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Lost Girl episodes

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Lost Girl
Black background with slender sans-serif words "LOST GIRL" amid curving wisps of bluish-white fog resembling long hair, and the more solid curve of a female form laying on its side.
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 77 (List of episodes)
Running time 44 minutes
Original run September 12, 2010 (2010-09-12) – October 25, 2015 (2015-10-25)
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Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series that premiered on Showcase on September 12, 2010. The series was created by Michelle Lovretta[1] and is produced by Jay Firestone[2] and Prodigy Pictures Inc.,[3] in association with Shaw Media. It follows the life of a bisexual[4] Succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she learns to control her supernatural abilities, help those in need, and discover the truth about her origins. Following good ratings and positive reviews it was renewed for a second season two months after its premiere,[5] a third season on December 9, 2011,[6] and a fourth season on February 28, 2013.[7]

In Australia, Lost Girl premiered on Sci Fi Australia on July 14, 2011.[8] In the United Kingdom (UK and Ireland), it premiered on Syfy on September 1, 2011.[9] In the United States, it premiered on Syfy on January 16, 2012.[10]

On August 25, 2014, it was announced that the fifth season of Lost Girl would be the series finale and it had been extended to sixteen episodes with a hiatus between two eight episode half seasons.[11]

Series Season Summary

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 13 September 12, 2010 (2010-09-12) December 12, 2010 (2010-12-12) April 24, 2012* (Canada)

October 23, 2012 (US)

February 25, 2013 (UK) November 23, 2011
2 22 September 4, 2011 (2011-09-04) April 1, 2012 (2012-04-01) November 13, 2012 September 9, 2013 (UK)[12] September 19, 2013 (2013-09-19) (Australia)[13]
3 13[14] January 6, 2013 (2013-01-06)[15] April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14)[16] November 19, 2013 (2013-11-19)[17] March 3, 2014 December 5, 2013
4 13[18] November 10, 2013[19] February 16, 2014 June 24, 2014 May 19, 2014 N/A
5 16[20] December 7, 2014[21] October 25, 2015 N/A N/A N/A

* released without DVD region-encoding

Episode list

Season 1 (2010)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Summary
1 1 It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World September 19, 2010 (2010-09-19) Bo has been living on the run for years, trying to figure out why she kills people when she kisses them. After leaving someone she kills out in the open, she is contacted by a group called The Fae. She discovers who and what she is, and is told to join one of two tribes, either the Light or the Dark. She refuses and chooses the side of humanity instead.
2 2 Where There's a Will, There's a Fae September 19, 2010 (2010-09-19) Bo agrees to help a Will-O'-The-Wisp find the person who stole his treasure in exchange for information on her birth-parents. More is revealed of the world of the Fae, including some species of Fae and their society. Bo also gains two allies in her search for her truths.
3 3 Oh Kappa, My Kappa September 26, 2010 (2010-09-26) Bo and Kenzi open a private investigation office. Their first job is to find a missing student at a local college. Kenzi goes undercover in the college, Bo joins campus security to uncover what happened. Bo and Dyson's relationship goes on the rocks and another species of Fae is revealed.
4 4 Faetal Attraction October 3, 2010 (2010-10-03) Bo tries to handle being rejected by Dyson with the help of Kenzi. Dyson tries the same with Hale's help as well. A fury and her husband meet Bo and the fury tries to hire Bo to kill a human. She refuses and all hell breaks loose.
5 5 Dead Lucky October 17, 2010 (2010-10-17) Bo is hired by a Dark Fae named Mayer to find out how a human managed to win a bet with him. The reward for finding out is having an Oracle reveal something of Bo's past to her. Bo solves the mystery by finding out that a Fae that can jump between human corpses, called a Hsien, managed the deed. In the end, the answers Bo seeks are not given, but she does learn one thing. Her mother is alive, and coming for Bo.
6 6 Food for Thought October 24, 2010 (2010-10-24) Bo and Kenzi follow Lauren as she tends to a sick Aswang, a type of Fae that is a carrion eater. Kenzi eats some soup that made the Aswang ill and becomes gravely ill as well. Bo and Lauren attempt to locate the source of the disease, a Basilisk, that is killing the pair before it is too late. Trick sells something precious to him for Kenzi's sake, and Dyson's relationship with Kenzi becomes stronger. Bo also finds that with Lauren's help she has more control over her powers and can feed without killing humans any longer.
7 7 ArachnoFaebia October 31, 2010 (2010-10-31) Kenzi is running a scam in which she is cleansing homes of evil spirits. She does so in a home where a murder/suicide took place. In the process of doing so, she is bitten by a Djieiene, an Under Fae creature that is similar to a giant spider. Over the course of the episode, Bo and Hale are also bitten and the paranoia created makes them try to kill each other. The only hope for them to be saved is Lauren and Dyson who are running out of time.
8 8 Vexed November 7, 2010 (2010-11-07) Bo gets a possible lead on her mother from a vampire. That lead takes her to an inmate on death row named Lou Ann, but it seems to be a false lead. The vampire is then found murdered, and Bo concludes that there is another Fae involved. She uses her Dark Fae contacts to find that the murderer is a Fae named Vex who is a kind of Fae called a Mesmer. She attempts to get help from the Light Fae and is refused. Lauren is forced to betray Bo by The Ash, and her relationship with Bo is damaged severely. Bo then attempts to get answers from and revenge on Vex, but he is more powerful than Bo expected.
9 9 Fae Day November 14, 2010 (2010-11-14) The Fae are celebrating their holiest day called La Shoshain. In the middle of the partying at Trick's bar, a Banshee calls out the impending death of one of the people there. Bo becomes involved with solving a long held family fight from one of the Noble Fae families and Kenzi becomes romantically involved with the brother marked for death. Bo calls for a Agallamh which forces the two brothers of the family to attempt to reconcile their differences. Through the story we also learn about Fae history and that Trick is a being known as the Blood King who set out the rules of the Fae in the past.
10 10 The Mourning After November 21, 2010 (2010-11-21) Bo is hired to investigate the suicide of a woman by her sister. In the process of doing so, she encounters a Dark Fae succubus named Saskia. Saskia displaces Kenzi in Bo's life, and the new pair attempt to solve the mystery. Trick in the meantime is threatened with the loss of his bar, The Dal Riata, when a business associate arrives to claim an item from him which seems to have vanished. Kenzi agrees to help Trick locate the missing item by summoning a Lightning Bird for him. Bo comes to battle an Albaster, who is the natural enemy of the succubi as her investigation continues with deadly results and Bo making a decision about Saskia's involvement in her life.
11 11 Faetal Justice November 28, 2010 (2010-11-28) Dyson wakes up outside of a club with a recently deceased Dark Fae redcap named Ba'al beside him and blood all over his body. He obtains sanctuary from Trick, and discovers that he has no memories of what happened to him, and asks for help from Bo to find out why. In the meantime, The Morrigan blames Dyson for the death of Ba'al, an associate of her favorite Vex and looks for revenge on Dyson for this. Both The Morrigan and The Ash attempt to convince Dyson to give himself up but without success. Bo in the meantime searches at a Dark Fae owned club which Vex runs trying to solve the mystery. She discovers that there is more to the place than is on the surface and discovers the truth of what happened.
12 12 (Dis)Members Only December 5, 2010 (2010-12-05) A friend from Kenzi's past asks for her help in finding out what happened to a missing relative. To do so, Bo and Dyson pose as a married couple to investigate a country club while Kenzi works as an employee there. They discover that a Dark Fae, called a Land Wight, is responsible for the many disappearances there. Dyson demands that Trick tells Bo what they know or he will. Dyson and Bo come to an understanding about their relationship. But Saskia returns and tries to kill Dyson, however Bo saves Dyson at the last moment.
13 13 Blood Lines December 12, 2010 (2010-12-12) Dyson and Trick finally tell Bo what they know about her past and Saskia is revealed to be Bo's mother. Saskia, now known by her true name Aoife, begins a plan to cause a war between the Light and Dark Fae. To do so she attacks the Light Fae Elders and kills many of them. Bo, upset with her friends not telling her the truth, turns her back on them one by one except for Kenzi who tries to help Bo find a way to stop her mother from completing her plans. In the end, Bo battles her mother, Trick makes a sacrifice to help Bo, and Dyson loses what is most important to him to the Norn to give Bo a chance to overcome her mother.

Season 2 (2011–2012)

On November 12, 2010, Showcase announced a second season would begin production in spring, and air in Fall 2011. An announcement on July 7, 2011 by Showcase confirmed that the season premiere would be on September 4, 2011 and that an additional nine episodes had been ordered to bring season two to a total of 22 episodes.[22]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Summary
14 1 Something Wicked This Fae Comes September 4, 2011 (2011-09-04) It is three weeks after Aoife's attack. The Ash is close to death and Trick, with the help of Bo, Kenzi and Hale, is trying to keep things under control as the Dark Fae try to take advantage of the situation. Dyson returns after being missing since seeing the Norn, but his relationship with Bo suffers. A cursed group of Fae disguised as a travelling circus arrive and break the connection between The Ash and the land in order to claim it for themselves. A strange young Fae warns Bo that something old and evil is coming for her, but gives no specific information.
15 2 I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) September 11, 2011 (2011-09-11) A representative of the Fae council, Blackthorn, declares that a new Ash must be elected. This involves candidates competing in a vote by the old families and then a Stag Hunt of a Light Fae prisoner named Sabine. Bo becomes involved when Sabine goes to her for help in finding her love and seeing him is her last wish. Bo then turns to the politics and rituals of the Stag Hunt. She discovers one of the candidates, Lachlan, is immune to her powers. Sabine is shot by Lachlan and he is crowned the new Ash. Bo attempts to mend her relationship with Dyson, but fails. Trick is confronted by Blackthorn who seems to know that Trick is the Blood King.
16 3 Scream a Little Dream September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18) Bo is contacted by a Fae who works as a doorman in an apartment building, whose tenants are losing their minds. Kenzi hires a Brownie to clean Bo's home, but she takes him for granted against Trick's warnings. The new Ash comes between Lauren and Bo, forbidding them from seeing each other. Bo has nightmares that sap her strength, eventually discovering that her dreams and that of the humans are being fed on by a Mare. Bo discovers that the doorman is a Dark Fae called a Sandman, taking advantage of the chaos among the Light Fae and getting Bo involved in order to have the Mare feed on her. Bo refuses Lachlan's offer to work for him.
17 4 Mirror, Mirror September 25, 2011 (2011-09-25) After a night of drinking an intoxicated Kenzi accidentally invokes the witch Baba Yaga to put a curse on Dyson and Bo. Kenzi tries to lift the curse by seeking out her aunt, a fortune teller, for help. Bo agrees to work for the Ash in return for getting help to save Kenzi. Bo enlists the help of a Water nymph and nearly drowns, but is revived by Dyson. Kenzi manages to defeat Baba Yaga by shoving her into her own oven, and breaks Baba Yaga's mirror into pieces, giving them to Baba Yaga's captives, allowing them all to escape. Kenzi promises to be more careful going forward and encourages Bo to keep fighting for Dyson and Lauren and for what makes her happy.
18 5 BrotherFae of the Wolves October 2, 2011 (2011-10-02) An old pack mate of Dyson, Cayden, arrives and asks for help in tracking down a stolen Mongolian death worm. Dyson, with Bo's help, discovers that it will be sold in an auction. Cayden's arrival triggers memories of Dyson's past including a long dead friend and his mate, Ciara, and the events that lead to Dyson's leaving his pack. Bo wins the auction, but discovers the person running the auction was the partner of Cayden. Dyson and Cayden battle, but Cayden escapes and the worm is recovered along with Ciara, who was thought dead. Lauren escapes the Ash and takes sanctuary in Bo's home.
19 6 It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away October 30, 2011 (2011-10-30) The Morrigan hires Bo to find an artist that has been painting murals of herself, Vex, and a vampire that Vex killed earlier in Season 1. Bo becomes involved in a power struggle between Vex and the Morrigan; she discovers that one of the Morrigan's assistants was attempting to kill them both. The Ash arrives at Bo's home and commands Lauren to return to him. When Bo returns, she and Lauren become intimate. The Morrigan gives Bo a means to free Lauren, but in doing so, Bo discovers that Lauren has a girlfriend. At the end of the episode, Lauren is seen talking to her girlfriend, who is encased in a pod-like capsule.
20 7 Fae Gone Wild November 6, 2011 (2011-11-06) A group of strippers break out a cop killer from the police station. Bo investigates when a Fae identifies one of them as her daughter. Bo and Kenzi investigate a strip club and discover that all of the dancers there are Selkie, and are attempting to steal their pelts back from the owner of the club. Trick discovers that there is something happening with the Light and Dark Fae that is resulting in many deaths, but does not know why. Bo learns that Lauren's girlfriend Nadia has been in a coma for the past five years. Bo and Lauren discover what the Morrigan gave to Bo as the solution to save Nadia, but have no idea what it is.
21 8 Death Didn't Become Him November 13, 2011 (2011-11-13) A friend of Trick's asks for his help when his deceased husband's body is stolen. Bo and Dyson investigate and discover that a Lich has taken the body and reanimated it. Bo and Lauren confront him, but he threatens to kill her unless she drains Lauren. Bo is shot by the Lich, who then prepares to eat Lauren. Bo comes back to life and takes the Chi from everyone save for Lauren. Bo speaks in a strange voice and declares that she can make everyone obey her, but then collapses and returns to normal. Before the Lich dies, he reveals Nadia has been cursed. Meanwhile, Hale and Kenzi deal with a teenage Fae who Hale has been placed in charge of looking after her on a night on the town.
22 9 Original Skin November 20, 2011 (2011-11-20) Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, Trick, Ciara, and Lauren are drawn to the Dal. A Dark Fae hunter, who is tracking an escaped prisoner, traps all of them there. The prisoner contaminates the beer so he can move between bodies. The Nain Rouge appears to Bo when she is stuck in Limbo as a result. Bo is told that the Fae will come to an end and her destiny is to kill Trick. Bo returns from Limbo, and all of the people in the Dal switch bodies. The prisoner escapes in Lauren's body and attempts to kill the Ash. Dyson, in Kenzi's body, manages to stop him. Trick finds a way to return everyone back to their own bodies. Bo tells Trick that the Nain Rouge told her something terrible was coming and that she was called Isabeau in her vision.
23 10 Raging Fae November 27, 2011 (2011-11-27) Bo discovers an illegal fighting ring in which Fae battle Fae and one human that appears to be superpowered. Mel, the sister of the first person Bo killed, arrives in town seeking revenge. Bo's guilt eats away at her, affecting her investigation. Dyson takes the evidence of the underground fighting ring to the Ash, who refuses to do anything about it. It is revealed that the superpowered human's son is Fae and was accidentally drugging him. Bo talks to Mel to clear her conscience, but is forgiven via a cover story that Hale has told Mel. Bo reveals to Trick the vision from the Nain Rouge of her killing him.
24 11 Can't See the Fae-Rest December 4, 2011 (2011-12-04) Dyson and Hale investigate a slew of human deaths, concluding that Fae must be involved. Bo and Kenzi go undercover with Ciara's help. A Fae called a Batibat, named Maganda, is discovered to be killing the men to collect items they own that were made from a tree that she was linked to. She is captured and the Fae trader that has been selling the items to the humans in the city is forced to return all of the items. Lauren is ordered by the Ash to discover why Light Fae are being killed. In return she asks for the Ash's help with Nadia, but he refuses her. When Lauren defies him, he imprisons her.
25 12 Masks December 11, 2011 (2011-12-11) Lauren learns that the old Ash cursed Nadia in order to have Lauren find a cure that he needed. The new Ash reveals which Shaman set the curse and Ash sends Bo to lift the curse, but states that Lauren can never know, as the act must be selfless in order to work. Bo saves the life of the Shaman and destroys the means for the Shaman to curse others. Meanwhile, Kenzi plans a surprise party and falls for an old childhood friend, Nate. At the party, Bo receives a bracelet from an unknown man. Believing the Ash cured Nadia, Lauren gratefully pledges her servitude to him once more.
26 13 Barometz. Trick. Pressure. December 18, 2011 (2011-12-18) Lauren and Nadia leave town to spend some time alone, with the Ash's permission. Having grown close, Nate asks Kenzi to leave town with him; Kenzi agrees. Trick intends to use the coming of the Blood Moon to see into the future. He sees his wife, who tells him that he made a mistake in ending the Great Fae War. Trick sees through the lie and faces the Evil One foretold by the Nain Rouge, the Garuda. Trick is attacked in the vision and is badly injured, along with Dyson and Hale. Bo confronts the Ash and discovers that the Ash has been testing her. The Ash then reveals to Bo that he is a Nāga and tells Bo about the Garuda. He asks Bo to be his "champion".
27 14 Midnight Lamp January 22, 2012 (2012-01-22) Kenzi has left town with Nate and the Ash asks Bo to locate a Djinn named Sadie for him. Trick, Hale and Dyson have recovered from what happened in the previous episode, and Trick shares what he has learned. Dyson seeks out help from the Norn to help him love Ciara, but she refuses. Bo meets the unknown man from her party, Ryan, who is a Loki. With the help of Ryan, Dyson, and Hale, Bo manages to trick and capture Sadie. Bo sees The Ash and tells him she will not be his champion, but will work with him as a partner. Bo returns to Ryan and sleeps with him, after which he reveals that he is a Dark Fae.
28 15 Table for Fae January 29, 2012 (2012-01-29) Ryan attempts to help Nate by striking a deal with the Morrigan, but it goes awry and Kenzi is forced to make a deal with the Morrigan to save Nate's life. Hale investigates a case in which backpackers are turning up years older and dying soon after. Trick suggests it is a Serket, and Bo discovers that there a medical clinic in the area where Dark Fae take youth from humans and it to those that pay for it. Bo convinces the younger sister to rebel against the older and the scheme is ended. After hearing about Ryan's deal with the Morrigan, Bo intends to end things with him, but is persuaded not to.
29 16 School's Out February 12, 2012 (2012-02-12) Bo continues to hide her relationship with Ryan, but feels conflicted over it. Dyson investigates a high school when a student collapses after speaking nonsense while reading an assignment. Dyson, Bo, and Kenzi go undercover as a counselor, teacher, and student, and discover that a Fae called an Akvan has kissed classmates and made them sick. The disease comes from the eggs of a Simurgh, which he unknowingly ingested. Lauren returns from her trip with Nadia but Nadia suspects that Lauren is keeping secrets from her. Bo again attempts to end things with Ryan but is convinced not to.
30 17 The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire February 19, 2012 (2012-02-19) Hale asks Kenzi to be his pretend girlfriend at an upcoming event for the Noble Fae families. Kenzi agrees, but Nate becomes concerned that something is going on. Nadia confronts Bo about Lauren; Bo tells Nadia she has nothing to worry about. Hale's family rejects Kenzi and expresses disdain for anyone outside their family, especially humans. Bo discovers that the Fae families are being attacked by a Cherufe that the Noble Fae families have double-crossed. Bo stops the attack, and announces the coming of the Garuda to the families, but none of them are willing to help her. Meanwhile, Nadia's behavior grows increasingly violent and bizarre, worrying Lauren.
31 18 Fae-nted Love March 4, 2012 (2012-03-04) An injured Bo feeds off of Ryan and accidentally turns him into her thrall by mixing their blood. Kenzi's friend Tryst returns and asks for help to find out why his grandmother has given everything she owns to a church. Bo and Kenzi investigate and discover the leader of the church is a Fae called an Addonc, who causes Bo to lose her memory. Bo, now not knowing she is a succubus, or who she is, meets Ryan and agrees to marry him. Kenzi and Trick find a cure and Bo regains her memories; Ryan and Bo finally end their relationship. Dyson leaves town after an interrogating a murder suspect. Bo confronts Trick about what he knows, wanting answers about her past.
32 19 Truth and Consequences March 11, 2012 (2012-03-11) The Ash tells Bo that one of the most powerful Fae, the Glaive, might be making an alliance with The Garuda and asks Bo to remove that threat. Hale brings Trick and The Ash together and they begin to share information. Kenzi meets with Trick and is told that Bo's love for Kenzi is a weakness. Kenzi tells Nate that they cannot be together any longer; she explains that her place is with Bo. Lauren tries to figure out what is wrong with Nadia, who attacks both her and Kenzi. Bo arrives and confronts Nadia, discovering that Nadia is possessed by The Garuda. When Nadia attacks Lauren, Bo is forced to kill Nadia.
33 20 Lachlan's Gambit March 18, 2012 (2012-03-18) Trick is attacked by a gang of Berserkers sent by The Garuda, but are repelled by Bo, Hale and Ciara. Dyson visits the Wolf Spirit and believes that by defeating the Garuda, his love will be restored. The Ash attempts to get Trick to write a new future with his blood, but is stopped by Dyson and Bo. The evening before the battle with the Garuda, Bo and Lauren spend the night together, as do Dyson and Ciara. The group faces off against the Garuda but lose badly, with Ciara being killed in battle. Distraught, Bo finally accepts her role as the Ash's champion.
34 21 Into the Dark March 25, 2012 (2012-03-25) A wake is held for Ciara at the Dal Riata, Bo and her friends trying to cope. Bo confronts Trick who explains that he is Bo's grandfather, but doesn't know who Bo's father is. He also explains that Bo's blood has the power to enslave others; using that power may turn her to the dark side. The Nain Rouge appears and states that to defeat the Garuda, the Light and Dark Fae must be joined. Bo asks The Morrigan for Vex's help, but is refused. Kenzi physically threatens the Norn and is able to restore Dyson's love. After saving Vex from a gang called the Red Caps, Vex agrees to help Bo.
35 22 Flesh and Blood April 1, 2012 (2012-04-01) Trick gives Bo a vial of life essence to use in the event she feels herself slipping towards the dark side. He is kidnapped by the Garuda; it is revealed that Trick's wife tried to broker a peace during the Great Fae War, but was murdered. To save his own life, Trick wrote the Fae Laws. Lauren gives Bo the venom she has saved and Bo reveals her plan to enslave her friends with her blood in order to overpower the Garuda. The Garuda enters Trick's body; Bo uses the venom to kill the Garuda and Trick. Bo begins to slip into darkness, but uses the vial of life essence to revive Trick. Kenzi unbinds everyone from Bo to stop her from growing too strong. Despite the chance to be free from the Ash, Lauren decides to stay with Bo. Bo remains uncertain about the effects of the dark that is growing within her.

Season 3 (2013)

On December 9, 2011, Showcase announced that the show had been renewed for a third season, set to begin production in Spring 2012.[23] On November 16th, 2012 it was announced that the third season would premiere on January 6th, 2013 at 9 PM Eastern.

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Summary
36 1 Caged Fae January 6, 2013 It is three weeks after the defeat of The Garuda and Bo is out of control breaking many Fae laws and going on a rampage through the city. She is arrested by Dyson and sent to jail for her actions. However, this is a ruse to investigate the Fae prison that is run by Amazons and the warden running it with Lauren as backup as the prison doctor. Hale is revealed to be the new acting Ash. Vex attempts to convince Dyson to take him on in the place of Hale. Bo discovers that the warden is forcing other rare Fae to bear children against their will at a highly accelerated rate so she can sell them. Bo finds out that the warden is a man, and the Amazons attack him. Bo and Lauren decide to take a shot at having a relationship. They kiss as Kenzi and Dyson look on. At the end of the episode Bo attacks a man and takes his Chi, leaving him unconscious as she walks away with an evil smile.
37 2 SubterrFaenean January 13, 2013 Kenzi attends an art festival and witnesses a friend vanish. Kenzi asks Bo to help her and they discover a den of Alligator Fae led by a Fae named Atticus who appears to threaten to reveal the Fae to the human world. Dyson, with Hale's help, discovers that the Alligator Fae are threatened by a Pied Piper who wants them killed to allow for his own political and economic gains. Bo's involvement leads to her bringing the Piper to Atticus and the two face off against each other. Lauren and Bo's relationship continues to grow. Bo experiences dreams of her attacking others. Trick contacts a Weaver to try and help Bo with her dreams. The Weaver does so and discovers an image of Bo in a monstrous form feeding. Dyson gets a new partner, Tamsin, who is Dark Fae. But the two are immediately at odds with each other and Tamsin accuses Bo of feeding on a Dark Fae and shows evidence to that effect.
38 3 ConFaegion January 20, 2013 Bo recovers a Staff of Righteousness which had been stolen. Vex tries to make amends with the Morrigan but fails to do so. She plants a parasite on Vex which enters Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin changing their personalities and regressing them so their Fae powers no longer exist. Kenzi picks up the Staff to defend herself and cannot let go of it. The staff gives Kenzi Fae-like abilities, but Trick gives Kenzi a means to be free. Kenzi and Lauren come to odds over Bo, but manage to overcome this saving Bo and the others. Afterwards, Vex decides it is time to leave, and Hale confronts the Morrigan and warns her not to threaten the peace again.
39 4 Fae-de To Black January 27, 2013 Dyson asks Bo to go undercover as a therapist to investigate a rash of human suicides. Bo believes at first that a Suicide Fae working at the clinic is feeding on the victims, but after that Fae dies, Dyson goes undercover as a patient and falls victim to what is happening. It turns out that a Rakshasa in the form of a cat is responsible for the deaths. Bo being monogamous to Lauren is causing problems. Lauren is becoming weaker and Bo’s hunger is growing as she becomes unable to heal herself not having enough Chi to feed on until, after being injured severely, she is forced to feed from Dyson. Bo tells Lauren what happened, and Lauren tells Bo she can feed on others, but Bo cannot feed on Dyson. Kenzi tries to talk to the others about the rash she has and that it is getting worse, but no one listens and at the end of the episode she is pulled screaming by a force into darkness.
40 5 Faes Wide Shut February 10, 2013 Bo and Lauren attempt to find a way to satisfy Bo's needs which means looking for sexual partners at the Dal Riata. Kenzi's personality seems to change, becoming cold in how she deals with others and not acting like her normal self and she drives wedges between her friends lying to make them doubt each other. Dyson and Tamsin investigate a Fae murder and discover that Bo may be responsible as she was with that Fae previously. Bo investigates why humans are turning into puddles of goo after visiting an adult club that is owned by a Bacchus, They discover that a Manta, a huge octopus-like underFae is causing the deaths in connection with the Bacchus. Bo loses control, but Lauren manages to bring her back with some difficulty. Dyson decides to take the investigation of Bo further as the evidence seems to be pointing to her killing Fae and Lauren covering for Bo. Bo realizes that Kenzi isn't who she appears to be and demands to know where the real Kenzi is.
41 6 The Kenzi Scale February 17, 2013 The false Kenzi convinces the others to imprison Bo in the Dal Riata. It turns out that the real Kenzi is being held prisoner by a Kitsune who has taken over her life. She did so because the liquid that spilled on Kenzi when she attacked the Norn gave Kenzi the Kitsune’s powers thus making her a copy of Kenzi. Tamsin however uncovers the fake Kenzi and helps Bo to escape and then rescue Kenzi. The Kitsune attacks Dyson and he kills her which allows Lauren to also confirm the deception. Tamsin is told by the Morrigan to wake the Dark Fae who is in a coma to identify Bo as his attacker. Tamsin does wake the Fae who identifies Bo, but does not give The Morrigan this information. Lauren discovers that something is changing Bo’s body and replacing it cell by cell. Trick reveals that Bo is facing The Dawning, which is the evolution of Fae. If Bo fails this test she will become an underFae instead.
42 7 There's Bo Place Like Home March 3, 2013 Trick trains Bo to face her first challenge but she fails. A Lode Star tells Bo that she must return home to her human parents and settle her past with them. Bo finds her father has passed away and her mother is suffering from dementia. Bo discovers that an UnderFae, called Lady Polly by the locals, is killing off those in her home town that had released it in the past as they return for a cherry festival. Bo collects the remainder of her high school friends together to trap the UnderFae with the help of Kenzi in a well ending the threat. Bo speaks with her mother, apologizes to her, forgives her and manages to come to terms with her past at last. Bo passes the first test and discovers there is much more to come and she confronts Kenzi asking her why she went to see The Norn.
43 8 Fae-ge Against The Machine March 10, 2013 Bo accidentally activates a game that is part of her tests for The Dawning. Bo and Tamsin are forced into helping a Spriggan to find a missing Fae. As Bo is involved in that search, Trick is forced to play the game for Bo. Each choice Trick makes affects Bo at some point in her search. Bo and Tamsin go to Brazenwood, a place where outlaw Fae live and find the missing Fae who is a Squonk and free her. Lauren wins an award for her work and wants Bo to go with her, instead going out with a fellow scientist when Bo cannot do so. Bo passes her test and receives an invitation to attend The Dawning and Tamsin has a disturbing revelation about Bo.
44 9 The Ceremony March 17, 2013 Bo’s Dawning arrives and she enters the Temple alongside Dyson with Lauren’s blessing. They enter a mirror of the world they know in search of a key to escape it. Dyson reveals that he does love Bo but will not interfere with her and Lauren’s happiness, content to wait for her. As the trial continues the world twists further and further, roles changing and altering from what Bo knows. Dyson realizes that he is the key to escape and forces Bo to kill him. They return to the real world and Bo changes as she did in Season Two when Lauren’s life was threatened pulling the Chi from everyone around her and uses it to revive Dyson. Bo passes the Dawning, but a new threat is hinted at still to come.
45 10 Delinquents March 24, 2013 Bo, Kenzi and Dyson go undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths and discover that a Tikbalang is killing them and stop it. However, it had a human mate who attacks Lauren in revenge, but Bo saves her. Tamsin is contacted by a bounty hunter friend who informs her that someone Tamsin is working for wants her to bring Bo to him. Tamsin does not want to and resists until her friend is killed. Tamsin plants doubt in Lauren about Bo and as a result of this and the attack on her, Lauren and Bo part ways in their relationship. As all of this unfolds, Tamsin prepares to capture Bo and take her to the one that wants Bo.
46 11 Adventures In Fae-bysitting March 31, 2013 Bo is approached by a babysitter who claims that something happened to her employer. Dyson is approached by a Fae who lost contact with her twin sister and believes something happened. Bo discovers the babysitter is Fae and a coven of witches have taken control of her. Bo stops them with some mysterious help, and then, at the behest of the babysitter, kills her so she cannot be used again. Tamsin and Dyson go over the kills that were assumed to be Bo’s and find someone is killing mass numbers of Fae, but do not know who. Lauren is offered a job, but after her past is investigated, it appears that she is a fugitive from the law. She decides to make a break with the Fae and leaves, severing her connections with them completely.
47 12 Hail, Hale April 7, 2013 Hale’s inauguration arrives but Dyson is kidnapped by a group of humans. This allows The Morrigan to discredit Hale because evidence indicates that Lauren is involved in the attack and she is missing. Through this The Morrigan forces a vote which declares that all humans held by the Fae, or connected to the Fae, are terrorists. As a result, Kenzi is arrested and sentenced to death. Lauren is deceived by Isaac who has a plan which has meant he has been hunting Fae and experimenting on them for years. Lauren is imprisoned along with Dyson and it is revealed that Aife is also being held. Trick is kidnapped by unknown persons, while Tamsin is shot as she and Bo try to locate Lauren.
48 13 Those Who Wander April 14, 2013 Kenzi is held by the Morrigan but she escapes and goes to find the Druid to become Fae. Isaac plans to use stem cells from Dyson to make him Fae. Lauren agrees to do this and he becomes Fae, but Dyson kills him and Lauren vanishes. While this occurs, Bo is imprisoned and finds Aife who gives hints about Bo's father before taking a killing blow meant for Bo and Bo is forced to leave her behind as she escapes. Hale rescues Trick and he leaves with Stella for Scotland as Vex takes out the Morrigan for Hale. Tamsin and Bo battle when the Rune Glass does not work, but Tamsin sides with Bo. Tamsin rescues Dyson but they run off the road in Tamsin’s truck when the Wanderer appears and is revealed to be Bo’s father. He then spirits Bo away to places unknown.

Season 4 (2013-2014)

According to an article at Blastr dated January 14th, 2013, the fourth season was already in production on that date. The article did not indicate the number of episodes ordered or any other further details.[24] It was assumed that the season would consist of 13 episodes. On February 28th, 2013, Showcase announced that the show had been renewed for a fourth season, set to begin production in Spring 2013 and air late in 2013. Only thirteen episodes were green lit at the time of the announcement.[25] On July 11th, 2013, the Showcase Blog revealed that the fourth season of Lost Girl would begin on November 10, 2013.[26]

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Summary
49 1 In Memoriam November 10, 2013 Reality and the memories of both Fae and humans have been altered so that no one remembers Bo ever existing and reality itself seems to have reverted to the 1930s. The reality change also seems to have placed Kenzi in Bo’s place, at least in actions and relationships. Both Tamsin and Lauren are missing, their location and condition both unknown. Kenzi also has made a deal with Massimo to have Fae powers, but Massimo has tricked her and she is not actually Fae. Vex attempts to keep reality as it is, for the power he now has as The Morrigan, but Hale and Dyson oppose him. Kenzi and Dyson find the cause of the reality change and they fix everyone’s memories, but at the moment they do Aife confronts Trick and as the episode ends, she has regained her memories and attacks Trick, meaning to kill him. A hint of what the Una Mens are is given and Lauren is seen for an instant as she remembers Bo. Bo is seen somewhere opening her eyes which are completely bright blue.
50 2 Sleeping Beauty School November 17, 2013 Trick has survived Aife’s attack and deduces through items that Kenzi retained after the previous episode, that Bo is no longer on the same physical plane as everyone else is. Bo is seen travelling on a old train through an impenetrable darkness, destination unknown, her memories unclear and unfocused, but they appear to be slowly returning as she remembers Kenzi’s name. Dyson finds a young girl while searching for Tamsin and it appears to be Tamsin reborn, but she seems to have no memories of her past life. Dyson asks Kenzi to look after her in hope that over time Tamsin’s memories will return. Kenzi discovers the Wanderer card through Tamsin touching it, though the card bursts into flame and is damaged. Kenzi loses all of the compound that Massimo made for her when Tamsin flushes all of it down the toilet and is forced to go to him for more and Tamsin is left unprotected. The Una Mens have set up their home in what was the Ash’s compound. Vex is interrogated by the Una Mens and in order to survive, he makes a deal to give them Bo, who they are looking for. In an attempt to find Bo, Dyson and Hale see a Fae named Selene and eventually are directed to a Fae named Eddy who can traverse dimensions and take them to Bo. Dyson frees him from Selene’s hold, but discovers later that in fact Eddie is a female Fae who he has met before named Cleo. She isin fact an Elemental who helps Dyson to board a Death Train which appears to be the same kind of train that Bo was seen on earlier. Lauren is working in a diner and is making a mess of things, but has become involved with one of the waitresses that work there. While working she saves the life of a Fae in front of another waitress who films it. However, the waitress removes the video as she is attracted to Lauren. Lauren contacts Dyson and wants to return, but Dyson tells her that she is still wanted and needs to remain hidden. Hale decides to tell Kenzi how he feels and Kenzi returns Hale’s affections, but are interrupted by Tamsin aging and are not able to express their feelings to each other. Bo manages to escape the Train she was on, jumping off it into the void, destination unknown and fate uncertain.
51 3 Lovers. Apart. November 24, 2013 Dyson and Cleo arrive on the Death Train, but there is no sign of Bo and they go in pursuit of her. Bo has been transported to an old house in the woods where a family finds her, but Bo’s memories are confused. She finds that the family is frightened of a ghost which has killed members of their family over generations and the father imprisons their daughter to protect her. Bo helps the daughter and discovers that a body jumper is responsible for the deaths. Bo confronts it as Dyson and Cleo find her. Bo then learns that the body jumper was an Elemental who was in love but was never married to her love before they were both killed. Bo and Dyson complete a ceremony for them and the curse is lifted from the family. Afterwards, Cleo takes Bo hostage, intending to take her to Vex for a reward, but Bo overcomes her and leaves with Dyson. The Morrigan returns and makes contact with Massimo to regrow an eye she is missing. While doing so, there is a hint that Massimo is human and had been involved with The Morrigan in the past. The Morrigan also learns that Massimo and Tamsin removed Bo as a threat which emboldens her to action. Lauren and Crystal continue their relationship, Lauren spending time with Crystal in her home, sharing secrets in a drunken stupor until they spend the night together in bed. Someone then calls the diner looking for Lauren and she runs. While hitchhiking, Lauren is then picked up by Crystal and is then kidnapped as Bo and Dyson drive past, unaware that Lauren is there.
52 4 Turn to Stone December 1, 2013 Bo has returned, but is in hiding at the urging of Dyson who warns her that she is a target of the Una Mens. In spite of his warning, Bo visits the Dal Riata with Kenzi and when they return home find that all of their things have been stolen. Tamsin has aged and has returned to her previous self, but her memories are still unclear save that she knows she is Dark Fae. Lauren and Crystal are imprisoned together, by whom is not known, but they are aware of who Lauren is. Lauren reveals that she killed 11 people when she and her brother blew up a pipeline, Lauren hiding and running ever since. Lauren discovers that they are being held for unknown reasons but who is not revealed. Kenzi reveals to Bo her involvement with Massimo which draws Bo to meeting Massimo and in order to repay the debt Kenzi owes must obtain a herb from Lauren’s apartment. While there, Bo discovers the file with Lauren’s real name and background but they find themselves trapped there by a energy barrier. After Kenzi escapes and returns to free Bo, Kenzi breaks down and tell Bo about everything that is going on with her life, including all of the things she has been hiding from Bo. Bo is shocked by this saying that she believed that Kenzi was the only one who never lied to her. Massimo diverts Bo and Kenzi away from his real plan which was to get close to Tasmin and take all of her hair but fails to do so when Bo intervenes. It is revealed that Tamsin has been reborn into her last life. Massimo kills himself when he attempts to retrieve some of Tamsin’s hair which Bo threw into a furnace. Dyson makes a promise to Kenzi to show her a way to be part of the Fae. Bo goes to confront the Una Mens after they sent a gargoyle to attack her. In doing so, Bo is told that her blood has chosen which side she is. Bo claims that she is unaligned, but the Una Mens tell Bo that she is Dark Fae.
53 5 Let the Dark Times Roll December 8, 2013 Bo is told she must fall in line with the Dark Fae or the Una Mens will kill her. As well they tell Bo that they will find Lauren and Kenzi and they will die as well being enemies of the Fae. Bo goes to confront Vex, assuming he is responsible, but finds The Morrigan back in control of the Dark Fae. The Morrigan reunites Bo and Lauren at a Dark Fae party, but then enlists them to find Vex and bring him to her. At the same party, Bruce appears and meets up with Kenzi and Tamsin who free Bruce from being under punishment from The Morrigan when Tamsin goes up against another Fae in a dance-off to the death and wins. Vex is found by Bo and tells her about how all of the Mesmers were killed including his own family, intending to cut off his own hand to be able to escape the Una Mens’ punishment. Bo cannot stop Vex from doing so, but learns from him that he is not the cause of her being Dark Fae. Lauren reveals that she has joined the Dark because of the Light Fae not helping her. Bo is unable prove that she did not sign an agreement to be Dark Fae and is forced to align herself to the Dark Fae. It is revealed that Bo signed a document with someone named Rainer as her co-signer who it appears is The Wanderer from all indications. Trick is summoned to the Una Mens who ask about his past and judge him, also revealing some of the Blood King’s past and how the Una Mens came to be. In the end they choose Trick to be the new Acting Ash.
54 6 Of All the Gin Joints December 15, 2013 Bo and Kenzi are at the Dal Raita when a female Fae named Ianka rushes in claiming that Bo told her to find her. Ianka sings for Bo and she has a glimpse of her lost memories, but in order to gain more Bo must give Ianka her freedom from the Fae that is holding her and gains that Fae’s permission for Ianka to sing for an audience, rather than that Fae alone. Ianka sings an aria which reveals more of what happened to Bo, but is interrupted when Ianka is held by an attacker who demands she be given to him. It appears he is in love with Ianka, but this turns out to be a lie and in fact he wishes Ianka to sing a death note to kill a species of Fae his kind is at war with. Ianka does sing but kills him instead before dying as well. Hale and Kenzi finally express to each other how they feel about each other and share a moment, but it appears that Hale was injured when Ianka sung her death note. Lauren prepares to leave the Light but The Morrigan meets with her at her apartment and they have a conversation about what Lauren is willing to do and the agreement she wants with the Dark Fae among other subjects. Lauren eventually is given access to the Dark Fae medical laboratories. Lauren also takes a sample of The Morrigan’s DNA for unknown purposes. Dyson returns to tell Bo that Lauren has switched to the Dark Fae and Bo tells Dyson that she has been forced to join the Dark as well. Trick warns Bo and Dyson that they cannot be together as Light and Dark are forbidden to do so. Bo and Dyson are then found together by the Una Mens who proclaim that Dyson has broken the laws and move to attack him as the episode ends.
55 7 La Fae Époque December 22, 2013 Dyson is accused of murdering Fae and humans in the far distant past and will be executed for his crimes by the Una Mens. Hale tries to defend Dyson against the charges but the Una Mens refuse to listen. Kenzi is also there and she is taken by the Una Mens to be killed alongside Dyson. Cassie the oracle returns and helps Bo to enter Dyson’s past where she finds herself in Dyson’s body as he lives that part of his life in 1800s Paris. While doing so, Bo encounters Trick in the past and learns of a pair of shoes, described as “hellshoes” or Helskór which when worn by the right person will bring the end of days. Dyson has an accomplice wear the shoes and she goes on a killing spree which Dyson was blamed for. She was then killed and Dyson was framed for the crime, but was rescued by Trick who was seeking a second to accompany him to the new world. In order to save Kenzi, Dyson offers to give the Una Mens the Helskór but Bo returns from Dyson’s memories and takes possession of the shoes before the Una Mens can do so. Bo then proves the Una Mens were guilty of murder, not Dyson and offers them one of the shoes in order to free both Dyson and Kenzi. In the end, Bo is reunited with all of her friends and comes to the decision that they must find the other missing shoe and then confront The Wanderer.
56 8 Groundhog Fae December 29, 2013 Bo and her friends have gathered for Yule, but something odd happens and Bo finds herself repeating the same moments over and over again. Eventually she finds that Tamsin and Hale are also stuck in the loop and this was caused by Krampus, a Fae that feeds on regret, that has trapped them all and is forcing them to repeat the evening over and over again. Tamsin confesses her regret to Bo that she was the one that found Bo for the The Wanderer, but Bo forgives her. Tamsin also suggests that The Wanderer is looking for his perfect mate and that he may have had a hand in Bo’s birth to make that happen. Hale confesses his regret to Kenzi that he wanted to make their first intimate moment together perfect and Kenzi tells him that it would never be perfect and it doesn’t matter to her. Bo is trapped by Krampus and she confesses all of her true fears, all of the things that she is scared of, including that she is frightened of what The Wanderer may force her to become and in doing so frees herself and everyone else from Krampus finally. Lauren discovers a case addressed to Bo in Bo’s handwriting in the Dark Fae storeroom and has opened it, revealing the contents to Dyson, but they cannot agree to give the case to Bo and they put their arguments to Vex to settle the question. The question is not answered, but Lauren reattaches Vex’s hand. Kenzi gives Bo the case and when Bo opens it, she finds it is a container of the black smoke that had been used before by The Wanderer to bring her to him.
57 9 Destiny's Child January 12, 2014 Bo opens the container of black smoke and a being named Huginn emerges who claims he can bring Bo back to the Death Train. Bo makes a deal and leaves with him to find his ex-wife and brother to seek revenge on them, but this turns out to be a lie and Bo is forced to escape to Hell. While there, Bo is forced to play a game of riddles with Leviathan in order to win her freedom, but is told that someone she loves will die soon. Bo returns to face Huginn and his brother and with the help of Dyson and Lauren, forces them to take her back to the Death Train. Trick goes to seek help to recover what he believes are important memories and in doing so reveals that he is responsible for many deaths over his life and that he also was responsible for writing Rainer, also known as The Wanderer, out of history and in doing so, created everything that is happening in the current time. Kenzi demands answers from Trick but when he refuses, she searches Trick’s lair with Tamsin and finds Trick’s book of blood and uses some of Trick’s blood to be able to read it. Tamsin has a vision of her past where it is revealed that Trick used Tamsin in order to remove Rainer from history, making him wander outside of time for eternity. Bo returns to the Death Train and confronts a man there who appears to be The Wanderer, the two fighting a short time before Bo seems to fall to his control. Bo then returns to her friends, and with Rainer at her side, claims that he is not her enemy or her father, but rather is her destiny.
58 10 Waves January 19, 2014 Bo has isolated herself from all of her friends and is with Rainer. Bo has a series of flashbacks of when she arrived on the Death Train and what happened while she was there. When Rainer and Bo met, they were at odds with one another. Rainer explained he was cursed because he attempted to end the divisions between Light and Dark Fae, but could not remember the circumstances. Bo found herself attracted to him and becomes intimate with him to the point where she agreed to help Rainer escape his curse, including setting all of the clues that Bo found to return to him. Kenzi in the meantime enlists Lauren and Dyson’s help to investigate a company when a Fae loses her legs there to unknown forces and hires them to solve the mystery. They discover that the company is run by a merman who appears to be threatened by his sister. In fact, the Fae that lost her legs is another of the merman’s sisters and they have found a means to walk on land that they did not share with the other sister. When Kenzi and Dyson are threatened, Lauren saves them. Bo and Rainer confront the Una Mens and state they intend to oppose them. The Una Mens in response intend to kill all of Bo’s family and friends, leaving her and Rainer to be killed last. Rainer and Bo combine their abilities and battle the Una Mens managing to kill them all. Trick approaches Bo this occurs asking her not to kill the Una Mens because all of their powers will be placed in the seed that Trick had possessed, but has since been stolen from him. The seed is then seen elsewhere in the possession of persons unknown.
59 11 End of a Line January 26, 2014 Bo is attacked by a zombie and with Dyson, Tamsin and Acadia, goes to find who was responsible for the attack. They discover that Massimo did not die having survived due to possessing the Twig of Zamora. Kenzi is visited by her mother and cousin who Hale contacted. Her mother attempts to reconcile with Kenzi, and then when Hale proposes to Kenzi, they ruin the moment for Kenzi and Hale. In spite of this, Kenzi decides to accept Hale’s proposal. Before Kenzi can do so, Massimo attacks Kenzi and Hale, delivering a fatal blow to Hale. Kenzi offers her life to save Hale, but Bo refuses because doing so would kill Kenzi. Bo attempts to explain to Dyson about Rainer, but fails to do so and their relationship falls apart. In the aftermath, Tasmin makes a move on Dyson. Vex visits Trick and it is revealed that Vex was responsible for the seed that Trick possessed being stolen. Rainer, as his curse has been lifted, is being rewritten into history and when Tamsin sees an image of him, tells Bo that Rainer was not the one that hired her to find Bo.
60 12 Origin February 9, 2014 Hale is buried, his friends grieving for him. Kenzi is unconsolable and demands that Massimo die. Massimo is confronted and claims that Rainer will die in seven days according to prophecy which staves off his death as Bo and the others look for answers, but Kenzi sees this as another breaking of a promise to her. Kenzi asks Vex to help her kill Massimo but Vex turns the tables on Kenzi and releases Massimo because of a Blood Oath that Vex swore. A knight appears, swearing allegiance to Bo, calling her their Queen and when Rainer appears, calls him King. Bo and Rainer along with Tamsin become aware of the prophecy that is approaching. Bo and Rainer must join forces for Rainer to live. Lauren tries to show Bo what she believes is the truth about Rainer, but Bo rejects her and in doing so, Lauren and Bo end their relationship which seemingly drives Lauren into The Morrigan’s arms. Lauren then turns The Morrigan human by using a sample she took of The Morrigan earlier. Bo, Rainer and the knight attempt to stop the prophecy and in trying to do so discover that they must marry. They do so, but it is revealed the knight had lied and in doing so The Priapus is released. Kenzi confronts Bo and demands that Bo release her claim and Bo does so, Kenzi leaving soon afterwards. Massimo captures Lauren and then eats the Origin Seed, but the effects of doing so are not revealed.
61 13 Dark Horse February 16, 2014 Massimo holds Lauren hostage and decides that the only way to make The Morrigan happy is to bring her Bo’s head. Massimo attacks Bo and kills Rainer in the attempt. Kenzi and Dyson find the Morrigan and she reveals that Massimo is, in fact, her son. Bo discovers that she is being transformed by her father into The Dark Queen and when she arrives at the portal where her father will appear she begins to change, but Dyson saves her. Bo asks Dyson to stop the coming armies of her father while she rescues Lauren from Massimo, Trick and Tamsin helping him to slow the tide. Bo tricks Massimo into taking the Chi from The Morrigan and then kills him, freeing Lauren. Kenzi figures out the prophecy to close the portal and to do so, she must sacrifice herself and does so. Tamsin claims Kenzi’s soul and takes it to Valhalla with Rainer’s. Afterwards, Tamsin warns Dyson not to allow Bo to find the second Hel shoe and Bo visits Kenzi’s grave and promises, somehow, to bring Kenzi back.

Season 5 (2014-2015)

On February 27th, 2014, Showcase announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth season, set to begin production in Spring 2014 and air Fall 2014. Thirteen episodes were green lit at the time of the announcement.[27] On August 25th, 2014, it was announced that the fifth season would be the finale for Lost Girl and it had been extended to sixteen episodes to be shown in two eight episode halves with a hiatus between them. The final season would premiere on December 7th, 2014.[28] The series went into hiatus after the mid-season finale which aired on January 25, 2015. The second half of the Fifth Season was not expected to air before October 2015, the specific date not revealed at the time of the hiatus.

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Summary
62 1 Like Hell, Part I December 7, 2014 Bo finds the missing Helskor shoe and enters Valhalla, which appears like a vast hotel, to find Kenzi which Bo does after masquerading as one of the staff, finding Kenzi in one of the hotel rooms. Kenzi receives a note from Hale that tells of their upcoming wedding, and she prepares for that joyfully. Lauren, after seeing Bo vanish into thin air when she puts on the Helskor demands answers from Tamsin, but instead of answering her questions, she gives Lauren a book of her experiences there which explains the purpose of the Helskor, that for the wearer of them to bring a dark army from Valhalla to Earth. Tamsin sees Freya, the Queen of the Valkyrie, and is made to do the bidding of Bo’s Father. However, Bo manages to overcome Tamsin and returns Tamsin to normal where she admits that for the first time, she has a family in Bo, Kenzi and her friends. At the moment of Kenzi’s wedding, Freya stops Kenzi’s wedding, saying that Kenzi belongs to Bo’s father and intends to send her to Bo’s Father rather than to Hale. Bo intervenes and takes Kenzi’s place, which appears to have been her father’s plan from the beginning. Kenzi is returned to her body, which is buried in her grave while Bo is sent on her way to face her father.
63 2 Like Hell, Part II December 14, 2014 Bo arrives in her Father’s realm and encounters her Stepmother, Persephone, who is the wife of Hades. Through her Bo finds that she was born in Hel, and some of the truths about her mother Aife. Bo confronts her Father, but after a brief shadowy encounter, escapes to the Gates where Dyson helps her return to Earth. Kenzi is rescued from her grave by Lauren and Dyson. Lauren and Kenzi perform a seance, attempting to contact Bo and bring her home, but find the spirit they contact is not Bo. Stacey, the Valkyrie from the previous episode, encounters Dyson who attempts to distract her by diverting her attention towards Vex, calling him Bo’s lover, but she finds Kenzi and Lauren, seeking Lauren’s soul, but her attempt is thwarted by Tamsin. At the end of the episode, Kenzi tells Bo that she needs to leave, and a gift from Hale allows her to leave for Spain, leaving Bo and the Fae behind. It is revealed that Evony is no longer The Morrigan and it seems that the Fae are losing their Light or Dark alliances as there seems to be no Ash as well. Bo lights Persephone’s candle which she brought to Earth with her, which seems to draw to Earth a dark spirit that possesses someone elsewhere.
64 3 Big in Japan December 21, 2014 Bo and Tamsin encounter a Fae hero who asks for their help as he is being targeted for assassination before he can ascend to the head of his family, becoming a God. It turns out that his sister is trying to stop his ascension because he holds a lie about his past which would doom him. Bo and Tamsin stop the event and the truth is revealed that the hero was his sister all along. Lauren is receiving death threats and asks Dyson to help her learn to defend herself and in the end, Lauren finds that the way to defend herself is by using her medical knowledge to do so. Bo attempts to feed from Dyson, Tamsin and Lauren, but finds she cannot do so, seemingly being repelled each time she tries and it seems that her sex drive doesn’t exist. Bo is attacked by the now disgraced hero and suffers a fatal wound. Lauren manages operate on Bo, but she needs to feed to heal. Bo reveals that she does not wish to live because she will be alone eventually as one by one everyone leaves her. Tamsin, Dyson and Lauren tell Bo she will never be alone, she regains her ability to feed once more, and feeds from Dyson, healing herself. In the aftermath of an elevator crash, several bodies are found undamaged, almost preserved, but the reason why is unknown and the woman possessed at the end of the previous episode in the elevator comes back to life seemingly possessed by Persephone.
65 4 When God Opens a Window... December 28, 2014 A runaway finds Bo and asks for help at first, but steals from Bo. When he is confronted, the runaway reveals that he is being hunted, and the hunter holds the runaway responsible for the death of his wife and child. The runaway is found to be a shifter like Dyson, and Dyson reveals that the runaway is his son, the hunter being a type of Fae that shifters had hunted in the past. When the truth is revealed and the hunter still intends to kill Dyson’s son, Dyson with the help of Vex, kills the hunter. Evony returns and it is revealed that she is funding Lauren’s clinic and is looking for Lauren to find a way to make her Fae once more. It is revealed that Evony has possession of a Fae creature that she calls a doomsday device which will be released if she dies and leaves it in Lauren’s hands to force her to work faster. Trick asks Dyson to team up with Vex to investigate three deaths and they discover a connection to the three bodies from the elevator crash which seems to indicate the existence of a Fae cult.
66 5 It's Your Lucky Fae January 4, 2015 Cassie the Oracle turns up missing as Bo receives a gift from her father on her birthday and needs help in understanding what it is. To find out what happened to Cassie, Bo joins a Fae dating site and meets the last person that Cassie went out with. Tamsin and Lauren buy Bo a stuffed cat for a birthday present which possesses Bo with the powers of a cat and begins to turn her into one. Using her new found powers, Bo finds Cassie and two other Oracles who have been imprisoned and their eyes taken from them, eventually it is revealed that the Oracles took their own eyes out to stop being forced to see all of time. Mark has a job at the Dal Riata but makes quite a number of mistakes and when he confronts Vex there, things only get worse. When Persephone appears there, things only get worse still when Trick’s ledger is stolen. Dyson discovers that during her investigation Bo went on a date with one of the dead from the elevator crash which gives the first clue that something is happening and at the end of the episode, one of the possessed elevator bodies has Trick’s ledger of Fae names and has found out who Bo is. Bo does not uncover what her father’s gift is, but she learns a secret from Tamsin that she never expected.
67 6 Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts January 11, 2015 Dyson asks Bo and Tamsin to go undercover at a High School to help investigate the Fae cult he has been tracking which seem to be connected to the death of a football player, Bo as a cheerleading coach and Tamsin as a cheerleader. The three possessed humans are found to be behind the death and feed upon the emotions of the crowd at the football game for an unknown purpose, but Bo fails to stop their plan and suffers an injury that does not heal. It is found that one of the players is a descendant of Hercules and through this realization, Trick comes to the conclusion that the three humans are possessed by Ancients, who Trick describes as being the most powerful of Fae. Seeing that Bo has found out about them and seeing Bo as a threat to their plans, the three Ancients decide to move their plans forward as the episode comes to a close, their future plans unrevealed.
68 7 Here Comes the Night January 18, 2015 A tornado, created by the Ancients, smashes through the city, doing massive damage and destruction. As a result, Evony’s doomsday device runs out of power and it seems to be empty when it opens. Evony appears at the Dal Riata and collects Vex to help her deal with the creature that was released from Evony’s device, which is invisible. Bo and Lauren confront Evony who reveals that at one time she dated the god Eros, who she trapped in the device with Vex’s help. Evony, Bo and Lauren confront Eros and he killed by lightning, seemingly by Zeus. Dyson visits the wife of the possessed human and finds that the Ancient is there, acting as her husband as if nothing had happened. Dyson questions him and when he reveals he is not the wife’s husband, she stabs him, making him flee, but promising to take her life. Dyson brings her to his home and then Bo appears, but it turns out not to be her, but the three Oracles in search of something. Eventually the Oracles find Bo and give her visions of those she loves trying to find Bo’s truth, but Trick stops them. Bo reveals her father is Hades to Trick and that she was born in Hel. The Oracles give the Ancient what she wishes to know and then she kills Cassie. Tamsin confesses her love to Bo, but Bo tells Tamsin she does not love her the same way which breaks Tamsin’s heart. At the end of the episode, Bo blows out Persephone’s candle, but it relights.
69 8 End of Faes January 25, 2015 Bo is invited to a party being held by the Ancients in her honour, but the purpose is not known. Bo confronts Zee who offers Bo freedom from her father and to stop Hades from using her to end the world. To prove this, Zee has Bo take a sip of the drink of prophesy and Bo sees the future which seems to show her father destroying the world and Bo agrees to help Zee stop Hades. Before this can happen, Mark and Iris go missing and it is discovered that Iris is more powerful than the other Ancients. Tamsin confronts Zee and then is struck by lightning, seemingly fatally. Iris takes Mark to see her vessel’s human parents, which goes wrong, and Iris kills the father and then the wife stabs Mark. Iris removes her bracelet which reveals she has the power to end life, and when Bo encounters Iris and touches her, Bo realizes that the vision was Iris ending life and not her father. Mark is rescued by Vex, who takes him to Lauren and Dyson who attempt to save Mark’s life. Bo looks for a way to stop Iris and Trick tells Bo of a mysterious box that can contain evil which Bo realizes is the birthday gift her father sent her. Zee and Bo fight over the box until Bo gains control of it. Zee warns Bo not to open the Box, or her father will walk the earth, telling Bo that she will release a great evil on the Earth. Bo has a vision of her father, who speaks riddles, and then Bo decides to open the box which opens with a flash of light as the episode ends.
70 9 44 Minutes to Save the World September 6, 2015[29] Hades is released from his prison and walks the Earth after which he helps Lauren to save Mark’s life. Tamsin is held by Zee and Hera as a hostage, but Tamsin turns Hera against Zee by placing doubts. The two come to blows and Hera falls into a coma. Hades visits Lauren’s clinic and while there is revealed to be Bo’s Father to both Dyson and Lauren by Bo. Hades reveals that the jack-in-the-box can send either Nix or himself to Hell, but not both. He also reveals that his mark is on both Bo and Mark, protecting them from harm. Trick decides to use his blood to save the world, but he finds his blood does not work. Zee demands a shield that Trick possesses or she will kill Trick’s friends, starting with Tamsin. Nix goes to Dyson’s gym where Alicia is, but before she can be harmed, Hades and Bo manage to stop Nix by trapping her in the jack-in-the-box. Afterwards, Hades is imprisoned, and Bo confronts Hades for forcing Kenzi to close the portal, the two arguing over Bo’s past. Hades claims that all that Aife told Bo was false but Bo refuses to believe him. Bo and Lauren express their love for each other, but Lauren is stuck by a car, seemingly fatally. When Bo approaches Lauren to help, Lauren seems to feed like a succubus on Bo.
71 10 Like Father, Like Daughter September 13, 2015 Lauren survives her accident, Bo assuming she saved Lauren while Lauren is not so sure. Vex returns and seeks help from Lauren, but in doing so, discovers that she seems to have Vex’s power after touching him. Lauren speaks with Hades, explaining that she thought she was only extending her life by injecting herself with the serum she created. Hades tells Lauren that she is gaining the powers of any Fae she touches. Kenzi returns, asking for Bo’s help because of a theft of a special painting from her estate which may be capable of removing the Ancients. Alycia discovers Dyson’s files and confronts him over it, assuming he is a believer in the paranormal. pushing her further into despair until Mark reveals the truth while suffering over the death of Iris. Dyson takes Alycia to see her husband’s body, but forces Alycia away. Dyson meets with Alycia later and he takes her to the Dal Riata where Dyson tells Alycia he is claiming her. Kenzi joins up with Bo to investigate an art house auction where the painting is being held which results in Bo stealing the painting and encountering Persephone. Bo confronts her, but Bo releases Persephone in exchange for her knowledge about the painting. Bo, Kenzi and Trick discover that the painting holds a song which can banish the Ancients. Bo asks Persephone to help banish Zee but Persephone double crosses Bo. However, Lauren takes the powers of a Siren, sings the song and seems to banish Zee from Earth which reveals what Lauren is now capable of. Lauren and Bo discuss their future, Lauren unsure of what her changes mean, she also telling Bo that she has been examined, but not by whom. Kenzi tells Bo not to trust her father, also deciding to stay for a while. It is then revealed that the painting was false, Zee was not banished, and Hades now possesses the painting, his plans unrevealed.
72 11 Sweet Valkyrie High September 20, 2015 Tamsin is paid by Hades for finding Bo, but she refuses the payment. Seeking a means to banish him to Hel, she teams up with Stacey and the two go in search of a necklace worn by Freyja that she used to convince Hades to accept rule of the underworld. They return to the Academy where Tamsin’s past is revealed and all of her mistakes are laid bare. After encountering Acacia and Freyja, it is revealed that the entire story about Freyja doing so was a lie, and that Hades freely made the choice to do so when the spoils of war were divided between himself, Zeus and Poseidon. Evony returns, seeking to be made Fae once more by Lauren, but she also reveals that she has not been well for some time. Lauren’s test results indicate that Evony is dying, being cursed when she was The Morrigan and making her Fae would likely kill her instantly. Bo and Lauren take Evony to see Hades in an attempt to save her, but he refuses to do so. In the end, Evony puts her faith in Lauren, who promises not to give up on her, and Bo, Lauren and Evony’s relationship becomes more of a friendship. After finding out the truth about what Hades’ plans are, Tamsin meets with Bo, the two mending their relationship, Tamsin settling for being friends. Tamsin then warns Bo that her father is building an army and it is seen that Hades is able to leave his cell at will, and does so.
73 12 Judgement Fae September 27, 2015 Lauren reveals to Bo that Hades helped her become a Conduit which brings some stress to their relationship and Lauren seems to be losing her memories, but the reason is unclear. Bo discovers that Zee has not been banished and Hades reveals what he did which allowed this to happen. Bo encounters Zee, but discovers it is actually Elizabeth, her human host, and she does not know where Zee has gone. Prior to this, Zee gave her shield to Hephaestus who uses it to create a weapon for Bo to use against Hades. Bo is forced to act as a lawyer in a courtroom in order to see Hephaestus and eventually passes the test when she answers her own truth. While in Hephaestus’ armoury, she encounters Zee who has possessed Lauren’s body. Hera awakes in Lauren’s clinic, pretending to be Kevin in order to escape and does so meeting with Zee in Hephaestus’ armoury to confront Bo. Zee leaves Lauren’s body after sending a message to Bo, returning to Elizabeth’s when Lauren suffers side effects, and after warning Bo about Hades, banishes herself and Hera, freeing their human hosts. In the aftermath, Bo receives her weapon, a horseshoe, but does not know what to do with it. Dyson and Alycia are living together and their relationship is growing, but Dyson has issues dealing with it, knowing that his true love is Bo. After Zee and Hera depart, Alycia returns to Kevin and Dyson ends their relationship. Lauren takes an antidote, ending her being a Conduit, and admits to Bo that she lost herself in what she became. She then breaks off their relationship, claiming that her being human and Bo being Fae makes it impossible and she will not allow Bo to suffer when she passes on. Bo confronts Hades, blaming him for all that has transpired, but he claims that he only wants Bo to be happy, which she does not believe. Bo then finds herself becoming intimate with Tamsin once more, but as they kiss, Bo’s hair begins to turn white, her features shifting and appearing similar to that of Hades.
74 13 Family Portrait October 4, 2015 It is revealed that Aife has been held in a Fae institution since attacking Trick at the beginning of Season Four, which enrages Bo as that was not revealed to her. Hades leaves his isolation cell and Bo discovers that Aife and Hades are at Zee’s condominium, seemly together again as a couple. They explain everything Bo has been told is a lie and they tell Bo her past from their perspective. Hades tells Bo that like her, they want justice and want Bo to join them, but she refuses. Afterwards, Aife encounters Bo and claims to be lying to Hades and when she claims that Bo has a plan to overcome Hades, and Bo tells her this isn’t true, Aife loses her mind once more. Bo confronts Trick over Aife’s being imprisoned and he tells Bo that Hades used Aife for his own ends, Trick giving Bo all of the information on her mother, telling her to make up her own mind about what her life’s story really is. Tamsin and Lauren join Bo in reviewing Aife’s past, and the tapes reveal an video of Bo seeing her mother. This reveals that Hades has been impersonating Bo. Tamsin seems to be losing her hair, and Lauren is concerned when Tamsin tells her that it means she is dying, but Tamsin refuses to tell Lauren that she was intimate with Bo shortly before this. After the discovery of Hades impersonating Bo, Lauren’s tests reveal that Tamsin is pregnant with Hades’ child. Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attack Hades at the condominium, but have no effect on him, Hades stabbing Dyson causing them to retreat. Bo then attempts to remove Hades’ mark from her chest, but it remains while Hades does seem to notice the attempt to do so. Trick attempts to flee with Aife but Hades arrives to stop them. Bo then returns to the condominium where she finds Aife dead and Trick close to death, Trick dying moments after Bo arrives. When Dyson seeks out Bo, he finds her catatonic, kneeling beside Trick and Aife’s bodies, and not responsive.
75 14 Follow the Yellow Trick Road October 11, 2015 Bo awakes to find herself in a world of grey, she being the only colour while in the real world, Bo is actually in a coma. Bo follows a path, like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz in which she encounters all of her friends, one by one, as she looks to see the Maestro. Bo encounters Tamsin, Dyson, Lauren and Vex before finding the Maestro which turns out to be herself and she tells herself that she must be the master of herself. Bo is in her coma because of a Fae moth that feeds on suffering which Tamsin and Dyson catch when Kenzi appears to help. It is discovered that Kenzi returned because of a letter she received which Hades sent to draw her back. Back in Bo’s dream, she encounters Kenzi who is the moth in disguise and after overcoming her fear, is told by the moth that she has the key to overcome her father. Bo is then brought out of her coma by Lauren who has found the answer by reading books that Mark and Vex brought from Trick’s library. Tamsin’s pregnancy seems to be well advanced in the episode, Lauren attempting to comfort Tamsin, telling her that she isn’t alone and they will help her. Vex tells Mark that he is sorry for all of the evil things he has done. Bo comes out of her coma to find all of her friends with her, Bo crying that Trick is gone. Bo reads Trick’s will and finds that he left gifts to all of his friends, Dyson and Mark get ownership of the Dal Riata, and the group of friends becomes a family. Hades appears and slits Vex’s throat in order to send a message to Bo, leaving him bleeding out as the episode ends.
76 15 Let Them Burn October 18, 2015 Kenzi and Bo find Vex critically injured and Tamsin missing. Vex survives, but cannot speak as his vocal cords were damaged. Kenzi suggests that all of Hades' victims were all connected to Bo and they need to learn more about Bo’s past and then Vex gives them a message that Bo’s midwife is alive and they need to see Evony to learn more. Bo and Kenzi learn that Evony has Bo’s midwife and she is working for Evony at a Fae horse ranch. Bo and Kenzi go to the horse ranch and Lou Ann confirms that Trick was the one that rescued her. When Bo talks about the Pyrippus, Lou Ann takes Bo and Kenzi to a stallion on the ranch. Bo calms the stallion, then discovers that the horseshoe does not fit. Bo then realizes that Hades is trying to control and make her submit in the same way that Lou Ann was trying to control the stallion. When Bo realizes this, she makes the connection that she is the Pyrippus. Bo then decides to face Hades, to give him what he wants from her, that of Bo surrendering to him, submitting to him. Hades has imprisoned Tamsin, treating her in the same way that he did Aife, mentally abusing her and forcing Tamsin to resist him, but Hades tells Tamsin that she will not be able to stop him from taking Tamsin’s baby from her. Hades also clipped Tamsin’s wings. Bo goes to Hades, and finds Tamsin there, imprisoned. Bo tells Hades she came to him because she wanted to and that he should release Tamsin, however Hades reveals that Valkyrie die in childbirth and that is the fate of Tamsin. Bo then tells Hades she will side with him, but Hades demands that Bo kill her remaining friends to prove that she is his. Dyson and Mark return to the Dal Riata, Dyson intending to call the most powerful Fae in the world together, but only calling the Light Fae, not the Dark. The Light Fae and the Dark Fae that appear confront each other, not trusting one another. Mark and Dyson come to blows over Mark’s decision to call both sides, Mark calling Dyson a coward. Mark has his first shift, becoming a black panther. Dyson then tells Mark to choose Light or Dark, Mark refusing to do so. Dyson then takes control of the situation, demanding that all Fae work together, revealing that Trick was the Blood King. The two sides agree to work together, to band against Hades. Bo pours gasoline over her home, then calls her friends there who are trapped in the fire that she has set to the approval of Hades. Hades shows Bo a throne, having her take her place there as the episode ends.
77 16 Rise October 25, 2015 Bruce saves everyone from the fire, Hades believing that they are dead, travelling with Vex’s help in his motorhome. Bo tells Hades she wants to get rid of Tamsin and takes Tamsin’s Chi, seemingly killing her, but instead Bo saving her from Hades’ plan and allowing Tamsin to escape. Hades reveals he wants Bo to feed off all Chi in the world. Hades uses the Hellskor shoes to trap Bo and then forces her to do so, telling Bo that the bringer of death is what she is meant to be, using all of the things that have gone wrong for Bo in her life to break her and telling Bo that she cannot love, which then pushes Bo over the edge and she begins to feed on the city’s Chi, killing all those she has fed on, Hades turning them into the army that he desires. None of Bo’s friends are effected because of the horseshoe which Bo left in their care when she set the clubhouse on fire which protects them all from harm. Hades sends Bo to retrieve the horseshoe, to end their threat and complete his plan. Bo confronts her friends, Kenzi attempting to bring Bo back, telling Bo that she isn’t alone, that she is needed, and Kenzi needs her. This does not succeed, Bo destroying the horseshoe and taking the Chi from them. Bo then relives her life through the memories of them through their Chi and breaks Hades’ control over her. Bo confronts Hades, the two coming to blows while Tamsin has her baby with Kenzi and Lauren’s help. Hades intending to take Tamsin’s child with him and continue his plans without Bo. Bo overcomes Hades with the love of her family, banishing him and then returns the Chi that she took from the city, ending Hades’ threat. Tamsin has a baby girl, named Dagny, then asks Bo to look after her daughter. Bo promises to do so before Tamsin passes away, Tamsin turning into white light and vanishing into the sky. Bo gives Tamsin’s baby to Kenzi who then leaves, promising to look after her and be there for Bo always. Vex and Mark comes to terms with their relationship, Mark telling Vex he will not choose Light or Dark, and chooses to be with Vex. Bo and Lauren then renew their relationship for as long as Lauren lives. Dyson takes over the Dal Riata and continues his relationship with Bo at a distance. Time passes and Dagny is brought to the Dal Riata, she meeting her Family and it is revealed that Kenzi has told her all about the Fae and who she is. It is also revealed that in the colony, no one is made to choose a side and they are trying to bring that change to the Fae as a whole. When Dagny reveals a hint of the evil inside of her, Bo promises that they will be ready for the day it comes.

Series Specials

There have been three series special episodes produced for Lost Girl:

# Season # Number Title Original air date Summary
2 1 Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show April 1st, 2012 Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show was a special show that aired before the season finale for the second season of the series. The purpose was to allow fans of the show to ask questions of the cast and show runners, the special was hosted by Steve Cochrane.
3 1 Lost Girl ConFAEdential January 6th, 2013 A primer to the third season of Lost Girl which was aired before the Third Season premiered. The main cast talk about their experiences and tease the third season. The special was hosted by Jay Firestone, the executive producer of the series.
4 1 Lost Girl: An Evening at the Clubhouse November 10th, 2013 A primer to the fourth season of Lost Girl which was aired before the Fourth Season premiered. The episode included cast-on-cast interviews, exclusive webisode footage and a special season four sneak peek.

Season 3.5 Webisodes

On October 13h, 2013, an online webisode series was released on the Lost Girl website. It was a series of four short vignette episodes, one released per week which were to act as a bridge between Seasons Three and Four. The four episodes included scenes with Kenzi, Trick, Hale, Vex and Bruce. The series also revealed the new threat to the Fae for Season Four, the “Una Mens.”

For further on this series, see: Lost Girl:Season 3.5 Webisodes

# No. Title Written by Directed by Original air date Summary
1 Episode 1: UPYURS6 Alexandra Zarowny Paul Day October 13, 2013 (2013-10-13) Kenzi and Bruce are on their way to see Massimo, but a Troll gets in the way.
2 Episode 2: Red Tape Michael Grassi Paul Day October 20, 2013 (2013-10-20) Vex discovers that with great power comes a great deal of bureaucracy.
3 Episode 3: Getting To Know You:
The Una Mens
Steve Cochrane Steve Cochrane October 27, 2013 (2013-10-27) Meet the mysterious group known as The Una Mens in this informative newsreel.
4 Episode 4: Prophecy Sam Ruano Paul Day November 3, 2013 (2013-11-03) Hale and Trick toy around with an old Fae divination board with unexpected results.

Motion comics

As part of the series promotion, a series of interactive webcomics was released on the official Lost Girl website. The first of these appeared on August 20, 2010. The plan was to release one episode per month, to a total of six, during the fall 2010 television season. Around the time of the release of the fifth episode of the first season, the individual episodes were made available for downloading as well as being watchable on the Lost Girl website. File formats included m4v, mp4 and wmv files. It used elements of traditional print comic books and animation and audio effects. Called a motion comic by the producers, it provided a story-telling medium which was hoped would provide information about Bo, Dyson and the other characters from the series, and gain additional insight into the supernatural world of Lost Girl.

For further on this series, see: Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic

# No. Title[30] Written by Original air date Summary
1 Chapter 1:
Navid Khavari August 20, 2010 (2010-08-20) Bo struggles for survival and to discover her place in the world,
while a mysterious force tracks her.
2 Chapter 2:
Navid Khavari September 29, 2010 (2010-09-29) Detectives Dyson and Hale investigate the remains
of a grisly murder and an even stranger set of suspects.
3 Chapter 3:
Navid Khavari October 21, 2010 (2010-10-21) Bo reminisces on her first discovery of her ability,
and chooses how to use it.
4 Chapter 4:
Dead Leads
Navid Khavari November 20, 2010 (2010-11-20) Dyson and Hale continue their investigation,
putting themselves in jeopardy.
5 Chapter 5:
Navid Khavari January 14, 2011 (2011-01-14) Bo encounters an old foe under dangerous circumstances
and is forced to make a difficult decision.
6 Chapter 6:
Navid Khavari February 4, 2011 (2011-02-04) Dyson and Hale search for answers
and get more than they bargained for.


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