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The Demon Lord Lynkhab
as illustrated in Faces of Evil: The Fiends
The Demon Lord Lynkhab
as found at The Nothlands Wiki
Game background
Title(s) Lady of Desire and Depression
Lady of Regrets
Home plane Abyss
Power level Demon Lord
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Desire, Depression
Domains 297th layer of the Abyss
The Sighing Cliffs
Alias(es) Lady of Desire and Depression
Lady of Regrets
Past Contender for Queen of Succubi
Superior Malcanthet
Design details
First appearance Faces of Evil: The Fiends
Settings Planescape
Mythological Succubi

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lynkhab, also known as Lady Lynkhab, is a Demon Lord in the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. She is known as the Lady of Desire and Depression. She is also called the Lady of Regrets and is a patroness of the self-destructive and suicidal. She was a contender for the title of "Queen of Succubi," but lost that battle to Malcanthet who holds that title in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.


As Lady of Desire and Depression, Lady Lynkhab is said to represent the concept of desire and the power to express it, but only other people's desires. Her depression stems from the fact that she cannot express or act upon her own concepts. Lynkhab has assumed many different forms throughout her existence, all supposedly based on the desires of other beings. Her current form is that of a voluptuous red-haired female elf. However, she desperately wants to be more than a demon lord; she wants to be a true deity. Thanks to her own innate nature and the aftermath of the war with Malcanthet, she can't advance herself to anything more. Even though she still rules her own layer of the Abyss, Lynkhab is said to frequently wander the plane, looking for anyone who can end her miserable existence. Lynkhab's home is the 297th layer of the Abyss called The Sighing Cliffs, which has yet to be described in detail.


Very little has been revealed about Lynkhab except that she, Malcanthet, Xinivrae, and Shami-Amourae were among the first of the succubi to spontaneously arise from the Abyss from the mortal sin of lust. These succubi warred amongst themselves for rulership and supremacy over their race and in the end, Malcanthet assumed the title of Queen of Succubi. Xinivrae and Shami-Amourae, have either been exiled or imprisoned by Malcanthet. Lynkhab herself survived the war but is said to be but a shadow of her former glory.

Alternative History

Lynkhab is a patron of self-destructive behavior, heresy, and suicide. Her greatest pleasure, it is said, is to drive a mortal beyond the point of no return, so much so that when the victim realizes all that has been done, they turn to suicide as the answer. In this last self-destructive act, Lynkhab claims their soul for all of eternity. She is known to mortals as either the Sacred Whore or the Lady of Regret.

Lynkhab appears as a thin human woman with snow-white bird wings and stringy black hair that drips blood. Her lips and eyes are stitched shut with rusty wire, and her body is cut into sections at the joints. Usually, these amputations appear at the hips and shoulders, but at times they can appear elsewhere. Each portion floats independently, not quite moving in sync with the rest.

Lynkhab's origins are somewhat confusing for planar scholars. Some have speculated that she was once a very powerful erinyes devil who became seduce by the power of chaos. Others believe that she was once among the angels of the Upper Planes, one associated with love and temperance, but who fell either from the corrupting influence of demons or due to her own imperfections and self-loathing.

What is known about Lynkhab is her involvement in the war for the title of Queen of the Succubi. Lynkhab was, herself, a succubus for a long period and used her powers of temptation to seduce others towards the self-destructive behavior she craves. However, after years of battle with Malcanthet, Xinivrae, and Shami-Amourae, she sought an alternative method to seducing souls to the darkness within their own hearts. She expended her realm into that of heresy, and her favorite targets became priests and other holy men who would renounce their faith for some pleasure or gain offered by Lynkhab's minions.

Lynkhab has isolated herself in recent history, preferring to corrupt her select few targets from within her palace in the Sighing Cliffs. Her cult long ago disbanded or committed ritual suicide, and Lynkhab seems to prefer singular victims instead of droves of worshipers anyway. Most other demon lords are content to leave her well enough alone, however Malcanthet still employs spies against her in order to prevent her from making a quick rise to power. Her role as the patron of heretics has earned her the ire of many a deity, but her actions have occurred on a small enough scale that most gods prefer to leave her be.


Name Lynkhab[1]
Title Lady of Regret
Type Succubus
Sub-Type Medium Outsider (Cosmic, Chaotic, Evil, Mazza’im)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Hit Dice 41d8 + 410 (738 hp)
Initiative +15
Speed 40 ft., fly 70 ft. (good)
Armor Class 61 (+15 deflection, +11 Dex, +10 insight, +15 natural) touch 46, flat-footed 40
BaseAttack/Grapple +41/+50
Attack Claw +52 melee (1d6 + 9)
Full Attack 2 claws +52 melee (1d6 + 9) and 2 wings +50 melee (1d8 + 4) and tail +50 melee (1d6 + 4)
Space/Reach 5 ft. /5 ft.
Special Attacks Ambition, call demons, depression, life drain, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities Damage reduction 30/epic, good and cold iron, darkvision, immunity to electricity and poison,
resistance to acid 30, cold 30 and fire 30, spell resistance 38, telepathy 1000 ft., unholy grace
Saves Fort +47, Ref +48, Will +47
Abilities Str 29, Dex 32, Con 31, Int 27, Wis 30, Cha 41
Skills Appraise +30, Bluff +59, Diplomacy +71, Disguise +59 (+63 acting),
Escape Artist +55 (+59 ropes), Gather Information +59, Intimidate +59,
Knowledge (arcana) +30, Knowledge (history) +30, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +52,
Knowledge (religion) +52, Knowledge (the planes) +52, Listen +32, Perform (dance) +59,
Sense Motive +54, Spellcraft +32, Spot +32, Survival +10 (+14 planes),
Use Magic Device +59 (+61 scrolls), Use Rope +55 (+59 bindings)
Feats Ability Focus (depression), Combat Reflexes, Dark Speech, Flyby Attack, Improved Flyby Attack,
Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (x3), Weapon Finesse
Epic Feats Epic Ability Focus (depression), Multispell-like
Climate/Terrain The Abyss
Organization Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating 30
Treasure Triple Standard
Spell-like Abilities
Always active Detect good, detect law, tongues, true seeing
At Will Astral projection, Bestow Greater Curse (DC 33), blasphemy (DC 32), crushing despair (DC 29),
detect thoughts (DC 27), discern location, dominate monster (DC 34), forbiddance (DC 31),
geas/quest (DC 30), greater dispel magic, greater teleport, major image (DC 28),
mass charm monster (DC 30), mind fog (DC 31), modify memory (DC 29), scry, shapechange,
telekinesis (DC 30), unhallow, unholy aura, unholy blight (DC 29)
6/day Antipathy (DC 34), symbol of weakness (DC 32), sympathy (DC 34), trap the soul (DC 33)

  • Ambition (Su): Lynkhab can install blind ambition in a creature with her gaze. Will DC 45 negates. A creature who fails begins to ignore reasonable obstacles to his demands. He grows angry and attacks the closest or most responsible creature anytime his slightest wish is delayed or denied.
  • Call Demons (Sp): 3/day, Lynkhab can call 3d10 succubi or 1d8 kelvezu. The succubi have double hit dice and maximum hit points.
  • Depression (Su): Those within 100 feet of Lynkhab realize feelings of melancholy and depression. Those that fail a Will save (DC 51) suffer a -10 penalty to initiative and have a 50% chance each round of taking no action at all as they brood morosely. This depression fades 1 hour after leaving the aura.
  • Life Drain (Su): Lynkhab can drain energy by luring a living creature into an act of passion or planting a kiss on the victim. An unwilling target must be grappled in order to do so. The kiss or embrace bestows two negative levels. The kiss also has the effect of a suggestion spell, asking the victim to accept another kiss. A Will save (DC 45) negates the suggestion. The DC to remove the negative level is 45.
  • Caster level: 30th
  • Cosmic Entity: Lynkhab has a +10 bonus on rank checks to overcome immunity to mind-affecting and energy drain.

Publication History

Lynkhab was first mentioned in Faces of Evil: The Fiends.[2] She was further mentioned in the third edition of Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.[3]

Creative Origins

Lynkhab made her debut in the Planescape accessory Faces of Evil: The Fiends. She became a demon lord of succubi in the game's third edition sourcebook Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss. Although she had been described, no official game statistics had been published for her. However in this article, OGL statistics for Lynkhab are listed.


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Additional Reading

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