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Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic

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For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the Fall 2010 television season on the Canadian television channel Showcase. The story revolves around a Succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk. She attempts to contain her succubus needs, help those in need, and discover her true past. The series is developed and produced by Prodigy Pictures. The executive producers are Jay Firestone, Paul Rapovksi, Plato Fountidakis, Michelle Lovretta and Peter Mohan. Michelle Lovretta is also the Creator/Writer for the series and the series is also co-written by Peter Mohan. The series producer is Wanda Chaffey. As part of the series promotion, a series of interactive webcomics was released on the official Lost Girl website. The first of these appeared on August 20th, 2010. The plan was to release one episode per month, to a total of six, during the fall 2010 television season. Around the time of the release of the fifth episode, the individual episodes were made available for downloading as well as being watchable on the Lost Girl website. File formats included m4v, mp4 and wmv files.

Chapter One - Feed

  • Release Date: August 20, 2010

Bo struggles for survival and to discover her place in the world, while a mysterious force tracks her trail.

The stories begin with an overview of a nameless city, eventually coming to focus on Bo as she walks through a seedy part of the city commenting on the last time she had taken a life. She is stopped by a man with a gun in an alleyway, who attempts to rob her. At that point, you are given two choices. Either to try to run or to grab the gun. Upon making that choice, two possible paths for the story begin to branch out. Eventually, Bo is forced to feed on her attacker and then finds herself in a bar where she begins to meet the other characters in the series. Again, eventually, Bo is forced into feeding on someone and killing them. The one thing that is made very clear in this first comic is that Bo cannot control herself and her urges to feed. And, in the end of the comic, she starts counting the moments until the next time she has to feed again.

Chapter Two - Leftovers

  • Release Date: September 29, 2010

Detectives Dyson and Hale investigate the remains of a grisly murder and an even stranger set of suspects.

This chapter begins at the Fae Bar of the series, with Dyson and Detective Hale talking to Trick. They discuss an attack from the night before and that a Fae might be involved. The discussion touches on the possibility that a minotaur was involved. Their search takes them into the city sewer system where they confront the minotaur. They gain information that there is a Fae kill in the open and leave the minotaur behind to deal with it. It is noted that Fae kills in the open take priority over everything else for Dyson and Detective Hale. They arrive at the scene and you are given three choices: to question a bartender, a drunk, or see the body. After that, Dyson and Hale come to the conclusion that there was a vulture that wanted the body, but someone, or something else, killed him first. The episode ends with Bo in a room somewhere.

Chapter Three - Futakuchi-onna

  • Release Date: October 21, 2010

Bo reminisces on her first discovery of her ability, and chooses how to use it.

The episode begins one week in time after the previous episode. We find Bo in a kitchen looking over some newspapers to see if her feeding had made the papers. It hadn't, and she looks at a series of photographs of her past that she tosses on the kitchen table. You are then given the choice to look at the photographs, or skip ahead. The photographs are: The first two remind her of the boyfriend she killed in high school years ago. The next two remind her of all of the people she has killed since she left her home and the things she has done to survive. Then we find that the home she is staying in is owned by an older gentleman that thinks she is his daughter. They have a conversation and Bo leaves for the city streets once more. She goes to an underground fighting club. It's her source of income as normal jobs she cannot hold because she needs to move around so often. Bo has a match with a male fighter, but is relatively weak and takes a beating. She feeds from a woman watching the fight and doesn't kill her. Thanks to that feeding she wins the match handily. Leaving the match, she finds she needs to feed again, and is confronted by an Asian woman in the streets that seems to know what Bo's problem is at that moment. Bo is shocked and turns away from her, coming to the decision as she does that she must not take another life. Ever.

  • As an aside, you can find more information on this episode's title at Wikipedia here.

Chapter Four - Dead Leads

  • Release Date: November 20, 2010

Dyson and Hale continue their investigation, putting themselves in jeopardy.

The episode begins at the local police station where Dyson is working late on a case. One of his coworkers tells him to take a break but he refuses. Then we are given a series of choice to examine evidence he has collected on the Rogue Fae he is searching for. Looking at the files reveals information on the Dullahan, the headless Fae from the episode in the series Where There's a Will, There's a Fae. Also listed are pages on Nymphs, Merfolk, and a last page on his current investigation. All of the pages have detailed notes to be examined. The other thing in this pause in the episode is a pair of phone messages. One message from Trick telling Dyson that the Fae he is looking for isn't from the Light, probably not from the Dark and that the most likely candidate is a Rouge Fae called a Pariah. The next message is from The Ash telling Dyson to get rid of the problem Fae as soon as possible. The last thing to examine are a series of photographs from the crime scene marked to be shredded. Detective Hale then enters the room where Dyson is and they discuss their next move. Hale suggests seeing a Gorgon for information as they are the only source of all Fae information other than Trick. Eventually Dyson agrees to see the Gorgon and they leave to question her.

They arrive at a swamp and work their way to where the Gorgon lives. Dyson describes her as the classical version of the Gorgon, head of snakes and all. He also mentions that the Gorgon is guarded by Merfolk as well. They are then attacked by Merfolk, win that battle and finally arrive to see the Gorgon. She is a beautiful woman with snakes in her hair, is a Dark Fae and is connected to the Morrigan. Dyson attempts to get information from her, the Gorgon becomes bored and uses her powers to cause Hale's body to being to turn to stone. Dyson presses on with his questioning When he notes that there were two scents on the feed, the Gorgon becomes very interested in the problem, returning Hale's body to normal again. They give her a candlestick holder from the crime scene with which the Gorgon deduces that they are looking for a Futakuchi-onna. This Fae is described as being a Fae that lives off of the leftovers of other Fae feedings. They were once Noble Faes, but when it was discovered they were feeding on other Fae, they were shunned by all Fae. Dyson and Hale are also told that eventually the Futakuchi-onna will kill the alpha Fae they are feeding upon. They are also told of a temple where the Futakuchi-onna is most likely using as a home. The last image in the episode is of the Futakuchi-onna following Bo and the comment from the Gorgon that most likely the Alpha Fae is already dead.

Chapter Five - Inhuman

  • Release Date: January 14, 2011

Bo encounters an old foe under dangerous circumstances and is forced to make a difficult decision.

Bo is seen walking the streets of the city and we find out that she has not fed for a week. She is occupied with thinking about the stress she is under because of the need she has to feed, and it is getting worse. She walks into a man and she tries to feed on him. However, he pushes her away and calls her a "junkie" before leaving her laying in the street. Bo tries to refute the label of junkie that the man placed on her, but finds that she cannot bring herself to completely do so.

She returns to the house she was staying in from an earlier episode and we discover that the man's name is Jerry and that Bo has become attached to him emotionally. Entering the house, Bo senses that something is wrong and approaches Jerry from behind, who seems to be watching a television. Bo then sees that Jerry has a knife sticking out of his chest and is dead. Bo then has what she thinks is a hallucination, in which the Asian woman that had stopped her in the street is there in the room with her. Bo is then told that her ties are cut to Jerry and is asked why she does not feed for she needs to. Bo asks who she is and the answer is, "I am yours." Bo then blacks out.

When she awakes, she finds herself in a basement somewhere facing the male fighter that she had battled in the fighting ring in a previous episode tied up and gagged. Removing the gag, she is then attacked by him. The viewer then interacts with Bo to defend herself from the attack. After several moves in the fight, the story continues with Bo realizing that she must feed or she will not survive the fight. After knocking him out, enough that he is bleeding on the ground and not able to defend himself, Bo realizes that this must be a set up by someone that knows what she is. But as the episode ends, Bo pushes that aside as not being important enough to stop her need to feed and the last image in the episode is of her eyes glowing as she prepares to feed.

Chapter Six - Reset

  • Release Date: February 4, 2011

Dyson and Hale search for answers and get more than they bargained for.

We find Dyson and Hale in a car outside of an old Japanese temple as the episode begins. They indicate that the Gorgon from Episode Four told them that they would find the Futakuchi-onna there. Entering the darkened building, Hale comments that he has a light somewhere and in response, lights within the structure turn on. As they look around Hale comments that it looks less like a temple and more like a cemetery as there are a number of headstones with Japanese writing upon them. Finally, they come upon an opening in the floor and discover the Futakuchi-onna , her human face looking up at them, and she is feeding on the remains of what appears to be a body. That face disappears and in its place, a hideous looking mouth appears o threaten them before that disappears, her human face returning and she rises up into the air in front of Dyson and Hale, accusing them of violating the peace of her ancestors.

She claims that the Futakuchi-onna, as a race, werer peaceful and noble, but Dyson refutes that by saying that murdering Fae is hardly noble. She continues to explain that she originally came from Osaka Japan and that when she discovered what she was it gave her "opportunities". Dyson attempts to reason with her, telling her that feeding on Fae is not allowed and she should feel on humans instead. She answers that her needs are more than humans can provide.

Then she tells of how the Fae killed all of her kind one by one, and then explains that she has gathered all of her ancestors in this one place to give them some peace and a home. Dyson asks if she is the last and her reply is that she talks too much before attacking Dyson and Hale. The viewer then plays a short game in which the object is to use a gun to hit the Futakuchi-onna three times in order to drive her off and to continue the episode. or the game can be skipped over if the viewer wants to.

Following that, the episode continues with Hale telling Dyson that he will draw her out. He becomes a target for the Futakuchi-onna, and Dyson shoots her, apparently killing her. The pair then examine the body she had been feeding on and deduce that the Alpha Fae had left sometime before.

We then see Bo walking the city streets thinking about what has happened. It is apparent from her thoughts that she did feed on the Fae she had been fighting with. She comes to grips with the thought that she might be evil, or good, or something in-between. She also states that she is at the top of a food chain and that also makes her decide that she can feed from people that deserve to perish, the bad ones, and leave the good ones alive. She then sees a wanted sign for bartenders on a wall. That sign connects the webisodes to the first actual episode of the series as that is where we first see Bo, and her last thoughts in the webisode series are "It's a start."

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