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Lovers. Apart.

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"Lovers. Apart."
Lost Girl episode
Dyson finds Bo
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 3
Overall Episode 51
Directed by Andy Mikita
Written by Stephen Cochrane
Produced by Vanessa Piazza
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Craig Wright
Editing by Paul Day
Production Code 403
Original Air Date November 24, 2013 (2013-11-24)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Emmanuelle Vaugier - The Morrigan
Tim Rozon - Massimo
Mia Kirshner - Cleo
Ali Liebert - Crystal
Lochlyn Munro - Ian Jenkins
Chloe Rose - Julia Jenkins
Katherine Ashby - Kathy Jenkins

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Sleeping Beauty School"
Next →
"Turn to Stone"

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Dyson finds Bo, The Morrigan plans and schemes her revenge, and Lauren goes missing.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lovers. Apart. was the third episode of the fourth season of the series, and the fifty-first overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on November 24th, 2013 at 10 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 4
  • Episode Number: 3 (51st Overall)
  • Episode Title: Lovers. Apart.
  • Directed by: Andy Mikita
  • Writing credits: Stephen Cochrane
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: November 24th, 2013 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 810,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Four cast of Lost Girl from the official website at showcase.ca/lostgirl From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin, Anna Silk as Bo, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Zoie Palmer as Lauren and K.C. Collins as Hale.
Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Emmanuelle Vaugier The Morrigan
Tim Rozon Massimo
Mia Kirshner Cleo
Ali Liebert Crystal
Lochlyn Munro Ian Jenkins
Chloe Rose Julia Jenkins
Linzee Barclay Handmaiden
Katherine Ashby Kathy Jenkins
Phillip Williams Ronald
Don Tripe Janitor
Jeannie Daniels Cosmetics Saleswoman
Darren Frost Lazy John
Neema Bickersteth Jumbee
Ryan Tilley Noah Jenkins
Steve Lucescu Man in Black
James Kirchner Train Conductor

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Triangle Courtesy of APM Music
Pay That Bill Courtesy of APM Music
I Want You Lindi Ortega Written by Lindi Ortega and Dave Cobb
Willow Tree The Belleregards Written by Melanie Hilmi
Let It Burn Courtesy of APM Music


Short Summary

Dyson and Cleo arrive on the Death Train, but there is no sign of Bo and they go in pursuit of her. Bo has been transported to an old house in the woods where a family finds her, but Bo’s memories are confused. She finds that the family is frightened of a ghost which has killed members of their family over generations and the father imprisons their daughter to protect her. Bo helps the daughter and discovers that a body jumper is responsible for the deaths. Bo confronts it as Dyson and Cleo find her. Bo then learns that the body jumper was an Elemental who was in love but was never married to her love before they were both killed. Bo and Dyson complete a ceremony for them and the curse is lifted from the family. Afterwards, Cleo takes Bo hostage, intending to take her to Vex for a reward, but Bo overcomes her and leaves with Dyson. The Morrigan returns and makes contact with Massimo to regrow an eye she is missing. While doing so, there is a hint that Massimo is human and had been involved with The Morrigan in the past. The Morrigan also learns that Massimo and Tamsin removed Bo as a threat which emboldens her to action. Lauren and Crystal continue their relationship, Lauren spending time with Crystal in her home, sharing secrets in a drunken stupor until they spend the night together in bed. Someone then calls the diner looking for Lauren and she runs. While hitchhiking, Lauren is then picked up by Crystal and is then kidnapped as Bo and Dyson drive past, unaware that Lauren is there.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Cleo (Mia Kirshner) arriving on the Death Train, Dyson being in a great deal of pain as they do so. Cleo tells Dyson that he has a bit of transcendental sickness and cures him of it by blowing into Dyson's ear. When Dyson asked what happened, Cleo explains that she saved Dyson's life because non-Elemental beings like Dyson cannot pass from one plane of existence to another without becoming sick or worse. A conductor (James Kirchner) then approaches the pair before calling out: "Next stop same as the last. Last stop same before next. Get your tickets ready please!" Cleo seems to be concerned about him as Dyson approaches and asks if the conductor has seen Bo. At the sound of Bo's name, the entire train begins to shake violently and there are many loud noises. The conductor then calls out: "Nothing to worry about folks. The engineer must have forgotten his glasses." He then places his hands to his eyes to mimic his wearing glasses before rushing past Dyson and Cleo towards the rear of the train carriage they are in. After he disappears, Dyson comments that the train seemed to shake at the mention of Bo's name and, again, when he speaks Bo's name it does so again. Cleo then says in a frightened voice that the screams that accompanied the train shaking are damned souls trying to get out of the train and they need to find Bo and get off the train as quickly as possible.

Bo (Anna Silk) is then seen running through a forest in the same gown she was wearing when she was on the train. She enters a clearing which has a old cottage within it and runs towards the cottage. Upon entering, she finds the cottage deserted and the furnishings covered with white sheets, the place appearing not to have been occupied for some time. A moment later and a door opens and a family of three enters the cottage, the daughter complaining about their being there which surprises Bo and she stumbles in the room she is in. This makes a great deal of noise which draws the attention of the family. They enter to find Bo confused and uncertain about what exactly is going on before the daughter strikes Bo with a frying pan, knocking her out cold. When her parents confront her about doing so, her answer is: "What? Someone had to do something."

After the opening credits, a janitor (Don Tripe) is seen working on a heating duct and then removing some kind of paperwork hidden there. He is then interrupted when a woman enters the room in bare feet. He approaches her and asks if he can help her, at which point she is revealed to be The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier). She touches his cheek and comments that he "misses the piano you left in Poland don't you? Pity, I could have made you a star." before touching his forehead and absorbing all of his talent which then kills him and turns him into a puddle on the floor. She then turns away from him which reveals that she is wearing an eye patch over her left eye, there being obvious signs of trauma appearing on her face as well.

The scene then moves to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) who is still working in the diner. Crystal (Ali Liebert) then enters and asks what Lauren has been doing. Lauren explains that she did "a little reorganizing" of the diner's condiments, utensils and other items which leads Crystal to comment: "This place is more organized than my apartment." After Lauren talks about where some of the items are now located, and mentions that if two items had been mixed they would have created carbonic acid, calling it as "unstable as this place" Crystal tells Lauren that she is "hilarious." When Lauren asks if Crystal likes, her answer is: "Yeah, I do like." There is a slight uncomfortable pause before Lauren turns away and moves to the counter to continue sorting things, but Crystal moves in close and leans in front of Lauren commenting: "I just need some sugar" the two locking eyes as this happens. Lauren then tells Crystal that she can't get involved with her, but before the conversation can continue, the owner of the diner Ronald (Phillip Williams) tells the pair that their break is over and they return to work after Lauren comments: "See? Unstable." and Crystal replies: "See? Funny."

Returning to Bo, she has been moved to a couch and is laying there semi-conscious. She awakes to find the mother and daughter sitting nearby and tying shoe laces and making knots in ropes and watching her. Bo looks at them a moment before asking if they were "on the train" which confuses the mother but the daughter tells her: "Mom, obviously train is slang for heroin. Look at her." The mother introduces herself as Kathy (Katherine Ashby) and her daughter as "my energetic daughter Julia (Chloe Rose)." Looking outside, Bo notices the father hanging things on what appears to be a clothesline and walking backwards. When Bo questions this, Kathy replies: "Oh, that's an old Jenkins family superstition. Makes for a fun weekend." Bo continues to be confused talking about "smoke and the broken glasses" to which Julia comments: "Bitch your brain broke." Bo then asks: "Does this have something to do with Lauren?" before clutching at her temples and crying that she cannot remember anything clearly before wincing in pain and asking if someone hit her to which Julia replies: "Mom did." Bo then comments in a strained voice: "Oh God I am so hungry." and Kathy asks if she wants something to eat. A moment after replying that they shouldn't ask that, Bo's eyes change colour and a disembodied voice tells her to "Kill them. Kill them all." before she returns to normal, Bo whispering afterwards: "Oh... Keep it together Dennis." The father then enters the room, announcing "The shoes are all hung" and is addressed as Ian (Lochlyn Munro) by Kathy. When Kathy tells him that Bo is awake, the two of them lock eyes a moment before Julia calls out: "Can you not look at my Dad like he's made out of hot dogs?" After Kathy berates Julia about this, Bo tells Julia it is okay as: "She reminds me of my best friend. It's comforting." Ian then takes Bo by the arm and orders her to leave immediately, both Kathy and Julia attempt to change his mind, but he becomes angry and silences them both. Bo pulls her arm from his grasp and icily asks if she can "use the ladies room first."

Dyson and Cleo in the meantime have searched the train and find themselves in the room where Bo had been held, Dyson telling Cleo that he can smell her scent there strongly. Dyson then sees the chambermaid (Linzee Barclay) who is asleep on the bed there and wakes her. When Dyson asks about Bo, the chambermaid tells him: "She is such a good kisser." When Dyson becomes agitated and asks where Bo is, using Bo's name, the train again shakes and the screams are heard before the chambermaid tells him: "He's going to be so angry when he finds out that she's gone." Dyson then screams out Bo's name which then causes the door at the rear of the train car to swing open, revealing the last place Bo was before she jumped from the train, a torn piece of her gown fluttering in the breeze wrapped around one of the railings. Dyson moves to it and takes it in hand, telling Cleo that it was Bo's. Cleo tells Dyson that if Bo jumped from the train the "stomach cramps and delirium will lead to death." Dyson questions this, telling het that he feels fine, but Cleo explains it is because he is with her. She warns Dyson that leaving the train without an invitation or an anchor would be terminal. Dyson asks Cleo if she can save Bo, but her answer is: "I don't know. Maybe." Dyson thrusts the scrap of clothing towards Cleo and tells her that she can "do this." Taking the scrap in one hand and allowing it to dangle in the wind, she takes hold of Dyson with her other hand before warning him to "Fasten your seat belt lover boy." The cloth then begins to smoke, making a trail into the darkness which surrounds the train and a moment later the pair leap off the train into the unknown.

Bo walks through the cottage, the family nowhere to be seen and discovers a basement which has a steel door in it, opening the door, Bo discovers a prison cell like room. Bo is then confronted by the family, Ian carrying a shotgun and pointing it at Bo while Kathy and Julia stand silently nearby him. Bo turns to him and comments: "Not so much father of the year are we Ian?"

Returning from commercial, Bo confronts Ian, telling him that he cannot hold people against their will and adding that he is "keeping your daughter against her will." Ian tells Bo he knows nothing about him and Kathy insists they are protecting Julia who tells her mother that she does not need them to protect her. When Bo asks what they are protecting Julia from, Julia answers" A stupid ghost." Bo is confused, but Ian explains that his family is haunted and "every year on this exact date the ghost comes for us. That's why we come out here. We get away from neighbours and families. We lock ourselves in these cells until morning until the ghost is gone." Bo asks Ian to explain why the ghost is haunting them but he cannot answer Bo's question as "everyone in my family died before they could explain the curse to me." Bo tells him: "Well, dealing with weird shit is what I do." and she tells them that she can help. but Julia breaks in with: "OMG! Help with what? There is no friggin' ghost! You are psychos!" Julia then goes on a rant about what happens every year before Ian thrusts Julia towards the cell and then demands that Bo leave immediately as he aims the shotgun at her. Juila then grabs Bo and tells Ian: "If I'm locked up, she's locked up too." Ian refuses this and becomes more and more angry with everyone there until Bo relents and tells him that she will leave. Julia backs away from Bo, who thanks them "for everything" before she leaves the family. Ian then hands the shotgun to Kathy who trains it on Bo as she walks away and Ian locks Julia into her cell.

Massimo (Tim Rozon) arrives where The Morrigan is and laments: "No phone calls, no letters, no correspondence of any kind for five long years and now all of a sudden you can't live without me. What can I say? I'm touched." The Morrigan replies: "If there is one thing that life has taught me it is that I can definitely live without you. But I agree. You are touched." Massimo comments that there is something different about The Morrigan while a cosmetician (Jeannie Daniels) works away on her. After asking if the Morrigan dyed her hair, she answers: "Why yes. Thank you for noticing. The colour is called 'grow my eyeball back or you will be growing back a ball of your own." Massimo replies, a bit frightened: "It's catchy." The Morrigan smiles as she replies: "Isn't it just?" She then turns to the cosmetician and asks about her singing in her church choir before touching her forehead, taking her talent and turning her into a puddle of goo on the floor. After this is finished, Massimo comments that The Morrigan "still has a way with children" as he takes a seat beside her to which she answers: "Hazard of the profession i suppose. When you have been in power as long as I have everyone is your child. Like it or not, one day you wake up and you are a mother." The two look at each other a moment before The Morrigan continues: "And Druid? Don't disappoint me like Chanel number goo did. My eyes are brown." Massimo interrupts her with: "Actually they are imperial brown with a slight flare of green in the cornea." She warns him not to make a mistake and he removes a vial which seems to contain an eye and they both look at it.

Julia is in her cell as the door is opened and Bo walks in, a moment later suffering abdominal pain and needing to rest on the bed in the room as Julia sits beside her. Julia asks if Bo is alright and Bo replies: "It's okay Kenz, really." When Julia asks who Kenzi is, Bo can only answer: "Somebody I obviously miss very much." Bo asks Julia to explain what exactly is going on and for a moment hears the disembodied voice again telling her to kill Julia and the others before it vanishes again. Julia then shows Bo a scrapbook and explains that people in her family die generation after generation from murder or suicide, Ian being the last to experience this, according to Julia watching his father shoot the rest of his family. julia suggests it isn't a ghost causing what has happened, but that her father inherited whatever has been causing the horrors that her family has seen. Bo asks if Julia has ever seen anything odd, but she insists that she has not, but is worried that her father will hurt them someday. Bo then tells Julia they are leaving and the two leave the cell and make their way out of the cottage.

Elsewhere, Dyson and Cleo are moving through the forest, Dyson having tracked Bo by her scent, but having lost it and being unsure of the direction they should go in. Cleo reveals that she knows where they are and a friend of hers named Lazy John is buried there having fallen asleep against a tree and then being buried by monkeys. Cleo then moves off in another direction before stopping near a tree and removing the brush and leaves to reveal a man buried in the earth and sleeping, this being Lazu John (Darren Frost). She wakes him and introduces him to Dyson, who Cleo describes as her "business associate". Cleo then asks if John has seen a Succubus running through the woods and he tells her that Bo ran by last night, but he is unsure of which way she went. Cleo stands up and then, as she removes one of her shoes, tells Dyson not to judge her before placing her bare foot close to John's mouth and telling him he can lick one toe. John refuses Cleo and instead looks to Dyson, wanting to lick Dyson's foot instead. The scene then changes to Dyson and Cleo continuing through the woods, Cleo commenting that Dyson must really love Bo and Dyson telling Cleo: "We shall never speak of this again."

Bo and Julia have escaped the cottage and find themselves looking at a clothesline which has a large number of shoes dangling from it. When Bo asks what they are there for, Julia explains: "The stupid ghost cannot come inside until she tries on all of the shoes and undos all of the knots" and they walk backwards because "a ghost can't jump into you when you are walking backwards." Bo suddenly realizes what the ghost is, calling it a body jumper as Julia turns around and begins to run away from the cottage, coming to a halt a moment later and falling to the ground unconscious as Bo rushes to her side.

Back from a commercial break, Ian is enraged at Bo for interfering with his family as Kathy attempts to comfort Julia who remains unconscious. After being told where Julia collapsed, that being outside of the wards and protections that the family had made, Ian then trains his shotgun on Julia intending to kill her as the family had agreed that whomever was possessed by the ghost the others would kill to protect themselves. Kathy tries to change Ian's mind but he is not swayed until Bo tells Ian that she knows what happened to him as a child and he reveals that he was the one that killed the rest of his family after being possessed. Ian then tells Bo that she has no idea what it is like to have something inside which you cannot control, but Bo answers: "Actually. Yeah. I do." Bo insists that she can fix things, but Ian refuses to listen to Bo, telling her that the laughter of the ghost haunts him every moment. Then light bulbs explode in the room, the fireplace lights and Julia then levitates into the air, speaking in a demonic voice and claiming to be "pure evil". Bo tells the parents to leave and then confronts the possessed Julia.

Lauren is still working at the diner as Crystal walks over to her and places a wad of bills in front of her calling it "tips" before walking away. Lauren attempts to explain why she cannot be close to Crystal, but is brushed off by her. Lauren then asks why Crystal is at the diner. Lauren then tells Crystal that she knows why Ronald is there, and she ins't quite sure why she is there. Crystal then tells Lauren: "Sometimes when a girl has so much bad luck she can start to feel like she is the one causing it. She is bad luck. And that's when you start to accept things. Like how being the best singer in town doesn't really mean very much in the big city and sometimes how big dreams swallow you whole. If you don't turn them into small ones instead." Crystal then shows Lauren a clipping for a farm for sale that she wants to buy some time soon. Lauren looks at the clipping before handing it back to Crystal and asking if she will see her tomorrow. As Crystal leaves she tells Lauren that she knows she "isn't on the market" but if she wants to talk, Lauren knows where she lives.When Lauren tells her that she doesn't know where she lives, Crystal nods at the tips she had given Lauren and there is a note which gives her address there.

Bo in the meantime is being thrown about the room by the possessed Julia, suffering a great deal of harm. The possessed Julia asks what Bo is, and Bo answers: "Awesome on two legs." After Bo asks what kind of Fae she is, the possessed Julia reveals she is a Jumbee before starting to attack Bo once more, but before they can come to further blows, Dyson arrives and takes control of the possessed Julia, the Jumbee leaving her body in the next moment. Bo calms Julia down saying that she knows Dyson and then Bo and Dyson embrace. When Bo asks how he found her, Dyson tells Bo that he had some help as Cleo walks into the room. However, she is possessed by the Jumbee and moves to attack Dyson with a knife. Dyson stops her before introducing her as Cleo to Bo.

Lauren arrives at Crystal's door and after it opens tells her: "The beer, the pizza and the venting. Is right now too soon?" After taking the beer, Crystal invites Lauren in and she does so. As this happens, Bo and Dyson have managed to hold the possessed Cleo from doing further harm, but the Jumbee jumps out of Cleo's body and into Julia's once more. She then takes hold of the knife and calls out for Kathy in Julia's normal voice. After Kathy enters the room, she is attacked and falls to the floor bleeding profusely.

After still another commercial break, Kathy is laying on the floor and bleeding from a wound to her neck as Ian rushes into the room. Cleo looks at Kathy and tells Bo that there is a plant in the forest called the Peony which she refers to as the healing plant of the Gods and goes to find some at Bo's urging. Dyson then rushes to Bo's side and tells her that he has to get her away from where they are because she is dying and they need to help her. Bo refuses, her concern with Kathy at the moment, but Dyson presses on and explains to Bo that when she jumped from the train she became very ill. Bo again will have nothing to do with what Dyson wants and only has in her thoughts how to fix what has happened and save the family. After telling Ian to keep pressure on Kathy's wound, she and Dyson leave to find the possessed Julia, Dyson tells Bo that he is happy she is "still you."

Elsewhere, Lauren and Crystal have managed to get themselves drunk and are sitting on the floor in Crystal's apartment talking about their lives and all of the things that they are frustrated about, wishing that they could just forget about all of it. Crystal reveals that she once ran into a car and then drove off while Lauren lets slip that she had a "Master for five years that held me in indentured servitude." which stops Crystal cold but Lauren blames the beer for what she said and it meant nothing. Crystal then asks if they could forget their past, what would they have left? They look into each other's eyes for a moment and then begin to make out on the floor together before they move to the bed and have a passionate encounter together.

Elsewhere, the possessed Julia is walking through the forest calling out in pain before Dyson throws her to the ground and Bo feeds from her which draws the Jumbee into Bo's body. Bo begins to convulse in Dyson's arms before she has a vision that the Jumbee shares with her. Bo finds herself facing the Jumbee (Neema Bickersteth) who appears to Bo as a woman of Caribbean descent dressed in white. She tells Bo that she should not have done what she did. Bo then introduces herself as "Bo, the unaligned Succubus. A couple of things about me, I like leather, having a good time and in case you haven't noticed, I always meddle in things that don't concern me." Bo then asks Jumbee to stop torturing the family. Jumbee then shows Bo the reason for why she is doing so. She reveals that she was in love with a man in the past, but she was called a witch by others in the community they lived in. She was taken to be killed as a witch, but tells Bo that she was an Elemental and not a witch as the scene unfolds. She then shows how she was to be killed in front of her fiancé Noah (Ryan Tilley) but at the moment of her being executed by being shot, he ran in front of her and took the bullet meant for her, but it passed through him and entered her as well, thus killing them both. She then swore her revenge on the Jenkin family for killing them both and keeping them separate forever Bo awakes to find herself back in the cottage with Dyson. Cleo and the family. Bo tells the family that their ancestors killed Jumbee and her fiancé which caused so much anger and pain that Jumbee will never stop cursing the family. When ian asks why Jumbee is making them pay for what their ancestors did, Dyson tells him: "Because the past always comes calling." Bo is in a great deal of pain and cries out that Jumbee is trying to take control of her, and Dyson tells Bo to fight against the threat inside of her now.

Elsewhere, Massimo has finished giving The Morrigan her eyes back and healing the damage she had suffered. For a moment The Morrigan is seen blinking her eye and hitting the side of her head until the eye seems to click into place, she smiles, and comments: "Not bad. For a human." Massimo tells her that he is always at her disposal which seems to please her and she kisses him forcefully. As she then walks away, he asks her: "What was that?" The Morrigan replies that she had a lot of time to think when she was imprisoned and has realized that she has been "far too nice" before adding that she believes that Bo was somehow responsible for her being imprisoned and it is time that "someone puts her in her place." Massimo then tells her that he already took care of Bo, going on to explain that he helped Tamsin to "get rid of her. For you." He then continues to offer to return to her and live with her again. She smiles and tells him: "Honey. But where then would I keep the dogs?" before turning and walking away. As she does so, he asks what she is going to do and as The Morrigan opens the door to the apartment to leave, she looks at him and answers: "With Bo gone? Everything." and then leaves.

Bo continues to suffer as Jumbee continues to try and take control of her, at one point crying out "Separate forever!" Dyson is confused, but Bo explains that Jumbee and her fiancé were killed before they were married and buried separately. Cleo continues, when Bo cannot, that in order to end Jumbee's rage they need to find their bodies and bury them together. When Dyson looks at her in disbelief, Cleo replies: Oh come on, you've been around for a thousand years and you never read a romance novel?" She then looks at Bo and adds: "Oh you are a lucky girl." Bo then tells the family to lock themselves in the cells for protection before telling Dyson that he must find the bodies of Jumbee and her fiancé, but he refuses, telling Bo that he just found her, but before he can continue to refuse, Bo kisses him and then asks if he trusts her. Dyson tells Bo he does and Bo tells him that she can fight Jumbee but he needs to go and hurry. Dyson then rushes off with Cleo as Bo continues to cry out in pain as she suffers until, moments after they leave, Bo suddenly stills and then her eyes change to an odd colour and smiles as Jumbee possesses Bo.

After another commercial, Dyson and Cleo are seen at the graves of Jumbee and her fiancé placing their bones into a single grave. As they work, Cleo asks: "Is this how your dates with Bo usually go? Digging through graves and saving human lives?" Dyson replies: "I would be lying if I said this didn't have a sense of nostalgia." As they finish, Dyson discovers a pair of wedding rings which seems to belong to the deceased couple as possessed Bo arrives on the scene. They force Bo to her knees beside the grave, Jumbee in Bo's voice telling them that she will "enjoy killing you both." Dyson orders Cleo to hold Bo and then he places one wedding ring on Bo's finger and the other on the skeletal hair of Jumbee's fiancé. Jumbee asks where Dyson found the rings, staring at the one she sees on Bo's hand. Dyson then begins a marriage ceremony, meaning to marry Jumbee to her fiancé, making a few mistakes along the way placing himself at one point in the marriage but being corrected by Cleo and properly marrying Jumbee and her fiancé. When Dyson finishes, the ghosts of Jumbee and her fiancé are seen floating in the air beside the grave, intertwining, and then sinking back into the grave where they come to rest at last, now married in spirit. When Bo is freed, she looks at the ring on her finger and asks Dyson: "Are we?" But Dyson interrupts with: "Ready to go home?" and Bo answers: "Hells yes." before the three leave the grave site.

Back at the diner, the phone is constantly ringing as Lauren enters. Ronald tells Lauren that someone has been calling for someone named Karen every ten minutes and she should answer the phone. Lauren makes the excuse she needs to go to the bathroom and rushes past Ronald and the phone as it continues to ring.

Back at the cottage, Bo and Julia have a moment to talk, Julia making comments about giving Bo some shoes to improve her look. Bo tells Julia that she knows Julia will be okay because "You've got balls as big as my friend." When Julia looks oddly at Bo, she adds: "Who is a girl." and then embraces Julia as her parents and Dyson look on. Bo says goodbye, adding that Julia shouldn't be so hard on her parents, because someday she might have to face her "own demons and they might come in handy." Bo then hands a folded piece of paper to Julia and tells her that if she needs her, to come and find her before she and Dyson leave.

Lauren rushes back to Crystal's home and in a panic tells her that she has to leave, begging Crystal not to tell anyone that she had been there and Crystal offering to go with Lauren, but she refuses to let Crystal do so. When Crystal asks Lauren to tell her where she is going, Lauren refuses to do so, but does have Crystal promise that she will not tell anyone about her. Crystal kisses Lauren, "for luck" and after asking if there is another way out of her place, then leaves.

Bo, Dyson and Cleo are seen walking along a road, Bo telling Dyson that all she wants is to get into bed, but Dyson stops Bo and then asks Cleo to "do that ear thing" to cure Bo of the pain that she has been seen going through. Cleo approaches Bo from behind before drawing a knife and holding it to Bo's throat. Dyson asks Cleo what she is doing and she tells Dyson of her deal with Vex to get money for delivering Bo to him. Dyson questions if she thinks she will be able to just walk away, but Cleo warns Dyson that if he interferes she will not help Bo and she will die. Dyson smiles and answers: "I don't mean walk away from me. I mean walk away from her." Cleo is confused and Dyson adds: "Last time I checked Jumbee were Elementals." Bo then grabs hold of Cleo's wrist and seems to break it as she turns around to face her. She then angrily says: "See, that's the thing about helping people Cleo. Sometimes you get paid back with a little thing called Karma. Jumbee already healed me and when she was inside of you she saw exactly what you were up to." Cleo claims that what she did was: "Professional" but Bo twists Cleo's broken wrist and tells her: "You have any idea of how sick and tired I am of being double crossed, lied to and generally dicked around? You picked the wrong girl to screw over because I like to make everything personal." Bo then strikes Cleo across the face three times which forces Cleo to her knees. Bo then pulls Cleo close, Cleo whispering: "What are you?" Dyson calls out: "She's your worst nightmare." Bo then fees on Cleo which weakens Cleo and then tells her: "Dying with a smile? That is much too good a fate for you." and then tosses Cleo to the ground where she lays unconscious. Bo then turns away to join Dyson who asks: "Did you get a little medieval while you were away?" Bo answers: "I dunno. A little maybe?" and then stumbles into Dyson's arms. The pair continue to walk away, Bo asking: "So? Vex huh? Can that guy pick a team already?" They chuckle a bit and then adds: "You're one to talk." Dyson then tells Bo that he's missed her and tells Dyson that she missed him too, asking him to please take her home.

After the final commercial break, Bo and Dyson are seen driving in an old car through the countryside, Dyson driving and Bo in the passenger seat. Bo tells Dyson that she can't wait to see everyone again, naming all of them: "Kenzi and Hale. Trick and..." As her voice fades out, Dyson tells Bo that someday they will have to talk about what happened on the train. Bo then looks oddly at Dyson and asks what train he is talking about and there is a moment's pause before Dyson replies: "I don't know. I don't know why I said that." Bo tells Dyson not to worry about it and she will figure out what happened to her, one way or another, "You can be sure of that."

The final scene of the episode begins with Lauren standing on the side of a road near a railway crossing as a old car approaches and she tries to hitchhike a ride. The car crosses over the railway tracks and comes to a stop on the other side waiting for Lauren to catch up to it. When she does so, Lauren discovers Crystal is driving the car and says to her: "I'm not going to get rid of you am I?" Crystal answers: "Not that easy. Hop in partner." Lauren crosses around to the passenger side of the car and gets into the front seat with Crystal, closing the door as she does so. Lauren tells Crystal that she is happy to see her, but Crystal answers: "and I'm really sorry." as a man grabs Lauren from behind, placing a cloth over her nose and mouth.

Bo and Dyson are seen in their car, still driving and a moment later they pass the car which as Lauren, Crystal and the unknown attacker in it. Bo asks Dyson if they should stop and see if someone needs help, but Dyson brushes it off, saying that they probably have a flat tire and he needs to get her home. The last image in the episode is Bo and Dyson driving off into the distance, leaving Lauren to her fate.

Questions in this Episode

  • How exactly did Bo manage to find her way from the train to where she ended up? How is it that she managed to be in the same plane of existence as she originally began in? Is she really in the same one or it is a similar one?
  • How exactly did The Morrigan lose her eye?
  • Where has The Morrigan been hiding and when did she escape Vex's prison?
  • Assuming that the family are the only ones that go to the cottage every year to lock themselves into their cells for the night, how does the last person actually lock themselves in?
  • If at least once every generation the family is possessed and they go on a killing spree, why is it that they haven't been permanently placed into some kind of institution after such an event? Even if the child is the only one to survive, wouldn't it make some sense for them to be watched in some way over time?
  • If everyone in Ian's family died before they could explain the curse, why didn't they write a letter and have it given to him in the event that something happened to them?
  • If the curse happened every year, wouldn't that mean that Ian was possessed every year until he understood how to protect himself?
  • What was the relationship between Massimo and The Morrigan? It seemed to be, from their conversation, that he was a lover of hers, or at least some sort of slave or thrall to her.
  • Why did the relationship between The Morrigan and Massimo break up?
  • Where did Massimo get the eye he had?
  • How did he put the eye into The Morrigan?
  • What is the cost to the Morrigan for doing so?
  • Is The Morrigan any less powerful for having to have her eye replaced?
  • In the last episode, Kenzi was going to see Massimo, what happened? Did she do so?
  • Was the memory loss Bo suffered caused by The Wanderer on purpose or was it a side effect of her being taken to the Death Train and then leaving it?
  • How could Cleo be possessed if she was also an Elemental like Jumbee was? Being that Cleo was supposed to be the more powerful Elemental, couldn't she resist her?
  • Is The Morrigan aware of the Una Mens being in the city? Assuming she does something which goes against the Blood Laws, would it not mean that she could find herself in a really bad position?
  • What was the relationship between The Morrigan and Massimo in the past? Lovers? Mistress and Slave?
  • Couldn't Cleo tell that Bo was healed after Jumbee was in her?
  • It seems that the memories of what happened on the Death Train have been wiped from Bo and Dyson's thoughts. Who did it and why?
  • Who has kidnapped Lauren and why?
  • Who is Crystal working with, or, is what she did involuntary?
  • How is it possible that Lauren could not have seen someone in the back seat of Crystal's car?

-Where did Bo and Dyson get the car they are using?

  • Where exactly was the cottage and diner? How close to each other were they? How close to the city where Lost Girl is set is it?
  • Is Cleo now going to be looking for revenge on Bo?
  • As Cleo did not complete her deal with Vex, is Vex going to seek revenge on her?
  • What does Cleo failing mean to Vex's situation with the Una Mens?

Answers in this Episode

  • At some point before her appearance in this episode, The Morrigan had lost one of her eyes, but how that happened was never explained.
  • It appears that The Morrigan at one point had a relationship with Massimo.
  • It also appears that Massimo is human, but is a Druid,
  • According to Massimo, The Morrigan's eyes are imperial brown with a slight flare of green in the cornea.
  • Following Massimo's intervention, The Morrigan's injuries were healed, but the price for doing so was not stated.
  • Lazy John refers to a being in Philippine folklore called Juan Tamad, or "Lazy John" who is noteworthy for extreme laziness. He is usually portrayed as a child, although in some interpretations, he is said to be a young man. Juan Tamad is also referred to as a man who is buried by monkeys who, because of his laziness, thought he was long dead. You can find more about this myth here.
  • A Jumbee in the Lost Girl universe is an Elemental being with the power to jump into other bodies and possess them. A Jumbee, jumbie or mendo is a type of mythological spirit or demon in the folklore of some Caribbean countries. Jumbee is the generic name given to all malevolent entities; however, there are numerous kinds of jumbees, that reflect the Caribbean’s complex history and ethnic makeup, drawing on African, Amerindian, East Indian, Dutch, English, and even Chinese mythology. You can learn more about this myth here.
  • Cleo refers to the Peony plant as the healing plant of the Gods. The peony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. You can find out more about this plant here.
  • Bo stated when she introduced herself to Jumbee that she likes leather.
  • The Morrigan seems to have a ongoing grudge against Bo, blaming her for being imprisoned by Vex.
  • The Morrigan falsely believes, thanks to Vex not knowing any better, that she is no longer "a problem" and intends to do something.
  • At some point in the past, Massimo lived with The Morrigan, but what their relationship was is not clear.
  • According to Cleo, Dyson has been "around for a thousand years."
  • Whatever memories that Bo and Dyson had from their experience were removed at the end of this episode.
  • Bo has been reunited with Dyson.
  • Lauren has been kidnapped with the seeming cooperation of Crystal.


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