Bo tells her that the mark and the shattered mirror tell her that somehow Kenzi did summon Baba Yaga. Kenzi tries to remember what happened and at that moment she sees Dyson, points at him, and then the waitress returns with a serving tray to attack Dyson once more. This time Bo stops her and uses her power to calm the waitress down ending the fight. Hale drags the waitress away once more and Dyson demands to know what is going on. Bo sees the same mark she has on Dyson's skin and explains that they have both been cursed by Kenzi.

After the commercial break, Bo tries to help Dyson with an injury he suffered, but he is angry at her. Dyson blames her for the curse that he is under, telling her that he knows she is angry at him but doing this was not right. She tries to explain that she didn't do it, blaming it on Kenzi that did, but Dyson tells her that Kenzi does whatever she thinks Bo want her to do. Both Hale and Kenzi tell him that is not fair, but they are ignored as Bo continues to try to explain and Dyson becomes more and more angry with her. At one point Bo lashes out at Kenzi as well thanking her for doing this to them both. Trick explains to them all that Baba Yaga is a witch that allows young Slavic women to seek revenge on those that have wronged them. Kenzi tries to explain that she thought it was a myth to which Dyson asks her when she will learn not to mess in things she does not understand. Trick comes to the conclusion that Kenzi cast a curse on Dyson to have all women despise him in Bo's name and that is what is linking them together. Trick also explains that there has to be an intense emotional connection for the curse to work and Dyson's anger gets the better of him as he shatters the mug of ale he had been holding in his hand. Kenzi begs Trick for help, but he explains that Baba Yaga lives in a realm where other Fae cannot interfere or enter. From Trick's expression and words, it is clear that she scares him as well. Dyson loses control and threatens Kenzi, but Bo intercedes, warning him that if he touches Kenzi she will "drop kick you into the middle of a woman's studies conference." Everyone calms down and then Kenzi declares that she will fix it.

Bo and Kenzi arrive in a parking lot where a trailer sits with a series of fortune teller signs on it. Kenzi reveals that they are about to meet with her Aunt Ludmila (Catherine Fitch) and they go inside to see her telling a man's fortune. She is a stereotypical looking fortune teller in everyday including a Eastern European accent. She completes the telling, is paid as the man leaves and then rants on Kenzi for interrupting her before hugging her and Bo tightly. As Bo looks at a picture of Kenzi when she was a child, which reveals that she had blond hair, her Aunt tells Bo some embarrassing things about Kenzi as a child. Eventually Kenzi asks her for help in breaking a Baba Yaga curse which she laughs off as being a joke. Dyson and Hale have problems of their own. Their witness has to give her evidence early and Dyson is in a panic over that. He tries to tell Hale that he just wants to keep a low profile until Bo and Kenzi remove the curse, but Hale doesn't let me as they need him to talk to Gloria. Kenzi's Aunt still cannot believe that she and Bo are serious about the curse and tells them that Baba Yaga is a story like Santa Clause. Bo then feeds on her, which makes Kenzi squirm uncomfortably. This proves to Kenzi's aunt that this is for real, and she calls Bo a demon. When Bo shows her the mark she carries, Aunt Ludmila admits that she knows in theory how to summon Baba Yaga. Gloria (Theresa Joy) seems to be at first okay with Dyson as her statement is taken but Dyson's curse takes hold and she tries to attack him before Dyson escapes the room. Aunt Ludmila in the meantime prepares herself to summon Baba Yaga. She places a pendant around her neck which is supposed to protect her from Baba Yaga. When Kenzi asks about hers, she is told that there is only one. The summoning takes place using Bo's blood and marking Kenzi's face with it. She then seems to be possessed by something or someone and then Baba Yaga (Kate Lynch) appears in a mirror nearby answering the call. Bo asks for the curse to be lifted and she agrees, but her price is Bo herself who is dragged towards the mirror and cannot stop herself. Kenzi comes out of the trance and declares that she should be taken instead of Bo and Baba Yaga agrees to that as she wanted Kenzi and not Bo in actuality. Kenzi is pulled through the mirror and then it shatters trapping Kenzi in Baba Yaga's realm.

When we return to the episode, Kenzi awakes laying on a dirty floor with skeletons around her. She calls out for Bo but gets no answer and then attempts to arm herself with a shovel. She starts to look around and figure out where she is when four woman trapped in cages around the room appear to her. One tells her that she, like them belong to Baba Yaga, but Kenzi tries to leave before she returns. The women leave their cages and one tells Kenzi that she must help them with the chores before Baba Yaga returns and not to speak or draw attention to herself for her own sake. Bo back at Kenzi's Aunt tries to go after Kenzi, but her Aunt is having an emotional breakdown, the mirror is broken, and there is no way for her to do so. Bo finds Trick and Dyson and attempts to figure out a way to get into Baba Yaga's realm, but Trick explains that there are rules and Bo cannot do it. Dyson attempts to explain that some Fae are very territorial, but Bo doesn't care. Dyson tells her that he will help, that he is still the same man she knew, but she wonders if that is really true. Trick tells Bo that she has time, that Baba Yaga will want to fatten Kenzi up before she eats her and that is time they can use. Bo again asks for Trick's help, but he explains that he can't. Dyson however says there is another way but it is dangerous. Bo doesn't care and is willing to do whatever it takes. Dyson asks if she is willing to eat crow and then they leave Trick's place.

Kenzi is then seen sitting at a table with the other women cutting vegetables. Kenzi asks when they get to go home, the answer is silence. When she asks where Baba Yaga is, she is told that she is stalking the underworld making sure that souls there are not reborn. When Kenzi complains about peeling potatoes, she meets the first of the women and learns her name is Elena (Rayisa Kondracki). Kenzi is asked about the boy she cursed, she dances around the question and then finds out that Elena had cursed her boyfriend, he almost died, and in exchange for lifting the curse she serves Baba Yaga as long as she lives. Kenzi is told about how things are and then the women go back to peeling potatoes again. Kenzi sees a passageway off to one side and goes to have a look at it thinking it is a way out, but she is stopped by what the women call Domovol, a man that is chained to a wall further inside next to what looks like a chest of some kind.

Bo and Dyson go to see the new Ash (Vincent Walsh), Bo asking for his help to save Kenzi. He comments that if it was him he would just go and find another human to replace her which angers Bo. He angers her further when he tells her that he is becoming fond of his human doctor, but does not use Lauren's name. When Bo demands that he tell her if he knows of a way in to Baba Yaga's cottage he admits there is, but he sees no reason to do so. Bo then offers to accept the deal he made in the previous episode, Scream a Little Dream in which the Ash wanted her to freelance for him and the Light Fae. She offers this on the condition that Bo is able to get Kenzi home alive. Sarcastically, the Ash tells Bo that he is pleased that she came around to his way of thinking, adding that he will have to send Baba Yaga a fruit basket in thanks before telling Bo to remain there and she will get what she needs. He also tells her that if she makes it through this then they will talk about the terms of his offer.

Kenzi and the other women have finished their preparations and await Baba Yaga to return. Kenzi tries to eat the food, but is told that it is for Baba Yaga and that she will eat slop. Baba Yaga then returns and each of the women is offered a bag by her. They put their hand in and withdraw something before the next woman does the same thing. Kenzi is told that whoever has the black marble leaves. Kenzi thinks this is a chance to escape and takes one as well. When the marbles are revealed, Elena has it, but is not overjoyed about it. Kenzi realizes that it is not that she will leave, but that she will be killed. Elena is taken to a pair of doors that open to an oven and then enters ending her life as Kenzi watches with the other women.

Returning to Kenzi after the commercials, she watches as Baba Yaga eats the feast. When she sees Kenzi watching her she shows how she treats her pets by abusing Domovol who had attacked Kenzi before. When she is finished, she tells Kenzi to clean up the bones on the table which are revealed to be that of Elena. Kenzi attacks her and then tries to escape, but the doors are sealed shut and she cannot as Baba Yaga pulls her away from the door back towards the others.

Bo has received an official scroll from the Ash and is reading it with Dyson as a water Nymph walks into the room named Chloe. Dyson tries to tell her that he is under a curse and that she doesn't hate him, but it turns out that she is an ex-girlfriend of Dyson's. Chloe asks if Bo is Dyson's latest, she answers that she is another ex and Chloe tells her that she is lucky. She asks what they want, Bo tells her that they want to get into Baba Yaga's home. Chloe refuses as she "doesn't do suicide missions." Bo then offers her the scroll and tells Chloe it is official orders from the Ash, which she reads in disbelief.

Baba Yaga in the meanwhile drags Kenzi back to the table. When the Domovol starts to become unruly, Kenzi convinces her that she is an animal trainer and that is why Bo kept her around. She tries to get a week to train Domovol, but only is allowed two hours to do so. Kenzi agrees, but says she needs some items in order to do so, and gives Baba Yaga a long list of items that she then leaves to obtain.

Chloe finishes reading the scroll and then tells Bo that she has heard about her, but Bo's powers will be useless in her trip to Baba Yaga. Dyson tells her that she has no idea how determined Bo can be and Bo backs that up by saying that she will be going no matter the risk. Chloe agrees and explains that there are portals to the witch's realm and that she is the local gatekeeper. Bo asks how they have to do this, but Chloe tells her that it can be gruesome and then need to find a private portal.

Kenzi is in a panic trying to find a way to escape with the time she has left. The other women are in their cages again and one of them tries to tell Kenzi there is no hope. When Kenzi tells them that none of them helped Elena, she is told that she didn't either. Kenzi just says in a quiet voice "It's every girl for herself." She continues to look around and sees the chest behind Domovol. Kenzi gives him a piece of bone, which distracts him, and then opens the chest to find within it a small hand mirror. She takes it and then tries to use it to escape, as that is how Baba Yaga leaves her realm. But it does not work as Kenzi does not know how to make it work.

Bo, Dyson and Chloe as standing beside a bathtub full of water and ice. Bo is told that she must lay in the water and then Dyson will have to hold her under no matter what happens. As she lays in the water fully clothed, Bo tells Dyson that no matter what has happened between them, she trusts him. She also admits that this will not be easy to take as when Bo was six, she almost drowned in Lake Miniwappo. She then slips under the water, Chloe opens the portal and Bo begins to thrash around in the tub violently as she beings to drown. Then suddenly she stops moving.

We return to Baba Yaga's home as Bo arrives there in the same place that Kenzi did. Kenzi goes to her and they start to leave but Baba Yaga confronts the two of them. Bo tries to knock her out, but has no effect on her whatsoever. Bo is thrown into a wall and is knocked out. Moments later she awakens back in the bathtub forcing her way out of the water and gasping for air. Bo demands that she be put back in again, but Chloe tells her that it will likely kill her. She tells Dyson that she has lost him, she has lost Lauren but she will die before losing Kenzi. She goes under again, Dyson holding her down and returns to Kenzi once again as Baba Yaga opens the doors to the oven. Bo stands up and pulls a knife on Baba Yaga which does not frighten her. Kenzi however begins to shake and hit the mirror she found before and that gets Baba Yaga's attention. She attempts to strike a deal with Bo and Kenzi. They can leave but the mirror doesn't get damaged. She also tells them how to use it to get home, all they need to is think of home and they will be sent there. Kenzi asks about the other women, she is told they are from different places and times and cannot leave. That makes Kenzi smash the mirror on the ground breaking it into pieces which she gives to each woman. One by one the women vanish to their homes leaving nothing for Kenzi to use to escape. Bo is distracted and Baba Yaga attacks her knocking her out once again.

She then approaches Kenzi with the intent of getting her revenge. Back at the portal, Chloe tells Dyson that he must get Bo out before it is too late and she dies. His answer is that if he is too soon she will kill him. Baba Yaga tells Kenzi that she remembers her name now, that she watched her when Kenzi was young. Time is up for Bo and Dyson checks for a pulse and finds none and lifts her from the water with a roar. Baba Yaga taunts Kenzi with what she knows about her, that she was frightened of her, but she was more frightened of her step-father. Kenzi would call for Baba Yaga every night to gain revenge on him. Dyson begins CPR on Bo trying to revive her. Baba Yaga tells Kenzi that she never had the strength to summon her properly to have her revenge, but Kenzi answers that she is not that scared little girl anymore thanks to Bo who remains unconscious in Baba Yaga's realm. As this happens, Domovol has become more and more enraged until he finally breaks his chains, attacks Baba Yaga and drives her into the oven, Kenzi slamming the doors shut behind them both. The doors begin to crack and splinter and then Kenzi finds herself underwater in the tub that Bo had been laying in moments before, Dyson still performing CPR and screaming for Bo to wake up. Chloe tells Kenzi that Bo wouldn't leave without her as Dyson's efforts continue. Dyson starts mouth-to-mouth but Bo suddenly, almost in a reflex, feeds from him and then awakens coughing and gasping for air. She looks at Kenzi, they say "Hi" to each other and Bo swears that from now on she'll only take showers. (Though in later episodes, she was seen taking baths.)

The final scenes begin with Dyson thanking Gloria for helping them to close the case and him keeping his job. She apologies for attacking him and then asks why he has to be such a heart-breaker before kissing him and leaving. Bo and Kenzi are at home at the same time. They begin to drink again, Bo tells Kenzi that she should never do anything like that again when drunk. Kenzi pinky swears she will never do it again. Kenzi explains that it is too expensive and that her Aunt sent her a bill for $300. Bo asks about Kenzi's step-father and Kenzi brushes that off. Bo asks about Kenzi facing her worst fear and Kenzi answers that the only fear she had was when she thought that Bo had given up on her. Bo promises she never will. Kenzi makes Bo promise that she will never give up on herself, that she can fight for Dyson and fight for Lauren as well. Most of all to fight for what makes her happy. Bo makes a toast to Kenzi that she hopes that the only thing she sees in the mirror is Kenzi's own beautiful reflection. They walk away and as they do a burnt hand comes out of a mirror behind them as the episode comes to an end.

Questions in this Episode

  • It has been shown in past episodes that Bo can heal from any physical damage however caused by feeding. However in this episode the curse mark she carries does not heal until it is removed by Baba Yaga. Does this then mean that there are other Fae marks or damage that Bo would not be able to heal from?

Answers in this Episode

  • Baba Yaga, is a haggish or witchlike character in Slavic folklore. She flies around on a giant pestle, kidnaps (and presumably eats) small children, and lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs. In most Slavic folk tales, she is portrayed as an antagonist; however, some characters in other mythological folk stories have been known to seek her out for her wisdom, and she has been known on rare occasions to offer guidance to lost souls. According to Propp, she often fulfills the function of donor; that is, her role is in supplying the hero (sometimes unwillingly) with something necessary for the further quest. In the Lost Girl universe, she is a witch, has her own realm that cannot be accessed by other Fae, and serves to grant curses to Eastern European women on those that have wronged them. Her method of travel from her realm is to pass through mirrors, and a mark is placed upon the cursed victim as a result of her hearing and granting the curse.
  • The curse begins when Baba Yaga's name is said three times into a mirror while looking into it, and then the name of the one to be cursed is also spoken into it.
  • This method of curse is similar to the method used in the Candyman movie series, save that in that universe his name is spoken five times and the one that calls him is killed.
  • Kenzi has an Aunt named Ludmila who is a fortune teller.
  • Kenzi is Aunt Ludmila's youngest cousin
  • When Kenzi was a child she had blonde hair and danced.
  • Kenzi's step-father was very strict and if she laughed too loud he would lock her in a closet.
  • When she was six, Bo nearly drowned in Lake Miniwappo


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Episode Review on Succubus.Net

Tera, the owner of this website, posted a review of this episode on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on Friday, September 30th, 2011. You can find that review here. She gave it 3.1 pitchforks out of 5.

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