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Lost Girl:Season 3.5 Webisodes

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Lost Girl Season 3.5
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Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 4
Original channel Showcase.ca
Original run October 13, 2013 (2013-10-13) – November 3, 2013 (2013-11-03)
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Season Three
Those Who Wander

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For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the Fall 2010 television season on the Canadian television channel Showcase. The story revolves around a Succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk. She attempts to contain her succubus needs, help those in need, and discover her true past. The series was developed and produced by Prodigy Pictures. The executive producers are Jay Firestone, Paul Rapovksi, Plato Fountidakis, Michelle Lovretta and Peter Mohan. Michelle Lovretta is also the Creator/Writer for the series and the series is also co-written by Peter Mohan. The series producer is Wanda Chaffey.

A series of webisodes were released in the Fall of 2013 to proceed the release date of the Fourth Season of the series. They were referred to as being Lost Girl Season 3.5 by the producers of the series and were named as such on the Showcase website. They were described as being four short vignette episodes, one released per week, which were to act as a bridge between Seasons Three and Four. The four episodes included scenes with Kenzi, Trick, Hale, Vex and Bruce. The series also revealed the new threat to the Fae for Season Four, the “Una Mens.”

All of the episodes in this web series are summarized in this article as follows:

Season Summary

# No. Title Written by Directed by Original air date Summary
1 Episode 1: UPYURS6 Alexandra Zarowny Paul Day October 13, 2013 (2013-10-13) Kenzi and Bruce are on their way to see Massimo,
but a Troll gets in the way.
2 Episode 2: Red Tape Michael Grassi Paul Day October 20, 2013 (2013-10-20) Vex discovers that with great power
comes a great deal of bureaucracy.
3 Episode 3: Getting To Know You:
The Una Mens
Steve Cochrane Steve Cochrane October 27, 2013 (2013-10-27) Meet the mysterious group known as
The Una Mens in this informative newsreel.
4 Episode 4: Prophecy Sam Ruano Paul Day November 3, 2013 (2013-11-03) Hale and Trick toy around with an old Fae divination board
with unexpected results.

Episode One - UPYURS6

  • Release Date: October 13, 2013
  • Running Time: 6 Minutes, 52 Seconds
  • Starring: Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Rob Archer as Bruce and Max Topplin as Six
  • Written by: Alexandra Zarowny
  • Directed by: Paul Day

The story about a girl, a troll, and a bridge too far.

The webisode opens with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Bruce (Rob Archer) walking through a forest, Kenzi telling Bruce that all she needs to do is cross one bridge and she will be able to see the Druid and get what she needs to become Fae. Bruce tells her that Massimo, the Druid, is not nice, but Kenzi presses on noting that "it is Faemageddon out there" and she needs to help her friends. Bruce attempts to dissuade her, telling Kenzi that his life "isn't peaches and cream" but she reminds Bruce that she is "helpless" When Kenzi trips, she attempts to blame it on being human, but Bruce tells Kenzi that it is her shoes. Kenzi is upset that Bruce is dissing her shoes, but Bruce tells Kenzi that he "never disses" and that he doesn't even know how to diss." Kenzi continues on and approaches a bridge with Bruce a short distance behind her.

When Kenzi attempts to cross the bridge, an odd young man blocks her way, telling her that "passage is denied." When Kenzi questions who says so, he replies "Up yours 6." Kenzi does not understand and then he explains that UPYURS6 (Max Topplin) is his handle. What follows next is Kenzi taking shots at Six's clothing and attitude and he replying in similar fashion. Bruce tells Kenzi that Six is a Troll, specifically an Internet Troll. Kenzi is slightly confused, asking if he means that Internet Trolls are actual Trolls and Bruce agrees to that. When Kenzi asks why Six isn't online doing his thing, Six admits that he was on Anonymous, but he was then hacked and transferred for a month to the bridge as a result of his actions online, and he has one more week to go. Kenzi continues to diss Six, commenting on his clothing and glasses which seems to impress Six calling her "sharp and smart and nasty" and "perfect". Bruce intervenes, telling Kenzi that confrontation makes him itchy before approaching Six and introducing himself before Six punches him in the stomach which makes Bruce fall to the ground. Kenzi moves into help him, but then she is confronted by Six.

The next scene has Six looking through his shoulder bag as Kenzi sits up, rubbing her cheek and commenting that "For a skinny guy you pack a lot of punch." Six replies, "Yeah. Troll." Kenzi tells Six that she needs to cross the bridge to get to a Druid on the other side, but Six's answer is, "What of it Captain Exposition?" Kenzi then asks him what he wants for her to cross the bridge, questioning if a payment or a lock of her hair would be enough, but Six laughs that off. He then shows Kenzi a contract which says that she will take over guarding the bridge if she signs it. Six calls her perfect as Kenzi "Spits out insults as fast as I do." Kenzi notes that he has only one week left to guard the bridge and after another trading of insults, Kenzi refuses to sign the agreement. Six then starts to cry and after a moment, she hugs Six and asks him to explain what is wrong. Six gets himself together and reveals that he met someone online named Owen and that tomorrow was supposed to be their first date. Six then reveals that he cannot help but insult someone when he talks to them and it would be a disaster anyway. Kenzi then comments that Six must think he is being clever by being insulting, but he should try being nice to show he is clever. Six pauses a moment and then tells Kenzi "Your pants don't even make me want to puke." She is a bit put off by this, but presses on telling him to try again as if she was Owen. Six compliments Kenzi as if she was Owen and she is impressed by what Six says, giving him a high-five. Six then asks about the bridge and Kenzi takes the pen and contract saying: "I'm such a sucker for love."

Bruce however calls out and stops Kenzi from signing. Six tells Bruce to mind his own business, but Bruce tells him that Kenzi is his business. Kenzi tells Bruce it is okay, but he tells Kenzi that she "has some deep seated misconceptions about how little power you have over people. But you are my friend and I support you even if your shoes are ridiculously road trip unfriendly." Six comments that Bruce "is good. Like online message board good" and Kenzi agrees. Bruce continues to explain to Kenzi that he "does not like being this person, but if it makes you happy... Just give me the contract." Bruce signs the contract and Six thanks him for doing so as Kenzi watches on. After Bruce signs the contract, Six thanks them both and as well tells Kenzi that he loves the shoes she is wearing and Kenzi thanks Six as he leaves for his date.

The next scene is Bruce and Kenzi crossing the bridge together. As they do so, Bruce tells Kenzi that he loves her and if anything happens to her he would not be happy. Kenzi stops him from continuing, telling Bruce to shut up. They tell each other to shut up a few more times then Kenzi thanks Bruce for guarding the bridge and for everything he has done for her. Bruce thanks Kenzi for being who she is before embracing her and kissing her forehead. Bruce tells Kenzi again not to trust Massimo and she promises him before continuing on her own. The final image is of Bruce standing guard on the bridge and saying: "Never suspect the big ones." as the episode ends.

Episode Two - Red Tape

  • Release Date: October 20, 2013
  • Running Time: 5 Minutes, 25 Seconds
  • Starring: Paul Amos as Vex, Bryn Mcauley as Alyssa and Alyssa Capriott as May
  • Written by: Michael Grassi
  • Directed by: Paul Day

Vex discovers that with great power comes a great deal of bureaucracy.

The webisode opens with Vex (Paul Amos) in the office of The Morrigan, telling of his great plans for his inauguration as the new Morrigan, the leader of the Dark Fae, which he describes as being the party of the century. He is interrupted by an assistant telling him that Hale has been trying to contact him throughout the day, this being the seventh time, but Vex brushes the assistant off and continues telling of his grand plans for his arrival at the party. He continues telling of his entrance, descending on a blood crystal chandelier and proclaiming it to be the new Dark era. It is then revealed that Vex is telling all of this to a chef who is a candidate for serving the celebration meal. Vex notes that this particular chef is the only one on the continent willing to prepare Fugu, a highly dangerous Japanese dish made from the liver of the pufferfish which is the tastiest part of the fish, but it is also the most poisonous. Vex notes that all of the chef's references have been crossed out and when he questions this, the chef simply bows and offers a sample of his work which Vex is not keen to try himself.

Vex calls for his assistant, Alyssa (Bryn Mcauley) and suggests that she tries the Fugu, but she notes that she is Vegan and would rather not which Vex scoffs at before asking if she had booked the venue for his inauguration. She replies that they had replied to her request but there is a problem. As the site is partly owned by the government. they require month to approve the request. Vex is unimpressed and asks about his second choice, holding the event on a ship, but Alyssa explains that the harbour laws have restrictions on loud music after 9 in the evening and they require a permit for parties over 1500 people in size which could take months. Vex becomes very angry over the issues with setting up the party he wants and while he rants over the problems he has with everything, forces Alyssa to eat the Fugu, and she falls to the floor moments later likely dead from the dish being prepared incorrectly. Vex then tells the chef that he is hired for the party, assuming that he can find a place to hold it.

Vex then calls out "Hey you! Next!" and another assistant walks into the office. When Vex asks her name she replies in a bare whisper that her name is May (Alyssa Capriott), but Vex calls her Alyssa. Vex then explains that he keeps running into red tape and he expects her to take care of everything for him. May and the chef leave Vex's office as a pair of workers bring a large picture into the office covered in a red sheet. After it is set up beside Vex's chair he throws the sheet aside to reveal that it is a large image of The Morrigan herself who's position he had taken from her. He looks at the picture and complains about all of the problems that he is facing just trying to hold a party and wonders what will happen when he tries to do "something serious" and he wonders to himself "What have I done?"

May then returns carrying a package that Vex notes "in Australia is called a packed lunch." He tells May to place the package on his desk, which she does. Vex then has an odd look before he opens the package, which is a black wicker box, to discover that it holds a series of movie reels in sealed containers with odd markings covering them. May asks if Vex wants a projector, to which Vex replies "Quickly. And kill the caterer. The party is over." as he holds one of the films and looks concerned as the episode ends.

Episode Three - Getting To Know You: The Una Mens

  • Release Date: October 27, 2013
  • Running Time: 4 Minutes, 39 Seconds
  • Starring: Steve Cochrane as Flynn Decker, Richard Davis as Buzz Cut Kid, Robbie Fitzroy as Chubby Kid, Clarke Smith as Little Girl, Monica Dottor as Mrs. Johnson and Christopher Palph as Mr. Johnson
  • Written by: Steve Cochrane
  • Directed by: Steve Cochrane

Meet the mysterious group known as The Una Mens in this informative newsreel.

The webisode opens with what appears to be the beginning of an old 1930s black and white newsreel of very poor quality. A title card appears which reads: "Faedonia Film Company Presents: Getting To Know You" and then another card which reads: "Getting To Know You: The Una Mens" which is accompanied by a voiceover played in the style of a 1930s newsreader. After a split second image of an ancient drawing of some kind, a close up of a film projector appears which is then turned off by a man who introduces himself as "Your old friend Flynn Decker. (Steve Cochrane)" He mentions a previous episode in this film series called "Chapter One: The Disappearance of the Blood King" and notes that subject brings them to the creation of the Una Mens. He poses the questions: "Who are they? What do they do? What do they mean to you and I?" After promising to explain further, he asks the question about what we, the viewer, know already about the Uma Mens and then is startled when there is a loud sound of something falling and breaking off screen. Flynn turns to look where the noise came from and then asks someone off screen: "They aren't here are they Johnny?" The movie seems to skip a beat and then the scene changes to a young boy (Robbie Fitzroy) carrying a baseball bat who walks up to the camera. Flynn asks the boy from off scene who are the Una Mens and the boy answers by shrugging almost comically and then walking out of the scene. A quick scene cut and another young boy (Richard Davis) answers the question in a hyperactive way saying that he thinks the Una Mens are some kind of superheroes before acting like he is punching someone like a superhero would complete with sound effects he makes himself. There is a quick switch to Flynn who compliments the boy on his moxie before the scene switches to a young girl (Clarke Smith) who's answer to the question is: "I heard they weres the Boogymans." while she licks a large lollipop and a soundtrack plays an effect of canned audience members awing. Flynn replies: "Oh sorry little one, that's Una Mens," then comments that he thinks they are going to need some help to answer the question.

Flynn picks up a small book and then explains that: "The Una Mens are a near omniscient faction of Fae Elders who's sole purpose is to enforce the laws written in the King's (at this point the film breaks up and words are missing) on pain of death." After explaining this, the scene switches to a couple standing in front of a house. Mr. Johnson (Christopher Palph) tells of the Una Mens taking their son away and that he wishes the Una Mens to all die. In the middle of ranting about them, he is suddenly pulled off screen by an unknown force, Mrs. Johnson (Monica Dottor) crying out "No!" and running off after him as the scene ends. Returning to Flynn, he comments that someone forgot the three R's of the Una Mens: "Restraint, Respect or Reckoning" which Flynn recites in front of a blackboard before the scene shifts to Mr. Johnson laying on the ground somewhere obviously dead. Flynn then continues explaining that the "law abiding citizens of the Fae have nothing to fear" before reminding again of the three rules with respect to the Una Mens that he mentioned before and having the second young boy appear once more, this time eating ice cream and saying, while giving a thumbs up, "Reckoning." Flynn praises the boy about his attitude and comments that he could be Ash someday which makes the boy drop his ice cream and Flynn to comment to the viewers "or maybe Acting Ash" in an aside. The boy makes a kind of threatening comment, but Flynn reminds the boy "stray from the one true set of Blood Laws and let's just say that Mrs. Johnson's turkey is going to be a little bit smaller this Thanksgiving" while a scene is shown of Mr.Johnson disappearing again and Mrs. Johnson sitting on her front porch and crying before she stands up and yells at the camera: "Go to hell!" before rushing away. Flynn's comment is to chide her over her reaction and remind her that "we all must abide by the three laws of the Una Mens for without them there would be chaos, and nobody wants that."

The scene switches again and Flynn is seen in closeup holding the book he previously referred to and beginning to summarize what he had gone over in the episode. As he attempts to do so, he progressively begins to lose control of his composure, beginning to tear up and then as he says the word "restraint" his composure leaves him, dropping the book to the side and then staring off into space as if remembering something that happened to him or to someone he knew. Flynn then stands up and addresses someone off screen that he cannot continue with what he is doing. He looks at the book and asks what the book he is holding is, referring to it as a "book of dead Fae" and that he knew some of the people that are listed in the book he holds. Flynn then asks if he is next because "Flynn Decker answers to Flynn Decker only!"

The last scene of the webisode is several men attacking Flynn and pushing him to the ground. The camera is held on Flynn's shoes as he struggles and there is a sickening sound accompanying his movements before his body stills. A few short flashes of Flynn in the moments before are shown and then another title card, similar to the one shown at the beginning of the webisode appears accompanied by a woman's voiceover which says: "Coming to your neighbourhood!" and then a final flash of the ancient drawing of some kind seen near the beginning of the webisode as it comes to a close.

Episode Four - Prophecy

Hale and Trick toy around with an old Fae divination board, with unexpected results.

The webisode opens with the camera focused in the same shot as the Season Three finale Those Who Wander where Bo was taken by her father. Trick (Rick Howland) is then shown cleaning up the aftermath in the Dal Riata and commenting: "It's like World War Z happened in here." Hale (K. C. Collins) enters and greets Trick, welcoming him home and jokingly calling him Brad Pitt. Trick asks what Hale is doing there and Hale comments that he is bringing Trick his mail, placing a black wicker box similar to the one that Vex received in the webisode Red Tape on the bar nearby. Hale adds that he is also checking up on things as being the former Ash he finds himself with a lot of time on his hands. Trick looks at Hale across the bar for a moment before Hale shrugs and says: "You're welcome." Trick then asks if Hale has any idea of what happened to the Dal Riata, but Hale has not clear idea save to suggest off-hand that "Furies broke in and threw a party?" Hale then changes the subject asking Trick, "How was your sexation?" Trick's answer is: "Just... don't." Hale apologizes as he was not aware that Trick and Stella were no longer seeing each other. Hale asks Trick what happened and Trick explains: "You know the saying 'Parting is such sweet sorrow'?" Hale tells Trick he does know the saying and as Trick opens a bottle of liquor he comments: "I've had sweeter." Trick shakes his head adding "Women." Hale adds: "And the fools who love them." The pair raise their glasses and give a toast saying: "Be it ever so humble. what's left of it." Trick looks around the remains of the Dal Riata with a smile and says wistfully: "And now to tend to my first love." Trick then offers to make Hale some tea, but he asks if Trick had seen Kenzi. Trick explains that Hale is the first person he has seen since his return from Scotland and he has no idea where Kenzi is. Hale tells Trick that he did receive a text message from Kenzi saying she was alright, but he does not know where she is. He also adds that he does not know if Dyson and Tamsin are alive either. Trick confides in Hale that he has a bad feeling about what happened at the Dal Riata as well. Hale then reaches across the bar and uncovers what appears to be some kind of strange board with various symbols and patterns on it. Hale calls it "some kind of Fae ouija board" but Trick warns him to be careful with it. Trick explains that it is a very old, very powerful divination plank. Hale replies that he believes that he just said that, but Trick asks if Hale thinks the Delphic Oracles used a piece of chip board to commune with the spirit world as Hale spins parts of the board idly. When Trick pauses, Hale asks if their boards were made in Taiwan, but Trick replies that he never said it was an original, but the board is no less powerful. Hale then places a coin on the bar top and bets Trick that his board is as good at telling the future as Hale's magic 8-ball is. Trick warns Hale that he cannot gamble on prophecy, comparing it to: "using Pandora's box as a handy place to keep your television remote." However, when Hale moves to take his coin off the table, Trick stops him and asks: "You want proof? Fine."

The scene switches to Hale and Trick sitting at a table, the divination plank between them and Hale making strange noises. Trick allows this for a moment and then asks Hale what he is doing. Hale asks what it looks like and Trick's answer is: "It looks like you were dropped on your head." When Hale continues, Trick tells Hale he's had enough and begins to leave, but Hale relents and stops playing around, commenting that he knows why Stella "curbed your ass." Trick looks slightly miffed and replies: "The Oracle is serious and just for the record, I'm the one that did the curbing." Hale replies in a subdued manner: "Okay. I'll behave." Trick then tells Hale: "Close your eyes. Clear your mind. That shouldn't be too hard." Hale gives Trick a look, but says nothing as Trick continues: "When you are ready, ask your question." Hale is silent for a moment, then asks: "Which fine woman is thinking about me right now?" As the words are spoken, several spinners on the board move and when they stop the symbols on them have changed to letters which spell out "Kenzi". Trick looks at the answer, shrugs, and says: "See?" Hale however believes that Trick set up the board somehow for it to give the answer it did. Trick replies: "How would I know that?" and in a lower voice a moment later: "Everyone knows that." Hale then says he is going to ask a serious question and asks: "Who will replace me as the New Ash?"

There is silence for a moment and then Hale seems to be possessed as he speaks in a echoing voice: "Prepare yourselves for the arrival. The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare." Hale then seems to snap out of whatever possessed him and looks around. Seeing that the board did not change and he having no memory of what just happened to him, Hale takes the coin and tells Trick that he knew that the board was a fake as he walks away. The final scene in the episode is Trick still at the table, looking into space with a troubled expression and saying: "The Una Mens. Prepare."

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